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Fall Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Apple Of My Eye Party

DIY Fall Treats + Snacks! Easy for Halloween Parties or Movie Nights! | Kristi-Anne Beil

Theres nothing like the crisp taste of a freshly picked apple, and there are so many fun directions you can go with an apple-themed party.

Cheery apple reds and greens make for an easy color scheme. For snacks, apple bread, apple slices, and a platter of Cheryls buttercream frosted apple cut-out cookies will keep all ages satisfied.

Food also can play a part in your party activities. How about a fun twist on the traditional game of bobbing for apples? All you need to do is float some apples on the surface of a water-filled tub or basin. Then, have your guests take turns trying to scoop out the apples in different challenging ways, such as with chopsticks or with a small spoon.

An apple cider bar is an easy and affordable way to provide a party-themed beverage. Since fall weather can be unpredictable, you can serve both hot and cold apple cider along with an assortment of add-ons, such as cinnamon sticks, ground cinnamon, ground cloves, honey sticks, Red Hots, and orange slices.

Get Away With Your Significant Other

If you have that someone special in your life, be it a romantic partner or simply your ultimate bestie, get away from life for a night or two and celebrate with the one you love. It could be a staycation at a local 5-star hotel, or getting out of town and taking a visit to your most sought-after cabin in the woods.

Time To Get Inventive With Your Dcor Using These Creative Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Maybe you dont want to throw an 80s party.

Hey, thats fine too. There are TONS of great themes to pick from.

Use these three decorations to dress up your next party.

1.) Confetti Balloons

Source: AlexAndAlexa

Dont just blow up a few balloons and call it a day. Go the extra mile with these special balloons. Try blowing them up to different sizes.

Like The Idea? Dont Forget To Check Out The Original Creator AlexAndAlexa. Make Sure You Follow Them On Facebook!

2.) Colored Popcorn

Source: HomeandHeartDIY

Kids arent the only ones who get to have all of the fun. Youre never too old for this neat recipe. Worried the recipe is too involved? Dont worry its three ingredients: Popcorn, vanilla candy, sprinkles.

Original Party Idea From HomeAndHeartDIY Follow Them On For Additional Ideas

3.) Food Truck Catering

Source: TheTomKatStudio

Dont like cooking or suck at DIY crafts? Its all good! Maybe you could pay everyones favorite food truck to cater your party. You may be surprised at how affordable it is compared to a traditional catering service.

This BRILLIANT Idea Comes From Our Friends At TheTomKatStudio

4.) Jack Daniels LED Lights

Source: OffGridQuest

Instead of stringing lights around your gutter and setting out tiki torches, try stringing the lights inside a clear bottle of liquor.

Original Idea From OffGridQuest

Source: HostessWithTheMostest

HostessWithTheMostest Came Up With This Idea As Well

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Book A Peerspace Venue

Dont confine yourself to fall birthday party ideas that you can host in your own home! Peerspace allows you to book unique spaces that perfectly fit your birthday party theme without causing you to amend your plans or rethink your great ideas and activities. You can book out a whole bar or restaurant for a larger party or a wine room, or a cute home for more intimate gatherings. If you can dream it, Peerspace can provide the perfect venue to host it!

No Such Thing As Too Much Pie

10 Fall Party Ideas for Kids and for Adults To Try This Year!

Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, pie for breakfast, pie for dinner The fall season brings out the pie lover in all of us! As far as fall birthday party ideas and themes go, a pie theme is pretty close to the top of our list. And not just so we can snack on it there are tons of fun activities you can incorporate into a pie themed party: bake-offs, pie-eating contests, high stakes trivia , pie auctions, blindfolded taste testing, we could go on

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What Makes A Great Party

Lets start with the basics!

There are a few things that every great party has in common.

If youre wondering what makes a great party, these elements are a must:

  • Good People
  • Good Eats & Drinks
  • Fun Stuff to Do

The first point is free and the 3rd can be as well! If youre planning a party on a budget, the middle point can be handled better than you may think.

1. Good People

Having the right crowd at any party can make it or break it Im sure weve all been to those events where we just werent clicking with the guest list. Unfortunately, it happens even with the most thought-out planning.

However, once you have figured out who you want to invite, it can be cheap. Say goodbye to those fancy invites that only get opened, misplaced, then eventually forgotten. We are in the 21st century where the digital age is upon us so take advantage of it.

Set up a Facebook page for your big B-day celebration to invite your guests through. This not only allows your friends a chance to RSVP, but they can check out the guest list to see who will be there.

You can also use email to send out e-vites and reminders as the date approaches.

If you are still bent on using the paper invites, then visit the Dollar store for the less expensive ones.

2. Good Eats & Drinks


I may not remember every conversation I have at a party, but I will remember the food .

We as a society love to eat, so when it comes to party food, you will have to move beyond a bowl of potato chips and some dip.


Fall Party Ideas First Birthday Inspiration

Hop these fall party ideas gave you the inspiration you need to put together a breathtaking first birthday celebration! Choose to go with one the themes we mentioned above, how you can also mix a few of the fall suggestions together. Good luck planning for your childs special day and have fun putting it together!

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Beer And Halloween Candy Pairing Party

You know what goes great with Halloween candy? Craft beer. You know what goes great with craft beer? Backyards. Yes, were totally suggesting you host a backyard beer pairing party focused on Halloween candy, but we wont discriminate against a few savory options like pretzels and beer cheese. It is Oktoberfest time, after all.

Get Inspired: 9 Must-Try Halloween Candy + Beer Pairings

Inexpensive & Classy Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Outdoor Birthday Party & Fall Stuff

This new guide will show everything you need to know about hosting an inexpensive birthday party idea for adults.

First, Ill show WHAT makes a great party!

Then, well talk inexpensive yet fun party themes for adults!

Finally, well give you some ideas for places to have your birthday party if you dont want to use your own home!

Sound good? Lets dive in

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Falling In Love Party

Ive seen this theme for weddings before, but I think it could be a really fun couples date night party idea as well! Simply invite a number of your couples friends over for a fun night filled with couples games , or any of these fall group date ideas!

Decorations are easy if you use fall themed food and a heart shaped cookie cutter! And dont forget to send everyone home with these cute thanks for making our day sweet favors! Heres a beautiful fall dessert table setup if you need ideas!

Fall Party Ideas To Celebrate The Season

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are showing off their stunning new colors, and that unmistakable, sweet smell of pumpkin spice is, once again, everywhere you go. Thatâs rightâfall is here, and itâs definitely something to celebrate.

If youâre interested in throwing a partythat takes advantage of this beautiful seasonâand really, why wouldnât you be?âyou might be wondering about themed party ideas and fall party decor. Whether youâre planning a very special birthday or celebrating your love of crunchy leaves, weâll help you discover fall party ideas youâre guaranteed to fall in love with.

Read on for a cornucopia of ideas and fall party themes for your next autumn shindig.

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Cozy Fall Birthday Party Ideas

Tis the season for sweaters, pumpkins, beautiful autumn colors and the best birthday bashes! Fall is such a fun time to celebrate a birthday because of the laid-back and stylish vibes of the season. Weve compiled 11 cozy fall birthday party ideas to make sure your celebration is as fun, vibrant, and beautiful as the season itself!

Falling For Pretty Pastels

10 Fall Party Ideas for Kids and for Adults

How pretty are these soft apricot colors and pops of light orange?

A simple grouping of pretty arrangements and some pumpkinsthey make a simple table runner thats so pretty and perfect for early fall birthday celebrations. Simple touches like a stalk of wheat tucked into the napkin or a scattering of acorns really gives you that fall feel.Finding Lovely

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Harvest Parties Are Great For Adults Kids And Everyone In Between

Fall birthday party ideas for adults. 20092017 7 of 9. Autumn Leaves Chocolate Covered Oreos Fall Cake Pops Pretzel Rods Fall leaves Thanksgiving Dessert Table Fall Party Hostess Gift Fall Party Favors thanksgiving thanksgivingdessert afflink ad. Courtesy of Modern Glam.

A few years ago Bill and I decided that the only way we were going to be able to get to spend time with all our friends was to host a big backyard Fall party that included adults and children. Its not always easy getting a babysitter and getting together with your friends. Celebrate the bounty of the fall season with pumpkins cornucopias hay and other harvest items.

Make a seasonal signature cocktail. Fall Party Games and Activities for Adults The cozy atmosphere of an autumn gathering is ideal for getting everyone in on some party fun. 1 Host a Boozy Fall Party.

This is also the ideal party for arts and crafts and fun activities. 03102013 Consider some of these party theme ideas for children andor adults who are celebrating a birthday in the autumn. If youre throwing your party in October make the theme easy by basing the party around Halloween.

Fall Party Food Ideas. Thats why its the perfect party venue whether youre hosting a kids birthday bash or gathering a group of your girlfriends. A Fire Pit Party is the perfect way to spend a crisp and cool evening in the backyard looking up at the twinkling stars and roasting smores over the fire with your family and friends gathered close.

Pin On Party Ideas

Best 75th Birthday Party Ideas Of 2022

Best 75th Birthday Party Ideas: The average life of an American is 77 years, which means that a persons 75th birthday party should be the celebration of a long life. For most people, the party of 75 years is a time to remember the days that have passed and to reflect on family, friends, and events that made life worthwhile. with items that help that beloved person remember his long and meaningful life.

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    + Fabulous Outdoor Decorating Ideas To Host A Fall Party

    Filed Under: Inspiration


    Fall is in the air and it is time to start planning your holiday parties to celebrate this wonderful season. There are so many things to look forward to in Autumn, including decorating your homeboth indoors and outwith warm and inviting fall decor. What better way to show off all of your hard work of decorating than throwing your friends and family a party at your house! We have put together an inspiring collection of outdoor ideas that will help you to host a fall party. So have a look below and be prepared to get into fall party planning mode!

    1. Harvest Table. A garland of florals decorates the center of this table. Taper candles adds ambiance. Wine and champagne glasses celebrates the season. Fall plates are layered, while decorative pears are perfect place settings.

    2. Silverware Holder. A mason jar has been partially filled with candy corn as a silverware holder at a Fall party.

    3. Dessert Table. If you are hosting an outdoor party, create a seperate space to feature your desserts.

    4. Camp Fire. Add some ambiance to your fall party with hay bales set around a fire pit. Dont forget some marshmallows for roasting, or Smores.

    6. Pie Bar. What is more delicious than a table full of fall-inspired pies! Add a little flair to your table with some gold fringe tassel garland.

    7. Painted Pumpkin: Display your drink list on a chalkboard paint pumpkin. This is a great way to add some playful visual interest to a table.

    Farmers Market Themed Party

    DIY Easy Fall Party Favors

    Kara’s Party Ideas featured this shabby chic farmers market themed birthday party that’s fresh and fun. With flower plant favors, yard games, floral signage and tented food tables, this party is a growing sensation. Originally designed for a child, this theme is totally do-able for hipster types who love to their fresh market veggies.

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    How To Arrange A Fall Party

    Aside from just staying indoors and having a movie night, Fall is also an excellent time to host a party! Whether it be a casual get-together in your backyard or a big party, here are some tips and ideas on how you can prepare your Fall party.

    • To get into that fall atmosphere, you should decor your home with some fall-themed ornaments such as fall-themed leaves, pumpkins, lantern decorations and more! It is also a good idea to prepare a casual and relaxed seating arrangement so that your guests will cozy up while talking to each other really quickly.
    • Prepare a set of activities. One important factor you must consider is to have a set of activities prepared so your guests wont become bored! Of course, staying on theme with the season is your best move. You can do a pumpkin carving contest, bonfire story-telling, and more!
    • Menu. A fall menu should be full of seasonal ingredients that create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. You can include roasted meals, casserole, salads, hot tea, cookies, and more!

    Its A Fall Harvest Themed Birthday Party For Adults

    You know its time for a fall harvest party when youre thinking of apples! Thats the inspiration weve been thinking of for an autumn birthday celebration. Consider easy-to-find elements for planning this party and youve got yourself a chic and cozy affair with well-planned details from the décor all the way to your party menu. UPDATED: 9/27/2018 with invitations to activities.

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    Fall Party Ideas For Kids

    Pumpkin Balloon Backdrop

    Balloons are some of the happiest things, and theyre more than welcome in my party planning across all of the seasons. This DIY Pumpkin Balloon Backdrop just couldnt be cuter for a Halloween photobooth!

    Caramel Apples

    Caramel apples are something I look forward to enjoying every fall. We live really close to some amazing orchards so I love picking up some fresh apples to dunk in caramel. This Caramel Apple Bar is the best way to let everyone at the party pick out their favorite topping!

    Squash Bowling

    Squash Bowling brings all the fun outside for this fall-themed game!

    Watch a Football Game

    Are you a football fan? Skip the crowd at the game, get a front row seat at home, eat all the game snacks you want, and have fun hosting the ultimate Homegate Party this fall! Well share all our tips and tricks here.

    Let Paperless Post Help You Celebrate The Season


    No matter what kind of fall party you want to throw, thereâs one thing that will always make it special: the people you love. Whether youâre planning a flag football fest or a birthday bonfire, your nearest and dearest will bring the joy, the laughter, and the moments youâll remember forever. Thatâs why your invitation should always feel as special as the person youâre sending it to.

    For fall-themed invitations that your guests will love, look no further than Paperless Post. Unique, beautiful, and practical, Paperless Postâs selection of online fall invitations is perfect for every fall celebration. RSVP âYesâ to beautiful invitations with Paperless Post!

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    Fall Birthday Party Invitations Youll Love

    Once youve picked your favorite theme from these fall birthday party ideas, you can start dreaming of the perfect invitation. At Greenvelope, we offer a variety of digital birthday party invitations.

    Whether youre looking for adult birthday party invitations or designs for kid-friendly events, our invites can be customized to fit your personality. You can change the colors and fonts on the template and you can even upload your own design for a truly unique invite. Here are some of our favorite fall birthday party invitations.

    Act Like A Tourist For A Day

    Tourists have notoriously bad reputations, but really, sometimes they see the best a place has to offer. Instead of balking at the bus tours or waving off certain crowded landmarks, join in. See the view from the top of the Empire State Building in the morning before the lines are long, go white-water rafting in the Grand Canyon, or rent a convertible to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s worth it.

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