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Happy Birthday Messages For Him

Original Birthday Greetings For A Guy

JJ Vallow’s grandma wishes him a happy 8th birthday
  • Dear, I am always proud of who you have grown up to become. I wish you an extremely fabulous birthday celebration today. May you always be happy all the days of your life.
  • Best wishes to the coolest and most handsome guy on the block. I thank God for your life and pray that He continues to guide and bless you.
  • On this day of your birthday, I wish you a very bright and colorful future. May all the things that your heart yearns for always be within your reach.
  • Fond memories of you linger on for years in my heart. I cant believe today marks another special day for you. I wish you success and victory in your all your life endeavors.

Happy Birthday Messages For Him Wishes & Quotes

Happy Birthday Messages for Him: Need happy birthday wishes, messages, and quotes for him, then you are at the right place. There is no special other than his birthday.

It could be your male friend, your boyfriend, a relative of yours, husband, or any male that is celebrating their birthday today. Send them these happy birthday wishes for him. Make them feel special and let them know you value them so much.

These heartfelt birthday wishes for him will make him feel sweet at the same time make you feel like you have accomplished your mission.

Take your time to go through these messages to choose your best happy birthday message for him. The Happy Birthday Quotes for Him will also inspire you to find your own wording.


Happy Birthday Messages For A Boyfriend

How do you normally celebrate birthday with your boyfriend?

Intimate dinner at home, party with all your friends or even weekend away for just two of you?

Whichever way you choose to celebrate the special day, getting him a birthday card is almost compulsory!

Here are plenty of ideas how to wish him a Happy Birthday!

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How To Wish Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend A Happy Birthday

Here are some examples of romantic, emotional, heart-touching happy birthday messages that you can write in a greeting card, text message, or email to your lover. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to express your feelings, but reading over some of these examples should help get your creative juices flowing.

Cute, romantic, and emotional love notes are a great way to show that special someone in your life how much you care about themnot only on their birthday but always. Use the list below to get some ideas, then combine some elements of the examples you like the most to write your own unique message. You can send these birthday wishes via text/SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, or a good old-fashioned birthday card to show your lover how much they mean to you.

Whether your special someone is right next to you or halfway across the world, writing them a heartfelt love note for their birthday is a great way to show them how much you care.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Him:

Birthday Cards For Him,Greetings,Wishes And Images
  • While everybodys days begin with the rising of the sun, mine begins with your smile. Happy birthday, my hero!
  • Today is truly a unique day because the most precious boyfriend in the entire universe is celebrating the day he made his grand entry into the world. Have fun, my prince!
  • Babe, not even God can make me as happy as you make me. I promise to spend an eternity loving no one but you. Happy birthday, my dear!
  • The most beautiful sound I have ever heard in this world is your voice. The most beautiful place I have ever been is in your arms. Have a gorgeous birthday, honey!
  • May our love become bigger than the universe and brighter than the sun. Happy birthday, darling!
  • You are the doctor that saves my life, the lawyer that defends my rights, the bodyguard that protects me, the pillar that supports me, and the sunshine that brings light into my life. This is why you are the only person I need today, tomorrow and until the end of time. Have the sweetest birthday ever!
  • My life would have been miserable if someone were the lucky one who got to hold and kiss you every day instead of me. Ill forever be grateful that our hearts belong to each other. Happy birthday, babe!
  • Every day I wake up from sleep, my heart loves you more than it did the previous day. I am so glad I have found the love of my life in you. May we never be separated from each other. Happy birthday, beautiful!.

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Birthday Wishes For Him

Hope you have birthdays like these even more to celebrate with huge smiles on your face, wishing you a happy birthday with lots of love.

May you live long Have an amazing birth anniversary, the hero you are, my hero, and I will always keep you safe in my heart, wishing you a happy birthday with lots of love.

Have amazing birth anniversary to the best person in the world you deserve lots of happiness in life ahead Have a memorable birth celebration.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me because you taught me how to be strong at times with patience and love have wonderful born day,

I will forever be grateful for having you. I hope you will enjoy your birthday today with your family and be happy more than ever happy birthday, love.

To my best person, I love you and happy birthday.

Your children love you more than anything, hubby Have a memorable birth celebration.

I offer you bouquets of real flowers with aromas of love and devotion. Have amazing birth anniversary, my dear.

I wish you to dream, plan and achieve your greatest dreams May you find satisfaction in your effort. Have a memorable birth celebration.

When I mark a new day, I want you to find reasons to see the beauty of life, to love, even more, to be grateful and happy at all times.

Your Birthday is a time to spread your love for everyone. May you also find the grace of fulfillment and wisdom.

Have fun, celebrate and dance because your Birthday only happens once a year. I love you

Happy Birthday Paragraph For Your Boyfriend

  • I hope we stay together forever and for your birthday, I cant wait to spend time with you. When were together, it feels like we truly have it all, sending you my BURNING wishes, hugs, and kisses on your birthday.
  • There are not enough words in the English language to truly express my love for you. Theres no mathematical equation that can sum up all the wonderful ways you make my day.
  • You are so special to me that words cannot adequately give a description. Just know this, I love you to the depths of my soul. I pray that this statement blesses you and comforts you today and always. You deserve it.
  • From the first time we met, my heartbeat began to call for yours, my soul gained new rhythm, and my life started to have true meaning. Happy birthday to the man who loves me for who I am and also pushes me to reach my dreams! I love you, sweetheart.
  • Dear Boyfriend, Ive never met such a hard-working boyfriend. You put in long hard hours on the sofa and give so much of your efforts in sports watching. Keep up the good work, babe. Wishing you a happy birthday.

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Sweet Birthday Quotes For Him

Birthday is the day to say I love you, a little bit different. If your boyfriend or husband is a low-key romantic, these birthday quotes will give him all the feels.

You are proof that perfect guys exist. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Id give you the stars. But they dont shine as bright as you do. Happy birthday.

I dont know what gift I can give you because you are the best one. Happy birthday.

Life is better when I am with you. Happy birthday.

Hope the candles on your cake light up the best smile Ive seen. Happy Birthday.

A mirror is a perfect gift for you because then youll see what I see a terrific and adorable human being.

Cant wait to spend all the future birthdays with you. Happy birthday my love.

Are you ready for the next 365 days with me? I know I am.

Everything about you makes me tick. Keep up the good work.

With you is all I ever want to be. Happy birthday.

I dont know what I was looking for. Then you came along and gave me the answer. Happy birthday.

Thank you for reminding me what butterflies are like. Happy birthday, sweetie.

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I hope every birthday is the best birthday ever.

You are cute, smart, fun, and everything I ever wanted. Happy birthday to the perfect-est man on earth.

If you want a listener, I will be the ear. If you want a kiss, I will be the lips. And if you want a hug, I will be your pillow. Happy birthday, sweetie. I will always be by your side.

Sweet Birthday Wishes For Your Boyfriend

Tyson Fury wishes Deontay Wilder a Happy Birthday, thanks him for great set of fights
  • You are sweet. You are kind. And you are all mine. Happy Birthday, Honey!
  • The strongest force in the world is love. As long as we have love, we are sure to make it through the turbulence. Happy Birthday!
  • This occasion is so special. I couldnt text you. I had to come over so that I can look you in the eyes and say, Happy Birthday.
  • Wow! Youre a year older and just as amazing as ever. Happy Birthday, from your girlfriend.
  • You are special in so many ways. I hope your birthday brings you happiness and sweet memories.
  • From my heart to yours, have a happy, happy birthday. May your every wish come true.
  • I saved all these wonderful birthday wishes for you. I hope you saved all the birthday kisses for me. Happy Birthday.
  • You may be a macho man, but your love is sweeter than ice cream! Happy Birthday to you.

Short Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

  • Happy Birthday to my stud muffin. Youre all the man I need.
  • Happy Birthday to my one and only.
  • My boyfriend is awesome. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Handsome! You rock my world!
  • Sweet hugs and kisses are coming your way. Happy Birthday!
  • Loving you is easy. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Wishing my boyfriend a fun-filled birthday! Love you!

Cute Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend

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Amazing Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

Happy birthday for him: If you are searching for meaningful wishes, then you are on the right page. We have the best collection of short and sweet wishes, which will surely help out to wish him. Send the best sweet birthday wishes to him and make him feel like he is the only one who is special to you.

Putting Status on Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook to wishing your loved one is also a great idea. We have special heartful and funny collections of wishes for every relationship, that you can share with your male friend, special friend, or your lover too.


  • 3 Funny Birthday Wishes for Him:
  • Long Emotional Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

    For the guy who can charm me from across the room with just a smile, I hope this day brings everything you want and more! From the moment I saw you, I was intrigued by your smile and elegant charm. Now it is your special day, and I want you to know I am still head-over-heels.

    I thought about putting just one candle on your cake to portray that you are truly one of a kind for me. You are a special person for me. So, you are going to receive a special place in my heart and special wishes for your Birthday as a boyfriend. Happy Birthday..

    I might annoy u, fight with u, argue u and cancel the plan last minute. But know that none makes me feel home-like u do. This birthday, I just want to thank u for being you! When u are busy reading your birthday messages let me cover your face with kisses. Happy Birthday to my sweetest Boyfriend!!

    My sweet, caring lover, you are the person that I admire and adore most in the world. You are the sweetest, most caring and kindest human being ever to exist! I wish you the happiest birthday ever and also Wishing you all the happiness on your special day this year!

    Happiest birthday to the man of my dreams and the only guy who gets to call me his. You and I are like bread and butter smooth and perfect for each other. You deserve the best in life, and I promise to make you feel like the only man in the world.

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    Romantic Birthday Wishes For My Boyfriend

    • Nights out on the town with you are always sweet and romantic. Tonight, Im taking you out for a night to remember. Wishing you a memorable birthday experience.
    • You deserve the world on a silver platter for your birthday. But since I cant give you that, I am giving you the sincerest of birthday wishes. From my heart to yoursHappy Birthday!
    • You are the greatest gift. But I will do my best to top it for your birthday. Wishing you sweet birthday wishes.
    • Look up and count the stars. Thats how many times in a day that I think of you. Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend in the world.
    • You make me the happiest girl alive. For your birthday, I hope to make you the happiest boy alive. Happy Birthday!
    • Its inevitable. Every time I close my eyes, sweet thoughts of you come to mind. Love you always and happy birthday.
    • You might hope to change many things in your life. But I hope you will never wish to live life without me by your side. Happy Birthday.
    • To my dear boyfriend. Im sure you have many amazing plans for your future. My prayer is that I am apart of those plans. Ill always stand by you in love and full support. Happy Birthday!
    Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
    Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

    Funny Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

    Pin by Olia Haynes on Happy bday messages

    I paid a great price to be in a relationship with a jerk like you. And the price is my virginity. Nevertheless, wishing happy birthday to not such a terrible ex-boyfriend.

    Its your special day and I want you to take a good bath and brush teeth at least on this day. Happy birthday stinky man.

    Finally, its your happy birthday and you wont be getting any gifts and birthday wishes except for me. Happy birthday you piece of crap!

    Happy birthday to my cute yet dumb ex-boyfriend who has yet to learn how to act according to ones age.

    On your 27th birthday, I have a valuable suggestion for you. Get a job or better be prepared to become homeless.

    Happy birthday to my partner in crime when it comes to eating food sneakily. I still remember those good old days!

    Birthdays will come and good, but your shitty and careless attitude will never go away. Happy birthday to my ever-childish ex boyfriend!

    If you want a great gift from me on your birthday, you better dont organize your classless birthday parties from now on. Happy birthday heart breaker!

    Whenever I need inspiration in my life, I look up to you. Because there is no one uglier and dumb than you and it makes me feel so good. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend!

    When you are around me, I feel like there are better people who can be around me. Get out of my face now. Before that, wishing you the happiest birthday!

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    Birthday Messages For Her:

    Here are some sweet messages for her, which will help you a lot in making her charming and joyful. Sending messages on birthday will make her feel that how much you love her. Tell her that you love her the most in this world. So, here are some happy birthday messages for her, which will take you to another level of relationship.

    Like apples on trees and smiles so deep, you are the one who makes my world so complete. Happy birthday, Babe.

    When I smell you, I smell a rose garden, when I touch you, I become numb, and when you kiss me, I get dizzy. Lets make this last forever. Happy birthday, my Love.

    I hope this day is as special to you as it is to me. It is my most favorite day of the year because its the day you were born.

    Honey, if you dont believe in miracles, Im going to have to find you a different nickname. Youre my miracle. Happy birthday.

    If I could love you to the moon and back, I would tell the stars to thank you for putting those twinkles in your eyes.

    I hope your special day will bring you lots of happiness, love, and fun. You deserve them a lot.

    Have a wonderful birthday. I wish you every day to be filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness and the warmth of sunshine.

    May your coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles, the feeling of love and so on. I hope you will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever.

    May this birthday be filled with lots of happy hours and also your life with many happy birthdays, that are yet to come.

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