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Birthday Cards For Work Colleagues

Happy Birthday Message For Coworker

birthday card for colleague

Happy birthday to my favorite coworker! Thank you for teaching me everything I needed to know when I just started working here two years ago. Youve been a fantastic mentor and Ill always be thankful!


Best birthday wishes for the coworker who showed me how fun it can be to work in a company with amazing people. I hope your day will radiate with as much happiness as you do!


Its true when they say that its the people of a workplace that makes work amazing. Cheers to your birthday, my favorite coworker! Happy, happy birthday to you!


So excited to celebrate your birthday with you for the first time since I started working here three years ago! Happy birthday, my dearest colleague. May you have an amazing birthday celebration!


Heres to an amazing birthday party for an amazing coworker. Youve been the most diligent and responsible employee here and you can be sure that we took note of that! Cheers to you!


Congratulations dear colleague for your birthday! You are a package of many good qualities. Youre intelligent, dedicated, talented, hardworking and also a very good friend. Im lucky that, I got the opportunity to work with you. Have an excellent day!









Birthday Wishes For Colleague

The most important part of any birthday wishes for coworker is the sincerity with which it is written. You need to demonstrate that you really mean what you say and that it was done with no ulterior motives. Youre being genuine about the wishes and not saying it so that they write that overdue report for you.

The best way to wish your coworker a happy birthday is by sending a card. A handwritten thank you note or gift will make your friend feel special and appreciated.

You can find some awesome free birthday cards below that you can print and write in for your coworker. Best of all they are completely free.

Black and White Birthday Cards you dont need a color printer for these. Just download, print, fold and write a message inside the card.

Birthday Cards to Color These cards are great to color in or just leave them black and white.

Also, people often love to have a birthday message on their social media wall if you are friends with them there. The more birthday posts they receive, the more popular they seem, so they will love it.

Create Corporate Birthday Cards In Bulk

For large bulk birthday cards for businesses, you may want to take advantage of ourPartnership Program. Using our company birthday templates or ourdesign your own template, you can create custom birthday card designs to feature right on our site. Anyone can access these customized birthday cards by simply visiting our website. If you have multiple branches of your company in more than one location, our Partnership Program makes it easy for your team to access your corporate birthday cards, business birthday cards for clients, and employee birthday cards, while maintaining universal brand standards. Simply design bulk birthday cards with your corporate colors and company logo and make them available to your entire organization.

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Happy Birthday Colleague 100+ Best Birthday Wishes For Coworkers

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Say Happy Birthday Colleague! Send the best birthday wishes for coworkers with these thoughtful, funny, and happy birthday messages to the people you work with.

Celebrating coworkers birthday is exciting and fun. It is the best way to motivate your coworker to become better or continue the best performance done in the workplace. It builds morale and lifts their spirits when they know someone is thinking about them on their birthday.

One of the momentous events is the giving of birthday wishes. You can send colleague birthday messages in a card, in an email message, or a text message. You can also just say them in person.

Below are the top choices of birthday wishes and birthday messages to your coworker.

Wish Your Loved Ones The Happiest Birthday With Creativity On Your Side

33 Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Colleagues By WishesQuotes

Creative Cloud Express makes it easy to turn a happy birthday into the happiest birthday yet. Once youve created a group card for all to add to and sign, resize it for a social graph that everyone can share to their channels to wish the recipient a happy birthday. Turn your card into a poster or flyer to decorate the office. Or, use your design style and revamp it into birthday bingo or another print-out game for some birthday party fun. There are endless creative opportunities to turn your group project into an effective way to wish an unforgettably happy birthday.

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List Of Some Short And Simple Birthday Wishes

1. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a great year ahead!

2. Happy Birthday, and thank you for always working hard. Hope you have a great day.

3. Happy Birthday! May the forthcoming year be filled with immense joy and happiness for you.

4. A special birthday for a special person. Cheers!

5. Happy Birthday, and we hope you have a delightful day ahead.

6. A very happy birthday to you from the entire team. Were glad to have you around with us!

7. We wish for you to have the happiest and greatest birthday!

8. Our best wishes on your birthday! We hope your beautiful smile will be brighter than the sun itself.

9. Happy Birthday to you! Our team wishes for your life to be filled with blessings, good health, and success.

10. Happy Birthday to a great employee. Have an amazing day!

11. Many, many happy returns of the day to you. We truly appreciate your presence in the company.

12. To an irreplaceable human in our group, happy birthday! Your efforts mean a lot to us.

13. Wishing you a birthday filled with joy, goodness, and brightness.

14. A very happy birthday. Each one of us wishes for your happiness and success in your life ahead.

15. Here is to your health, prosperity, and well-being. Happy Birthday!

16. Happy Birthday! We pray for more good things to come in your life on this beautiful day.

17. Happy Birthday and best wishes to you. Enjoy your celebrations.

19. Live to the fullest and enjoy yourself. Keep smiling and have a very happy birthday.

What Are Ideas To Celebrate A Coworkers Birthday

Planning to surprise your colleagues birthday is exciting. Here are the best ideas to celebrate:

  • Create a customized video. It can be a video of all the closest people saying their birthday wishes or a dance craze that will make the celebrant laugh
  • You can make it personal. It can be done by public announcement and ask some people to say their own wishes. Or it can be a luncheon or dinner out.
  • Give the celebrant a one-of-a-kind birthday cake thats special to them
  • Get the office leaders involved

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How Do Our Group Birthday Cards Work

Our digital birthday are easy to use. Pick one of our designs – whether its a birthday, work farewell, baby shower, wedding or any other occasion, weve got you covered. Once youve picked a design, and selected a delivery date, you will be given a link to share with friends and colleagues. They will be able to add their heartfelt birthday wishes – all without having to sign up. When your card reaches its scheduled delivery date it will be sent to the recipients email. Its as easy as that!

Inspiring Birthday Wishes For A Coworker Or Colleague

Happy Birthday Wishes For Colleagues & Coworkers with Messages Quotes Greetings and SMS with Images

Here is a list of 125 inspiring birthday wishes for a coworker or colleague to make them smile on their birthday.

#1 Youâre more than a coworkerâ¦youâre an amazing friend. Iâm so lucky to work with someone as great as you. Happy birthday!

#2 Time flies with a coworker as extraordinary as you! You make every day so much fun and Iâm glad to know you. Happy birthday.

#3 Nobody works harder than you, and nobody brings as much laughter and fun. Happy birthday to an awesome coworker.

#4 As coworkers go, youâre pretty epic! Thanks for all you do each and every day. Wishing you a super happy birthday.

#5 Happy birthday to an awesome coworker! You make every day fun, and Iâm so lucky to work with someone as super cool as you.

#6 You bring such positive energy, laughter, and fun to work with you each day. Itâs so much fun sharing a workspace with you. Happy birthday!

#7 Happy birthday, coworker! You make being here so much more fun. Thank you for all of your positive energy.

#8 Nobody works harder or laughs louder than you. Youâre simply an awesome coworker. Happy birthday!

#9 Happy birthday, coworker! We just wanted to say that you do so much for others each day, and weâre so grateful to know you. Today, you deserve all the very best.

#10 Hello there, coworker! Today is your birthday, and I hope itâs every bit as fun and amazing as you.

#17 Wishing my awesome coworker a very happy birthday. You bring a hundred percent each day, and youâre simple irreplaceable.

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Birthday Cards For Coworkers Done Right

You’ve seen it before. Your coworker’s birthday is just around the corner and someone starts to pass around a card in a manila folder for everyone to sign. There’s barely space on the card for team members to add a note . And five people are traveling for a conference while another one works remotely — so getting everyone to sign is basically impossible.

With Kudoboard, there’s a better way. Inviting team members to contribute, wherever they are, is a breeze. Simply send them the link to the board or use our system to email them an invitation. Then sit back, relax, and watch the birthday posts roll in for your coworker. And we’re not just talking about a short note + a signature. Team members can add photos, GIFs, & videos to make the board fun and personalized.

Writing A Card For Someone At Work Can Be Tough

If you can’t think of what to write in your co-worker or boss’s birthday card, you’re probably not alone. Co-workers and bosses aren’t easy to write to because you may not know them as well as say, your close friends and family. For this reason, it’s usually best to keep it professional.

Another problem is that these types of birthdays seem to creep up at the last minute. You usually find out from another co-worker on the day-of and need to write something in a card fast.

You don’t have hours to research what you should write. If you’re here, then you’ve come to the right place for ideas. Depending on your relationship, your approach for writing to co-workers may differ from your approach for writing to your boss. Suggestions for both scenarios are included below.

If you can read the fine print, then you don’t need this coupon.

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What To Write In A Birthday Card For Your Boss

Even if you think the world of your boss, its still a professional relationship, so keep that in mind and take these cues as a starting point or approach for what to say to your boss in a birthday wish:

  • You deserve a wonderful birthday. Hope its fun!
  • Just a quick note to say Happy Birthday, and hope that the year ahead is a healthy and happy one!

New Employee Birthday Messages

33 Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Colleagues By WishesQuotes

Wish 1)

Happy birthday to you, our latest and greatest! I cant wait to know you well enough to write a birthday message absolutely no one else will understand. Welcome to the team!

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Wish 2)

It has been truly delightful getting to know you so far, and I absolutely cannot wait to continue that journey. Thanks for being part of the team!

Pair this birthday wish with: A coveted custom reward specific to your company culture

Wish 3)

Happy birthday to the newest member of our team! We may not have an embarrassing nickname for you yet, but dont worry: well be watching. Have a wonderful day!

Pair this birthday wish with: Surprise desk decoration or any of our other office birthday ideas

Why These Messages Work For New Employees:

These messages tingle with beautiful possibilities. They point out that the best is yet to come, and make both the sender and the receiver feel even more excited for the beautiful relationship on the horizon.

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Some Lengthy Messages That You Can Share With Those Coworkers Who Are Also Your Friends

1. Today is such an auspicious day because its the day when you came into existence and we became lucky enough to meet you and have you in our life. There arent enough words to describe how beautiful your presence is made at work. Your hard work and efforts for the team will always be appreciated with gratitude. You are not only an invaluable comrade but a great and reliable friend and above all, a remarkable human being. Happy birthday dear friend and we wish your life to be prosperous and full of hope and happiness.

2. Happy birthday to you dear. This day marks the beginning of a new phase in your life. Theres nobody else who could do your job better than you. Its been fun working with you and seeing you sticking around with us despite the hardships. We all hope that this year will bring success to all your endeavors and accomplishments to your goals.

3. We keep meeting and losing people in our life but seeing you go would always be difficult for each one of us. All we wish to say is your presence has been a life-changing moment for us. Not all are blessed enough to find a coworker as sincere and hardworking as you. Every moment that weve spent with you has been amazing. Happy birthday and have a day filled with love, joy, and surprises. Keep smiling and have a great year ahead!

The difference between a coworker and a coworker friend

The Right Card

Let there be fun and privacy both

Not attracting unwanted attention

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Write In A Birthday Card For Someone Who Works For You

This could include work subordinates or people who are in a service capacity in your life. Unlike how we wish the boss a happy birthday, but do not thank him/her, here, we may want to express gratitude:

  • Happy Birthday and thanks for all you do throughout the year.
  • Wishing you all the happiness you deserve. Have a wonderful birthday!

In short, you are acknowledging two things: the occasion and the relationship. Both are important. Youll move that sliding scale from familiar to formal based on your history and level of connectedness to the receiver, and craft a message thats appropriate and meaningful. Happy greeting!

Brian P. Cleary is a senior writer-editor in the digital division of American Greetings. He started his life in greeting cards 35 years ago, and has written in verse and prose ranging from a prayer to a pun. He is also an author of 53 childrens books, selling more than 3 million copies.

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Here Are Best Birthday Card For Coworker Wording Ideas

  • Wishing you the best on your birthday and everything good in the year ahead. Hope your day is filled with happiness. Wish you a happy birthday and a wonderful year.
  • Happy birthday to the colleague who removes the blues out of Monday morning and adds vibrant hues to Friday night drinks. Have a good one.
  • Happy Birthday and all the best to you in the year to come! Wishing you a relaxing birthday and happiness in the year to come. The whole team wishes you the happiest of birthdays and a great year.
  • I am here to teach you some business Dos and Donts-Please do celebrate your birthday with a large strawberry cheese cake it looks professional. And please do not eat the cake alone this is even more professional. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • Wishing you a day full of laughter and happiness and a year that brings you much success. May all lifes blessings be yours, on your birthday and always.
  • Good manpower is the key difference between good companies and bad companies. With employees like you, no wonder ours is a great company. Happy birthday.
  • Another year older, and you just keep getting stronger, wiser, funnier and more amazing! Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the history of ever. Thanks for being here, for being you.
  • It is good to have colleagues who are top performers but it is best to have colleagues like you who help everyone around them shine out and become top performers themselves. Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Messages For Colleagues

Birthday Greetings 3 – Colleagues & Former Students

Im jealous of you because you have such an amicable co-worker like me. I know you feel lucky too. You can thank me later but first, let me make your birthday special this year. Happy birthday dear!

I wish your salary will keep rising like your age so you never have to worry about wrinkles. But you still look much younger than your age. Happy birthday!

If you werent my co-worker, I would never know how great it feels to secretly make fun of the boss. You are just awesome. Happy birthday dear!

Happy Birthday to our favorite latecomer! Dont be late for your own birthday party!

Happy Birthday to you! May your wallet becomes heavier, and your desk turns emptier!

I have a truth to confess. You are so much boring in the workplace. Let this day be the only day when you are not working like a robot in the entire year. Happy birthday!

The recipe for a healthy work-life is incomplete without a secret ingredient which is caring colleagues like you. Happy birthday to the person who makes my recipe complete.

If you were expecting a big bonus and a promotion for your birthday, youre going to be disappointed because all youre getting is a big cake and this card.

Today is a special day at work. I think they started serving sushi in the lunchroom. Just kidding! I know its your special day. Happy birthday!

The pillars of a happy office are not made from cement but from the enthusiasm of colleagues like you. Happy birthday to this pillar of ours.

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