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Things To Do For A 3 Year Old Birthday Party

Let The Birthday Child Take The Lead


This may be scary and youll definitely need to use your creative side. If were still practicing social distancing when my little turns four, Ill have her pick four things she wants to do for her birthday. If one of them is to go to the beach, then I will somehow make a beach in the backyard with a kiddie pool and sand. If she wants a movie night well have a movie night. You might be surprised by what they ask for.

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Celebrating your childs birthday during stay at home orders or having a birthday during social distancing can be a big disappointment for children of all ages. Weve come up with a list of 25 ways to celebrate the little ones in your life when they hit milestones. In our current world of social distancing and isolation you can still celebrate birthdays in big ways and even get your family and friends involved.

Give Them A Grown Up Experience To Remember

Give your birthday child a special dinner out, or the full day-spa experience, a weekend away with you on their own, or even an overseas family trip if its in the budget.

Treat the birthday child to a truly grown up experience, where you can both talk about what it means to turn 13, and what the years ahead will bring. This will surely be a birthday they remember, and a great opportunity to build a foundation for those ensuing teenage years!

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Where To Have A Three Year Old Birthday Party

Before you can send out invitations, youll need to figure out where youre hosting the birthday party. For toddlers, this can be a little tricky. You need to pick a location that you can easily chaperone, is safe for the kids, wont be deterred by weather, and works with your budget and theme. For some parents, the perfect party location might be their backyard. And for others, it might be a hired party space. For more help finding the right birthday party location, make sure to visit our resources on where to have a birthday party and how to plan a birthday party.

Toddlers Birthday Party Food

A perfect birthday party theme for your 3 year old child � ...

Our favorite part of birthday parties has to be the food, and these tasty child and parent friendly ideas will make sure your guests can tuck into some delicious treats. Don’t worry, we know you’re busy, so we’ve made sure that these recipes are super easy and quick to whip up.

Animal Shaped Sandwiches

Why It’s Great: Jazz up some boring sandwiches by cutting them into animal shapes for a cheap and fun way to highlight a jungle or animal theme.

How To Do It: Just fill your sandwiches with some favorite fillings, we love egg and cress, avocado and cream cheese, grated carrot and ricotta or creamed corn. Once your sandwiches are filled and finished, use animal shaped cookie cutters to shape them into all your favorite animals.

Healthy Ice Cream

Why It’s Great: Ice cream is a total crowd pleaser for kids of all ages, and an easy dessert that tastes delicious. Our slightly healthier recipe means avoiding any sugar crashes and giving kids a healthy snack, even when they think it’s a treat.

How To Do It: Slice bananas and lay them on a baking sheet in your freezer for two hours until slightly frozen. Put them into a blender with around 1 cup of milk to every 6 bananas, and 1 tsp of vanilla essence. Once the consistency is smooth, transfer to a container and freeze your ice-cream again for three hours, and it will be ready to serve.

Mini Pizzas

If you found this article all about parties helpful, then why not take a look at our guide to planning a baby shower for daddy or these ?

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Pick What Your Child Loves And Stick To It

Be it a favorite book, show or activity, all 2-year-olds have their thing use it.

Choose a theme based on whatever captures your childs imagination most, says Stringfellow. Then, carry that theme throughout the party from the invitations to the favors to, of course, the cake.

Now for the fun stuff. Here are 15 brilliant 2-year-old birthday party ideas.

Lola Cafe Kids Birthday Parties

517 Ellerslie Panmure Highway, Mount Wellington, AucklandLola is a light filled cafe that seats 100, with a special pink space designated for parties which is roomy enough to play games. Lola provides the venue, food and drinks for the kids and coffees for the parents. The food is made on site by Lolas famous baker and they can make the cake!

Lola does everything for your childs party, from setting up to cleaning up. Each child gets a house made marshmallow pop sealed in cellophone to take home too. All you need to do is walk in and enjoy! Call 09-218-5431 or to book.

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Birthday Party Games For Toddlers ~ 2 And 3 Year Old Party Games And Activitiesparachute Fun

Parachute games are tons of fun. Have all the children grab a side or handle and start waving the parachute up and down. There are TONS of games you can play with a parachute. In fact this could be the only entertainment you have at your toddlers party and they would never get bored.

Below is a video off youtube where they are playing a parachute game called cat and mouse. All the children wave the parachute and then you call out two names, one for the mouse and one for the cat. The mouse goes under the parachute and the cat goes on top.

The cat must crawl around and try to tag the mouse. After the mouse has been tagged call two more names to play the cat and mouse!

Birthday Toy Story Party

My 3 Year Oldâs Construction Themed Birthday Party! ð§

Following with more proposals for the 2 -years birthday of a child we bring to you one of the most emblematic characters of the cinema. 2-birthday toy story party where not only bos layer and woody become the favorite characters to decorate his birthday, but the rest of the toys, so be inspired.

Give that touch of creativity to every detail in the 2- years birthday of your child where toys tory is the main character. Take all the ideas that we give you in the images and decorate from the dessert table to the packaging of the sweets for the Surprise little guests.

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Bake Your Own Goodies

Get crafty! Baking your own goodies not only serves as a little mental break from adulting, but saves you money in the long run. Plus you get to lick the spoon in the comfort of your own home.

For $5 rather than the $42 I spent on fancy bakery cupcakes, you can bake some tasty mini cupcakes if time permits or even make some awesome minion cupcakes.

I went to one of my favorite bakeries and custom ordered 24 cupcakes, like a sucker. Learn from my mistakes. We also baked cookies .

My grand total was $257ish. $83 + $30 + $0 + $7 virtual $100

My revised grand total $55ish. $45 + $5 + $5 + $7 $0

Have any clever 3rd Birthday Party Ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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Birthday Party Ideas For Ages 3

You can focus here on your Kids Interests. At this age, you can usually host a party at an entertainment venue. Time of year is also important!

In the Winter, these are great options:

  • Play Street Museum
  • American Ninja Warrior/Obstacle Warrior Kids
  • Gymnasiums
  • Indoor Jump Play locations

Safari Run is a great party location! There is room to run, climb, and slide and is fun for a variety of ages.

There are several party packages with the option to even rent out the facility. This is a great option for 4 year old birthday party places!

Kid Mania is also fun for a variety of ages and kids have a great time playing. This is also a favorite for 3 year old birthday party places and up in age. They have food and arcade games too. The party packages say that Moms and Dads get to enjoy the day while the crew of Kid Mania does all the work.

  • Bowling
  • Chuck-e-Cheese or Dave n Busters

In the Summer, there are more outdoor options:

Texas Pool: Have a summer birthday? Plan a pool party at the Texas Pool!

CHECK OUT OUR E-BOOK GUIDE TO BIRTHDAY PARTIES for tons of tips, ideas and suggestions around the area

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Awesome Outdoor Party Games Kids

Planning a backyard party for your kids this summer? Here are some of the best outdoor party games for kids of all ages. Youll find some of your favourite classic backyard party activities here along with some really fun and creative new ideas!

My kids birthdays are in summer and early fall, so when they were young, we always held their parties outside in the backyard. I loved planning the simple outdoor games and activities for those parties. They were never fancy, but they were a ton of fun and they made for some of the most memorable times for my kids and their friends.

Many of my readers have asked about outdoor party ideas for their kids, and I thought it would be fun to ask our for their favourite for outdoor party games.

Their suggestions were amazing! There was a great mix of timeless classic activities and a lot of creative new ones. Im excited to share some of my followers favourites as well as some of my own personal favourites with you today.

If youre planning an outdoor party for your kids this summer, or even a backyard BBQ with family, friends and neighbours, here are your must-try outdoor party game ideas.

Host A Drive By Birthday Party Parade

This Old Chair: 3 year old birthday party {water fun}

Ask friends and family to drive by your home waving, honking, blowing bubbles. They can even toss birthday gifts onto the lawn. Coordinate a time with friends and family locally to parade by and celebrate from a safe distance. Make certain the birthday child is outside to see everyone and wave back.

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Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday Without A Party

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

A recent survey found that families can spend upwards of $30,000 on their kids’ birthday party celebrations between the first and 21st birthdays. Throwing a birthday party can be a major source of stress and a major drain on the bank account for parents. You can still make your child’s birthday a memorable celebration without throwing a party. Suggest some of these ideas to your child for a fun and memorable birthday.

Q The Other Moms Have Been Throwing Elaborate And Expensive Parties For Their 3

A. Dont even try. All a child this age really cares about are cake, songs and presents in the company of friends. Whom do you want to impress: the Joneses or your preschooler?

Rachel Schewe of Coppell, Texas, has taken her 2-year-old, Emily, to over-the-top parties with lavish themes, goody bags with birthday-party-size presents, and intricate cakes from gourmet bakeries. But for her daughters second birthday, she chose a joint sandwich-and-cupcake affair at the local park with Emilys friend Sam, whod just turned 2 himself. She asked that the handful of guests donate a book to the local childrens hospital rather than bring gifts. My daughter had a great time and didnt miss something bigger, she says.

And, of course, it is possible to have a theme party thats actually simple in scope. Kellie Gainess daughter wanted a bug party for her third birthday, so the Murrieta, California, mom sent out bee invitations to 15 kids, held an easy rubber-bug hunt in the backyard and served a homemade ladybug cake. It was a short, sweet and successful gathering that didnt end up sapping her wallet or energy.

School-age kids might indeed start to notice the disparity in birthday extravaganzas. If your child doesnt understand why she cant have a bash as big as her friends, be casual but firm. Simply say, This is how we do it in our family.

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Games For Birthday Parties At Home

Forget researching the latest games kids crave the classics. All ages love pin the tail on virtually anything, says Peer. Zarkov uses the theme to give games a fun twist. So, at a bug party, Simon Says becomes Ladybug Says. Try these other hits:

Musical Hoops Buy one hoop per child from a dollar store. Place them on the floor and play cool music as the kids march around, jumping in a hoop when the tunes stop. Each round, remove a hoop, but not a child. At the end, the whole group crams in the one remaining hoop by sticking in a toe, a foot or even a hand.

Treasure HuntTry burying clues outdoors or upstairs and downstairs, so kids get to burn off steam. Give gold coins as treasure at the end, suggests Peer.

Ages 3-5Show picture instructions of where to find the next clue .

Ages 6-8Let guests solve limerick or poem clues.

Ooey-GooeysSchool-aged kids love food challenges, says Gibson. Place a Smartie on a plate and spray whipping cream on top. Kids run up, dunk their face in the cream to retrieve the Smartie and run back.

Toddlers Birthday Party Themes

Surprise My 3 Yr Old With a LIVE Mermaid | Birthday Turn Up| Pool Party Ideas

Choosing a theme for your child’s birthday party means you can create a truly special day. If you pick a theme that covers everything from party favors to cake, it takes the stress out of planning, and is sure to impress your party guests.

The Circus

Why It’s Great: Bright colors, animals, clowns and face-paint: you can’t beat a circus theme for an exciting birthday party theme. So many activities and ideas spring to mind when you think of the circus, which makes it such a great choice for any birthday kid.

How To Do It: Decor is key for a circus theme. Make your party space instantly recognisable with colorful cones, banners, tassels and balloons. Go the extra mile with a dress up theme and face-painting for some adorable birthday snaps, and make sure to include a circus themed cake.

Why It’s Great: At this age, children are learning all about the exciting animals of the jungle, which makes it the perfect party idea. From games and activities to animal party favors, this theme can easily make one of the best birthday parties for your toddler.

How To Do It: Transform your party room with paper leaves and vines, with animal face helium balloons peeking through the foliage. A jungle themed cake and leafy paper plates are easy to get your hands on, and children will love playing animal charades and sleeping lions.

Under The Sea

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How Many Kids Will Attend Your Birthday Party


Depending on your budget, many venues which offer Birthday Party options have per-person pricing. By reducing the number of guests, you might be able to offer your child a super fun party at a venue like Dave n Busters, Aqua Shop Plano or Pinstack, which usually has higher price pricing but Pump It Up Coupons may be applicable.

You could also play a day out for this number, with enough trusted chaperones and spots in cars for transportation.

If you choose an entertainment venue for this number, check carefully the number of guests they include in their packages. The costs can escalate dramatically and you have to consider if it falls within your budget.

At this level, a more open format might work best a gaming truck, pool party, park pavilion are all ideas for this.

Birthday Venues For 13th Birthday Party

If the idea of having a party at home seems like too much chaos, why not have your childs birthday party elsewhere.

here are plenty of great birthday party venues throughout the country, and your child could take one or two special friends, or a whole group of mates. Favourite teenage party venues include:

  • Rock Climbing
  • A special sports event, show or concert
  • Aquatic Centre or Water Park
  • Theme Park

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Let Your Child Decide

What does your son or daughter want to do for their birthday? Just ask. They may surprise you and say they would just like to spend the day playing with you. If your kid is stumped, help make a list and talk about the many fun things you can do together to celebrate the birthday. In the end, let your child make the decision.

Victoria Azarenka Crowdsources On Social Media For Help Planning Birthday Party For Son Leoyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

My daughter

Being a single mom who is also a world-class tennis player trying to plan a five-year-old’s birthday party can add untold levels of stress. Former world No. 1 Victoria Azarenka is balancing off-seasons obligations with trying to plan a birthday party for soon-to-be five-year-old son Leo,


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Birthday Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds

Turning 13 is a big deal, so a 13th birthday party should be a big deal too. However, making a 13th birthday special does not have to be expensive it really is the little things that are remembered. Heres our list of birthday party ideas for 13 year olds.

Thought of in some cultures as the age when adulthood begins, 13 is the beginning of your childs official status as a teenager!

This is cause for celebration in itself, in the hope they will make it relatively unscathed through the next seven years

For many children, its also the year when they begin high school, yet another adventure on the character-building highway of life.

So 13 really is a milestone year for a lot of kids.

This can be the birthday which some parents like to mark with a special ceremony a type of initiation, if you will, into adulthood.

For boys, this may mean going on a men only overnight camping trip or for girls, spending some special time away with their mother or other, significant women in their life.

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