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Boy Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

Hire An Ice Cream Truck For A Backyard Birthday Party

Top 5 Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers for LESS THAN $25

Utilize your own backyard for a birthday bash. You can set up birthday party games like bean bags, pin the tail on the donkey, or Nerf football toss. Make the day a little extra special by asking an ice cream truck to visit. You can pay ahead of time or afterward and let all the children and other party guests pick out any sweet desserts to enjoy. Kids will go crazy when they hear the familiar sound of the neighborhood ice cream truck and realize that its pulling up to the party.

Limbo Outdoor Party Game

Play a game of limbo with the kids. All you need is a long limbo stick for the kids to go under and some music.

To play have an adult hold each end of the limbo stick. Line the kids up and have them try to make it under the limbo stick without touching. Each round lower the stick and see who can make it through.

Fishing For Prizes Birthday Game

The whole point of this game is the prize, so that will make it an instant favourite.

Gather together small, light prizes such as stickers, small notepads, and pencils. Slide a giant paper clip over each prize, and lay them in your fish pond. A fish pond could be a paddling pool, a big box, or simply a rug on the floor.

Give each child a fishing rod with a magnet at the end of the line, and let them go fishing for their prize.

To make it harder you could blindfold your guests, or get them to fish from over a stair landing or balcony so they cant see what they are fishing for.

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Create Your Own Backyard Version Of The Amazing Race

Take your mini and their pals around the globe on an action-packed scavenger hunt. Set the stage for the exciting escapades by sending out map-themed party invitationswith an X to mark the spot, of course. Chart a course around the backyard and encourage the kids to follow the clues to find their treasure, which could include on-theme party favours like mini flashlights, magnifying glasses and carabiner keychains . Keep the pint-sized explorers fueled up with adventure juice , a healthy trail mix and wrapped-up sandwiches they can grab-and-go. Adventure awaits!

Why Outdoor Birthday Parties Are Great For All Ages

30 Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For 10 Year Old Boy

If you are lucky enough to have a summer birthday, youll be able to get outside for your celebration. Even the shoulder seasons of spring and fall have decent weather in many places, so its up to you to decide if its warm enough to spend significant time in the elements.

With the pandemic over the last few years, many people have more of a comfort level to be in groups outside. Its safer to have lots of air circulation and you dont always need to worry about masks. Even as COVID becomes a thing of the past, people might be good in their new habits and just feel more comfortable overall with outdoor activities.

The variety of activities that can take place outside is fantastic. There are some great food options for outdoor parties and even more fun games. Hosting outdoor parties can be easier, casual, and more laid back than indoor parties.

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Something To Sit On Thats Also An Activity

Several parents mentioned the near-universal appeal of sports and obstacle courses. Lynn-Larroque recently attended a very successful soccer-themed party with her daughters that featured a trained soccer coach. She says that after the past year, trying to get kids off screens and back into the real world is a challenge and having a charismatic coach there made it more fun for the kids. All you need are a set of mini cones, some lightweight collapsible soccer goals, and a ball.

Spend A Day Doing Some Brewery Hopping

Breweries are a fun spot for celebrations for adult birthdays. Pick a neighborhood in your city that has more than one brewery. Check food truck schedules to make sure there are options to eat some snacks along your route. Send out your invitations and let everyone know where youre starting and what time. You can list out the other breweries you planned to visit that day with a possible schedule, so people can catch up if they are running late.

Many breweries have great outdoor spaces like patios or decks. When youre selecting your spots, check and see which options have the most space or if they take reservations for these sections. Bring some cards or a trivia game to add a little extra entertainment while youre sampling some beers.

For something extra special, have the experts at Lets Roam personalize a pub or brewery crawl for you! Our bar hunts are highly rated and well-received, and we can customize one just for the birthday guy or gal. Contact us for more info!

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Play A Game Of Giant Jenga

Take their favourite tabletop tumbling game and turn it into a big outdoor event. You can set up a giant Jenga tournament using wooden blocks where the winner gets to take home a mini version of the game in their loot bag. Add to the fun at lunchtime with a platter of stacked veggie sticks and dip alongside a tower of finger sandwiches. Keep the fun going with more outdoor party games: Throw out some lawn dice, a set of jumbo dominoes or craft your own larger-than-life game of tic-tac-toe using sheets of construction paper.

Host A Backyard Mini Golf Championship

Fun Boy Baby Shower Decorations | DIY Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

With the help of some pool noodles, cardstock flags attached to bamboo stakes and a little imagination, you can set up a mini golf course in no time. Re-use household items like empty cereal and tissue boxes for obstacles and holes. If you have any plywood or PVC pipe laying around from other DIY projects, you can add ramps and tunnels, too. The on-theme party food possibilities are endless: Consider cute options like iced tee, birdie chicken wings, apple slices and cupcakes decorated as golf balls. Its the perfect party for a golf-loving fore-year-oldbut it works for all ages.

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Outdoor Birthday Party Idea #: Lawn Game Party

Let the games begin! When the sun is shining, who wants to sit around inside playing board games? Transform the backyard with larger-than-life games for a lawn game birthday party for kids.

Activities: DIY or buy giant-sized lawn games for everyone to enjoy. You can create an oversize Twister board by spray painting the grass red, yellow, blue, and red. Set up corn hole and giant Jenga and Connect 4. For tweens and teens, host the party at nightfall for a glow-in-the-dark lawn party. Hand out glow sticks and add a little glow to all your games, including ring toss and glow stick tic-tac-toe. You can even add a little extra kick to whiffle ball by inserting a glow stick into the porous ball. And dont forget about all the classic outdoor games that dont take much more equipment than your imagination.

Use the Twister game as inspiration for the decorations. This Twister cake is a pretty simple semi-homemade option using premade colored fondant. A twister game board makes a pretty awesome tablecloth as well. Party favors can include mini versions of any of the games.

Ninjas in training and aspiring super spies love an outdoor obstacle course party. Image courtesy of Jac of All Things

The Most Awesome Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

Its summertime, which means simple partiesespecially birthday parties! You can have a lot of fun in the sun if you have good weather, water, and a little creativity.

For your boys birthday parties, weve compiled a list of the best outdoor birthday party themes. Take a seat, grab a popsicle, and get ready to take your party to the next level with ideas from the top party planners around.

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Set Up Some Party Games And A Pinata For A Fiesta

Fiestas are always a hit as a fun party theme. String up a Pinata and fill it with goodies and treats. You can serve tacos, margaritas , and even set up a salsa bar. Mexican food is a favorite for many people and there are so many fillings for tacos, burritos, and more.

You can organize other outdoor party games like bean bag toss, ladder ball, and other classics to give people plenty of things to do. Choose from the usual birthday desserts, like cupcakes and birthday cake, or switch it up to fit the theme and go with churros or sopaipillas.

Take The Teens To Try An Obstacle Course

Fun to be One

American Ninja Warrior is a popular show on television, so consider setting up an obstacle course. This can be a DIY or you can take advantage of a place where there are already obstacles set up. Have the party guests race through the course and hand out prizes for first, second, and third-place finishers. You might be surprised at the risks these kids are willing to take in these crazy mazes.

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Best Outdoor Party Games For Kids

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1.Find the Gummy Bears

For this hilariously fun and entirely messy game, youll need canned whipped cream , gummy bears, and a plastic plate for each participant. Give everyone a plate piled high with whipped cream with 3 gummy bears hidden inside. The first person to find all of their gummy bears wins. Oh, and did I mention that no hands are allowed?

2. Homemade Bubbles

Bubbles are always a hit, especially when theyre gigantic bubbles! This homemade recipe makes the biggest bubbles ever with just 5 kitchen ingredients.

3. Treasure Hunt

Create an outdoor treasure hunt by leaving clues around the yard. Party guests can break into teams and work together to find the clues. The first group that finds the treasure wins. Here are 30 clues to get you started!

4. DIY Escape Room:

Transform any place into a thrilling escape room!

Just download these ready-to-play escape room kits get your kids together, and be the host of your own escape room party!

5. Nerf War

Break out the Nerf guns for a wild and fun outdoor game! Divide kids into teams, and create a safe zone for each side where they can reload and restock their darts. If you dont want kids shooting at each other, check out these creative Nerf games they can play instead.

6. Jumbo Ring Toss

Buy a jumbo ring toss here.

7. Limbo

8. Water Balloon Toss

9. Musical Patio Chairs

1o. Miniature Golf

11. Swat the Fly

Unique Outdoor Birthday Party Games And Activities


  • Frisbee throwing, treasure hunts, cricket, and football sessions will keep the party fun and entertaining.
  • If you have a small backyard, engage the kids in casual games like dumb charades, water balloon tosses, or relay races. For adults, you can conduct outdoor bingo sessions with family or friends.
  • Invite everyone to participate in outdoor photoshoots.
  • Host a small badminton or chess competition for kids and adults alike.
  • You can also hire a magician and juggler to make your outdoor birthday party even more entertaining for the kids.

Think about what you like when it comes to spending time outside. Some enjoy picnics, others playing in the water or making a game out of running races. Choose something that you can arrange in your backyard or a nearby park field. Use our creative ideas mentioned above and celebrate your outdoor birthday party with a blast.

Celebrating a birthday at home might seem cozy. But, it cannot compete with the excitement and grandeur of an outdoor birthday party. Having a picnic at a park, enjoying a beach birthday party, or camping out with friends at night hits different. Most kids and adults love a good outdoor party, like a BBQ cookout with some music, games, and activities. You can also organize scavenger hunts or vineyard trips for kids and adults or try combining these ideas. So, scroll up and pick your favorite outdoor party ideas to celebrate your birthday with a bang, like no other, this year.

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Have A Movie Night Under The Stars

Now playing on a porch near you: The best backyard birthday party ever! Give your movie-going party guests the star treatment with an all-you-can-eat concession stand complete with movie theater popcorn, fancy drinks and a candy bar. Create cozy seating with floor poufs, pillows and lots of blankets. Add a marquee with a mini LED lightbox that says Happy Birthday, a balloon garland around the movie screen and loads of twinkle lights. Your party will be transported to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood at home.

Track And Field Party


Design: Laura Bolter Design

Invitation Inspiration: Let the Games Begin Invitation

Does your child enjoy athletics and a little friendly competition? If so, you cant go wrong with a track and field-themed party. This theme is all about outdoor games. Set up an obstacle course using chairs and wooden pallets or use pool noodles to create small hurdles. A sack race or relay race is another great way to get the kids active and in on the fun.

When it comes to decor, stick to the sports theme. Choose party colors based on your childs favorite university or sports team. Tie ribbons to Oreo cookies to create edible medals and design a cake depicting a track and field.

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Keep The Party Decorations And Dishes Minimal

Outdoor parties are a little more casual. When youre thinking about dishes and decorations, remember that the wind can sweep in and take everything away in one instant. Finger foods are great. Swap birthday cake for cupcakes so you dont have to worry about cutting a cake and finding serving dishes.

How To Entertain Children On A Birthday In A Park

We wanted to leave this last tip to organize a birthday in a park for considering it the most important.

There is a phrase that says: Children will not remind you of what you did or what you said, but what you made them feel .

You can put the best snack in the world or choose the best park in the city to celebrate the party. However, what will make that birthday unforgettable will be the emotion that has awakened in each child. Therefore, animation should be the strong point of the celebration.

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Most Popular 6 Year Old Party Ideas For Girls And Boys

If you are throwing a party for your 6-year-old and are still stuck on a theme, be sure not to miss our roundup of the 27 most popular 6-year-old party ideas for both boys and girls.

Seeing the excitement on a young childs face when they set eyes on their themed birthday party can be an amazing heartwarming feeling! It is truly a wonderful age where kids wholeheartedly believe in magic. Treat your little one to a party that will blow them away!

Kids at this age have thriving imaginations and love their favorite characters and movies such as Peppa Pig and Encanto.

Take a look at all of the fun party themes we have rounded up, such as Toy Story parties, mermaid parties, and unicorn parties to name just a few.


Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Kids And Adults

Chill Tent

Theres no better way to let loose than with an outdoor birthday party. There are so many fun ways to celebrate another trip around the sun while enjoying the great outdoors. From entertaining little tykes at a bubble-themed bash to roughing it at a camping-themed event or lounging in luxury at a poolside soiree, we have outdoor birthday party ideas that are suitable for all ages. Here are some of our favorite party themes you can use year after year.

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Surprise 14th Birthday Gift Ideas

Still in dilemma to choose a gift for your teen girl or boy at their 14th birthday then here are some suggested gift ideas for 14th-year-olds birthday girls or boys. The list of 10+ best birthday gifts for a 14th-year teen girl or boy is here choose the best and most suitable one for them and buy it for them.

  • Organizer and mirror combo
  • Ring Light with Extendable Tripod Stand & Phone Holder
  • Fernbank Museum Of Natural History

    Looking for an absolutely prehistoric birthday party venue? Get unlimited access to Fernbank for up to 20 guests , plus two hours in the private party room and use of the birthday dinosaur throne with a party at Fernbank! The birthday child will also receive a T-shirt, and each guest will receive a goodie bag. Birthday party lunch options are also available, and they offer cool add-ons for an additional fee. Address:Atlanta

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    Start Planning Using These Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

    Using any of these outdoor birthday party ideas will help make your celebration a success! Take lots of pictures and have fun making memories with your loved ones.

    After the party, wed love to know which option you chose and how it went. Use the comment section to share your experience.

    If you need some help with presents, check out our Ultimate List of Birthday Gift Ideas. Weve got suggestions for all ages!

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