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Red Robin Free Birthday Burger Rules

What Oil Does Red Robin Use For Fries

Driving to Red Robin to get our Birthday Burger

Red Robin uses a fully-refined soybean oil an item which is NOT considered a Big 8 allergen by the FDA.

What veggie burger does Red Robin use? A: Absolutely. At most Red Robin restaurants, our vegan and vegetarian guests can savor a BOCA® Original vegan burger or a Gardenburger® patty at no additional cost.

What is in the impossible burger at Red Robin? The Impossible Whopper is made with a flame-grilled vegan patty and the same toppings as the traditional Whopper: tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles and onions. Like the regular Whopper, it’s served on a toasted sesame seed bun at a suggested price of $5.49.

Is the brioche bun at Red Robin vegan? Are there vegan buns at Red Robin? Yes, there are four vegan bun options here: brioche bun, classic sesame bun, wedgie style bun , and the tavern bun.

Keeping In Touch With You

As a part of the Program, Red Robin may send you informational marketing, and promotional materials and other Program-related communications to the contact information you have provided as part of your Registration. These may include, for example, messages informing you of improvements we make to the Program, new Rewards you may earn, Rewards you have earned that may be ready to expire, new menu items you may want to try, and events happening in Red Robin restaurants. If you change any of your Account contact information after joining the Program, you agree that Red Robin may continue to send you marketing and/or promotional or transactional messages to the new contact information.

How Does The Kids Birthday Reward Work

We love celebrating birthdays, and we dont want your kiddo to miss out. The free Kids Birthday Reward is available to members who have provided email, phone number and date-of-birth, and have opted in for promotional marketing emails.

If your child is 17 or under, you can sign them up by adding their birthday to your Red Robin Royalty profile. The reward will be activated on your account the first day of their birthday month and may be redeemed once during that month by applying the reward to a purchase.

This is a dine-in only reward because your kiddo must be present to redeem the free Kids Birthday Reward.

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Get A Free Red Robin Birthday Burger During Your Birthday Month

Red Robins birthday burger reward can be used on one of 24 Gourmet Burgers and bottomless fries.

Just select your birth date when you sign up for Red Robin Royalty. The reward will be valid for your entire birth month, so be sure to come in before the month ends.

Royalty members will get an email once the reward is available on their account .

Be sure to tell the server if youre celebrating a birthday, because youll get a free ice cream sundae, too.

TIP: You can earn lots of food freebies on your birthday.

What Is The Best Burger At Red Robin

How You Can Support Your School With Red Robin

The problem with answering a question like the ‘best burger’ is that there are so many options to choose from at Red Robin and so many individual tastes to consider. From your basic burgers to the Red Robin gourmet burgers, there is something for everyone. If you like a little bit of a spicy kick there is the MadLove Burger with jalapeno peppers and avocado. If you like bleu cheese, there is the Black and Blue Burger. If you like a gourmet burger with a sweet and savory balance there is the Banzai Burger complete with grilled pineapple rings and a teriyaki glaze. All are served with the bottomless steak fries that will leave you stuffed and saying ‘Yummm.’

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Does Red Robin Have A Secret Menu

Red Robin, like other casual dining restaurants, does have a secret menu. In 2014, the Cure Burger was one of the most popular ‘secret’ items because it was a burger that was supposedly able to cure a hangover. Secret items or special, customized gourmet burgers are always an option at most Red Robin locations in the United States and Canada.

How Do I Use My Red Robin Reward Points Online

Red Robin gives you a free birthday burger when you sign up for their Red Robin Royalty Rewards program, and you can redeem it anytime during the month of your birthday. Just log in to your account and select the free birthday burger reward when you pay. Thereof, how do I use my Red Robin reward points online?

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Does Red Robin Offer Delivery

Some Red Robins offer delivery orders via 3rd party services, like DoorDash. Its not heavily publicized, though. Red Robin prefers to focus on the dine-in and takeout business. However, you can sometimes get a Red Robin coupon code for free delivery during special promotions.

You can also place a delivery order through the Red Robin App.

The Benefits Of Being Royalty

Red Robin Gave Me A Free Burger For My Birthday!!!

Being Royalty makes you eligible to receive Rewards. Royalty Members may earn credits toward Rewards by purchasing qualifying food items and non-alcoholic beverages at participating Red Robin restaurants. The Program offers different levels of rewards based on Members Account preferences.

For more information about receiving marketing and promotional Communications, see the Keeping in Touch With You section below.

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Where Is Red Robins Nutrition Info

Red Robin lists food allergen and nutritional information in their online and app menus. You can manage to make some smarter dietary choices, but if youre looking for healthy food, youre not in the right place. To view the nutritional content of any menu item, click here for the Red Robin website.

When you start an online order, you can make modifications to the menu ingredients online when ordering at the restaurant, simply ask the crew member to hold a given ingredient.

Free Movie Tickets And More

Why is Red Robin always on our Top 10 Free Birthday Mealslist?The Red Royalty Clubs combination of a great free birthday meal offer and continuous rewards sent weekly are why it always makes the list.Emails, like the one above, drop once a week or so for free movie tickets, desserts, drinks, BOGO burger coupons, $3 OFF coupons and free appetizers. Red Robin has one of the best email streams we have reviewed. They send free and discounted rewards weekly rather than fluff news about new appetizers or seasonal drinks.

Red Robin’s menu has grown to more than two dozen innovative burgers served with Bottomless Steak Fries and more than 100 different toppings for you to customize your favorite burgers. In addition to the many burger offerings, they have a variety of appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts and signature Mad Mixology Beverages.

If you like Red Robin you might also like the free birthday meals atApplebees,Golden Corraland IHOP.Check out over 300 free birthday meals and birthday freebies with ourRestaurant Birthday Deal Finder.

Just the Facts

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Get An Impossible Burger For $350 Less Than At Cheesecake Factory

Whats an Impossible Burger? Its a plant-based patty made from vegetable protein . Impossible Burgers also contain coconut oil, upping their saturated fat content as well.

For $13.49 you get an Impossible Burger with pickle relish, red onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and cheese on a bun at Red Robin.

A comparable Impossible Burger at Cheesecake Factory will run you about $16.95.

TIP: Of course, if youre wanting to get an Impossible Burger for the least amount possible, youre going to want to save at Burger King.

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8 Places You Can Get a Veggie Burger in Lubbock

Join the Red Robin Red Royalty Club and get a FREE Burger for your Birthday every year! OH and you get those delicious all-you-can-eat bottomless seasoned steak fries for FREE. Can you ever really eat enough of them?

You can redeem this FREEBirthday reward once any time during your birthday month.

Pick up a Red Robin Royalty Card at any Red Robin Location. Your Red Robin Royalty Card will automatically be loaded with your FREE burger to be used during the month of your birthday.

You can also register online HERE

Choose from over 24 Gourmet Burgers!


Seven days before your childs big day, theyll send their birthday coupon to your registered email address. Just print it, bring it and savor that priceless look of satisfaction on your kids face when they sink their teeth into the best burger theyve ever had. Be sure to register your children.

  • Kids Club Birthday Offer : FREE Kids Meal
  • Kids Club Birthday Offer : FREE Gourmet Burger or Kids Meal
  • Teen Birthday Offer : FREE Gourmet Burger. .

Find a location near you to get a FREEBirthday Burger!

Offer subject to change. Contact location to verify.

We may earn a commission from affiliate links in this post.

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How Does My Birthday Burger Reward Work

If you are eligible for the Free Birthday Burger reward , it will be automatically activated on your account the first day of your birthday month, and may be redeemed once during that month using when you apply your Royalty account to the purchase. You will receive an e-mail notification or text message once the reward is available on your account.

The Birthday Burger reward includes any of our fire-grilled Gourmet Burgers and Finest Burgers but does not include add-ons. The Birthday Reward will be automatically loaded to an account 24 hours after registration is completed and it will expire when your birthday month ends. Note that there is only one Birthday Burger per account.

How And When Membership May End

You may cancel your Program membership at any time by:

  • Sending an e-mail to
  • Sending a letter to “Red Robin Royalty Program”, Red Robin International, Inc., 6312 S. Fiddler’s Green Circle, Suite 200N, Greenwood Village, CO USA 80111

As soon as you cancel your Program membership, Red Robin will de-activate your Account and you will forfeit any Rewards and/or credits that you may have earned.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion to de-activate your Account if we reasonably believe that you are or become ineligible for the Program, that you have violated these Rules, or the Account has otherwise been flagged to be associated with fraudulent activity. We may cancel some or all of your earned Rewards and credits if we determine that you received the Rewards or credits due to an error, through fraud or deception, or in any manner not consistent with these Rules. If your Program Membership is terminated or your Account de-activated or otherwise cancelled, any Rewards and/or credits will automatically expire.

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Red Robin Royalty Rewards

To receive credit for your qualifying purchase and to redeem a Reward you have earned, present your Program Card or the telephone number associated with your Account to your server or tabletop device at participating restaurant locations with your payment. Your server will enter your Program Card information or the telephone number associated with your Account in the Program System, the fact that you visited the restaurant, and the items you purchased. Your Account will be automatically adjusted to show any credits you received and any Rewards you redeemed.

You may redeem only one earned Reward per visit to a Red Robin restaurant, and you may redeem only two earned Rewards per day. If you have earned more than one Reward, just present your Program Card or the telephone number associated with your Account to your server with your form of payment, and our Program system will apply the highest ranked Reward that you have earned to your bill . The Rewards you do not redeem will remain in your Account until you use them or until they expire, whichever occurs first. All Rewards are subject to availability at the time of redemption request. We may make certain Rewards available only while quantities and supplies last.

If you visit a Red Robin restaurant with other Royalty Members, please ask your server to give each Royalty Member a separate check and apply the credits for each Royalty Member’s purchases to that particular Royalty Member’s Account.

How Can I Check My Red Robin Rewards

Red Robin’s free birthday burger and more!

LOGGING IN- Access your Royalty membership by click You can check if you received credit for your recent visits by logging into your account and clicking on My Account > Account History.

Does Red Robin celebrate birthdays?

When you join Red Robin Royalty,® all of your kids get a FREE burger or entrée during their birthday month.

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What Happened Red Robin

Though Red Robin has bounced back slightly after sales plummeted by half during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the chain recently announced that five locations have closed their doors for good. Just under 550 Red Robin locations across the country remain after two others shut down earlier this year.

What Kind Of Veggie Burger Does Red Robin Use

A: Absolutely. At most Red Robin restaurants, our vegan and vegetarian guests can savor a BOCA® Original vegan burger or a Gardenburger® patty at no additional cost.

What are the Big 8 food allergens?

Congress passed the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 . This law identified eight foods as major food allergens: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.

Do french fries have egg? Burger King doesn’t post their full french fry ingredients, but according to their allergen guide the french fries contain no eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, or wheat. However, they are cooked in a shared fryer that is also used for products containing wheat and milk.

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Mobile App Push Notifications

If you are signed up for Red Robin Mobile App push notifications, we may send push notifications with information on your orders and special offers to your mobile device. You can turn off push notifications for the App anytime either in the Profile section of the App or in the settings of your mobile device.

Do You Eat Free At Red Robin On Your Birthday

French Fry Diary: French Fry Diary 613: Birthday Goodies

Red Robin Birthday Burger. The Red Robin birthday club reward is a FREE Gourmet Burger or Chicken Sandwich including Bottomless Steak Fries redeemable any day during the month of your birthday.Click to see full answer. Similarly, you may ask, do you get a free meal at Red Robin on your birthday? Get a free $15 burger for your birthday. Red Robin gives you a free birthday burger when you sign up for their Red Robin Royalty Rewards program, and you can redeem it anytime during the month of your birthday.Also, do they sing happy birthday at Red Robin? If you have a Red Robin rewards card, you get a free gourmet birthday burger. and a glorious, loud, birthday song that requires at least three people to sing to you. Accordingly, how do I get my free birthday burger from Red Robin? As a Red Robin Royalty member, you will not receive a coupon for your Free Birthday Burger, because the Birthday reward is automatically loaded to your account the first day of the month of your Birthday, and may be redeemed once during the entire Birthday month, using either your registered Royalty card or phoneDoes Red Robin do anything for kids birthdays?Kids 13 and older will get a free Red Robins Fire-Grilled Gourmet Burger for their birthday . Basically, when you enroll your kids in our club, birthdays are a blast!

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Review Of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

With the club rewards you get a free burger on your birthday and earn points towards a free burger .

1014 of 56 reviews

I was very impressed on how how server handled a party of 22 on her own. We tried to call ahead to book a reservation but they said they do not accept reservations. When we arrived, we waited about 20 minutes to be seated and got moved around a few times to accommodate our large group. Once we settled in, our server was getting our drink and appetizer orders right away. She was very quick with the refills and small requests. I was impressed how she handled the separate bills with ease and worked in the crazy heat She handled all of us like a pro and I was sure to stay behind to speak to a manager about how great she was. Food was very good.

Unquenchable Thirst Meet Bottomless Refreshment

When it comes to endless refreshments, these aren’t your typical free refills. Dine-in with us where signature beverages like Freckled Lemonade® and Poppin’ Purple Lemonade are flowing non-stop. Guests can also endlessly indulge in our Bottomless Root Beer Float made with Barq’s Root Beer and soft-serve ice cream. As if that weren’t enough, our Orange and Raspberry Cream Sodas are you guessed it Bottomless. So keep chugging. We’re stocked and ready.

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What Do You Get For Free At Starbucks On Your Birthday

On your birthday , you will receive one complimentary handcrafted beverage OR one complimentary food item OR one complimentary ready-to-drink bottled beverage .

Do I get a free drink at Dunkin on my birthday? Get a Special Birthday Treat: Here at Dunkin’ we believe that everyone deserves a delicious drink to sip on while celebrating their big day. That’s why each year we send our DD Perks members a reward for a free birthday beverage!

What does chipotle give you on your birthday?

For your birthday, enjoy a Free Chips & Guac with a $5 purchase at participating Chipotle locations.

Are the cauliflower wings at Red Robin vegan? Red Robin is Now Serving Vegetarian-Friendly Cauliflower Wings. In an effort to cater to consumers who don’t eat meat, Red Robin has introduced a new vegan Cauliflower Wings option. Though Red Robin’s new dish is called Cauliflower Wings, the dish is really more ‘bites’ than chicken wings.

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