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How Do You Make A Birthday Video On Facebook

Create A Memorable Birthday Video Message


Birthdays are always a time for celebration! A time to get together with friends and family to celebrate that special someone. Its a time to get together and enjoy some birthday cake, good food, and a group birthday video.

Bring some joy and perhaps a few tears of happiness to the birthday party with a meaningful video gift. The best way to say Happy Birthday is with sincere birthday wishes from your friends and family in a group video gift.

Why are group birthday videos such a great birthday gift?

Great question! With VidDays birthday video maker, you can get loved ones, friends, family, colleagues together all in one surprise birthday video.Everyone can join in on the birthday celebration whether celebrating from a distance or nearby. You can include everyones birthday wishes and collect photos to make an unforgettable video montage. Plus, the birthday video gift is a downloadable keepsake for the lucky recipient. They can watch the video over and over again memories to last a lifetime.

Drag And Drop The Video Clips And Photos In Your Order Of Preference

Are all the videos and photos uploaded to the event page? Great! As the creator, arrange the media in your order of preference from top to bottom.

VidDay works without the need to have video editing skills. But you can go the extra mile and edit photos to make your video gift look extra good.

TIP: Select one or two of the best photos of the recipients to place at the beginning of the video. Spread out the other photos between the video clips, which act as nice transitions.

Best Birthday Video Makers Online

1. Best Birthday Video Makers Online FlexClip

FlexClip is the only online birthday video maker you will need to make excellent birthday videos. It is a birthday video maker with beautiful effects, royalty-free music and photos, and elaborate birthday video templates free to use! Besides that, this birthday video maker is equipped with easy to use but powerful video editing tools, allowing you to realize all ideas. Last but not least, you can export your video in any aspect ratio and dimension. Sharing your work to any social websites is easy and simple.

Birthday Video Maker – FlexClip

2. Animoto

Animoto combines photos, video clips, text and music to make beautiful birthday videos! Pick any template or start from scratch, then upload your photos and video clips to the storyboard, then personalize, you can get a birthday video in minutes! Animoto is similar to FlexClip, however, it will add a tedious watermark to the birthday video if you stick on the free version. Besides that, the free version only provides basic editing features, like adding texts, music, changing color. No transitions, filters, changing speed.

Birthday Video Maker – Animoto

3. Renderforest

Birthday Video Maker – Renderforest

4. Animaker

Birthday Video Maker – Animaker

5. Magisto

Birthday Video Maker – Magisto

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Publish The Final Video

Once your video clips and photos are in order, simply click the Publish & Pay button. The VidDay team gets alerted that your birthday video montage is ready to be created, and we get work. All you have to do now is sit back and relax while we compile your media content into a beautifully themed video along with music, photos, and text.

We can add the human touch by personally reviewing the videos and photos to make sure they’re all good. Once the final video has gone through our quality control team , you will receive an email that your birthday video gift is ready to .

Drop In Your Photos And Clips

Facebook how to make your birthday private or public

Add your images and video clips. Select the beautiful ones that depict the birthday person and his or her important life events. Dont just throw it all onto the storyboard: mix some contents into collages to make the slideshow look solid. If you are short on photos, look for happy birthday pictures in the Internet.

To make the video look bright and lively, add some animated happy birthday images. Try not to go over the top though, no one likes to watch a motley mess of pictures and music.

What To Say In Your Birthday Video

Here are a few ways to personalize your video and make it feel truly special.

  • Mention memorable experiences youâve had together
  • Talk about milestones your loved one has achieved
  • Be yourself! The more your video sounds like you, the more itâll stand out.

Still got writerâs block? Take inspiration from any of the videos shown above or check out 20 ways to say happy birthday.

Tips For Making An Amazing Birthday Video

Here are a few more tips to help make sure your birthday video is a hit.

  • Check social media: Donât be limited by your camera roll. Search through your Facebook albums and Instagram images to find photos and video clips for your birthday video.

  • Plan before you create: Jot down a few ideas for images and text before you get started. You can even create a folder on your computer to keep all your files where you can find them. Itâll help you organize your thoughts and create a better video.

  • Choose the format that fits where youâre sharing: Go for square videos if youâre posting to your Facebook or Instagram feeds, think horizontal for presenting a video on a TV or sharing through email. If youâre making an featuring your b-day video, go vertical. Take a look at our post on vertical video to learn how to create your own.

  • Consider your video length: If youâre sharing on social, a shorter video will get more views. If youâre presenting it over Zoom, at a party, or letting a birthday slideshow play in the background, youâve got more room to create a longer, more detailed video.

  • Remember your audience: Think about the colors, pictures, and jokes thatâll connect with the person whose birthday youâre celebrating. Try to incorporate those to make a truly special, personalized video.

Ready to create your own birthday video? Dive in and start making your one-of-a-kind gift. Happy video making!

Customize Your Birthday Video To Suit The Recipient

As far as birthday greetings are concerned, a little customization goes a long way.

Maybe the lucky recipient has a penchant for cats? Select from a massive range of adorable stock clips and watch their heart melt. Or theyre into the great outdoors? Add a sweeping mountain vista to give your birthday video a sense of adventure. Celebrating a lifelong friendship along with a birthday? Include a few personal pictures, then make them pop with Biteables .

Whatever you do, take a few extra seconds to find scenes that the birthday person will love. These simple customizations make your video all the more special.

Coming in as a complete novice, it was super easy to learn and fun. Love the results.

Keith, enlightened video maker

AMAZING APP! Love it. Very user-friendly and with all the features I needed for making a quick personal video!

Maria, newfound video-making pro

More Tips On Making A Birthday Video

How to Show Birthday On Facebook

1. The birthday person can have a very special interest, like literature, painting. A birthday wishes video relating to their interest can be a much more emotional gift.

2. If there are too many photos, remember to create a slideshow video. People would enjoy a slideshow video with different frames or photo collage better than photos displayed one by one.

3. Don’t forget to take videos for this birthday party. They can be very good materials for your next birthday celebration video.

4. We also have some posts about Birthday Video Ideas, Birthday Quotes. Refer to more posts to get more ideas.

The Bottom Line

Above are introductions on excellent birthday video makers and detailed steps of how to make a birthday wishes video. Hopefully, you can now make a good happy birthday video. By the way, FlexClip can also help you make other types of videos, like wedding videos, YouTube videos. Give it a try and explore more.

Member of PearlMountain Limited. Has a mania for video editing. Love to share photo/video shooting tips and ideas.

Create A Birthday Video Without Blowing Your Gift Budget

You need to make a birthday video, but you also need to keep your budget in check after all, you cant blow it all on a single birthday. Your happy birthday video should be affordable but still look great enough for the recipient to feel special.

The Biteable birthday video maker puts the power of birthday cheer into your hands, allowing you to create a heartwarming video without spending a cent. You can upgrade to the Plus and Ultimate plans at any time to remove the watermark.

How To Make Birthday Video With Best 12 Birthday Video Maker

Jane Zhou updated on Dec 17, 2021 to Video Editing Tips

How to combine photos, video clips, text, and music to make a happy birthday video?

If you are making every effort to look for a happy birthday video maker with free templates and songs, you are in the right place. Here we will share the top 12 best free birthday video maker app, which can work well on PC and mobile devices. Read on to find the best happy birthday template video maker that fits your needs.

Say Happy Birthday With A Vidday Video Gift

VidDays online birthday video maker allows you to create professional-looking videos for birthdays, and any other special occasion. Plus, you dont need any editing skills, and there are no apps to download you can do it all from your web browser. Everything is at your fingertips with VidDay to make thebest birthday video gift!

Time to get everyone involved! Invite friends, family, and colleagues to submit their birthday wishes and messages.

Youll receive everyones birthday video messages on your VidDay Event Page. Heres where the fun begins. You can drag and drop the video clips and photos into any order that you prefer. VidDay offers an array of beautiful video themes and background music to choose from to add that special touch. Youre on your way to creating some of the most special birthday memories. Now youre all set and VidDay will make your group birthday video for you! Once its ready, youll get a high-quality 1080p HD video thats ready to share online or in-person with the lucky recipient.

Sending Your Video Through Email

Facebook Privacy Settings: 18 changes you should make ...

Sharing your Animoto video via email is fairly straightforward. You can do it one of two ways.

First, you can copy and paste the link for your video right into an email and send it through your email account. But if you want to stay put, you can email videos out from Animoto too. Click on the share icon from any finished video project and find the email option. You’ll be able to fill in your recipientsâ email addresses and add a written message, if youâd like. Then hit send, and youâre all set.

Birthday Video & Slideshow Maker

Want to create a snappy birthday video for that special someone? Or, you may want to make a video to mark your own special day! Either way, VEEDâs birthday video maker is the tool you need. Create your own birthday slideshow, compilation video, movie, TikTok, Instagram reel, and much more. Make a birthday slideshow with music by uploading your own favourite piece of audio. On VEEDâs fully online video editor, you can make videos for all occasions in only a few clicks of the mouse. Easy and fuss-free.

Easy to Use – It doesnât matter whether youâre a novice or pro, VEED is super-easy to use for everyone. Itâs all online, requires no download, no signup and no credit card. Our modern and clean interface makes it very enjoyable to use. Create awesome videos at any time and for any special day with VEEDâs powerful video editor. So, on that note, many happy returns!

How To Make A Birthday Video

Making a birthday video is not as hard as you thought. Follow the steps below and get started.

Be prepared for what you are gonna say

Some people may be very good at speaking in front of the camera, while others may find themselves rather struggling with it. Whatever the case is, be prepared for what you are gonna say. Whenever you have an idea, write it down.

Generally speaking, you should start with a Happy Birthday. Then some interesting or warm wishes. If you want to make it more touching, show the birthday person’s best quality, how they support you or some of the warmest memories.


You can film a birthday video with professional camera, but a phone will also do. The tricks of filming below work on both devices.

Trick 1. Find a clean background. Filming a video in a messy background is like drawing in a paper with wrinkles. The results won’t be satisfying.

Trick 2. Use a tripod. A tripod may avoid shaking clips. Some other tools can also make your filming devices stable, like a pile of books.

Trick 3. Proper distance. While filming, make sure you are in the center of the screen. Don’t get too close to the camera nor too far.

Trick 4. Good lighting. Think of the light in 7-9am or 5-7pm. That’s the best lighting for filming.

Edit birthday video

Make Birthday Wishes Videos – Step 1

#2. Go to the side panel. Tap on Text, you can add dynamic text in different fonts to video.

Make Birthday Wishes Videos – Step 2

Make Birthday Wishes Videos – Step 3

Gift your video

Top 5 Best Free Happy Birthday Video Maker Apps

You don’t have to be a skilled video editor to create happy birthday videos with any of the apps featured in this article, because each video maker app offers simple and creative tools that enable you to create a video in a few simple steps. Let’s have a look at some of the best options on the market.

Invite A Group Of People To Send Their Birthday Video Messages

Fun Ways to Wish Your Friends Happy Birthday on Facebook : Everything Facebook

Now, how do you invite people to send their birthday wishes?

Simply share the birthday event page you just created.

You can do this by sharing the event page link through text messages, email, , WhatsApp, however you see fit.

The people you invite will be able to easily submit their video birthday messages by using their phone, tablet, or laptop.

Side note: Since its human nature to procrastinate, we suggest sending friendly reminders to the invitees before the submission deadline. The group of people you invited want to be part of this surprise video, but most people will simply need a reminder or nudge to do so.


Birthday Video Ideas For Any Occasion

How to create a birthday video that will be remembered? You need to think about its idea and theme as well. It should be cool enough to be a real gift and fun enough not to get others asleep.

No need to worry, there are tons of options to pick from, depending on the occasion. Here are our top 5 birthday video ideas:

Creative Birthday Video Ideas You Can Make For Free

When it comes to birthdays, a video can be an inventive way to make your birthday greeting more fun and feel more personal. But creativity doesnât have to be complicated. Animoto lets you create and share beautiful birthday videosâfor free!

Read on to find out how you can make your own free birthday video with Animoto and get ideas for your next personalized birthday video. Click on the links below to jump to the section you need.

Invite Friends By Sharing The Link To The Event Page

Its time to invite friends and family to participate so that they can submit their video messages. You can easily invite people by sharing the event page URL, which also has a brief message to explain what they’re being invited to do. You can also choose to share the link through the event page by clicking one of the sharing options we have available . These options come with an invitation message template to help give context to friends and family. You can always edit this message if you want to add your own twist to it. There are also other ways to share the link with friends, such as Line, Hangout,orWeChat. Use whatever works best for you.

For just seconds of their time, friends and family can now be part of an amazing video montage by clicking on the link you shared.

TIP: People will be happy to be part of the collaborative video surprise. But the truth is, as humans, we tend to forget and usually wait until the last minute to take action. So don’t get discouraged if there are no submissions right away. We usually see most submissions a day or two before the deadline. To help people remember, we suggest following up with a few friendly reminders. Our web app also has features to assist you with the reminding process.

Sharing A Video On Social Media

How To Find Birthdays On Facebook App

Alternatively, you can connect your social accounts with Animoto to share the video directly to more places at once. Click on the share icon from any finished video project to choose the desired online destination from the options shown. You can share the video directly to your Facebook page, Facebook profile, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Don’t forget to tag your birthday recipient to make sure they see it!

Make A Video In The Time It Takes To Sing Happy Birthday

Biteables online video-making software is a browser-based platform that allows you to take your videos to the next level. Drag, drop, and cut your way to the perfect happy birthday video. Add custom text and animations, and edit the colors in seconds with Biteables style feature.

Choose from thousands of clips, images, and video animations, or add your own footage in no time. Finish it off with your final touches and export your video, all in a few minutes.

Make a next-level birthday video

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