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Send Someone To Sing Happy Birthday

What Happens If A Musician Becomes Ill

Birthday Gram – Send a Birthday Song to a Friend’s Phone

Illness is something all musicians for hire should be prepared for. This may mean another musician stepping in for your birthday party. The replacement musician should be well versed in the music that the initial musician performs. You will not hear any difference, although they may appear different. If the musician is unable to provide a replacement, let us know and ACE Music Booking Agency may be able to help you hire another musician of similar quality.

Is It Your Full

Singing telegrams isn’t my only gig, but it is my primary one . I currently do 35 telegrams in an average month and I did over 50 in my busiest month to date. I think Denver may be one of the best cities for singing telegrams, as it’s big enough for a respectable customer base, but not so big that it takes multiple hours to traverse it.

The Tune Weavers Happy Happy Birthday Baby

Holidays and special days are the hardest for the broken-hearted. This tune is a melancholic break-up song, sung from the vantage point of someone writing a note to their former significant other. Sample lyric: Hope I didnt spoil your birthday, Im not acting like a lady/So Ill close this note to you with good luck and wishes too.

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Why Send A Singing Telegram

In todays digital age, its easy to send someone a quick text or say, Happy birthday! on Facebook. Hiring a performer to dress up in a funny costume and go to someones home or office to sing them a song is much more personal! It may seem like an odd way to show you care, but your well wishes will certainly stand out from the rest and put a smile on the recipients face.

For more information about our singing telegram services in the DC area, contact Ba Ba Loons & Tunes today at 888-339-7925.

Can I Send A Happy Birthday Song To Someone

Happy Birthday Memes for Your Best Friend

How do I send a birthday song on Facebook?

Once their photos or videos are captured, users can add birthday songs to their Facebook Stories by selecting the Music sticker. Once thats done, they can simply search birthday for a list of celebratory songs. A sticker featuring the artist and song will then appear on the video.

How do you make an eCard with music?

  • Add to Storyboards. The background determines the eCard style.
  • Add Text. Click the Text icon, choose a dynamic text animation you like and enter your sincere wishes.
  • Add Music. Click the Music icon, add a piece of background music you like from the computer or the stock media.
  • Can you send a birthday card to a mobile phone?

    Yes, you can send eCards by text message as well as by email. To send your digital cards to text recipients, just add your contacts names and phone numbers as you build your recipient list.

    What are the best free ecards?

  • Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain isnt just an e-card website its a miniature online greeting factory!
  • 123 Greetings. Started in 1997, 123 Greetings was one of the first Internet-based greeting companies.
  • American Greetings.
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    Singing Telegram Entertainment In Dc

    At Ba Ba Loons & Tunes, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading companies in the Nations Capital for singing telegrams and entertainment services. We are always looking to add new and exciting characters to our lineup and hire dedicated performers to bring them to life for unsuspecting recipients.

    Happy Birthday Web App

    1Happy Birthday is a free web app that lets you not only create but also download the audio clip. It offers free birthday song with the name. The also app offers others useful features such as creative Birthday wishes, but the real fun is in creating the personalized happy birthday song sound clips. Just to mention a few features, you can also get some useful birthday wishes just in case you go blank and birthday calculator.

    When you first access the site, youre going to see a pink link with the words, Find your name Free Birthday Song with name thats located right in the middle of the page. Click on the link, and youll be taken to a list of names. Find the name of that special someone and then youll see various types of videos wishing that person a Happy Birthday.

    Youll see videos of dogs, Cats, Cakes, Flowers, Fruits, and even Chocolate. Just choose the one that best describes the person that is going to receive it. For example, if that person loves chocolate then choosing the chocolate happy birthday video would be the best choice.

    The only problem youre going to have once you get the results is choosing which one to send or download. In the middle of your display, youll see everything you can do with your creation. You can either play the personalized happy Birthday song, Download it, Email it now, Email it later, and share it through social media.

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    Are You Looking For A More Personal One To One Singing Surprise To Surprise A Friend Or Loved One Then A Singing Telegram Is Just What You Are Looking For

    Our special At your door service is the perfect gift for an anniversary or birthday, or simply to just surprise someone with something special! We arrive ready to go with well rehearsed songs pre-chosen by you. We can also deliver flowers & chocolates and can relay a special message from you if you wish!

    You could even surprise someone at their place of work!

    Maybe you are thinking of proposing and you want a special, charming touch to make the moment even more memorable!? A singer & acoustic guitarist playing your loved ones favourite song adds a touch of romance to the moment.

    A Singing Telegram can be a solo singer or a team of professional singers. With live musicians or singing accapella in perfect harmony. We dress to impress in suits and dresses and can perform at any location. Someones front door, a venue, a restaurant or even their workplace.

    Working with you we can arrange to surprise anyone with their favourite song, or even sing Happy Birthday, in perfect harmony. We start by introducing ourselves and saying who sent us This is a message from John & Sue And can then say a few sentimental words pre-written by you .

    How Did You Get Into Doing Singing Telegrams

    Me Singing Happy Birthday (send this also to your friends).avi

    I remember envisioning delivering singing telegrams when I was 17 or 18, just a few years after I began first writing original songs. Even though I’d seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off many times, I failed to connect what I was picturing to the balloon bouquet-wielding nurse that mistakenly performs for Bueller’s sister. Years later, I met a belly dancer who occasionally did belly grams for a singing telegram agency. Bachelor parties and Middle Eastern families were her primary demographic. I badly needed a job at the time so I called the agency’s owner. At that point, I’d been singing, playing guitar, writing lyrics and collecting costumes for years, so I already had the perfect skill set and assets.

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    Happy Birthday Wishes To A Singer

  • Dearest singer, Thank you for the amazing year of music. You make me want to listen to more of your songs and even spend hours looking at the lyrics. I am a fan!
  • Happy birthday to a friend of mine, who is also a talented singer. You have inspired me to sing and enjoy it. I love your soulful voice and the energy it puts into every word you sing. Your songs are really special and lift my spirit when Im down. I am so happy that I met you!
  • Wishing you the best birthday ever! I hope this next year is filled with love and laughter. I miss you so much and cant wait to spend time with you again.
  • Happy Birthday, Angel! I am so happy that you are turning another year older. You continue to turn my world upside down and I love every minute of it! I cant wait to spend the next year with you and all the fun we will have.
  • Dear Ally, thanks for being my friend. I hope that at least one of the songs you perform tonight will be your greatest hit! I hope this show will be a masterpiece and that youll raise the bar every time. Also, please have a big celebration to mark your birthday. Cheers!
  • Happy Birthday! I hope you have an awesome day. Know that you are loved by so many and that I am grateful every day for bringing such joy into my life.
  • I love you so much. You are the best thing to happen in my life, let alone this year, you are the best thing to happen in my life EVER! I love your smile, I love your laugh and I love you. Youre wonderful. I celebrate your birth every day.
  • What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept

    Cash, check, Paypal, Venmo or the Cash app. If George Peele is your singer and you’re going to be present for the performance, you’re welcome to pay before or after in cash. If you can’t be there , check, credit card, Paypal or Venmo are your best options. Checks can be mailed to: Custom Singing Telegrams c/o George Peele PO Box 6058., Denver CO 80206. For Paypal, just log on to and click “Send Money.” Our Paypal email is We usually handle credit card transactions over the phone. Our Venmo handle is @orangepeelmoses.

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    Reviews For Singing Telegrams In The Uk

    Highly Recommended I booked Ben as a special surprise to cheer up my father during lockdown and to thank all his neighbours who had looked after him. Ben was a consummate professional extremely helpful with song suggestions, very knowledgeable and punctual, and the extra flair and effort he put into his act really was the icing on the cake. He arrived in black tie outside my dads house, set up his microphone and began to sing my dad and all his neighbours were completely enthralled. The quality of his singing is exceptional his voice is beautiful and the performance was outstanding. It was really very special, and I would recommend hiring Ben as a tenorgram for any event that requires an extra dusting of sparkle. Really wonderful performance, the magic of opera, and a very special thing to do for someone. Thank you Ben! I shall definitely be booking again!

    Anonymous 18/08/2020

    Highly recommend! I booked Peters singing telegram service for my husbands 61st birthday during lockdown and hadnt quite realized the treat we were in for! My husband was totally surprised as Peter walked up to our front door looking dashing in his DJ and bowler hat, with a mic and discreet sound system and video camera all set up to go. His fantastic singing had us dancing in our driveway. Peter was incredibly charming, professional and really made the day special. Once were able to have parties again, Peters going to be our go-to guy for the entertainment. Highly recommend!

    Singing Telegrams For Hire Near Me

    Pin by Benita West on ~B

    Looking to hire a singing telegram for an upcoming event? At GigSalad, weve connected thousands of people with the best entertainers in their area. Choose a city below to browse singing telegrams for hire near you. We also have answers to your most frequently asked questions about booking a local telegram company. Let us help you find the perfect entertainment to make your event unforgettable!

    Where do you need a Singing Telegram?

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    The Pro Review From Techreviewpro

    When that special day comes along, you obviously want to get that person the best birthday gift ever. Once you have done that its time for the card. Sure, you can get some really nice birthday cards at your local store or online, but those dont include the persons name.

    Creating a personalized happy birthday song sound clip with the above options is the way to go. It will show that person you went out of your way to make them feel special and maybe youll get something as special when your birthday comes around.

    Now, just choose the app that you want to use and once youre done. Dont forget to let us know in the comments how much the other person enjoyed the personalized Happy Birthday song you created for him/her?

    What’s The Craziest Or Funniest Singing Telegram You’ve Ever Done

    I get asked this question a lot. In my ten plus year tenure, I’ve delivered over 3000 singing telegrams. So there have been plenty of crazy ones. One of my favorites was the time I sang to a guy who’d recently had a vasectomy. At his office. In a hot dog costume. I also recently did Iggy Azaela’s Fancy at an assisted living facility staff meeting in a burlesque cockroach costume. I could go on.

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    Uninvited Party Crasher Singing Telegrams

    The singing telegram party entertainers show up to disrupt your event, but end up being the hit of the party!

    That loud guy who shows up to crash the party. Who invited him? And when is he going to leave?

    Shes loud and crazy and in no condition to drive. How can you expect this uninvited party guest to go?

    Shes hungry but what she really needs is a drink! Nobody likes a beggar unless its Gladys, the hilarious bag lady.

    New Acts: Cat Hiphop Twerking Pink Gorilla Mariachi Chicken Tap Dancing Panda Rappin Landshark

    Happy Birthday!

    American Singing Telegrams is a unique and hip nationwide singing telegram company serving all major metropolitan areas. We have been doing singing telegrams since 1979. We are an exclusive group of singing telegram entertainers that go for laughs, fun, embarrassment and applause! So order the highest quality and create a wild singing telegram memory to last a lifetime!

    We also offer Phone Grams starting at only $25.00 . If you have any questions feel free to contact us

    • Owners credo: I am thankful for my business. My clients are very grateful and happy with the services we provide and stay as repeat customers, also referring us out to new clients. My staff are also pleasant and understand and share my passions to provide the best for our customers.

      Jon Shipley, Owner of American Singing Telegrams

    • Shipley has performed as Elvis, a chicken, a pink gorilla, and even a UPS man in the midst of million dollar deals on the new york stock exchange floor

      Thank you very much!! The service was great and we had smiles across the room.

      S. McPherson

    Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, DC, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, Tampa, San Francisco, San Diegoand all other nationwide locations

    Nationwide singing telegrams, call 800-727-1858.

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    Singing Telegramsaroundrichmond Hill On:

    Offers Virtual Services

    • Wedding Singer / Singing Telegram
    • 16 Verified Bookings

    Alanna K. saidDD and I connected through GigSalad to create a sort of singing telegram moment for husbands surprise 50th birthday party. She took my ideas of creating

    • Elvis Impersonator / Singing Telegram
    • 71 Verified Bookings

    Wanda L. saidElvis Enzo was great, he showed up on time and put on a great show. I hired him to play a Johnny Cash impersonator for my daughter’s 30th surprise birthday,

    • Acoustic Band / Singing Telegram
    • 8 Verified Bookings

    Sharon P. saidExperience went well from start to finish. Communication was great.Pricey but options during covid limited.

    Send Free Singing Birthday Telegrams By Phone With Birthdaydialer

    Want to wish someone a happy birthday without a card? These e-card services allow you to send a happy birthday song via text.

    Sometimes you need to send a birthday card to someone, but you’ve waited until the last minute and now you’re scrambling. Other times you’re on a budget and you didn’t realize how much birthday cards cost, or you didn’t realize how long it would take you to send a birthday card by mail.

    How are you going to show your appreciation for someone’s birthday if you have no card on hand? Through ecards or services that allow you to send a happy birthday song via text.

    Here are the best free birthday gram apps or websites with free trial options to wish someone a happy birthday.

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    Hire Talented Singer For Birthday Parties

    • Want to make your birthday parties memorable and enthusiastic?
    • Then this is the right place for your musical needs!
    • Bookmysinger is one of the leading and consistently growing platform that provides Music services to all over the globe. We provide magnificent and soulful singer for birthday parties, so that you don`t have to worry lot.
    • Celebrate your wonderful birthday by giving a musical surprise to your loved ones from us.
    • Our main objective is to fulfill your musical requirements.

    How To Say Happy Birthday In Italian

    Top 103 Happy Birthday Images, Meme, GIF, Funny Wishes &  Quotes in 2020 ...

    There are two main ways of wishing someone a happy birthday in Italian:

    • Buon compleanno!

    This literally translates as âgood birthdayâ and it can be used on its own or in combination with:

    which means many wishes. You could say, for example:

    • Tanti auguri di buon compleanno!Many wishes for a good birthday!

    Of course, there are many variants of these phrases too. Letâs see some of them.


    Practice it with this video before sending that WhatsApp audio message!

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