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Affordable Places To Host A Birthday Party

Craft Store Birthday Party

How to Host a Cheap AND Easy Kids Birthday Party
  • This is one of my favorite birthday party place because Im a crafty gal.
  • Many local craft stores have classrooms for craft classes but you can also often rent these rooms for parties.
  • In fact, Michaels craft stores offer some really fun party packs at their store locations.
  • How to Book a Party: You can read more here about Birthday Parties at Micheals.

A Train Or Trolley Is A Cheap Place For Kids Birthday Parties

When our family went to Dallas a while ago, I saw a group of kids with a dad having a party right on the trolley! The trolley was completely free to ride, and the kids were having a blast chatting it up and watching out of their windows. I thought that dad was a total genius because our little guy love riding things like trains and trolleys! You might not have a free one near you, but it only costs a few bucks per person to go for a ride. You could bring balloons and presents to make it feel extra festive.

More Fun Kids Birthday Party Places

Apple Orchard. Go apple picking, and kids can harvest their own healthy goodie bag while they get fresh air and exercise. Some orchards offer bonus activities, like visits with farm animals.

Build-A-Bear Workshop. Birthday guests make a furry friend from scratch. Kids choose, stuff, and accessorize their bear and then take it home. Check out for locations.

Ceramics Studio. Paint your own potterymugs, bowls, platesat a ceramics studio.

Fire Department: For a donation, many fire departments offer their space and time. Young party goers can talk with firefighters, try out equipment, and even hop aboard the truck. But beware, if the fire bell rings, the party is over!

Factory: From crayons to jelly beans to potato chips, your kids can find out how their favorite stuff is made on a tour of a local factory, with free samples and goodie bags waiting at the end.

Ice Cream Shop: Your local ice-cream shop provides the ice cream and toppings, and you provide the sugar monsters. Contact a parlor in your town, or log on to for Scoop Shop locations.

Ice Rink: Kids can heat up on the ice with skating, games, and music. Skate rental are often included in the per-child price, and rinks usually have an event room for gifts and birthday cake.

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Birthday Venues With Fantastic Food

Whats better than a birthday party complemented by delicious food to whet the appetite?

South Africa is renowned for its culinary brilliance, with plenty of internationally acclaimed fine dining restaurants as well as vibey spots with intriguing traditional flavours.

Book a table or exclusive space in one of these restaurants, and enjoy an unforgettable dining and birthday experience with friends, family and loved ones.

Rock Climbing At Diamond Plaza

Four J Events Club is an indoor party place located in ...

Ladies, its always nice to combine a little workout and some fun. Rock Climbing at Diamond Plaza has got you covered. Guess what, Tuesday night is the ladies night, and its Kshs 500 per session instead of the full price of Kshs 1000 on a normal occasion. Its situated on 6th Floor, Old Tower, Diamond Plaza in Parklands.

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Plan Less Fussy Kids Activities

Keep your birthday party pocket light but dont compromise on the fun you plan to arrange for your kid.

Instead of spending a lot on planning expensive activities, to keep the audience engaged you can opt for some organic activities that can be easily planned at home at the ease and from the available stuff.

You can go for various options like:

  • WorkshopsGo for cake workshops or a poetry reciting workshop to encourage participation from each of the kids and to keep your guests entertained.It can be a simple talent workshop where each of the kid can perform what he or she is good at.
  • GamesPlan games like musical chairs or ring the object that doesnt involve any major investment but only stuff that is easily available at home.These are traditional options that were earlier popular but slowly diminishing.

La Mouette Regent Road

La Mouette brings French culture to Cape Town with their menu and vibe. For a party focussed on great food in a stunning setting, this is the perfect spot.

Options: Exclusive venue hire with food and beverages provided through La Mouette, hosting between 100 people seated and 120 standing

Minimum Spend / Venue hire fee: R65 000 including food and beverages

Food: Catered through La Mouette, with options ranging from a 5 course meal at R495 per person, a 3 course meal at R395 per person and catering for a canapé function priced individually from R27,00 to R80,00

Drinks : Provided through La Mouette

Contact : | | +2721 433 0856

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Birthday Venues With Film And Theatre Entertainment

Hosting your birthday party in a venue that offers great entertainment for you and your guests is an awesome idea.

This section covers venues that you can rent and book for private screenings and experiences.

This is ideal for vintage film addicts, and theatre lovers!

Get a taste of how you can create an exciting dramatic atmosphere at these birthday party venues featuring film and theatrical entertainment below.

Cheap Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas For Low Budgets

Cheap Birthday Party Decorations from DOLLAR STORE!!!

If you are looking for cheap birthday party ideas for low budgets then stay tunned. We have a list of some inexpensive birthday party ideas that will help you plan a nice birthday party in a tight budget.

Relevant Articles

It isnt about putting in some high budget parties to make a birthday occasion special.

In fact, there are many ways you can make any birthday occasion special as well as memorable too, without any high budget plans.

So today I will be giving you some of the perfect ideas to make a birthday party special without any big budget.

I will tell you some of the cheap birthday party ideas that will help you manage an awesome party with minimum budget.

So let me start it with a simple calculation. For a birthday party, there are certainly different things on which you plan your event budget.

Let me give you a quick point of things on which you must planning to invest your budget.

  • Venue
  • Food items
  • Guest list

There are many more things that involve in these 7 main aspects of a party but these are the main outpoint you can consider saving a lot of money.

So it is quite obvious that if you want to save money, then you need to do the cost cutting in these 7 kinds of things.

For this, check out what is more important to you and try to section it, then reduce or cut down the cost of things which are less required.

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Where To Host A Kids Birthday Party

If hosting a party at home isnt an option or youd like something a little more fun, youre in luckthere are lots of options! However, its not always easy to find the right venue for a kids party.

Thankfully, Party Planning Solutions has a huge list of ideas for places to host your kids birthday celebration. Look through the list and figure out what works for your kids party theme!

Make Your Home Your Party Venue

There is this latest trend of celebrating kids birthday parties at various readily available outdoor locations but the major factor plays here is budgets.

Such places come at a rental scheme along with the catering that you will require to hire. In order to save yourself from flowing money into these over the top celebration, you can plan a small gathering at home and try these simple home decoration for your low budget birthday party.

You can either serve some home cooked meal or you can order some inexpensive fast food.

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Mile End Indoor Climbing

Birthday parties at Mile End Climbing Wall

Looking to do something active to celebrate your teens birthday? Something theyll remember for years? Then why not book a fantastic birthday party at Mile End Climbing Wall. Each party lasts for 1½ hours and are available for young people aged 7 yrs and older, so younger siblings can join in too. They feature a variety of fun & exciting climbing based activities all under the expert supervision of nationally qualified instructors.

Instructors will guide the group through a range of activities which could include scaling a 12 metre wall, abseiling from the highest point in the building and then finishing off upside down in the Monkey room. Tell the party people to come suitably dressed and to leave jewellery at home to avoid tears.

Teens love All Star Lanes for food & bowling fun

All Star Lanes has four different London locations: Holborn, Brick Lane, Stratford and White City. Each venues offers a brilliant Teen Strike Out Package, perfect for ages 11-17. For £25 per person, the party package includes a game of bowling, a choice of burger with skinny fries, a Choice of mocktail or delicious ice-cream shake plus bottomless soft drinks so your kids can get their sugar fix as often as they like!

Euros 2020 at The Faltering Fullback, Finsbury Park

Pier Pressure Escape Rooms, Brighton

A race against the clock to solve puzzles and complete an objective.

Taproom At Devils Peak Cecil Road Woodstock

Birthday Parties Toronto. Birthday Venues from National ...

Situated in Woodstock, The Taproom at Devils Peak is a craft beer gem. A converted Salt River warehouse, creating a combination between a pub and a restaurant.

Options: Seated, The Taproom can host up to 110 guests. Or 250 guests for a canapé/cocktail style event with the option of a dance floor

Minimum Spend / Venue hire fee: Venue R35 000. To hose either 40 seated or 60 people canapé style is R12 500

Food: 3 canapé menus are available as well as a set menu, where the speciality is burgers, charged per head

Drinks : Provided through The Taproom at a charge per head

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Tjing Tjing House Longmarket Street

Tjing Tjing truly is an eclectic offering based in the heart of the city, offering a variety of unique experiences inspired by Japanese food, drink and culture. The venue is made up of four different sections: Tjing Tjing Torii , Momiji , Momiji lounge and Tjing Tjing rooftop bar.

Options: Momiji is recommended for an intimate dinner for maximum 16 people. For a more relaxed get together, the rooftop bar is ideal

Minimum Spend / Venue hire fee: A venue hire fee depends on the day of event and which venue you choose, starting from R20 000.

Food: Japanese cuisine is carried throughout, varying from casual street food, to otsumami , to more formal Japanese food at a cost per head

Drinks: A set menu is provided with a range of cocktails, wines and beers

Contact: | | +2721 422 4920

Indoor Trampoline Center Party

  • Not going to lie, even as an adult I love these places. Imagine a building with wall to wall and floor to floor trampolines?
  • My husband and I even used to go one of these in Atlanta on date night because it was exercise and fun!
  • These are amazing party places because it doesnt really matter the weather outside you can still have the party.
  • Teens get to run, jump, yell and play for several hours.
  • Some of the places I have been to also have trampoline dodge ball arenas which makes this perfect as a Teen birthday party place. Plus foam square pools where you jump on the trampoline and hurl yourself in a giant pit of foam squares .
  • How to Book a Party: Google Indoor Trampoline Center or the most popular national chain of these is Sky Zone.

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The Indoor Soccer Facility

Now, is your kid and his/her friends interested in a true indoor birthday party? Are they aiming for a feast that is loaded with physical activities? If yes, you should consider an indoor soccer facility. Once again, this is a fascinating place to host the celebration. Of course, the indoor soccer facility will not be the cheapest option on this list. But, it is a great one! The ultimate aim of this event is to keep your little ones delighted while encouraging physical activities.

Fun Fact: If you are not interested in an indoor soccer field, consider a taekwondo facility, a dance studio or a tennis court.

Church Room Or Playground

How to Host an affordable Minecraft Birthday Party at Home | DIY Minecraft party decoration ideas

Many churches have fellowship halls or playgrounds that you can use for your special day. They often do not charge their active members to use these spaces. Or, they might charge a refundable deposit assuming you clean up after yourself.

If you arent a member of a church, think about your friends and family. Is anyone willing to reserve a church room for you?

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Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Of course, you do need to do some preparatory work for your child’s birthday party. Invites, decorations and, of course, the obligatory birthday cake – these are all things that need to be taken care of in advance.


Well, thanks to the combined wonders of the internet, email and SMS, you can create and send these at literally no cost whatsoever.

Pretty much everyone has some kind of graphics software on their computer, in which you could create a pretty decent looking invite. Heck, if your graphic skills are wanting, a quick search using your favourite search engine for ‘free birthday invite templates’ will bring up more than you ever know what to do with.

Many of them are extremely professional looking. Simply change the name and date, save the file and email them out to the parents of the people you are inviting.


Of course, the type of party decorations will depend on a number of things, including the location of the party, whether there is a theme and whether you are particularly DIY-orientated.

Here’s a few simple, effective and – best of all – affordable ideas that you should definitely consider as party decoration ideas.

Balloons, Magic Markers, Personalised Drinking Cups And More:

The Pound shop is your friend. Set yourself a decorating budget of say, £8 and see what you can do.

You will be amazed at what you can pick up for next to nothing. Here are just some of the items I found in my local pound shop:

Total cost for all these items: £8.

Splash Pad Or Sprayground Birthday Party

If you have a summer babe, a spray ground or splash pad might be the perfect summer birthday setting.

Most spray grounds that we frequent are free, or less than $5 for entry.

They are usually attached to a park or have picnic tables nearby that would be the perfect frugal party setting!

Local to DFW? Check out our favorite Free Splash Pads here.

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Treat Them At A Bakery

Instead of planning for a lavish dinner or a treat at a restaurant where you wouldnt have any control on what everybody is ordering you can switch to a place that is less expensive and where the kids would love to visit too.

You can take them to a bakery or a dessert shop and treat them with various kinds of cupcakes and pastries.

Anyway, kids love to treat on sweet dishes and if there are cake and chocolates they will absolutely love it.

Home Cooked Barbeque Dinner

Top Birthday Party Places for Kids in New Jersey ...

Who doesnt like barbecue? Then why not make your birthday menu wholely and solely based on barbeque items.

You can open your backyard or the garden and light a bonfire wherein you all can sit around and sing songs or play some musical instruments.

While at this, guests can also enjoy some barbeque cooked munchies which are fairly cheaper than a whole layered course meal that may create a hole in your pockets.

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Theme Park Or Water Park Party

  • If you live in a town with a big or small theme park, consider hosting a party there for the day. Due to ticket prices, you may not be able to take your kids whole baseball team, but you may be able to make a special day with a few good friends.
  • How to Book a Party: Call and ask about group rate discounts or party options.

Birthday Party Venues Faqs

How much does it cost to hire a bar in London for my Birthday party?

Most bars will operate on a minimum spend basis, and they will base this on how their typical profit when open to the public, instead of hosting a private event. For private spaces, a good starting budget would be around £50 per person.

What does it mean when a venue quote me a ‘minimum spend’ for my party?

The venue is asking you to commit to spending at least this amount of money, with the venue, on food and drink. Any shortfall will usually be charged to you as a venue hire fee, but if you meet or exceed this spend, there will be no additional fees.

How do I find an affordable bar for my Birthday party?

Make sure that you find a space with a capacity close to your expected guest numbers. As most venues charge on an overall expected minimum spend, the larger the room is, the larger the minimum spend will be.

Can I bring my own food to a bar for my Birthday?

Most bars will be able to provide great catering for your event, but if you want to bring your own, you’ll most likely need to find a bar that does not have an on-site kitchen. Examples of venues like this are Simmons Bar and The Looking Glass cocktail club.

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