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Centerpiece Ideas For Birthday Party

Washi Tape Straws And Bottles

DIY Bling Centerpiece | Bling Birthday Party decoration Ideas | DIY Party Decor

One of the things that happen for every birthday is that people mix up their glasses, and you end up without any glasses to give out once everyone has shrugged and gotten another from the rack. So, to prevent this from happening, you can always use some washi tape to mark bottles and glasses, as well as straws. You can even write peoples names on them. Check out the instructions on CBDA.

Colorful 90th Birthday Table Centerpiece

Quickly add color and vibrance to the tables with this easy-to-use 90th birthday centerpiece.

The 8.5 centerpieces fan out to add color and dimension to any table setting. You can .

Pair them with a solid color tablecloth festive balloons in any matching color to create a festive look for your party.

Centerpiece Ideas For Adult Birthday

For an adult birthday party, more fragile items can be used when making a centerpiece, as the party is typically more low-key. Think candle or candelabra-type centerpieces that not only provide décor but also ambiance for the birthday party. For themed parties, you can do just about anything with centerpieces, including using them as games! Bingo, checkers, word searches, etc. can be placed with a cup full of markers as centerpieces that your guests can grab and get competitive. Tabletop books or magazines are also ideas that the guest immediately wants to look at and admire over, which can in turn provide an icebreaker for your guests to start conversations with one another.

Bouquets of flowers make a classic centerpiece, of course, and depending on your partys theme, you can get as creative as you want! For instance, a holiday party might include mistletoe or poinsettias or figurines of snowmen on the table, while a milestone 50th birthday might contain over the hill accents as your centerpieces. Snowglobes also make really unique and beautiful options for centerpieces and again, these can go with any time of year or theme of your party.

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Essential Birthday Party Decorations

Its a great idea to start with stocking up on the party essentials leading up to the party. Colorful or themed papers , plates, napkins, and cutleries can be found at a plethora of different stores. There are also many themed options available as well, although sometimes for themed supplies it may be easier to find them at online stores such as Etsy or . Paper plates and cups not only add to the overall decor of the party, they also make for easy clean up at the end of the party. Instead of spending hours washing dishes, you can simply recycle or throw your paper party supplies away.

Camping Party In A Box

Male Party Centerpiece

Get everything you need for a camping-themed party with this from Lucy Darling. This RV-life party in a box makes it super easy to decorate, even if youre stuck inside for the winter. Its brimming with enough dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, napkins, cupcake wrappers and more for up to 16 party guests.

Each piece is adorably designed to match the included banner and six-piece cake topper, and make an especially fun element for travel enthusiasts of all ages and stages. If youre wondering how to throw a surprise birthday party on the go, this is definitely one of the best ideas out there. Your kiddo will flip if you make a few of these animal-shaped treats, too!

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A Festive Colorful Banner Floating Over The Table

If youre looking to spice up your outdoor birthday party, look no further than our over-the-table flag banners! Theres no better way to bring a celebration in the outdoors than this idea. The best part about these flags is that they can stay on display as long as summer lasts. They come with printable templates so all you have left to do is pick out which colors match your theme. Lets get started designing them today!

Themed Small Balloon Centerpiece

This centerpiece was designed for a surprise birthday party. The “LOL” themed mylar balloon goes very well with the pink polka dots and the purple plain balloons.

You can of course use any combination of plain or printed balloons to fit the theme of your party.

The centerpiece is easy to make and requires no helium. Just follow the step-by-step instructions provided by the folks at

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Black And Gold Honeycomb Centerpieces

Party decorating doesnt get much easier than this! Just fan out the base of this festive black and gold 90th birthday centerpiece for an easy, elegant look.

Its easy to find coordinating party supplies just scroll down on the Amazon page to find the matching plates, napkins, cups and other supplies

Make Planning A Birthday Party Easy For Kids And Adult Parties

Elegant DIY Birthday Party Decorations on a Budget (with DIY Balloon Garland!)

Birthday in a Box is exactly as our name states we give you a complete birthday party, shipped in a box directly to your door, as quickly as overnight. No order is too big or too small and every party theme is fun to plan when you check out our many party idea guides. There are approximately 250 party theme idea guides that will give you tips for planning the perfect party.

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Dollar Store Candlestick Upgrade

Don’t even think about splurging on over-the-top party decor when you can craft these DIY dollar store candlesticks for a fraction of the price. Grab wallet-friendly candlesticks from your local dollar store and spray-paint each a metallic gold, silver or matte black hue. Intertwine the set with fresh eucalyptus sprigs and stagger the sticks down the center of the table for an opulent look. Keep it classic with white taper candles, or go bold with a vibrant, multi-colored candle collection.

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Watermelon Banner For A Summer Birthday Party

Do you know what to do when summer comes around and youre celebrating your birthday? Get a watermelon medallion banner! Watercolor paper is used and painted with simple horizontal stripes , then wait until the paint dries. Itll look amazing when its foldedperfect for a birthday decoration during this season of sunshine.

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Birthday Centerpiece Using A Balloon Stand Kit

These clever balloon stand kits hold up to seven latex or mylar balloons. Made of balloon sticks and cups, they are an excellent alternative to floating bouquets because they save you the expense for helium.

Dress up the base plate with tulle, flowers or 5 inch balloons for an even more elegant look.

Easy Diy Centerpiece Ideas For Summer Birthday Parties

21st Birthday Centerpiece Party Decoration

Have fun making these birthday party centerpieces! With simple to find materials, we present you with 8 DIY-able table centerpiece ideas ranging from nautical to circus themes. Join us today and check out Bellenzas centerpiece ideas for some of summers most loved party themes. Were sure youll find a favorite or two to keep you busy crafting all summer long.

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Cuteness Overload With Sprinkled Birthday Party

If youre looking for the perfect way to celebrate, look no further! We have a birthday party thats sure to be every childs dream. This is the sprinkled party! All of your and your kids favorite food will come with sprinkles on top so this really is one colorful moment. For those who are health-conscious, theres also veggie without any sprinkle toppings too!

Easy Diy Birthday Decoration Ideas

When it comes to birthdays, you dont always want to spend an arm and a leg on decorations. And other times, you want something more personalized and unique to celebrate a loved one.

Whatever the case may be when youre planning a birthday party, we recommend a bit of DIY work to get the festivities started off on the right foot.

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Pretty Watercolor Party Supplies

Experimenting with different colors can be a fun way to give your birthday party an extra flair. This watercolor set is relaxing than extravagant. Plus, the chevron design features soothing pastel shades in soft hues. The painting is scanned onto paper using a home printer before being multiplied on various items like cups, garland ribbons, and cupcake liners so it looks as though you went through hours painstakingly hand-painting each one!

Then And Now Centerpieces

DIY Centerpieces for 60th Birthday Party

These adorable centerpieces are actually from a graduation party, but theyre a great idea for a milestone party as well! Wedge a block of floral foam into the can, add paper shreds to match your party colors, and add photos on skewers.

Be sure to check out the rest of the centerpiece ideas there are several that would work well for an 80th birthday!

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Over 250 Birthday And Party Themes To Choose From In Our Online Party Store

From first birthday party celebrations to licensed parties for kids such as DisneyPrincess parties and Batman Superhero parties, Birthday In A Box is the best place to buy party things online. We have Trolls birthday supplies, Moana party supplies, supplies for a Guardians of the Galaxy Party and themes for girls parties and boys parties . Have an Over the Hill party to throw? Look no further than our online party supply store. We also have party things for social get togethers, showers and parties for any occasion.

Halloween Balloon Centerpiece No Helium

Another Halloween themed centerpiece idea, but this time no helium is required. You’ll need eight latex balloons, one themed foil balloon of your choosing, one 260q twisting balloon, and curling ribbon. A balloon pump comes in handy for blowing up the balloons.

For full how-to instructions, please see the video on my Halloween balloon decoration page.

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Homemade Cotton Candy Centerpiece

Let your dessert do double duty by setting it in the middle of your table as a focal point. When your homemade treats look as pretty as this hand-spun cotton candy, simply display them in a mason jar with minimal accompaniment. Not super adept at working with melted sugar? Display a pretty cake or tray of iced cookies instead.

Diy Flower And Sand Centerpieces

50th Birthday Party Centerpiece Set of 5. Handcrafted in 1

Heres another fantastic, and inexpensive centerpiece idea! Especially if you live by the beach! You can grab different sized jars from a thrift store, grab sand from the beach or from the craft store and place carnations in them!

I typically am anti-carnation hello funeral flower, but they totally work here! Getting rid of the stems works wonders and actually makes these centerpieces look more expensive.

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A Simple Backdrop With Party Confetti Wall

Its not good to overdo a backdrop for a photo booth idea because itll divert the attention so lets go with a simple confetti wall. To create the confetti, you can use a circle cutter to cut the colorful cardstock paper or simply buy craft stores confetti for an easy and quick solution. Be as creative and artsy as you want when arranging the confetti to the wall!

Bubble Bath Baby Shower Centerpiece

Super easy, cute and practical! You get three for one with this baby shower centerpiece idea. Fill a toy bath tub with 5 inch clear balloons and place a small mylar baby balloon inside. Everything’s air filled, so no helium required.

Add some baby products like powder or lotion, a rubber ducky and a soft towel and you have the perfect baby shower gift-decoration combo.

Source: inflations_n_creations

Balloons offer a one of a kind touch to the table, and making them can be a family project. The night before your party, gather your children and the necessary supplies. Together you can create a unique centerpiece for the party table.

Whether you are looking for unique wedding table decoration ideas, seeking a way to jazz up gifts, or add to the holiday tablescape, balloons will help you put together the perfect creation.

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Birthday Banner & Streamer

Dont forget about a banner! There are tons of happy birthday banners available in a variety of different colors and themes! A banner is a great way to decorate the front of the dessert table. If youre feeling crafty, use colorful or patterned or themed construction paper and string to make your very personalized banner. You might find its not easy to find themed papers at your local stores. You can search for themed digital papers from handmade online ETSY store. Youll be able to find pretty much any theme you are after. Download the file and print them using home printer.

Colorful streamers are also a great way to transform any space into a party room. Hang streamers across the ceiling or archways. You can also use streamers to decorate railings and posts throughout your home.

Valentine Balloon Bouquet With Floral Base

Make this Balloon Table Centerpiece | Balloon Tutorial |Birthday Party Decorations

This Valentine balloon bouquet combines two of the best gift ideas into one: a living plant and floating balloons. In just a few simple steps you can make the centerpiece and its floral base yourself.

Want to use it for Mother’s Day, a birthday or a get well present? No problem. Simply choose an appropriately themed mylar balloon instead of the red heart.

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Ice Cream Cone Balloons

Most of the material for these balloon ice cream cones you should get at any craft store or even a well stocked supermarket.

The tutorial by suggests to fill the latex balloons with helium. But if you place them into small glass bottles or empty jam jars, you can save the helium and simply blow them up with air.

Polka Dot Table Runner & Succulents

Did someone say polka dots? If youve been here for even five minutes, you know that polka-dots are MAJOR features in a lot of my crafts and parties.

For that reason, I think this polka dot table runner is perfection! This neutral themed runner is darling, but a colored polka dot would be just precious.

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Upcycled Wine Bottle Torch

Turn your last event’s empty spirit bottles into your next event’s ambient tabletop lighting. All you need to get started are empty glass bottles, citronella torch fuel, citronella torch wick replacement and your handy-dandy hot glue gun. Get your glow on with the step-by-step instructions and our in-depth materials list in the link below.

Get the How-To: Turn Old Glass Bottles Into Citronella Torches

Black And Gold Centerpiece Sticks

Photo Centerpieces

If youre going with gold and black for your party colors, this 25 pack of centerpiece sticks makes a great addition to your tables. Its easy to find matching black and gold party supplies.

are easy to assemble just use the included glue dot sticks to put them together. Then just stick them in small vases to create festive table decorations.

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Fun For The Whole Family

We dontjust cater to kids. We also carry milestone birthday party supplies and noveltythemes for adults-only celebrations, plus party supplies for other occasions,like Christmas, Mardi Gras, Halloween and even Hawaiian luaus. We even carry costumesfor when you want to kick a themed party up a notch!

No matter what kind of party youre throwing, from a birthday bash to a Halloween haunt, BirthdayExpress is your one-stop shop for all of the party supplies and decorationsthat you need.

Floral Table Centerpiece Ideas

Mother Nature’s floral palette lends itself to virtually any party theme or color scheme. Bunches of red, white, and blue blossoms are a stunning addition to a patriotic birthday party table, while delicate pink blooms will add a feminine flair to your princess celebration.

For a personal touch, create centerpieces using the birthday month flower of the guest of honor. Be sure to consider the vessel you’ll be using as well. Even the simplest flower can look elegant when presented with pizzazz.

When choosing flowers for your birthday centerpieces, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • For sit down-dinners, limit arrangement height to six inches or less otherwise, your guests will have to talk through or around the centerpiece. Some taller stems retain their elegance when cut down, while others may look awkward when trimmed. Seek the advice of your florist before cutting stems.
  • Avoid using scented flowers in your centerpiece. Not only will perfumed blossoms compete with the aroma of the food, they may also cause an allergic reaction.
  • If you’re undecided about which flower color to choose, remember that white will gracefully accompany any birthday party decor.

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Mini Balloon Topiary Tree

These miniature balloon trees are super cute for a baby shower! All you need are 5 inch balloons in the colors of your choice, a balloon pump and glue or a glue gun. The only parts that are sometimes a bit harder to find are the “Lomey” products used for the stand.

In this video tutorial, the instructor uses 6 inch Lomey dishes , 14 inch columns and a so-called “universal piece” to connect the column to the dish. The columns and universal pieces you may find at floral product suppliers, like for example .

As an alternative solution, replace the dish with a decorated gift box and the Lomey column with a timber dowel, wrapped in color matching ribbon, as shown below.


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