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Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas For Him

Th Birthday Party Ideas: The Big Day

How I Surprised Justin on His 30th Birthday! | Jillian Harris

Who writes personal letters anymore? No-one. That’s what makes this idea so special.

Similar to the ‘30 Messages from 30 Friends‘ idea above, this version by Holly at Nothing But Bonfires, focuses more on memories and friendships, rather than just birthday greetings, to celebrate ’30 Years of Memories’. Have friends write a one page letter to the birthday boy or girl that recalls a memory they shareâperhaps something funny about how they first met or something that really cemeted their friendshipâthe more nostalgic the better.

This is about celebrating the person’s life through memories and anecdotes, and by having friends and family articulate what their friendship/relationship means to that person. Tell people it’s fine to get a little gushy and sentimentalâbut humor works too! It’s an oportunity to put down in writing things they might think but seldom say to the birthday boy / girl. That’s what will make this really touching.

Unlike the postcards, I would gather all the letters up and present them to the birthday boy or girl as a gift at their 30th birthday party. I like the way they’ve been presented in the pictures below, you can pick up different styles of vintage airmail envelopes here to create something similar.

The two best examples I’ve found are Slideshow Example Video 1, the first video below left, which is available here. Alternatively, check out Slideshow Examples Video 2, the second video below right, which is available here.


So Youve Decided To Host The Party At Home

  • Garden Marquee Party

Hiring a marquee is a fantastic option for those looking to invite lots of guests. Whether you have a small house or a large villa, a marquee is a great way to create a special at-home party space. You wont need to worry about drinks spillages on the carpet or making enough space for everyone to fit inside the living room. Hosting your event in a marquee also allows guests to easily access the garden and provides additional shade during those hot NZ summer months.

  • Potluck Dinner

A potluck dinner is a lovely way for your guests to get to know each other, try different flavours, and share stories about their dishes. The concept of a potluck is simple everyone brings a dish of their choice to the party. This way you can save money on catering and those with special dietary needs will be able to bring something that they can eat. The best part of this kind of event is that it gives everyone the chance to mingle, thank each other for their delicious treats, and share recipes with one another – perfect for a foodie who is turning 30.

  • Classic Kiwi BBQ

Outdoor 30th Birthday Party Ideas


  • Movie Night Party: You can arrange a large screen in your backyard and recreate the outdoor theater set with blankets, a popcorn truck, and sweet stalls. Otherwise, just drive to your nearby open movie screen. If you are recreating the ambiance at some open place, add a string of lights over the screen, a red carpet, tickets for each guest, and plenty of cushions and blankets. You can also take a poll of what your attendees desire to watch: comedy, romantic, action, sci-fi, horror, or fiction. Add some fun touches like a directors clapboard or an old-fashioned popcorn machine to create a unique statement.
  • Yoga Retreat: If your friend or the birthday person is a yoga enthusiast, you can always lift their spirits by organizing a surprise yoga retreat. You can arrange this spiritual day at your place, the beach, or the extended yoga gateways. Ensure that you hire a yoga instructor and arrange props like yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, and straps. You can also dress up in a themed yoga suit to make things more realistic and exciting.
  • Flower Crown Party:We cannot always wear a flower crown every day, but you can turn the 30th birthday into a beautiful party with a flower crown theme, especially with your favorite girl gang. Craft the seasonal blooms into gorgeous flower crowns and decorate the venue with bright blooms. A rooftop, patio, or beachside are ideal for a flower crown party.
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    Pin By Katie Lytton On Gift Ideas

    Best 30Th Birthday Party Ideas For Men from Pin by Katie Lytton on Gift Ideas

    Delight your young scientist-in-training by designing a birthday party like nothing else. You can manage this style anytime, yet it would certainly be specifically adorable and also less complicated to buy if his birthday drops around Halloween. Maintain the experiment running efficiently with self-serve drink dispensers and grab-and-go deals with, like the beast guts seen right here by Sugar and also Cloth, throughout the space.

    Best 30Th Birthday Party Ideas For Men from Cool Party Favors

    Th Birthday Theme Party

    30 Gifts for my husband 30th birthday

    Its a classic move, but it is definitely worth making. Not only is it fun and delightfully cheesy but a meaningful way to celebrate his birthday. If your husband is into sports, make the theme sporty, what about Super Hero or video games?. Order the cake with his favorite stars picture or the logo of his favorite team.

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    Bonus 30th Birthday Party Ideas

    This is it, the big 3-OH! Youve finally made it to the next big phase in your life your 30th birthday. Whether youre sliding into this new chapter with a cheer or anticipating it with feat, the time has come to seriously consider your options for your big dirty 30. Strap yourself in and get ready to party with our list of 30 ideas for your 30th birthday party.

    S Or 90s Flashback Party

    Go back in time and give your party a theme from a different decade. You can go all out for this theme and encourage guests to wear 80s or 90s outfits to make this party successful. In addition to themed attire, flashback parties are all about the music. You should focus on creating an environment that reflects your favorite moments from the select decade, which includes creating a stellar playlist full of memorable songs affiliated with that decade. Give this theme a try at your own home or consider renting out a space at a club or lounge.

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    Choosing The Best Food And Drink Options

    Food and drink is another important accompaniment to any successful event. Everyone needs to be fed and watered well, and there are lots of fun ways to do so. The good news is that there are heaps of options with award winning catering companies and hip food trucks to name but a few.

    Whether the party is taking place at a private venue, a marquee in your back garden, or from the comfort of your own living room, choosing a catering company can take the pressure off. Let someone else prepare and serve the food while you mingle with your guests. Our extensive catering list includes some of the most sought after companies, with delicious menus to suit everyone.

    Looking for something a bit more hip and cool? Hire a food truck to roll up outside your venue. Choose from classic pizzas, burgers, or rotisserie chicken. If you have an international theme, there are tasty taco stands, Spanish paella trucks, and sumptuous Brazillian street food stalls to choose from. And when its time for something sweet, why not opt for a gelato or churro truck to make you even more popular with your pals.

    • Dessert / Lolly Station

    Nows your chance to get creative and unleash your sweet tooth. Dessert stations are exciting to plan and even better to eat. Hire a chocolate fountain complete with strawberries and marshmallows to dip in. Other tasty treat ideas include a sweet shop station and lollipop stands.

    Motto Day With Escape Game Eventdinner Or Similar

    Surprise Birthday Party || 30TH Birthday Vlog || Little Birthday Vlog

    You do not necessarily have to drive away to make the 30th Birthday extraordinary and to commit with specific actions. Especially those who live in or near a city have many opportunities to do extraordinary things.

    Our tip is to put your birthday surprise for the 30th under a motto that has something to do with the birthday child and plan a matching program.

    For example- the favorite country, the hobby, or the secret desire to serve a career from childhood. Depending on what suits him/her and what events can be found.

    Lets say the birthday child is a big fan of China and also loves Chinese food. Take the birthday girl to an excellent Chinese restaurant with a show kitchen, do a cooking class with him, or attend an event dinner with a show. Or maybe you find an escape game provider with a Chinese room near you?

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    Cool Custom Whiskey Gift Set

    If your guy loves whiskey and youre looking for one of the very best 30th birthday gift ideas for him that will get a ton of use, then this custom whiskey gift set is a phenomenal gift. Hell love the handsome, custom engraving, but even more than that he will love no longer drinking watered down whiskey from a plastic cup. This is a set of 30th birthday gift ideas for him hell love to show off.

    The Coolest Sign For Him

    One of the best birthday gifts for a 30 year old man is something that freshens up a room in his home, like a new custom sign! Perfect for his home bar, office, man cave, or even the living room, this unique sign is versatile thanks to the personalization. You can make it especially unique for him so that no one in the world will have one just like it, which makes this an even more meaningful gift. In fact, it might inspire him to redecorate the room around this regal sign!

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    Golf Birthday Gifts For 30 Year Old Man

    30th birthday ideas for him need to incorporate things he loves as well as things he will soon enjoy. If he doesnt already, it is pretty likely that soon hell be taking up a love for golf. Have him catch up on all those years missed on the putting green with a putting set he can take anywhere he goes and get a few practice strokes in. From the office to the house, he can literally work on his short game everywhere!

    A Classy Beer Gift For His 30th Birthday


    Celebrating turning 30 doesnt need to be a somber experience. While some people think it is the true mark of becoming old, it is more like reliving your 20s, but this time with money and good taste! Help him start the best decade of his life off right with this custom beer snifter glass set that will make the most of every beer this hops-lover has from here on out! Plus, it already comes inside a gorgeous black gift box, making your job as the person giving him a gift even easier!

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    Th Birthday Ideas For Your Best Friend

    You know your BFF better than anyone, so follow your gut when planning a party for him or her. Just remember that the term âherding catsâ was probably coined about getting 30-somethings to a restaurant at the same time. If you are organizing a big group, make things easier on yourself by skipping dinner and heading straight for the bar.

    Meet at a wine bar: Reserve a table weeks in advance so no oneâs fighting for breathing room, and see if the kitchen will prepare something specialâperhaps a twist on an existing menu item, such as heart-shaped pizzas. Drop off the cake earlier in the day, and order an assortment of apps and spritzes once you get there.

    Or, to avoid hauling in your own party supplies, select a space that naturally lends itself to a particular style or theme:

    Country western bar: Boot scootinâ boogie on down to a local saloon or rodeo bar for a get-together with oodles of down-home charm. Yâall can fuel up on peanuts and wings before toasting to 30 with whiskey and beer.

    Spanish wine bar: For the laid-back birthday boy or girl, Spanish wine bars offer a more elevated take on rustic. Taste your way through various vinos, and pair with paella or salty tinned fish.

    Tiki bar: If you canât vacay together in the South Pacific, settle for a slice of paradise. Thereâs something so fun about sipping exotic drinks in delightfully kitschy tumblers.

    Most Useful Set Of 30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

    After so many years of grilling, youve noticed that his grilling tools could use an upgrade. You dont want to get him regular old grilling tools, though, you should get him a special set like this! The three piece set is made of polished wood and stainless steel, so you know theyll last for many years to come. The best part, however, is the handsome bamboo case! You can customize the design with a sweet sentiment or something funny along with his name and birthday, like Happy 30th Birthday or Grill Master. The case makes the set easily portable so that he can bring his new favorite tools along when you go to the park for a cookout or even when you go camping. As soon as he opens this amazing 30th birthday gift, hell want to try them out and cook up a round of steaks and burgers for everyone.

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    The Short Trip To Another City Or Region

    Just let it out somewhere where no one knows or explore a new city together. Take a hike through beautiful nature or experience white water rafting a short trip, with a free night is a birthday surprise for 30. Just unbeatable. As a birthday surprise I was surprised by my best friend and a friend, and with a beautiful summer camping weekend at a lake with a boat tour and personally prepared rally surprised me. That was my highlight of the whole year.

    Of course, it is essential for the planning of such a surprise that the birthday child has time and nothing else to compete with on this day. Equally important, of course, is that the goal of the little trip with the birthday child provides enthusiasm.

    Is this or that a natural man, adventurer, party animal, cultural, or a sports cannon? Or something of everything? Its best to spend time together with other friends on a trip as the birthday boy would have dreamed of it.

    Best 30th Birthday Surprise Ideas Of 2021

    30th Bday Surprise Party in Quarantine! | Storytime GRWM

    Best 30th Birthday Surprise Ideas: The 30th birthday is not someone at least now its time to grow up! Reason enough to give the birthday child a special birthday surprise for the 30th!

    30! In words: thirty. An age, the 18-year-old seems to be infinitely far away and then at some point suddenly reached. You are suddenly neither teen nor Twen and should now slowly but consider, maybe yet to grow up.

    Anyway, the 30th birthday is a special anniversary, and of course, this must be celebrated and celebrated. Whether as a best friend, partner, parent, or otherwise like the birthday child connected this is the perfect occasion for you to make this an extraordinary birthday surprise for the 30th.

    So that it is fancy and personal, you should start with the preparation in time , and you might seek reinforcement. Together with other people, who care about the birthday child, you can do all the more and so you can make for a real birthday surprise.

    A Small Tip: There should be people who do not like surprises or at least none where unannounced day plans are overturned. If the birthday girl is such a person, you can still give him the special events described here. Only she plans than with an announcement or in coordination with the birthday child.

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    Manly Beer Gift Set Hell Love

    The future 30-year-old in your life is a manly guy who enjoys spending his free time outdoors. He loves hunting, fishing, camping, tailgating, and everything in between. Once hes inside, he likes to cool off with an ice cold beer. This awesome beer gift set is one of the best 30th birthday gifts for him as it comes with all of his favorite things: two custom pint glasses to share with you after spending the day doing yard work, a cool bottle opener made from a real bullet, a new pocket knife, and even a matching personalized ammunition can to store all kinds of tools and gear in. The best part? You can customize the engraving to be anything you like from Happy 30th Birthday, Worlds Best Husband, July 28, 2019 to Sergeant Jack Thomas, 34th Infantry, 10.13.19.

    Unique 30th Birthday Ideas To Celebrate In Style


    Whether you’re not too big on birthdays or you designate a “birthday month,” turning 30 is likely going to be something that you’ll remember for years to come, so it’s worth celebrating how you see fit. If this new decade is around the corner and you’re trying to figure out how to ring it in, we put together some 30th birthday ideas to help you mark the day with a little or a lot of fanfare.

    Turning 30 may be intimidating, but by making it an occasionand keeping some perspectiveit’s bound to be just fine. These possible parties cover budget-friendly choices, moderately pricey picks, and splurge-worthy affairs, so you can decide which option sounds right to you.

    Read on for our best 30th birthday party ideas.

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