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New York Times On Your Birthday

Genuine Old Newspapers From The Date Of Your Choice

Doing my New York Times Birthday Puzzle

Historic Newspapers is the worlds largest private archive in ownership of over 200,000 old newspapers. It is an unparalleled collection of US newspapers. We house well-known titles such as the New York Times, and regional papers from each state, including Sunday papers free of any extra charges that usually apply to Sunday editions. Spanning the last two centuries, anyone can buy old newspapers and gift them to those fascinated by history.

This extensive collection has been assembled due to our network of national and local libraries, government departments, and universities that in years gone by, used to hold a newspaper from every day. Our papers offer an unrivalled insight into the past, giving individuals the resources to find old newspapers from 1920 onward.

The popularity of giving and receiving old newspapers continues to rise as their rarity grows. This in turn further increases both the monetary and sentimental value for the owners. As only genuine originals are held in the archive, once an original newspaper title for a certain date has been sold, its unlikely to be replaced. This makes birthday newspapers a fantastic gift, as a newspaper from a persons birth date provides a fantastic trip down memory lane. We also have many copies of discontinued newspapers, which make extra special gifts since new copies will never be printed again.

Useful Links

How Can I Find New York Times Articles For The Day I Was Born

1. Go to: Historical Newspapers: The New York Times with Index Database

2. Select the Publications tab

3. Select the title of the newspapers listed that corresponds to the date range in which your birthday falls. For most people this will be option #3.

4. On the resulting Publication page, find the Browse specific issues area.

5. Click on the + sign next to the decade in which you were born to see all years of that decade. Then click on the + sign next to your birth year and month. Finally click on the tab listing your exact birth date .

The articles are displayed alphabetically by title starting with page one of the newspaper.

6. Clicking on the article title or Full text – PDF link will allow you to see a high resolution image of that specific article only.

7. On the resulting page, you have the option to click on to see a scan of the entire page of the newspaper as it was published on that day.

“8 East-West Nations to Set Up Center on Technology Problems.”New York Times : 1. ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times with Index . Oct 14 1971. Web. 14 Oct. 2011 < > .

The Day You Were Jigsaw Puzzle

Piece together history and reveal the headlines and photos from any meaningful day with this unique and affordable gift!

Choose any important day birthday, anniversary, retirement and youll receive an exact replica of the New York Times front page from that day.

The puzzle is available in 3 sizes 500 piece, 1000 piece, or an easy-to-assemble 300 piece puzzle that features larger pieces perfect for younger children!

Youll also receive a paper copy of the front page to view while assembling the puzzle in case you need a little extra help.

The puzzle is in black and white for dates prior to 1998 after 1998 its in full color.

A thoughtful and fun gift to celebrate any milestone birthday or anniversary!

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The 11 Most Exciting Dinner Spots In Nyc Right Now

Most of Fish Cheeks Thai dishes are served family-style, and the room always has a good energy . All of this makes Fish Cheeks in Noho the perfect place to eat with a small group on a Friday night, especially when youre looking for a spot with a few set menus and one of the best coconut crab curries weve encountered. Its the color of a traffic cone or a forest near Woodstock in late October, with a touch of sweetness and a significant amount of spice to balance things out. Make a reservation ahead of time or be prepared to wait for a couple hours for a table.

Imagine throwing an illicit rager in your grandmothers creaky old house. Thats what its like to eat dinner at Mari Vanna in Flatiron. This Russian party restaurant is fully armed with doilies, hundreds of framed photographs on the walls, and cushions on the seat of every chair. But even though your bill will come in a floral coin purse, the rest of the meal will feel like it could have happened in a Russian club. A swing hangs from the ceiling, trays of caviar and infused vodka shots flow steadily from the kitchen, and an accordionist is always present.

Your Birthday Headlines: A Day In The Life

The New York Times Of Your Birthday Front Page

Donna says: I once found the Saturday Evening Post for the week I was born at a flea market. I still look at it and find it meaningful that its all about gearing up for WWII and that the cover girl is Rosie the Riveter. When I went to recently to find out what my old colleague John Townley is up to these days, I was much intrigued and amused by this piece about the significance of the headlines for the day you were born. Its reprinted with John and Susans permission from their rich collection of articles. Heres what they say:

Comedian Steve Allen, who was also an astronomy and science buff who spent many years debunking astrology and other related arts, once sarcastically remarked, You could learn more about yourself from reading the newspaper of the day you were born than you ever could from a horoscope. A provocative thought, especially to an astrologer!

Far from being a dismissal, it goes to the heart of the doctrine of beginnings which is fundamental to astrology. If much of your character is shaped by the form of the heavens on your day of birth, then the events under those same heavens should logically partake of much the same style. As above, so belowPerhaps that partly explains the popularity of that perennial gift item: a framed newspaper commemorating a birthday, anniversary, etc.

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Where To Have A Birthday Outside

There are five TGI Fridays locations in Midtown alone. And you may have already ruled them out for your birthday celebration. For a far-superior version of that kind of campy restaurant experience , try Bernies in Greenpoint. Its a fun spot for a group, and no one has to take your birthday dinner too seriously – since at least one persons meal will probably involve a cheeseburger deluxe and a brownie sundae.

Looking for something rowdy uptown? Corner Social in Harlem is offering outdoor dining on their sidewalk space every day, and its pretty much always a party – especially on Saturday and Sunday when they have DJs. The menu here consists of dishes like crab cakes, hot chicken, and a green chile cheeseburger you may or may not get on your white shirt.

About Our Birthday Newspapers Archive

The Historic Newspapers archive has been growing for over 30 years. This makes it the most comprehensive collection of original birthday newspapers available to buy in the world!

All date of birth newspapers are verified as original prints which have been carefully preserved and protected in optimum condition over the years so that they arrive to you in perfect condition.

A newspaper from your date of birth can obviously be given as a gift for all sorts of occasions other than birthdays. Some popular events that we regularly supply Original Newspapers for include wedding anniversaries, retirements and christenings, to name but a few!


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The Day You Were Born Gifts

When celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, its always so much fun to remember what life was like way back when! These unique The Day You Were Born gifts are the perfect way to reminisce and find out more about life back in the good old days.

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Fun Things To Do In Nyc For Your Birthday

NYC Rooftop Vlog | Best Places to Celebrate Your Birthday in New York City

There are a million fun things to do when it comes to celebrating your perfect birthday in New York City. If you want to do something completely different every year, something unique yet exciting, there is no better place than NYC to celebrate this special occasion.

We have come up with 9 fun things to do in NYC on your special day that will keep you euphoric about your big bash. From amazing karaoke bars to the best pizza, the big apple has everything you need for an awesome birthday celebration. Enjoy our 8 birthday party ideas in NYC.

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Betty White Jokes About Her Diet Secret Before Her 100th Birthday: I Think Its Working

Betty White is getting ready to turn the big 100 and shes reflecting on her health habits.

In this weeks cover story of People magazine, the veteran actress was asked about her diet.

I try to avoid anything green, the 99-year-old joked. I think its working.

The star also revealed that being born a cockeyed optimist has been the secret behind her positive outlook in life.


Betty Whites birthday is January 17, 1922.

I got it from my mom, and that never changed, the TV icon explained. I always find the positive.

Im so lucky to be in such good health and feel so good at this age, she shared. Its amazing.

After working in show business for more than 75 years, White now enjoys a quiet life in Los Angeles where she keeps busy playing crossword puzzles and card games.

According to the outlet, she also enjoys watching animal documentaries, Jeopardy! and sports, especially golf. In addition, White is a longtime supporter of the Wildlife Learning Center, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Actors and Others for Animals.

Betty White, seen here in 1954, has led a decades-long career in Hollywood.

Betty lives a life of happiness, said Jeff Witjas, Whites longtime agent and pal. She always thinks of others first, and she stays positive no matter what, even when I beat her at our favorite game of gin rummy!

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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The Best Restaurants In Nyc To Host Your Birthday Get

One of the questions we get asked most is, Where should I have my birthday dinner? Let us guess, youre looking for something fun and not formal, where you can get a table for six-to-ten people. Believe it or not, such restaurants do exist in New York City.

So whether your idea of fun involves the potential for dancing on tables , or a relaxed, come-and-go-whenever type of gathering, or something in between, we have ideas. You only celebrate getting older once a year – better make it good.

Sorrylooks like you screwed up that email address

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The New York Times Ultimate Birthday Book

Every Birthday Front Page for All 75 Years!

Our best-seller, this elegant book is perfect for any milestone birthday! It features every New York Times birthday front page from the day the recipient was born.

The handsome personalized book contains every birthday front page of the New York Times for someones entire life.

The outside is personalized with the recipients name and birth date in an elegant gold script. Inside the book are all the birthday front pages .

Handsome 140 page Ultimate Birthday Book features a photo-packed 24 page timeline, as well as a collection of world-changing front pages.

Its a unique gift that is sure to spark memories and conversation as the recipient recalls exciting events from throughout their lifetime!


Enjoy Free Shipping on up to 2 Custom Birthday Books or Ultimate Birthday Books at The New York Times Store. Expires 12/31/2021.


How Common Is Your Birthday Chart From Harvard & Nytimes Tells You

New York Times Birthday Puzzles, New York Times Puzzle of ...

Here’s a data table from the New York and Harvard University listing each day of the year with a ranking for how many babies were born on each date from 1973 to 1999. Some interesting trends are evident in the data. Apparently, people like to make babies around the winter holiday season because a large proportion of babies are born in September .

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The New York Times Of Your Birthday Front Page

The years seem to start to speed up by the time a persons thirtieth birthday rolls around. Thirty years might not seem like so long. This framed reproduction of the New York Times front page from the day they were born will remind them that 30 years is actually a pretty long time ago.

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Someone went and leveled up the fish bowl. This is the perfect gift for that big-picture thinker who digs sustainability and balance. Also for anyone who wants a pet they dont have to take care of. The organisms in this eco-sphere take care of each other, maintaining perfect aquatic harmony. Go ahead, write a poem about it.

Save them from trekking all the way down to the local ice cream chain store and waiting in line for some 16 year old who hates everything about them to shovel a handful of mass-produced ice cream into a paper cup and then charge them eight dollars while rolling his eyes. Life is so much more pleasant when you can do things yourself, isnt it?

High quality craft beer deserves a vessel made to the same exacting standards. Leave the pitchers for the Bud Light. An insulated, pressurized micro keg is the best way to dispense a fancy brew when taste and freshness really matter. The perfect gift for parties, casual gatherings, or personal consumption.

You Say Its Your Birthday Help Ringo Starr Celebrate When He Turns 70

Ever since Ringo Starr vowed, on a well-known cover of Buck Owenss hit Act Naturally, that hed become the biggest fool to ever hit the big time, the renowned rock n roll drummer has done all right for himself. As a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist, Mr. Starr has sold more than a few records, won some Grammy Awards and even had a minor planet named for him. But on Wednesday Mr. Starr will reach a very special milestone: he turns 70 years old.

As youd expect, he plans to mark the occasion with a little help from his friends, and anyone else he can round up. Finding himself in New York on the big day, he is celebrating with a private event in the morning at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square in the evening he will perform a concert at Radio City Music Hall with his All Starr Band.

Mr. Starr is also continuing a tradition one that started with this 2008 Access Hollywood interview of asking fans to say the words Peace and love at noon on his birthday. If you need to preserve your voice on Wednesday, you can also leave a message follow Ringo-related Tweets or using the hashtag #ringolove2010 and post and watch video messages .

Mr. Starr spoke recently about his impending birthday and some other recent accomplishments. Here are excerpts from the conversation.

Can I wish you a happy birthday ahead of schedule?

You can. And you can put the gift in the post or you can leave it at the concierge.

What would you like to get this year?

Thats it?

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The Best Restaurants In Harlem

Outdoor hot pot on a roof sounds like a dream we once had when we fell asleep on the C train. But its real, at least when you go to Xiang Hot Pot. This Flushing spots patio is located on top of the New World Mall, and their all-you-can-eat hot pot costs around $50 per person. Sodas and juices are included in the price and theres a bar inside with unlimited starters like noodle dishes and dim sum. Try the option called spicy bear – the Sichuan-pepper-filled broth comes with an edible bear sculpture made out of butter.

Al Di La in Park Slope is where you go for a birthday dinner with six-ish people who will, at some point during the meal, take turns saying their favorite things about you . The comfortable dining room is candlelit, and full of seemingly ancient wooden tables. You should fill said table with regional specialties from the northern part of Italy. Weve never been disappointed with any of the pasta, whether thats the tortelli filled with ricotta or the homemade black ink spaghetti with spicy octopus confit.

If we could move into Thai Diner and spend the foreseeable future consuming their creamy khao soi, phat see ew, and fried chicken laab, we would. Unfortunately, thats not an option at this time. But you should try it for a night, especially when its your birthday and your friends are paying for all of your spicy tamarind margaritas.

Anniversary Freebies At Restaurants

The New York Times | Personalized Memory Books

National restaurant chains usually require you to sign up for their birthday club, but thats free, too.

As an additional incentive, many also will send you additional coupons and deals throughout the year for signing up to their birthday club program.

Be sure to bring your drivers license or other i.d. with you when you claim your birthday freebies.

Some chains dont put the birthday freebie deal on their websites, so be sure to ask when you make a reservation for a sit-down restaurant, or before you order at a fast-food place.

And if your server doesnt know the birthday freebie policy, ask for the manager.

This information has been updated for 2021, but policies may change without notice.

Its always best to phone ahead to verify that your local location participates in the birthday freebies program.

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