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Birthday Celebration Ideas At Home

Adult Birthday Party Ideas To Celebrate Any Year

Creative at-home birthday party ideas

Whether you love celebrating your birthday every year or you dread the thought of turning another year older, birthdays are one of those rare opportunities to gather your friends and family in one place and celebrate. And let’s face it, you should be doing something fun for every milestone you hit, because what better excuse is there to get all of your favorite people in one room and reminisce about the past year or more youve spent together?

When you were a kid, it was so easy to pick a favorite theme or place to host your party, but as an adult, it can be trickier. As we got older, the themes tended to dwindle and it became Meet me at that bar we love! or Lets just all do dinner. And even if its not a particularly special yearaka one of the big onestheres nothing wrong going all out for an adult birthday party.

All out of ideas? Make every year a milestone year with these 35 adult birthday party ideas.

Have everyone come in their favorite pajamas or athleisure and bring their go-to board game from way back when, like Dream Phone or Guess Who? And for an extra dose of nostalgia, have goody bags for the winners.

Chalk + Yard Messages

Create chalk artwork or messages along the sidewalk or in the driveway. Put up birthday signs all over the yard letting everyone know there is a birthday at your house! Sign Gypsies Lakeland can also help with the birthday decorations order a huge personalized Happy Birthday sign to be displayed in your yard! See photos, get details and pricing on their website.

Host A Virtual Birthday Party

Thanks to technology, your kiddo can still party like a rockstar! Using apps like Facetime, Zoom, Skype or House Party, assemble your squad and connect. Seeing family and friends virtually makes celebrating a birthday even more fun. If family and friends ask to send your kiddo gifts by mail, setup a free online birthday registry through places like Target or Amazon. Gifts can be sent directly to your home and your kiddo can open them up during their virtual party. Dont forget to sing happy birthday as a group!

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Easy Ways To Celebrate A Birthday Without A Party

No matter your reason for ditching the big party this year, its still 100% possible to make your favorite birthday kiddo feel like the star of the day that they are. From fun countdowns to drum up excitement to sprinkle-filled breakfasts, there are plenty of ways to celebrate at home. Pick one, pick two, pick all 10!

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Top 10 Birthday Party Ideas At Home

collectionphotos 2017: 2014 10 cool birthday decoration ...

Stuck at home with a kids birthday party approaching? Do not worry. You can handle it. There are many ways to celebrate your birthday at home, no matter if you are stuck there or it is your decision.

Nowadays, technology has allowed us to host virtual birthday parties. But since kids want more activity than technology, we also have some amazing birthday party ideas at home that will kick off the entertainment.

Lets talk about how to celebrate your kids birthday at home.

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Tips For Hosting A Successful Office Birthday

1) Pick a day and time when most coworkers can attend

Attendance is an important part of your office birthday party. At the end of the day, memories are only as good as the people we share them with.

2) Be inclusive and dont leave anyone out

The more, the merrier when it comes to office dynamics. Everyone deserves a chance to take a break from work.

3) Send a calendar invite so people dont forget

Without a calendar invite, its pretty easy to let things slip. This ensures people can clear their schedules, save the date, and stay motivated to show up.

4) Dont fret if some people cant attend

While its great if every team member can be there, the reality is that many wont be able to make it.

5) Choose a fun activity for the group

Birthdays are meant to be fun, so be sure to choose a fun office activity that excites and engages your coworkers or employees. Choose a game or experience that can include everyone to maximize participation and support a positive work environment.

6) Remember youre still in a professional setting

While The Wolf of Wall Street is a great movie, dont try to copy the Belfort way of running a company. People should have fun at your office birthday party while still realizing that it still is at work and not an excuse to run wild.

7) Add personalization whenever possible

Limo Ride To Movie Or Theatre

Perhaps theres a movie, ballet or concert that your daughter would like to attend. Why not make it even more glam and hire a limo for the evening.

Let them cruise through town knowing that she and her friends will get home safely.

Fill the limo with yummy treats and theyll be happy to cruise around in style.

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Have Family And Friends Mail Presents And Cards In Advance

As a kid, one of the best parts of celebrating your birthday is opening up presents and reading cards from loved ones. And even though were on Heightened Alert right now, that doesnt mean your little one still cant receive gifts on their special day. Get the family and friends to mail presents and cards in advance, or order something locally on their behalf. Psst, plan well for this one!

Teen Birthday Party Ideas For Throwing A Great Bash


Planning your own birthday party or looking for ideas to celebrate your tween or teens latest trip around the sun? The options are endless. From pool parties and sporting events to sleepovers and dance-offs, this list of teen birthday party ideas offers something for everyone.

Party planning isnt just about the decor. You also want to consider party food, activities, and invitations to let people know about the big day. Learn how to create a theme for your celebration and what kinds of games and food to fit into your themed party.

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Cook An Incredible Birthday Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day . Serve a special breakfast for your kiddos by including their favorite dishes and a special treat. From cheesy scrambled eggs to sweet french toast piled sky-high, this is such a tasty way to start the day. If youre ready to up the ante, whip up a batch of Funfetti Pancake Pops from scratch!

  • 1 1/3 c. All-Purpose Flour
  • 2 tsp. Baking Powder
  • Cooking Spray
  • Candy Sticks

Directions: In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients and mix. Next, add in the oil, eggs and milk and fold in the sprinkles. Heat a griddle on low and spray with cooking spray. Ladle the batter onto the griddle, place a candy stick and flip once bubbles start forming in the batter. Serve with various flavored syrups, fresh butter or melted cream cheese frosting!

What To Do For Your Moms Birthday Last

Due to your busy schedule or the various struggles of life, it is easy for your mothers birthday to sneak up on you while you are unprepared. No need to worry, here are six great ideas on what to do for your moms birthday last-minute.

25. Make a coupon: One of the best surprise gifts for mother on her birthday is a pack of coupons. Design fun coupons for your mom using paper or cardboard and write down chores you know your mother would appreciate you doing.

26. Give her a massage: What to do for your moms birthday last-minute? Give her a well-deserved massage. All you need are essential oils and scented candles to build the mood then give your mom a back rub or foot massage, you even do both.

27. Write poetry: Another great way to celebrate your moms birthday is with poetry. Write down heartwarming poems expressing your love for your mom or highlighting her best qualities.

28. Indoor games: Whether you are low on cash or stressed about what to do for your moms birthday last-minute, an indoor game session is a great way to celebrate. You can play board games, charades, or have a dress-up competition.

29. Go camping: Another great way to celebrate your moms birthday is to take her camping. This is also a great bonding experience, so you can either enjoy nature at a campsite and go canoeing or you can camp in your backyard.

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Make Prime Dinner Reservations

That place you’ve been trying to get into for a while? Enlist your S.O. or a friend and go for a relaxing, low-key meal that’s all about celebrating you.

Don’t stress about inviting everyone you’ve ever met to this shindig. The smaller the group, the easier it will be to get a reservation.

Give yourself a budget and then set out to treat yourself. There’s something special about going to a store to pick out a present versus adding something to your online shopping cart.

Birthday Party Home Decoration Ideas For Girls

Baby girl first birthday party decorations at home ideas ...

When decorating the home for a birthday party for a girl, one need not opt only for pink balloons and décor items. There are other colours in trend such as purple, peach, lavender, silver, gold etc. One can select themes such as Unicorn, Mermaid, Frozen, etc. For a teenage girl, go for a glow themed party with glowing balloons, neon decorations, glowing table layouts. Other themes can be spa theme, Instagram theme, dance and Karaoke, murder mystery, space theme depending on the girls interest.

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Ing Words: Birthday Decoration Ideas

Do you feel inspired? Found what you need for your birthday party decor? Some are definitely easier to make than others, but were sure youll find something to suit your taste, your available crafting time and skills. Let us know in the comments below how it went, or give us more info on new ideas we could showcase for our readers.

Decorate The House With These Easy Tutorials

Other than cake and presents, a birthday party at home isnt complete without some decorations. Whip out your craft kit and make these easy decorations for the home. You could get the kids to help to craft these cool zigzag streamers out of coloured paper, string together this easy birthday tassel garland. You dont even need fancy supplies, just some coloured tissue paper, scissors and string, and youre good to go.

Or, you could go nuts with scrap paper, fabric, glue and other materials to make your own cardboard collage this one by ArtBar is in the form of a rainbow, but it can be any shape the birthday kid prefers.

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Wall Decoration For Birthday Party At Home

Walls attract the immediate attention of guests in any house. Design a wall with balloons in a place where theres space for it to double up as a photo backdrop. Besides balloons, walls can be decked up in many ways. One can decorate with paper flowers or a huge collage made from photographs or create garlands out of these photographs and hang them with strings of fairy lights. Jazz up the wall with crystal curtains. Use the Washi tape to turn up a plain wall into a colourful design. Hang stripes of glitter finish on the wall in contrasting colours such as gold and white.

Ask The Birthday Kid What They Want To Do

Birthday Manu At home | Birthday celebration Ideas At Home

Celebrating birthdays as an adult means getting to do whatever we want on our special day, whether its a spa treatment, brunch with our girlfriends or just having some me-time moments. So why not put the ball in your kids court and get them to use their imagination? They could pretend to be a spy for the day, be a princess or spend the day finding gold on a treasure hunt . The possibilities are endless!

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Give Iou Birthday Coupons

Give them coupons to use in the future for things like dinner at their favorite restaurant, a movie at the local theater, or a day at the trampoline park. Even better if you buy gift cards to go with them to support local businesses while theyre down.

These are blank and would work great for adding whatever you want!

Set The Table For A Party

Create a table thats easy to set but still festive and celebratory.

  • Use the guest of honors favorite colors to decorate with.
  • A tablecloth or fabric can instantly create a look. Since it covers a large area it can become the main color of the décor even if its the only place the color is used. This is a great trick to fool the eye into seeing more color.
  • A combination of black and white dishes and napkins gives any base color a bold graphic look. Layer place settings with black and white dishes for a dramatic impact.
  • Add a confetti-filled push pop to each place setting. Wrap it with color coordinating scrapbook paper to match the table.
  • Make a party style table runner with paper confetti. Sprinkle it down the center just as you would lay a fabric runner.
  • Make easy centerpieces with a mix of flowers and mini vases. Weave them back and forth down the center of the table for a simple accent. This allows the food to take center stage while still adding life to the table.

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Organize A Zoom Party

Zoom is one of the best video calling apps available on the market. Its free, all you and your friends need to do is sign up using email. You can simply host a meeting and send the code out to all your guests to join. If you want to make it more exciting, ask everyone to wear colourful party hats or fun costumes. Dont forget to take a lot of photos of this memorable occasion.

What About Craft Activities

Pin on Boov Birthday

We have to mention a few things. Craft activities engage girls more than boys. So, think about the demographic of your party. If you expect more boys than girls, tone down on craft activities and amp up sporty activities.

For kids between 3 and 5 years of age, stickers go a long way. And for older kids between 6 and 8 years, paper tablecloths will do the trick.

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Baking Party + Cake Decorating

Round up the whole family, put on some cute birthday aprons and work together on some epic birthday treats! We recommend doing something big and colorful, like a 3-4 tier cake in your/their favorite colors. We love this recipe from Whats Gaby Cooking. But since you have the whole day, why stop there? Make some fun dessert appetizers like tarts or cookies. You could even try a hand at candy making! This is a fun and delicious way to spend the day together.

Buy Or Make Birthday Invitations With Your Child

After deciding where, when, and even with what theme to celebrate the birthday party for Kids at home, the time comes for the invitations. These small cards of cardboard or cardboard are essential to invite friends. Instead of buying the classic stationery invitations, we suggest you leave room for your childs imagination. If you are looking for inspiration, you can take a look at our selection of original Halloween invitations. You will find fantastic ideas that can adapt to any kids birthday celebration.

What to write on birthday invitations? In addition to the start time, it is also useful to specify at what time the party will end or at least at what time the cake candles will blow. This way, the parents of the guests will be organized in the best possible way. Do you prefer parents to stay at the party? Or that they leave the children and come back for them at the end? Are there any invited brothers or not? Specify it in the invitation to avoid taking last-minute surprises .

Ask them to confirm attendance at the birthday party. Only then can you calculate the amount of food for the buffet and which games for children at home are the best depending on the number of participants.

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Here Are Some Ideas Our Readers Have Shared:

My son has his 9th birthday coming up and we have created a Whatsapp group to play Tambola online. All prizes will be sponsored by the host ! Neha

My daugther refused to let the coronavirus ruin her special day so I created an event on Facebook and scheduled a time frame that people could drive by and honk or wave at Adalyn while we were sitting outside. She decorated the yard with streamers and balloons. I had her grandparents on Facetime so they could be a part of her big day too. They drove by with signs, balloons and confetti guns. Since she was missing her friends so she asked for handmade cards and drawings from them instead of gifts. She still ended up with several gifts so we did her gift opening on Facebook live so friends and family could watch her open them. -Chelsi

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