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Bath Bomb Birthday Gift Set

What Should I Put In A Nurse Gift Basket

Aofmee Animal Surprise Bath Bombs Gift Set for Kids

If youre putting together your own DIY nurse gift basket, then we recommend finding some useful and also relaxing items that can benefit him/her. These include: compression socks, healthy, high-protein snacks like nuts or protein bars, fun personalized items like a tumbler, nurse notebook, and stethoscope accessories and badge tags.

Starbucks Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

What nurse doesnt like caffeine? Coffee and tea lovers can rejoice with this Starbucks-themed gift basket. As with our first basket, this one comes in a beautiful woven basket tied together by a green ribbon, the same green that you see in Starbucks logos and signage.

This gift basket actually does a good job of providing some variety of choice in the contents of the basket. There is, of course, Starbucks coffee but there is also Teavana tea, a coffee mug, biscotti, and shortbread cookies. It even features three different flavors of coffee to brew at home House blend, Sumatra, and Verona. This makes a lovely gift for nurses who work long hours or late nights.. Which is nearly every nurse!

Because caffeine is especially welcome to nurses of all shifts, this makes a great gift for the nurses station that can be shared across shifts.


Tea Forte Tea Tasting Assortment Gift Box

Tea lovers will adore this particular tea assortment! While this gift is very limited to just one type of product, it does offer a big selection of different teas to choose from. If youre not a big tea drinker, perhaps this set will inspire you to try out some different flavors before rejecting the beloved drink altogether.

Of course the classic flavors Earl Grey and English Breakfast are included in this assortment, but the set also includes more interesting flavors such as Bombay Chai, Black Currant, Estate Darjeeling, Hazelnut Truffle, Orchid Vanilla, Formosa Oolong, Green Mango Peach, and Jasmine Green.

There are enough flavors to satisfy anybodys palate and if your nurses arent big fans of tea, perhaps they should try the drink for its relaxing properties.


  • Comes in infuser bags, not loose leaf
  • Nice selection of tea flavors


  • Only features tea
  • Pricey

While this set is lovely, it is on the more expensive end of things. Of course, with the high ticket price, you do get some premium quality teas. Ultimately, the choice to buy is yours!

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Our 17 Favorite Gift Baskets For Nurses

This gift basket our list of the best gifts for nursing students in 2022!

We have to start our list of the best gift baskets for nurses with this one by Golden State Fruit because this is the epitome of gift baskets. It includes two packages of artisanal-style caramel popcorn, two different kinds of chocolate-covered pretzels one with white chocolate and the other with milk chocolate, peanut brittle, chocolate-covered nuts, and chocolate bark.

The entire package is topped off with several pieces of individually-wrapped Ghirardelli chocolates, and its held together inside a shallow seagrass gift basket. The final touch is the red ribbon that pulls the entire basket together.

Whether you prefer milk or white chocolate, whether you like crunchy textures or prefer smooth, there are at least several items in this basket that will either be enjoyed or regifted by nurses!


  • Range of textures to suit even the pickiest eaters


  • Only for those with a sweet tooth

The only downside to this basket is that is can only really be enjoyed by those who eat sugary treats. If the gift recipient is a diabetic or prefers a special sugar-free diet, this might not be the best basket.

Wine Lovers Perfect Gift Basket Box

This basket is perfect for those who love to unwind with a glass of vino. While the box doesnt come with any wine itself, it comes with a variety of treats that would pair well with the wine of your choice. The gift also has a sense of humor as it includes a pair of socks.

The box is fairly simple, brown with colorful shreds inside to cushion the items. The socks included say If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine. The set also comes with a scented soy candle, a wine stopper, a box of wine crackers, a package of almonds, and a package of Britex wine chocolates.


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Festive Favorites From The Swiss Colony

If Dan the Sausagemans gift set wasnt enough for the meat loving nurses in your life, heres another one for you! This set is all about those Midwestern meats and cheeses, which again, make this an excellent gift for nurses of any gender.

This set is all Swiss delicacies meat, cheese, petit fours, and and chocolate tortes.

This is a moderately-priced gift basket in a more traditional style that makes a great Christmas gift for nurses. Its well put together and wont disappoint.


Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils

Dollar Tree – Skin care and Bath Bomb Haul (Easy DIY Gift Basket)

This one is a rather affordable gift for your lady nurse. Its a wonderful set of nine essential oils that she can use for relaxation, aromatherapy, and other soothing self-care treatments.

The box is rather simple, but will definitely expand his or her essential oil collection. The oils included are eucalyptus, peppermint, frankincense, lemongrass, rosemary, sweet orange, lavender, lemon, and tea tree.

Each of these oils comes with different uses and healing properties. Perhaps she can use the lavender to relax between shifts and the tea tree to use as a spot treatment in her skincare routine.

Whatever she decides, this set is perfect for those young nurses that are interested in aromatherapy and self care.


  • Wide selection of essential oils


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California Delicious Starbucks Sampler Coffee Gift Basket

In the same vein, heres a lovely coffee sampler gift set. If your nurse doesnt love tea, perhaps she needs coffee to keep her going! This gift set is a smaller version of the previous Starbucks-themed basket that we featured, though this one is smaller and features only coffee with a side of biscotti.

This set includes the same three coffee flavors as the precious Starbucks set House Blend, Cafe Verona, and Sumatra. It comes in a lovely brown paper box and tied together with thin green and yellow ribbons. Its cute and understated, and makes a great gift for those who work early mornings and late nights.


  • Simple gift product that nearly everyone drinks


  • Lacks variety outside of coffee

Considering the amount of items included, this set is a bit pricey for its size, but it does also pack a lot of quality into a small package.

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Vegan Snacks Health Gift Box Premium Care Package

If you agree that the drawback to the previous basket was the lack of healthy options, then this gift is your answer! This package doesnt come in a basket but rather an elegant brown box, and its tied together by a festive red ribbon.

Inside there are 20 different healthy snack options to choose from. The delectable selection includes dairy free popcorn, bean chips, as well as protein cookies! Not bad if youre a bit of a health nut and still want to get your fix. If your nurse is a parent, this is a great option to give to his or her children as well.


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Godiva Assorted Gift Basket

This next one is specifically for chocolate lovers and those who love to go the extra mile when gift giving their nurses. This gift features a beautifully-designed, richly-colored basket full of an assortment of Godiva chocolates.

The treats displayed in the basket includes features milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate with Belgian fillings of Godiva gourmet chocolates

If that made your mouth water, perhaps put this on your next holiday wish list. The entire packaging of this gift is well-designed and very stylish, with rich, warm ribbons setting off the basket. It feels like an expensive, premium gift, so if this is the feeling that you want your gift to evoke then this basket is for you or that special nurse in your life.


  • Lots of variety in luxurious-feeling treats
  • Comes with a decorative bowl that can be used again


  • More expensive
  • Limited to one brand Godiva

There is a huge selection of Godiva chocolate goodies, but it only targets chocolate lovers. Regardless, it is one of the more beautiful baskets on this list.

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Bath Bomb Gift Set Birthday

Bath Bomb Happy Birthday Gift Set By Pink Pineapple Home &  Gifts ...

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Oh Nuts Holiday Gift Basket

This is yet another affordable and healthy alternative to the first basket we mentioned. This one, however, is for the nurse in your life who loves nuts. While the last one was a selection of healthy snacks, this one is a fairly typical assortment of nuts. Theres nothing wrong with nuts, but it does lose a little bit of the magic of choice that we saw in the first two baskets.

The gift includes pistachios, cashews, almonds, walnuts, and pecans. It is an excellent gift choice.


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Birthday Bath Bombs Gift Set

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Classic Gourmet Fruit Basket

The name says it all here. This is just an all-around excellent, classic gift basket for nurses that wont disappoint anybody unless they hate fruit. The packaging is traditional and quaint, all held together in a beautiful woven basket with a dainty green ribbon.

The basket itself includes oranges, apples, mandarins, seasonal fruits, cheddar cheese , olive oil crackers, and roasted and salted almonds.

This is your go-to basket for just about any gift recipient. You have a great variety of flavors sweet from the fruits, salty from the almonds and crackers, and savory from the choice in cheese. Theres no way you can go wrong when choosing this gift and considering the amount of items that you get with this basket.


Handmade Spa Bath Gift Set Usa Made

NJSTARC Easter Egg Bath Bomb Gift Set shared by Cadi, Elli, and Ryli

This package is quite similar to one of our other bath-related gift sets, but this one is a little more upscale and features a little more elegance. Yes, this is a bath bomb gift set but it also comes with a few other goodies that set this gift apart from the rest!

The packaging is rather understated and simple, just a brown paper box. Inside, you have three smaller boxes that each feature a different scent. You have an orange box, a turquoise box, and a purple box. The orange box features a grapefruit-scented bath bomb with 3 candles and a facial sponge. The turquoise box features a geranium, lavender, and lime bath bomb with 3 scented candles and a facial sponge. The purple box is put together in the same order, with a lavender, ylang-ylang, and marjoram bath bomb, three scented candles, and a facial sponge.

Overall, this is an elegant gift and is also a moderately-priced gift basket for nurses.


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Victorias Lavender Gift Basket

This is another gift from the womens gift section, and its similar to some of the previous gifts in the relaxation category. The difference here is that there are several different items aimed to help relax you, but they are tied together with one theme the lavender scent.

Lavender essential oils have a ton of supposed benefits, especially when it comes to relaxation. Massage therapists will often use lavender essential oils to relax their clients and many people buy sleeping masks infused with dried lavender or lavender essential oil to help them get to sleep. It can do the trick, for sure.

However, lavender also tends to have a strong smell and a little can go a long way. If somebody is sensitive to certain smells, this one might be a bit much for them to handle. This set features lavender essential oil, hand and body cream, lavender-scented dead sea salts, and a lavender sachet.


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Dan The Sausageman Sausage Gift Basket

Dan the Sausagemans Favorite Gourmet Gift Basket is a little bit different from the others that we have featured on this list of best gift baskets for nurses thus far. This one is suitable for both men and women, but it does have a more rustic, masculine feel to it which makes it a great gift for male nurses as well!

This isnt a gift basket filled with chocolates or snacks. Instead, this one is for the meat lovers. Unlike the other gift baskets, this package comes in a handmade wooden box, which gives it that rustic edge we mentioned earlier. Like the Ghirardelli gift, this one is also one of the more expensive ones that were mentioning.

As far as the goodies inside, Dan the Sausageman included some of the brands best sausages. The sausage flavors are Original Summer sausage, Roasted Garlic Red Pepper sausage, and Seabear Salmon. The package also includes cheddar cheese, chocolate-covered cherries, crackers, peanuts, and hot mustard.

This makes a lovely gift during the holidays, when recipients are hosting friends and family for dinners and special occasions. The nurse in your life will be sure to appreciate this gift basket from Dan the Sausageman!


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Burts Bees Classics Gift Set

BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEA: Fun Bath Bombs Lush Gift Set For Kids. Includes 3 ...

If there was a bit too much testosterone in the last gift, this one might soften you up a bit. Quite literally, this gift set will help make your skin softer and smoother with its hand cream, foot cream, and assortment of salves and ointments.

While it might seem like more of a ladies gift, this is actually an excellent gift for nurses of all genders, because dry skin is not a gender-based issue. Nurses work long and hard, tiring out their feet after a long shift and drying out their hands after endless applications of hand soap and hand sanitizer. It goes without saying that both male and female nurses can benefit from skin nourishing treatments found in this Burts Bees gift set.

With that said, it is also one of the more affordable gift sets here though there are less items overall than in some of the other gift baskets on our list. This gift might be more practical over time, however, as the nurse in question will certain get use out of these moisture-rich skin aids.


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