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How To Make Birthday Yard Signs

Yard Sign Letters For Any Occasion

How To DIY Lawn Yard Sign | Weather Proof | 24 Inch Height

We have plenty of stock phrases and colors to choose from. Stock phrases include ones for graduating students, birthday parties, birth announcements, and welcoming home friends and family. Sets, such as our popular happy birthday letters, come in several colors to choose from, including the eye-catching rainbow option.

Is there a specific message you want to place in your lawn? Do you want to include the names of a couple getting married, the name of a new baby, or a motivational message in front of your business? Make your own yard letters sets with our incredibly popular custom phrases. For this option, you can choose from a variety of colors, such as sky blue and purple, and many symbols, such as a teddy bear and a cupcake, and type out your very own message for us to print. We allow up to 35 characters. These custom phrases can be specifically tailored for themed parties or used as school decorations.

These alphabet letter yard signs are often used to share announcements with neighbors and passersby or to let guests for parties and other events know where their destination is. Lawn letters are eye-catching, making them easy attention-grabbers for people trying to find where a party is from directions. Jumbo yard letters are becoming more and more popular as lawn decorations for planned events and holidays.

Making A Diy Birthday Yard Sign

DIY Birthday yard signs are quite useful and creative in getting things started as the process marks an entry towards the destination where the party is bound to start. But all that will only stand to be ideal when you make the right sign. Yes, thats right. The whole point of the procedure is to do things in the proper manner, and you need to follow the same without fail. So to act as a guide on this front, we have listed the right steps that you need to follow.

S To Diy Yard Card Flairs

  • Youll need the image. I downloaded from Vector Stock and I have a paid version of Canva. The main thing to remember is to grab high-quality graphics.
  • On Canva, I created a sheet of images 2160 x 1440 px. The sizing was taken from the Walgreens photo website to avoid pixelation.
  • Make sure to leave enough white space between images on your layout to cut out.
  • Send the file to Walgreens or any other 1-hour photo location that offers posters. Costco and CVS can do this as well. Always search for a coupon to make the cost a little easier on your bank account!
  • You can have the item printed on self-adhesive poster paper to skip the spray adhesive step, but in this case, it was cheaper to just use the spray.
  • Cut the images out and use spray adhesive to affix to the coroplast.
  • Make sure you line them up with the stake flutes in the right direction!
  • If you have electric scissors, I hear this is the best way to cut coroplast. I dont have them- on my Christmas list!- so I used an Exacto knife and cleaned up the edges with regular scissors.
  • Use the Modge Podge to cover the whole flair. This acts as an extra adhesive step to keep the image on the coroplast.
  • I only used one coat due to time constraints, but in the future Id probably go with 2 light coats of Modge Podge in this step.

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Design The Letters Using Design Software

Here, it can be as basic as Microsoft Word or a free online Photoshop alternative like Canva. The most important considerations for this step are the font style and the font size. Use large font size, of course, keeping in mind the sign size considerations of your cardboard. For yard signs letters, a font size range of 200-400 is recommended.

For font style, you can use script bold or bubble letters. Print the letters on a piece of paper. You are not limited to using letters only as you can still use a picture so long as it visibly displays the main message.

Fifth Step: Receive Your Yard Sign

Birthday Yard Sign Honk It

There are two ways this step can play out depending on whether or not you uploaded your own image in step two. If uploading your image was allowed, then hopefully, all you need to do is print out your image in the correct dimensions.

If step two involves choosing a pre-made design, then hopefully, all you need to do is pick up the yard sign from the providers location.

Either way, once you have your birthday party signs, hang them up and watch as everyone compliments you on how professional and cute they are. Your yard sign company will guide you in the best possible way to place your boards.

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What Our Clients Say

“Such a fun way to show someone you are thinking of them!! Lawn Letters did a sign for our oldest daughter wishing her good luck for a very important Gymnastics Meet, used her team colors and her favorite color pink to bring our yard to life with well wishes!! She loved it!!”

“Great service!! Lawn Letters came the night before and set up the yard sign, so it would be a total surprise for the birthday girl.My daughter LOVED her birthday message in our yard and felt so special. The sign was great quality and huge. Lawn Letters came 24 hours later and removed the sign. Such a fun and special way to celebrate those specials milestones in your life.”

“It was great experience. Lawn Letters did an awesome job. Will recommended to everyone. Thanks for all your work. It was amazing and my son loves it. Thanks.”

“Great service!! Lawn Letters came the night before and set up the yard sign, so it would be a total surprise for the birthday girl.My daughter LOVED her birthday message in our yard and felt so special. The sign was great quality and huge. Lawn Letters came 24 hours later and removed the sign. Such a fun and special way to celebrate those specials milestones in your life.”

Corrugated Plastic Letters In Ideal Sizes

All our yard cards are made from 4mm corrugated plastic. This material is perfect for outdoor use because it is weather-resistant and UV-protected, meaning that the colors and shape will not be ruined from the rain or sun. While the material is lightweight so that the yard letters are easily setup and taken down, it is also incredibly durable.

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How To Make Yard Signs At Home

Visit for the latest news & updates about all types of yard signs including birthday yard signs.

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Cant find what you are looking for?

Second Step: Uploading Your Graphic


According to a Google report, more than a thousand images are created on a single

According to reports, on an average day, more than one thousand birthday images are created on a single day, and the number keeps rising rapidly.

If youre allowed to upload your graphic, then this step is straightforward. Just find an image or text that you would like on your birthday yard sign and attach it to the form provided by the provider.

Some examples include Happy Birthday images, party hats, candles, and so on.

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Diy Yard Sign Stencils

We used our silhouette cameo to cut out letters that we sized to fit on our 12 x 12 cutting mat. I would think of your widest letter youre using and size the font based on that letter. For us, the M in the birthday boys name was the biggest letter.

We found a font size that worked with that letter then used the similar font size for all of the other letters to keep them consistent.

If you dont have a silhouette or a cutting machine dont fret! You can print out these 8.5 x 11 templates, cut them out with scissors and use them as stencils for your signs. The 8.5 x 11 size will still stand out great in the yard.

Happy Birthday Yard Signs

Tell everyone in your neighborhood that its time to party! With these Birthday Yard Signs, you can immediately take this celebration-worthy day and turn it into a community-wide event. It doesnt matter if the impending birthday boy or girl is 6 or 66, we have the birthday yard signs that will trumpet the news in colorful, fun fashion. You can look through our collection and choose from age groups, colors, styles, and so much more. If you need personalized signs with names and special dates, we can do that for you as well. We want your next birthday to be something special, and these signs will go a long way towards making sure that it is.

Announce Your Big Event

While youve probably sent out invitations and advertised your big birthday bash on social media, you may want to cast an even wider net. Particularly after the pandemic year, people are naturally hungry for social interaction even if its with strangers in our community. With birthday yard signs, you can use this occasion to tell anyone and everyone where to be on such-and-such a date: Bring your party hat and get ready to let loose! You can also use these signs as clear directional reminders to all of your guests who are following a GPS to the bash. Theyll know theyve arrived at the right place when they see your colorful, welcoming signs in the front.

Have a Virtual Celebration

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How To Design Your Birthday Yard Signs With Custom Messages

Celebrating birthdays is an expensive affair. Imagine if you could cut down on some of your expenses? What if you could make your birthday party signs for next to nothing while still maintaining the look of a professional sign?

One good news is that you can try and create personalized birthday yard signs that grab everyones attention and save you some serious cash in the process with great providers. You must choose the right yard sign company with the best experience and knowledge.

Why Diy Yard Card Signs

Birthday Yard Signs Birthday Baloons Yard Sign Custom Bag

Great question!

I actually avoid it, if I can. I prefer the look and longevity of the vendor created cards.

So yall are still getting all my coin!

But sometimes an order comes in that I just dont want to turn down, so Ill go ahead and make a little something for their yard.

My first attempt a few weeks ago was ok- but I was pretty sure there was a better way to make your own yard card flair.

If you look closely, youll see 2 flairs that are white backgrounds. One is a crew boat and one is crew oars. Simple, but not weather protected.

Im part of a group thats all about making their own flairs and signs and borrowed this idea from a creator in there.

Tiffany from Startacular Yard Parties, Balloons & Events used some Dollar Tree wall stickers to create yard card signs and I loved this idea!

Dollar Tree didnt have what I needed, so I had to take things one step further.

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Birthday Celebration Ideas From Afar Add A Birthday Yard Sign Rental

Another trip around the sun means it is time to celebrate! Whether you are turning 50, 75, 21, or 10, Yard deSIGNS is here to help you celebrate accordingly. If you are planning your birthday party or if you are planning a loved ones birthday party, consider involving your friends and family who cant celebrate in person. Below, we give 10 different ways to party virtually. From a birthday drive-by parade to a birthday yard sign rental, we are giving you our favorite celebration ideas!

Large Yard Letters At Wholesale Prices

We are proud to offer long-lasting, high-quality yard letter sets at wholesale prices. The listed prices for the sets change depending on whether you add emojis or more letters to the stock or custom phrases. The base price for 18in stock sets and emojis is $69.99. The large yard letters sets are for sale at $149.99. If, however, you want to change the defaulted size or add extra symbols and letters, the price will go up accordingly. If you exclude the emoji symbols, the price remains the same. If you want to add additional symbols or letters to your wholesale yard cards, the price adds $5 for every new character. We will automatically add the stakes to your order to accommodate the new corrugated plastic letters and emojis.

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The Final Product: Make Your Own Yard Card Flair

Another note: I actually used the back of some signs to affix my DIY yard card flair.

In the picture above, the bike is on the back of a soccer ball flair.

I liked the shape and knew I wouldnt have the ability to cute that kind of thing myself, so I borrowed the back!

I did the same thing with the running shoes in this photo

While this isnt something I will personally do often, it did allow me to provide the client with the exact request he needed for his awesome pre-med, exercising, yoga-loving daughter!

They were happy, which made No-Guilt Yard Cards happy, and thats all that matters!

Need a congrats or birthday yard sign in Northern Virginia? Let No-Guilt Yard Cards help celebrate your special someone in a BIG way! And if you are looking for other locations, please check out this national yard card directory for assistance.

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How To Make A Yard Sign Post

How To Make A DIY Yard Sign

Visit for the latest news & updates about all types of yard signs including birthday yard signs.

For More Tools And Resources Check Out Campaign Trail YardSignsPostcant missyardsigns by doubling When people are driving, there is a lot competing for their more sizes of yardsigns is to make a homemade sign within the municipalitys size restriction and drive by it at different speeds. Get Document

Quality Vinyl Sign FramesThe arm that your sign hangs from is routed into the post so that it goes through both sides. This design make the hooks to hang your sign. The metal stake is engineered to be lightweight and strong. Making installation fast without disturbing the yard. Included with the Real Estate Post are Fetch Doc

KW 4pg Brochure 1-888-613-7446 YardSigns and Posts Order Yours Today Choose from several of Keller Williams Realty new yardsign Banners provide a flexible, portable and affordable way to post your sign in many places. 1-888-613-7446 Order Yours Retrieve Full Source

LOST DOGS FLIERSYou must make it easy for them to match a “stray” dog they’ve seen to the description you’ve It’s better to post a sign and tack the dog’s picture or picture-flier underneath it. It’s common to find signs removed from utility poles because they Content Retrieval

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Create A Birthday Video

Creating a heart-warming video is one of our favorite ways to celebrate the more sentimental birthdays! Hone in on your creative skills, and have everyone send a short clip, wishing the birthday boy or girl a happy birthday. Put all the clips together, and during the party show the video to your loved one!

They are sure to enjoy seeing everyone they love, and you may even get a few happy tears.

S To Make A Craft Yard Sign

Step 1: Design

You have to decide the shapes and contents of your signs. Depending on the holiday or partys concepts, it may be quotes, slogans, or shapes of something. You can draw the template designs on paper before shaping. Dont forget to measure the sizes first. Then cut it out.

Step 2: Decorate

Start to decorate the signs. Use your creative power to make them up with vibrant colors and textures.

Paint one side of the signs with your favorite base colors. Then let them dry in 1 hour. Then cover them with the second layer. Let them dry. Repeat this step with the other side.

Sketch them! Draw the details on the board before painting to prevent you from making mistakes when coloring the board.

Lets color! Choose your favorite colors to light up your signs. While painting, remember to let the first layer dry before you apply the second one. It may take more time, but it will make the color more visible and not patchy.

Step 3: Complete

Almost done! Now you have to put something on your signs to make them stand.

Put skewers or poles on the back of the signs. You should measure and mark the points you will attach to ensure that your signs will not skew when erecting or hanging up.

Secure them with glue and tape. You can even use nails if its a wooden board.

Your signs are ready to be decorated!

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Transfer The Design To The Base Material

Cut the paper you printed the letters on along their edges, then strategically place it on the painted cardboard. Ensure that the message perfectly fits on your cardboard, leaving some blank space close to the edges.

While the paper is secured on the cardboard, spray paint the cut-out spaces so that the design is transferred to the cardboard. You can use white spray paint for the letters to contrast perfectly with the red we used above. Remove the paper and again wait for the paint to dry.

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