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Elmo Characters For Birthday Parties

Y Characters For Kids #: Frozen’s Olaf

Elmo Birthday Party Character

Elsa? Do you wanna build a snowman? Annas famous line from Frozens OST is a big hit with the kids. It turns out, Elsa did want to build a snowman. And its none other than the loveable cartoon character for birthdays, Olaf!

Olaf is the funny and oftentimes clumsy snowman-sidekick of Queen Elsa. Hes one of the Disney birthday characters thats sure to be a fun one to dress up as. Thats why kids who love laughing and are fond of snowmen are sure to love Olaf for their birthday.

Play his theme song, In Summer, for a fun sing along with the kids before birthday activities to warm them up. Party activities the kids can do right after is to create their very own Olaf using Play-Doh or pin the carrot on Olafs nose.

Party Ideas with Olaf: Food that Olaf will surely be happy seeing are marshmallows, soft serve ice cream, and or cupcakes. Why?

Because they all look like him! Your little one will surely appreciate these little details to the party too. You can also consider dressing up as Elsa and reenact your kids favorite Olaf and Elsa scene from the movie for a poignant moment.

Y Characters For Kids #: Mickey Mouse

Birthday Disney characters you must party with at one point in your life is Mickey Mouse. The iconic cartoon character that started it all is cute, loveable, and downright adorable especially if its your toddler whos dressed up as Mickey!

Birthday characters like Mickey are also easy to make a DIY costume with. Youll only need mouse ears, red pants, and touches of white to cop the look. Those are the colors you can go with as you plan the decor for your kids birthday celebration.

Party Ideas with Mickey: Party favors you can give birthday guests are Mickey ears or Minnie Mouse ribbons for a fun get-up. Mickey Mouse-shaped cupcakes, balloons, and banners can also add life to the party. Hotdogs and pretzels are good food choices that will be easy for the kids to eat as they enjoy the day.

Elmo Themed Birthday Party

  • Plus, don’t miss Tips for Planning an Awesome Sesame Street Birthday Party…
  • Perhaps the most famous street of childhood is Sesame Street, which makes it THE place to be for a little boys first birthday party!

    This fun themed rendition by Alicia Johnson, of Centre of Attention, is full of ideas that star Elmo and delightful decorations.

    Alicia worked with her client to present the fabulous birthday cake, character-inspired cupcakes and dessert table as a visual invitation for birthday party fun.

    Zoom in for a celebration with blue skies, a sunny day and sweet Elmo, as captured by Melissa Artifex.

    See Also

    A decorated canvas displayed on an easel is a great idea for guests to pen their best wishes for the birthday boy. Can somebody say keepsake?

    The welcome station includes a first year photo collage for guests to enjoy, while a balloon tower looking like a giant exclamation point hints at the fun just inside.

    The Christchurch Gondola venue with lovely views of a cloud-filled sky was the perfect spot for celebrating sky-high hopes.

    Suspended swathes of white fabric and cut-out clouds added to the light-hearted celebration. Dont you feel happy just looking at the set-up?!

    A soaring, sky-writing Elmo contributes to the welcoming vibe of the dessert table. Always a party magnet, the dessert table continues the sky illusion in a sky blue table covering.

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    Y Characters For Kids #: Sesame Street’s Elmo

    Your kids must love Elmos catchy song he opens his show Elmos World with. Elmo is a great idea for kids ages 1-3 years old who are charmed by this jolly muppet from Sesame Street.

    Hes one of those birthday party characters whos all fun, cuteness, and giggles. Not to mention that Elmos smart too!

    The birthday celebrant can dress up in fun casual shorts and a cute cap like theyre one of the casts of Sesame Street. Turn it up a notch by buying an Elmo puppet and entertaining the kids. Have someone video the whole party so youll have memories to look back on in this special moment in your childs life.

    Party Ideas with Elmo: Make DIY party masks of Elmos Sesame Street buddies like Big Bird, Glover, and Bert. You can hand these out to the guests so theyll be part of your Sesame Street cast too.

    Birthday Disney Characters & Pixar Favorites

    Elmo balloon Character

    Disney and Pixar are known for movies that are a perfect mix of adventure, laughter, and heart-warming moments. Create a fantastic party with birthday Disney characters just like the happiest place on earth, except this time its at a place called home. Check out Pixar favorites like Toy Story and Disney favorites like Frozen in the list below.

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    Homemade Sesame Street Invitations

    For the invitations: About a month before the party, I took a picture of Nate with some of his stuffed Sesame friends and had some prints made. I always like to incorporate a picture of the birthday child in the invitation. It personalizes it and also makes for a great collection for us to keep. Read more

    Y Characters For Kids #1: Dc’s Superman

    Last on the list is the ever-popular superhero and one of DCs birthday characters, Superman! Hes in parties one way or another around the globe.

    And whats not to like in Superman as one of pop cultures favorite party characters for kids? Hes strong, noble, and humble just like Captain America. Whats more, he can fly too!

    Party Ideas with Superman: Give your birthday celebrant the party of a lifetime with Superman! Dress him up as the man of steel complete with the iconic red cape. Hell surely have a blast zipping around the party in his suit and entertaining birthday guests with abilities only a superhero like him can do.

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    Y Characters For Kids #: Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster

    C is for cookie, thats good enough for me! Can you who this is among the Sesame Street party characters for kids? Yes, its everyones favorite muppet whos in love with cookies and the letter C Cookie Monster!

    An alternative to Elmo is this furry blue character at Sesame Street. Hes funny, loves cookies just as much as your kids, and has a bright hue that will brighten any birthday!

    Cookies are definitely on the menu in this celebration. Other finger food can be small sandwiches, chips, and even fruits. Or try out creative cupcakes that are decorated like Cookie Monster. These ones come with a real cookie stuffed in the cupcake for a fun twist.

    Party Ideas with Cookie Monster: Instead of the usual birthday cake, you can opt for a giant cookie cake decorated with Cookie Monsters face instead. Kids can dip it in warm or chilled milk right after for the perfect dessert!

    Sesame Street Party Decorations

    Sesame Street Characters Twerking At Party

    Rather then buying a bunch of decorations, I made many using old Sesame Street books and Sesame Street wrapping paper .

    Across the deck I hung Sesame Street buntings cut from old book pages. They were so fun!

    I also cut a big E and 2 out of foam core and covered them with the Sesame Street wrapping paper.

    I used some old books and stuffed animals that we had around the house throughout the party too.

    My favorite book decoration was this book on the center of the food table. I cut out a frame and inserted a picture of Ezra in it. It was so easy and SO cute.

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    Pokemon, Pikachu

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    Other Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

    For an additional fee and more kids entertainment, balloon artists, jugglers, or face painters can also entertain your party guests at any of our kids birthday parties. Your guests can also enjoy our popcorn machine or snow cone maker for an additional fee or a swap item.

    You may also bring in food for adults.

    Choose Your Elmo Birthday Party Package Below

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    Coolest Sesame Street And Elmo Games

    Red Monster

    Heres an awesome collection of Sesame Street and Elmo games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Sesame Street and Elmo theme party. Hide and Seek with Elmo Hide lots of block shapes and letters around the party area before the guests arrive. Then when youre ready for this simple and fun game, send the kids on Read more

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    A Sesame Street Birthday Party For Ezra

    Throwing a Sesame Street birthday party can be overwhelming because you can find SO many ideas on the Internet. After throwing three Sesame Street birthday parties over the past six years, I’ve got it down to a science.

    Ezra turned two on New Year’s Eve, but because I was healing from my surgery, we had his party last month. Though this was the third Sesame Street party I have thrown , I still found ways to make it different and fun! Some links are compensated affiliate links in this post.

    Y Characters For Kids #: Frozen’s Queen Elsa

    Elsa is probably one of the most popular party characters for kids whether it be on Halloween or for birthdays. Shes everywhere on Pinterest and our friends social media posts!

    This winter stunner from Arendale is a Disney Queen you dont want your little royalty to miss celebrating with. Elsas hit song, Let It Go, her royal winter wonderland theme, and the title of a queen all make great ingredients for an exciting birthday.

    Choose fresh icy colors that match Queen Elsas clothes like cool silver, tiffany blue, and white. Have the birthday girl wear a tiara and a flowy dress for a queenly look!

    Party Ideas with Elsa: Food you can serve with Disney birthday characters like Elsa are fresh cold blue lemonade, ice cream, and warm sandwiches. Top it all off with a layered birthday cake fit for a queen! The colors, chilly food types, and the warm buns are reminiscent of details from the movie.

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    Y Characters For Kids #: The Little Mermaid’s Ariel

    The roster of birthday Disney characters isnt complete without someone from under the sea. And thats no one else but the heroine from The Little Mermaid, Ariel.

    Ariel is one of those birthday characters who are perfect for a celebration in summer because of the under the sea theme. Its also a great excuse for your child whos into mermaids and Disney Princesses to dress up as both.

    Why? Because Ariel is a mermaid whos a Disney Princess too! Pair her up with birthday characters like Flounder or Sebastian to make an all-star cast for your Little Mermaid birthday celebrant. Younger siblings can play these roles so the whole family can get in on the fun!

    Games you can play are bring me and guess that song. The bring me game can be set up in a cavern like the one thats filled with Ariels treasures in the movie. While guess that song can be hit songs from the movie like, Under the Sea and Part of Your World.

    Party Ideas with Ariel: Birthday decor you should definitely have are seashells, starfishes, and glittery dessert for a sparkling underwater experience. And dont forget the mermaid costume tail for your little girl so she can channel her inner Ariel.

    Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

    Elmo Birthday Party | Elmo character for birthday parties | Call (866)434-4101

    Below are my Elmo birthday party ideas, with lots of creative tips and advice for an Elmo birthday party themesuch as Elmo party invitations, food and drink and Elmo party decorations.

    If you want to incorporate other Sesame Street characters into your Elmo birthday party theme, such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie and The Count, read my separate Sesame Street birthday party theme ideas.

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    Coolest Sesame Street First Birthday Party Ideas

    For my only child Elijahs first birthday I decided fairly early on that I wanted to have a theme party. I was unsure what exactly until we went on a holiday to the Gold Coast in Queensland and visited Sea World. They also have a Sesame Street Beach show and a Sesame Street themed amusement Read more

    Y Characters For Kids #: Toy Storys Sheriff Woody

    Have you ever thought of cowboys as birthday characters for parties? Well, if you havent, take a second look at Woody. Toy Storys hero and Buzz Lightyears best friend is just what you need for a birthday from the Wild Wild West.

    Your young one can dress up as a Sheriff and celebrate with fun activities that Reach for the sky! as Woody would say. Disneys favorite cowboy has a take-charge personality and at the same time, a kind caring heart. If this sounds like the birthday celebrant, then youve found the perfect cartoon character for birthdays.

    Party Ideas with Woody: Go all the way and let your cowboy/cowgirl don a Sheriffs hat with matching boots. You can even buy a small brown toy horse to complete the look! You can also give visitors bright scarves to get them into the cowboy vibe right with the kids.

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    They Were Very Professional And Did Everything In Their Power To Engage The Children

    I hired the Elmo performer for my daughter’s Sesame Street themed 1st birthday and she absolutely loved it. I was afraid that the puppet would not look professional but I WAS WRONG. The Red Furry Monster is AWESOME and top quality. My second concern was about the puppeteer’s mouth moving when speaking for Elmo because he is not a ventriloquist but the kids and guests were so intrigued with the show that it did not affect the enjoyment or the show. Elmo and the Party Assistant were very professional, on time, and did everything in their power to engage the children. They were able to perform all the requested songs and stayed in character the ENTIRE time. They also customized the letter of the day to N and the number to 1 to represent my little tot’s name and age– what more can you ask for!


    Monster Puppet Party Pricing

    The Pure Imagination Party Company is an independent company and is not associated with, affiliated with, or licensed by any other companies. We offer only generic characters based upon public domain fairytales and other stories, and any similarities to copyright material is purely coincidental. No copyright infringement is intended.

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