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80th Birthday Invitations For Dad

Surprise 80th Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Dad’s 80th Birthday Wishes

Shhh.its a Surprise!

Cynthia is turning 80!Join us as we celebrate the big day

Sunday, April 30 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Capricorn Bar & Grill55 Highlands RoadAugusta

RSVP by April 10 to Kris at 555.892.0127

Be sure that you spell out very clearly that the party is a surprise.

If you room on the card, you might want to specify the time the guests should arrive as well as the time the honoree will arrive.

That way, if the guest is running late, he or she can plan to arrive AFTER the honoree and not spoil the secret.

Ideas For 80th Birthday Party For Dad

Your Dad is the rock of your life. Let him know how special he is by throwing him a grand 80th birthday party.

  • The best Dad: Here is your chance to tell your dad why hes the best Dad in the world. Get your siblings together, shoot a video that tells your father why he is so important to you or present him a memory book with notes from all of you. Spice it with childhood videos of you with him for an evening filled with warm memories.
  • Special life events: Your Dad has reached many milestones through these eight decades. Showcase something that celebrates them all for the 80th party. For example, display his awards at work or sporting trophies at the gathering.
  • 80 of everything: How about getting 80 gifts for your Dad to celebrate his 80th Birthday? They dont need to be expensive. Simple little things that are funky and good for laughs will do.
  • Comedy night: Who doesnt love a few good laughs? One of the most innovative ideas for 80th birthdays is to sign up a stand-up comedian to fill the night with laughter.
  • Ideas For 80th Birthday Party For Mom

    Mom is that special person who always has a hug for you no matter how old you get. Tell her how much she means to you by doing something for her on her 80th.

  • Live band: Hire a live band to play all her favorite songs through the years. Handpick the playlist, so she knows how much you value what she likes.
  • Classic ball: Heres your chance to make your Mom feel like a Queen. Hold an old-fashioned ball, complete with elegant invites and ball gowns. You may need the help of event professionals to pull this one off.
  • Family vacation: Take Mom away from home to someplace she always wanted to go and invite all the family members there for a party away from home.
  • Old friends party: Just her old friends and no one else for a night of sheer fun and nostalgia. Give them the privacy they need to wind back the clock to the times when they painted the town red.
  • Tea party: A tea party may be apt for an elder who has trouble staying up too late at night or taking in too much excitement. You can arrange for catering, and of course, can also go for a drink of the birthday girls choice.
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    Host A Potluck Birthday

    Nothing can destroy the fun of a birthday party than having to cook for many guests. Ask the guest of honor to list some of his or her favorite dishes and have your guests pitch in on cooking them all. By asking each of your guests to bring a small dish of the celebrants favorite foods, you will relieve the stress off your back and everyone will get to pitch in and have fun tasting different dishes.

    Games For 80th Birthday Party

    80th Birthday Quotes For Dad. QuotesGram

    There are many fun games to make sure your loved one has a blast on their 80th.

  • Movie star night: Everyone picks a movie star who reigned supreme during the teen years of the birthday person and prepares a short piece to enact. An iconic dialogue, a special gesture, even a famous scene it can be anything that is easy to recall.
  • Guessing game: The guests take turns mimicking family members or friends, and the birthday person has to guess who it is.
  • Poker night: Poker is an evergreen game, and all you need to do is arrange for poker tables, chips, and cards for a night of fun. Make sure your guests come with plenty of time on hand to enjoy the game thoroughly.
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    Question: Husband’s 80th Birthday Ideas

    Any ideas regarding themes, music, food, and decorations? Not much in decorations. I am not thinking about telegrams or weird stuff at which he could be embarrassed.

    Best Answer

    Why not make a nice medley of some of his favorite music and get someone to help you make a nice video of some of your favorite family photo’s from your albums to play at his party or for him? I did this for my father for his 90th birthday and he loved seeing the family photo’s while his favorite songs played! Sort of a ‘this is your life’. One of the best idea’s I had!

    I need ideas for a man’s 80th birthday party.

    By alex from TX

    Best Answer

    We just had my dad’s 80th birthday, and it was so great. We had bbq catered. We had a photo time line area where we framed lots of photos from when he was little to present. I researched the last 8 decades and did a page on what was going on in that decade to put at that area. Also, did a sheet on what was happening on his birthday 80 yrs ago. for his cake, we did 5 different layer cakes , they were a huge hit. We put the cakes on different hts cake plates on a table that had greenery with twinkle lights on it, the centerpiece was glass kraft blocks that I frosted and stacked with an 80 on top. the 80 was thick wood numbers that I painted with gold metallic paint. The cake table was gorgeous.

    Take The Party Elsewhere

    Hosting a fun and exciting birthday party does not mean you are limited to a specific residence. In fact, it is sometimes better to take the party elsewhere. For instance, if the celebrant has a love of gardening, see about hosting the party in a nearby public garden. You can always invite guests to enjoy the beautiful view while enjoying a luncheon birthday celebration. Of course, a fancy restaurant skilled in organizing themed events is also a great idea, especially if the venue can play oldies but goldies music and come up with dishes originating back in the day.

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    Y Decorations/ Favors For 80th Birthday

    Customizing these aspects to suit the elders preferences will make it the perfect party.

  • Posters: Put up posters with different events or milestones from their life listed on top with blank spaces underneath. Let everyone in the guest list jot their own memories in the space given.
  • 80th birthday banner: A very common party decoration can turn innovative if you just get creative. Design banners showing the elder with popular stars, movie celebs, presidents, royals, anything you can think of to make things fun.
  • Sentimental trinkets: For party favors, look for trinkets that will bring back fond memories of the birthday person for the guests. Maybe, print a picture of the persons old home or beloved jalopy on a keychain. Or think of a photo cube paperweight with family pictures.
  • Personalized photo books: Another great idea is to personalize photo books with pictures of the birthday person alongside each individual in the guest list. And gift it to them as a souvenir.
  • Wording Ideas For 80th Birthday Invitations

    Dad’s 80th Birthday Party

    Specialized 80th birthday party invitation wording draws attention to the significant age milestone being marketed and honors the person of honor’s long life. Some wording phrases can be used with any numeric age, while others are useful more explicitly with an 80th birthday.

    Samples of age-related invitation wording include:

    Turning 80 is really great! Please join us as we celebrate Nicole’s 80th birthday.
    Remember the happy times, raise a glass with cheer, Come party with David, in honor of his 80th year.
    Say it ain’t so Carolyn’s going to be the big 8-0!
    Good gravy look who’s 80!
    Like fine wine, he’s aged so fine, so let’s join in a party time!

    Whatever invitation wording is chosen, it is important that it match the tone of the event and convey the excitement of the special day. The party invitations should also include any special requests or instructions, as well as directions or a map to the party location.

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    Feature The Year Of Birth

    Feature centerpieces made of cardstock that display a top 5 list of events or fun trivia facts from the day or year the guest of honor was born. For instance, the centerpiece could list the price of a gallon of milk at the time the birthday gal or guy was born. You can focus on important events that had a political, social, or economic impact . If you want a trip down to memory lane with a less serious note but a fun, whimsical, nostalgic one, you can focus on trivia or events that revolve around the guest of honors hobbies and interests .

    Featuring the year of birth as theme including music, foods, movies, fashion trends, etc. makes everyone take a moment to remember how far they have come, how much the world has changed, and how amazing their journey has been until this day. This is one of the best 80th birthday party ideas for grandma, who have seen a lot and can tell you some stories you will not forget soon.

    Create A Birthday Inspired Video

    Before the party, gather all the guests together and have them help you create a video montage that you can play on a big screen TV or large projection screen. Inspire guests to retell their favorite moments with the celebratory guest. Make sure everyone leaves their own personal Happy 80th Birthday message on the video. Take advantage of this idea and call people your mom, dad, or grandma knew who cannot be at the party to also record a message for them. Seeing old friends, colleagues, and relatives who are far away but still by their side is a magic moment.

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    Tips On Formal 80th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

    For a formal event, the tone of the evening should be set by using elegant invitations.

    Dates, numbers and times are usually spelled out.

    An example would be:

    Please join us for cocktails to celebrate

    in the garden at 5900 Bluegate Drive on

    Wednesday, the thirtieth of July

    two thousand and twenty-one

    at eight oclock in the evening

    Regrets only

    For clarity, the party date and year should be on separate lines.

    Create The Perfect Invite At Paperlust Well Even Help With Your 80th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

    15+ Sample 80th birthday invitations Templates Ideas ...

    Shop the 80th birthday invitations collection here at Paperlust to discover our incredible selection, and choose the invitation you like best knowing that well take care of the rest for you with ease. We can even help you decide what information and wording to include in your invite, too our 80th birthday party invitations wording examples are available to help inspire you to create an invitation youll love. Here, you’ll not only find a wide range of designs styles like shimmer birthday invitations and formal birthday invitations, to name a few, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect party invites. This makes everything super easy for you, and leaves you with time to focus on finding great 80th birthday gift ideas for grandma!

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    Th Birthday Invitations For Men

    Looking for great 80th birthday invitations for Dad, Grandpa, or another special man? Here are a few of the most popular invites:

    When choosing invitations for men, look for more masculine, darker colors. You could also consider incorporating one of his hobbies into the invitations.

    Some of the more popular themes include beer, cocktails, cars and sports.

    Th Birthday Party Ideas

    I need inexpensive ideas for dad’s 80th birthday party. I am doing this alone so I need to watch how much money is spent.

    By Laurie from Wintersville, OH

    Best Answer

    To do this alone is a big task. I’m not sure where you need the ideas, decorations, invitations etc, but may be able to help in the ideas for food area. Two years ago a dear friend of mine had her 80th, she and her husband did it at their home. They had their dining table covered with a white cloth, and on it was one large cooked ham, several loaves of crusty bread, butter, cheese, pickles, mustard, and other condiments. Plus a bowl of curried egg and a few salad things. Guests just went up and cut bread and made their own sandwiches.This was followed by fruit salad and icec ream and a birthday cake which a friend made for her. It was a beautiful night.Hope you get some more helpful ideas.

    Best Answer

    You have a computer! Fill areas with “80 years ago today” type stuff. Easy to find and print out, above the food serving 80 years ago the top menu items were…

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    Fun 80th Birthday Party Ideas To Celebrate Your Loved Ones

    There are plenty of reasons to celebrate when someone turns 80 years of age. Of course, if you have never planned or even attended a loved ones 80th birthday, there are some things you need to know. Some helpful tips regarding 80th birthday party ideas can go a long way. Today, we offer you a curated selection of 80th birthday party ideas for mom, 80th birthday party ideas for dad, and 80th birthday party ideas for grandma and grandpa, together with a short guide at the end to help you plan for your beloved family members an unforgettable happy 80th birthday.

    For more inspiration, party ideas, and themes to choose, we also recommend you check out our guide on 70th birthday party ideas, as you can adapt many of them to the current situation. We know that when someone reaches 80, the family and friends have quite a clear idea when it comes to gifts. However, if you want a couple of more suggestions, we recommend you to see our list of best gifts for mom and our list of best gifts for men .

    Now, without further ado, lets see some of the most interesting 80th birthday party ideas for your loved ones!

    Get Creative With Foods

    Happy 80th Birthday Dad/Grandpa!

    If you plan on feeding everyone who attends the 80th birthday party, try getting creative with the foods you choose. One idea is to pick foods that were popular around the time the birthday gal or guy was young. For instance, chocolate covered pretzels would work well for someone born in the 1930s since the pretzels were first introduced in 1933. Take a look at our guide on the best 70th birthday party ideas and check out the Food Throughout the Years theme. We are sure it will get your creative juices flowing and the kitchen filling up with tantalizing flavors.

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    Th Birthday Party Invitations

    Design customized Rainbow 80th Birthday banners, invites, and thanks notes on-line! Personalize Rainbow 80th Birthday photograph invitations and thanks playing cards. Contains: wording concepts for 80th birthday invites, free 80th birthday invites, and preserve it easy. 70th, 80th, 90th, and 100th celebration themes. Store for 70th 100th birthday provides, decorations, and extra. Discover milestone birthday concepts. Set the tone on your celebration with carefully-chosen 80th birthday invites! Learn our information for the very best 80th birthday invitation wording and suggestions. If you happen tore searching for enjoyable 80th celebration concepts, you are in the fitting spot! Regardless of who you are planning a celebration for your Mother, Dad, good friend or grandparent 80th Birthday Party Concepts. By an Award-Profitable Skilled Party Planner. Get concepts for celebration invites, surprises, decorations, meals & drink, and styling. .

    Play Fun Appropriate Games

    Among all the fabulous 80th birthday party ideas are the opportunities to play games. Coming up with fun games for the guests and guest of honor to play is a great way to add fun and enjoyment to the party. One example is setting up a game of picture bingo, which is played like regular bingo, except the board features pictures of loved ones rather than numbers. For more inspiration, check out our guide on the best fun family games to play. If the guests do not have a taste for modern board games or society games, pick a game that you know they used to play when they were younger. Instead of having your mom, dad, or grandparents learn the rules of contemporary games, do the opposite and let them teach you how to play the games they loved even if it means for all of you to go outside in the yard for that.

    As an alternative, the Never Have I Ever gameis always an excellent choice. It also makes one of the best 80th birthday party ideas for dad or 80th birthday party ideas for mom, as your parents did do plenty of things and have plenty of secrets to share.

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