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What To Do For 15th Birthday Boy

A Game Or A Football Match

15 Gifts For Shae’s 15th Birthday!!

If your teen is sporty that supports a football team, treat them to a game or a sporting activity, especially if youre living nearby a stadium. You can use this opportunity to spend quality time with your kid, who might want to celebrate their special day this way. Put a smile on their face cheering for their favorite team!

Solve A Murder Mystery

Like escape rooms, murder mystery games have had a resurgence in popularity lately. The easiest format to host a murder mystery party is to purchase one of the boxed games on Amazon that comes with all the instructions, invitations, character booklets, and even a script to follow. There are many themes, so you can find the right fit for your teen.

If you want something a little more polished and hands-off, you can hire companies to create an experience for you. There are virtual options that come with a host, so you dont have to do anything other than making sure the invites are sent . These games are definitely a unique party idea and if your teenagers like any kind of dramatic theater, they will love this option.

Yeti Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

The extra thick walls and permafrost insulation on this Yeti cooler are designed to keep drinks cold and the handle and wheels make it easy for bringing on the go.

Teen boys will love bringing this heavy-duty cooler to tailgates, backyard parties, or beach days. With proper care, this is a gift they can enjoy for years to come .

Price at time of publish: $450

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Nike Air Force 1 07 Basketball Shoes

These cool all-white Nike Basketball shoes make an excellent gift for that fashion-forward basketball-loving 15-year-old boy in your life. The legend continues to live in the Nike Air Force 1 07 . The low design offers optimum soil adhesion and a classic look and features rippled leather edges for a cleaner, slimmer line and more refined details. Take that, Adidas!

Single Station Radio Tuner

21 Best 15th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Sometimes less is more. This refreshingly minimal Mason jar radio is pre-tuned to the FM station of your choice, so its always at hand. Just turn a single knob and enjoy your favorite station without complicated controls, apps, or phone tethering. Just add two AA batteries and attach the antenna for over 30 hours of listening a great gift for your eclectic hipster kid!

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Treat Them To A Shopping Party

A shopping party can be a low-cost and fun way to spend a birthday. You can even hire a personal shopper to help the birthday teen select a few new outfitsmany stores offer this service for free or for a nominal fee.

Your teen’s friends can give their expert advice, take snaps, and shop themselves. Then, throw in lunch or invite everyone back to the house for a fashion show later in the evening to complete the day.

Location: Your local mall

Ideal age: 14 and up

Things to remember: Give your teen a gift card upfront so they can purchase a few of their favorite outfits without you hanging around.

Estimated cost: It depends on your chosen stores, but probably $50 and up.

Number of guests: Stores won’t want too many teens taking up space in the changing room, so stick to a small party of three or four.

High Tea And Dressed To The 9s

Get the girls to pull out their best dresses or raid their mothers sisters friends wardrobes and head out for the fine experience of a high tea. Some girls may never have heard of a high tea, so you may need to show them. You can have a high tea in many places, some average to good, but do your research and find one in your location that goes all out and really makes it a true experience and one worthy of a party.

The girls will be served in elegance on fine china, a wide variety of teas they may have never heard of or even knew were available. Theyll have their taste buds delighted with perfect crafted sandwiches, savouries, dainty cakes and sweets all painstakingly handcrafted. Some even look almost too good to eat off their 3 tiered high stands.

You could extend the day by gathering them together for a few hours earlier and getting dressed to the 9s first. They could spend time curling their hair, trying out some different makeup techniques. Have Mum or someone on hand to take photos of them all glammed up, while theyre having high tea and of course theyll take a bunch of glam selfies for their online profiles.

You could extend this into a great gift idea by getting them a personalized MasterCard gift from or similar using their high-tea glam pic!

High tea is an age-old tradition, thats totally come back to be retro-cool, and the girls will be talking about this event for some time to come!

Budget: $25 $55 per person

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At Home Game Night Party

Image source:

If youre on a tight budget, yet you want to make sure your child has the best day possible, theres always the option of hosting a game night in your home. You wont have to spend any money on a venue, and there are plenty of fun activities you can plan for the day.

Mainly, you need to find out what types of games the kids would enjoy playing. You can also make it a game night with prizes, as this will definitely make the night more exciting.

Here are a few examples of some games they can play:

I Am

This game is basically like charades, but for teens. First, each player needs to write down who theyre going to impersonate on a piece of paper and place it in their pocket.

The person they want to impersonate can be anyone from a teacher to a celebrity its just important that everyone whos playing knows who the person is. Each person will get two minutes to show off their impersonations, and the player that gets the most correct answers wins.

Spin for a Dare

Instead of playing truth or dare, why not make the game more interesting? Get every player to write down a dare on a piece of paper, fold it, and put it into a bowl.

Now, every player should sit in a circle, and each person will get a turn to spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle points to is supposed to collect a dare from the bowl.

Wacky Duck

But if they get it wrong, the blindfolded person should sit on another lap and keep guessing until they get it right.

Th Birthday Party Ideas: Pool Party Water Park

Celebrating Reekids 15th Birthday! [Vlog]

Turn 15 while relaxing and catching rays poolside with a group of friends. Reserve space at the public pool, a water park, or rent a room at a hotel with a pool. Gather friends and family with 15th birthday pool party invitations from and celebrate your 15th birthday with a splash at a water-themed destination of your choosing.

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Make A Splash With A Pool Party

If you’re lucky enough to live someplace warm, fill the pool with oversized inflatables, create a fun mocktail, blast some music, and throw a pool party. Of course, guests need to remember their bathing suits and sunscreen, and you’ll want to provide some shade and fresh towels.

Even if you don’t have your own pool, your local community pools often rent out their facilities for private parties.

Location: Your backyard or local pool

Ideal age: 13 and up

Things to remember: A responsible adult should supervise at all times, and everyone needs to know how to swim.

Estimated cost: Free up to $200 to rent out a public pool

Number of guests: Try to keep a good ratio of adults to swimmers

How To Celebrate A Teenagers Birthday

Stephanie has four teenagers and has hosted many teenager birthday parties!

How to Celebrate and Plan Your Teenagerâs Birthday

If the teenager in your life is anything like mine, you wonât get a straight answer to the question, âHow do you want to celebrate your birthday?â

Teens are often concerned about appearances, and the last thing they want is an event drawing a lot of attention to them. At the same time, most do desire that their special day is acknowledged.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to plan a birthday celebration that will not subject your teenager to embarrassment⦠if that is possible . Keep in mind that a teenâs interests can change as quickly as a mercurial mood. So, factor in some flexibility and definitely do not forget your sense of humor when it comes to planning a party!

Hereâs what you can expect to learn about in this article:

  • Initial considerations to make when planning
  • Birthday party ideas
  • A reminder to have your teen help and prepare for the birthday

Read on to learn more!

How to celebrate a teenagerâs birthday â donât forget the sweets!

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Organize A Sleepover With Party Games

Consider a classic slumber party for your teenagers birthday party. Everyone can hang out in their pajamas, eat snack food, and play board games. See if you can get your hands on some older games like Mall Madness or a video game console, like a Super Nintendo. The kids can play and stay up late, just make sure there are no important events the next day because teenagers love sleeping in.

This is a perfect option for a smaller group. Usually, sleepovers cap out at three or four people because of sleeping spaces available. You can also have kids bring sleeping bags and expand the numbers a bit.

Another great option for a sleepover is to rent a hotel room for a night. You can get adjoining rooms, so youre close, but you might actually get a few hours of sleep regardless of the screaming and giggling teenagers. Hotels often have incredible pools and other amenities that you can treat the party guests, including the guest of honor!

Split Up Into Teams For A Paintball Party

15th Birthday Card Wishes, Jokes, and Poems

Paintball is a great activity for teenagers. Each course is set up differently, but the general idea is that you break up into teams with uniforms and spend an hour or so chasing each other around and shooting paint at your opponents. Sometimes there is a capture the flag game with a mission for the team to complete.

You can easily set up a table with some party food and snacks for the kids to enjoy before, during, or after their game. If you want to up the competition a bit, you can offer prizes to the winning team or best performers at the party.

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Th Birthday Party Ideas: Tour A Chocolate Factory

Turn fifteen while sampling a variety of chocolate and learning how Americas favorite candy is made on a chocolate factory tour. Some chocolate factories date all the way back to the 1800s, so in addition to experiencing first hand how bitter beans are transformed into mouthwatering sweets, youll receive a history lesson on where chocolate comes from and how it became the household item it is today. Do a search online to see if there are any chocolate factories in your area.

Stock Up On Supplies For An Epic Pizza Party

Who doesnt love pizza, especially kids in their teen years? Why not take a normal pizza night and make it more hands-on and fun. You can bring all kinds of toppings and let each party guest prepare their own pizza. Make sure you have all the basic and popular options like cheese, sauce, pepperonis, and sausage. Then you can get creative with the other options, like pineapples, jalapenos, ricotta, onions, zucchini, and more. You can offer suggested pairings to help them get creative.

Its best if you have a pizza oven or spot to cook everything that is spacious and quick. Stock up on sodas and sparkling waters to go with the pizza. For the dessert, you can get cupcakes and cookies that are decorated like pizzas, or you can opt to follow the pie theme and serve up varieties of pies, like fruit pies and cream pies.

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What Shouldnt You Do:

Push your child to have a party theme that they dont like only because it is the cool thing to do.

Take your child out on a night that is not specifically designated for their birthday, like any other night of the year.

Give in to peer pressure and buy an expensive present for your child that you cannot afford or even want for yourself.

Dont feel bad about canceling or changing the date of your event! You should try to get in touch with anyone who has RSVPd for your event before you cancel and reschedule.

Indulge Them With A Hotel Sleepover


Older teens will appreciate the plush surroundings and extra independence granted at a sleepover hosted in a hotel. Hotels also often have a swimming pool, perhaps a game room, and the opportunity to order a movie before they go to bed .

If possible, stay in an adjoining room to be close enough to help but far away from the giggles and noise.

Location: Any hotel

Ideal age: 16 and up

Things to remember: Tell the staff to put a hold on any room service to keep costs under control and carefully explain the rules to all attendees.

Estimated cost: $200-500 depending on the hotel

Number of guests: Most hotels have caps on the number of guests who can stay in a room, so keep the party small and intimate.

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Funny 15 Years Old Math T

This math t-shirt will form an interesting great gift for a teen boy as he hits the fifteen-year mark. This inexpensive gift for teenage guys turning fifteen has a funny imprint that will be perfect if he is a math lover.

It is made of cotton making it a comfortable, soft, and breathable t-shirt that he can wear anywhere including when going to school.

Buy from

Fascinating Solar System Crystal Ball

Take the teenage boy to a world of science. The solar system crystal ball is an ideal unusual gift for 15 year old boys. This ball features well-curved planets and made of high-quality material.

A cool present, the ball will inspire your boys astronomical dream. Also, its ability to display different colours will be a source of happiness. So, it is a good option for enhancing the love for science in your teenage boys.

Buy from

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Playday Long Island City Quhill Cobble Hill Brooklyn

This drop-in art and creativity center offers parties full use of the space for two hoursincluding the ping pong table and outdoor space. Parties include three creative activities with choices like clay sculptures, bookmaking, weaving, yoga, and more. Parties start at $850 and you’re responsible for bringing food, drinks, cake, cutlery, and paper plates.

Have A Black Tie Dinner

Boys 15th Birthday Greeting Card

Youâll need: Your family and all your finery

You donât have to go to a restaurant to dine in style, this is an easy way to make a teen birthday a bit fancier! Have a really special evening by organising a black-tie dinner party to celebrate your teenagerâs special day. You can go all out with this, send out invitations, make sure everyone knows the dress code and cook a three-course meal of all their favourite food, with birthday cake for pudding of course! Why not FaceTime in a few of their friends so they can celebrate with you too? This is a really fun way for everyone to get dressed up and make the day really feel like an occasion.

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Klask The Magnetic Award

What do 15 year olds like? If you are looking for a fun game that embraces hand-eye coordination then you should consider KLASK the magnetic award-winning party game of skill which can be an alternative to getting video games like Nintendo Switch. This fun toy for 15 year olds requires them to keep their eyes on the price while working their hands under the table to score a goal and win.

It is made of wood and it is designed to challenge ones reflexes and precision. It is one of the top teen boy gifts especially for those who love foosball and Air Hockey.

Buy from

Great Ideas For Celebrating A Boys Birthday Party

Did you know that most people stop celebrating their birthday after they turn 31?

In the grand scheme of things, thats not many birthdays. If people want to stay young at heart, adults should take notes on kids excitement for celebrating all the little things like aging another year.

Every child should have fond memories of their loved ones devoting a whole day to celebrating their life. If you want to give your son a magical birthday party that hell always remember, picking a theme hes passionate about can breathe new life into the event.

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Game Trucks For Birthday Parties

One of the newest crazes for birthday parties is to hire a game truck to come to your house. These trucks are filled with several screens and Xbox games for the kids to play.

This is a great idea for a kid that loves to play online games. With the high price of many birthday party locations, hosting this at your house might be pretty similar in cost.

We have gone to a couple of these parties and they have been a huge hit with older elementary school-age kids.

Game Truck Birthday Party Tips

Have the kids arrive 30 minutes early to do cake and pizza in your home or even set up tables outside. Then have parents pick them up straight from the game truck in your driveway.

Google game truck in your local area to see if you have a company by you hosting these parties.

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