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Small Group Birthday Party Ideas

Get The Timings Right

12 Party Games for Groups & Teams | Fun Party Game Ideas! (PART 2)

As the host you should be ready and waiting 10 minutes or so before hand, having checked your tech. It’s probably best to prepare for five minutes wait time, too, as your guests log on. You can keep people in a waiting room on Zoom if you want everyone to begin at the same time, but end time is another important factor.

“It’s hard to keep peopleâs attention on their screens for long periods of time,” Sue noted, “Keep the intended length of your party short â perhaps 45 minutes, and then if everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves, be ready for them to stay on longer or for others to leave.”

“45 minutes to an hour is is great, any longer than that, it’s too much,” said George, advising, “End on a high.”

Footgolf Kids Parties Central Mangrove

A simple yet delightful way to spend your childs birthday is with a game of FootGolf at Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club and Golf Course. Active, sporty kids will love having a go at this cool game which is a combination of football and golf simply kick a Football into specially designed holes in as few shots as possible! Then after the sporting fun finishes, kids and guests can return to the Club for a special lunch and slice of birthday cake.

Location: Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club and Golf Course, 18 Hallards Rd, Central Mangrove.Price: Packages start at $20 per child.Number of Children: Minimum of 10.Age Group: Young kids and teens.More Info: Choose to create your own package check out the website for more details.

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Host A Movie Screening

Everyone loves going to the movies, so why not celebrate your birthday by inviting guests to a private screening of one of your favorite films? This is a great party idea for guests of all ages since you can set the tone with a silly, scary, or introspective feature. From a 50-seat theater with a lobby in San Francisco to a cinema-quality screening room in Los Angeles, there are plenty of venues to choose from to host your favorite cult classic or double feature!

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Group Playdate Somewhere Fun

Of course parties tend to get really pricey when you pay someone to host the event and entertain the kids. However, what if you just pop in to a public space with a few extra kids? One year we took my daughter and three friends to a city skating rink another year we went to a sledding hill. I could see this working at a public library or indoor pool, also. It’s easier to save the candles and singing for a family celebration, but you can bring a thermos of hot chocolate and some cookies for friends, or head to the local coffee shop afterwards to warm up with some hot cider.

Take A Best Friends Only Trip

Corner Orchid: Ben

A huge party isnt really in the cards right nowand for those of us who want to crawl under the table at the thought of having everyone we know in the same room, thats not such a big deal. In fact, a party with just a few of your very best friends makes for a very memorable celebration, especially when you take it up a notch by getting together at a vacation house or fancy hotelspouses included .

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Water Balloons And Other Fun Games

If birthdays fall during warmer weather months, look at birthday parties that involve water balloons or water slides.

There are lots of fun minute-to-win-it type birthday party games you can do in your yard. Im a huge fan of Bunch o Balloons. Fill them over a plastic tub with some water in the bottom so they dont fall and pop on the grass.

This post from the Happy Mom Hacks blog has some great minute to win it games for tweens and teens and suggestions on how to set up and play the games.

Or A Wine And Cheese Party

And if all the aromatic, earthy, tasting talk isn’t really your thing? No problem. Just open up whatever bottle you decide to drink and pair it with a few of your favorite cheeses instead.

Looking for ways to create an absolutely epic charcuterie and cheese board? Check out this recipe from Snixy Kitchen for inspiration.

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Birthday Party Ideas For Ages 3

You can focus here on your Kids Interests. At this age, you can usually host a party at an entertainment venue. Time of year is also important!

In the Winter, these are great options:

  • Play Street Museum
  • American Ninja Warrior/Obstacle Warrior Kids
  • Gymnasiums
  • Indoor Jump Play locations

Safari Run is a great party location! There is room to run, climb, and slide and is fun for a variety of ages.

There are several party packages with the option to even rent out the facility. This is a great option for 4 year old birthday party places!

Kid Mania is also fun for a variety of ages and kids have a great time playing. This is also a favorite for 3 year old birthday party places and up in age. They have food and arcade games too. The party packages say that Moms and Dads get to enjoy the day while the crew of Kid Mania does all the work.

  • Bowling
  • Chuck-e-Cheese or Dave n Busters

In the Summer, there are more outdoor options:

Texas Pool: Have a summer birthday? Plan a pool party at the Texas Pool!

CHECK OUT OUR E-BOOK GUIDE TO BIRTHDAY PARTIES for tons of tips, ideas and suggestions around the area

Other Older Boy Birthday Party Details

Kids Party Games – Ideas for large groups
  • Set a time limit on the party so you dont have kids in your yard or basement for an eternity. It can be anywhere from a couple hours to an overnight. But share an end of the party time with parents from the get-go so everyone is clear when the party ends.
  • Ask about or create some special perks for the birthday kid. Depending where you hold the party, there might be options for a badge or keepsake or something else to make the day extra special. We threw Happy 11th Birthday Luke! up on the scoreboard at a minor league baseball game for no extra cost. I just asked when I called to book the tickets.
  • Consider the number of guests your son wants to include. Some birthday party options might limit the number of party guests and others work well for a large group. Ask your son what close friends he might want to invite. If hes leaning toward a more expensive option, let him know only his closest friends or best friend could come.
  • Toss out the party all together. One year, my sons actually chose to trade all birthday gifts and parties for a long weekend family trip to Universal Studios

Gift an Experience

Note: If youre looking for great ideas for birthday parties for tween girls, feel free to steal from this list! Unfortunately we dont have a post specific to 11 and 12 year old girls at this point, but maybe soon! I dohear that a spa party with cool nail polish options or a sleepover in a hotel room complete with dance party are big sellers.

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Idea #: Birthday Brunch

Last year, my 7-year-old daughter was invited to a birthday brunch, and the invitation encouraged the guests to come in their pajamas! I quickly learned that breakfast bashes had become a popular party idea for a wide range of ages because several of the adults who were dropping off their kids said they had gone to grown-up parties of this nature as well. The fare was simple but deliciousfruit cups served in ice cream cones, stacks of mini pancakes with sprinkles and flavored syrups, and even mini peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that were shaped as butterflies . Hot cocoa and tea were available, and instead of cake the hosts served donuts with candles.

Tumbletown Mobile Play Centre Parties

In-home childrens party entertainment just got super exciting! Forget loading your car up with birthday presents, cake, party bags, decorations, and a bunch of kids to travel to a hired party venue and let Tumbletown Mobile Play Centre bring all the fun and excitement of soft-play directly to your home!

Location: Price: Age Group:More Info:

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Bach To Rock Penfield

Become a star for the day at Bach to Rock ! In our Rock Band and Karaoke Parties, you will form a band with your besties, learn to play or sing your selected song and record it in our state-of-the art recording studio! In our DJ party, you will learn how to be a DJ to pump up a crowd in our Beat Refinery room in no time. Our Rock City party for younger kids will get your group exploring instruments and singing Happy Birthday! Our stage room is ALL yours to decorate and celebrate with food, friends, and fun!

Ready Steady Go Kids Party Entertainment

50th Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for someone to entertain the kids at your little ones next birthday party? Ready Steady Go Kids will take the stress out of planning and running your childs party by providing an hour of sporting fun, activities and games as well as the invitations, a birthday gift for the special girl or boy and a free class pass for all attendees. All you need to provide is the food and the location!Price: Packages start at $175.Number of Children: Minimum of 10 children.Age Group: Children aged 1.5-6 years.More Info: RSGK can do themed parties too!

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The Lions Park Woy Woy

Set on the beautifully panoramic views of Brisbane Water, this small playground in Woy Woy has a BIG personality! With toddler-friendly play equipment, plenty of seating and undercover picnic benches that are perfectly positioned next to the gas barbecues, this would make an AWESOME venue for a young kids birthday party!

Incredibles 2 Birthday Party Theme

With a new movie out, the Incredibles are back to being popular again. This theme can be really similar to the birthday party ideas used in the Super Hero Party Theme, just focus in on the Incredibles characters to make it unique.

Incredibles Birthday Party Ideas

Use the different powers of the Incredibles characters to come up with games.

Dash Create an obstacle course and see if they are as fast as Dash.

Mr. Incredible Spray paint large pieces of foam gray to look like rocks. Have the kids see if they are as strong as Mr. Incredible by lifting them up.

Mrs. Incredible Purchase some of those long sticky hands and see who can get their hand to stretch out the furthest and hit a target like Mrs. Incredible. These would be great in a goody bag too.

Jack-Jack Put out playdough for the kids to mold and change shapes like how Jack-Jack does shapeshifting

Dress UpLike an Incredible

Have the kids dress up like the Incredibles with a face mask like the characters wear. It could go in the goody bag or let the kids wear them while they play the games.

Party Decorations

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Mix Mingle & Make Flower Arranging Party

Party Idea: Natalie Mayhew.

This Mix, Mingle, and Make Flower Arranging Party is perfect for Galentines Day, Birthday, Shower, Bachelorette party, or just for fun anytime! Guests are entertained by the DIY activity and are each able to leave with a gorgeous floral arrangement to take home. We hired a local floral designer to teach our group, and set the scene with a fun floral pegboard backdrop, dessert table, and champagne bar.

Courtesy of Natalie Mayhew.

Q: What Can I Do For My Coworkers Birthday

Christmas Event and Party Ideas for Youth Groups
  • A: You can do a variety of things for your coworkers birthday. The critical thing to consider is that the activity you choose is inclusive, interactive, and facilitates social bonding among team members. Of course, the customary birthday card, birthday cake, cupcakes, ice cream bars, gift baskets, birthday breakfast, or anything along those lines is a nice touch.

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Watch Your Favorite Movie

If you’re looking for more casual adult birthday party ideas, then you might want to gather your friends and family for a screening of your favorite film.

Consider getting a projector for the event, or, if the weather permits it, even setting up in the backyard for an outdoor screening. Don’t forget the popcorn and candies .

Tweens And Teens Ages 11 To 17

  • Gamer – Give the gamer in your life a party he or she will never forget. Host a home tournament with multiple stations or collect your quarters and visit an arcade for an afternoon of fun.
  • Teatime – This birthday party is totally insta-worthy. Dress up in your fanciest teatime attire and channel your inner royalty. Serve warm beverages along with finger sandwiches and bite-sized desserts. Pick up vintage cups and saucers from a local antique shop and let guests take them home as favors.
  • Pool Party – Find a neighborhood pool or YMCA where the birthday boy or girl can spend the day splashing and having a blast with their peeps. Serve poolside snacks, pizza and an ice cream cake for the win.
  • Cook Off – Up for some tasty competition? Host a cook off party. Split into groups of two or three and give each team a mystery food basket. Pick a theme like appetizers, pasta or baked goods and see what treats they whip up.
  • Movie Night – Cue the popcorn, snacks, comfy clothes and takeout its movie night. Start early in the day to allow for plenty of time for all their favorite films.
  • Make Pizza – Purchase dough, sauce, cheese and lots of topping choices and let the group get creative.
  • Escape Room – Can your birthday crew decipher the clues and get out in time? Visit a local escape room or order an online kit and host your own.
  • Camp Out – Take the party to the great outdoors with a camping party. Start the day with tent races and finish with hot dogs, smores and songs around the fire.
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    Book A Private Room At Your Favorite Restaurant

    Its your fav joint for a reasonthe foods consistently delicious, the service is great and the prices dont break the bank. You go there at least once a week with just your partner or fam, so why not give them the business on your birthday, too? And if they know you as a frequent customer, chances are theyll throw in some things to wet your whistle.

    Turo Reserve Playground Pretty Beach


    Best suited to preschool and school-aged kids, this cool park located on the waters edge at Pretty Beach has a tall pirate ship-themed play structure that invites kids imaginations to run riot! Theres heaps of space for sports and games as well as barbecues and undercover picnic seating, so its just perfect for partying!

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    Rock Climbing Parties At Kincumber Indoor Sports

    Kids aged 6-15 can get the ultimate rock climbing experience at one of Kincumber Indoor Sports rock climbing parties! Parents have a choice of two party packages including fully-catered and semi-catered options.

    The fully-catered Rock Climbing Party Package includes: one hour of climbing, party instructor who will organise sports and games, food, invitations and lolly bags. Plus the birthday child will receive a free rock climbing pass to use at a later date.

    The semi-catered option includes: one hour of climbing, invitations, lollies, chips, Cheezels and drinks plus a free rock climbing pass for the birthday child to use at a later date.

    Location: Kincumber Indoor Sports, 19 Cochrone St, Kincumber.Price: Fully catered package $22 per child | Semi-catered package $15 per child .Number of Children: Minimum of 10.Age Group: Children aged 6-15.

    Playing in Puddles visited! Check out our review here.

    Your Virtual Birthday Party Doesnt Have To Be A Lousy Substitute

    Though unprecedented, a virtual party can be just as much fun as the real life one! It can even offer many benefits, such as putting the health and safety of all your loved ones first. Additionally, if you hold a virtual event, you can include even people that are geographically far from you and wouldnt be able to attend your birthday party during normal circumstances. Plus no more afterparty clean-up!

    Planning a remote birthday party is definitely a new challenge that may seem scary at first, but dont worry, we can guide you through it step by step!

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    Paw Patrol Birthday Party Theme

    This fun cartoon is a favorite of many little kids. Each character in the show has a different job to do and you can use this to make fun games for the party. Your childs favorite character can help you decide on colors for the theme to match the character.

    Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

    Rubble Game

    Use your sandbox or sand table and fill it with little construction trucks for the kids to play. They can move boulders with the construction trucks just like Rubble.

    Give the kids fireman plastic hats and spray water guns at balloon targets like Marshall.

    Chase Game

    Play Cops and Robbers game to be like Chase. Pick two kids to be cops and have the rest be robbers. The Police officers stand in the middle and the robbers line up on two sides. When you say go, the Robbers try to get to the other side without being tagged by the police officer. Last kid left wins.

    Snack Ideas

    Make it a dog theme by buying new unused dog bowls and putting the kids snacks in them.

    Dress Up

    Get the kids into the theme by having them wear construction hat, fireman hat or police badge.

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