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How To Make Happy Birthday Video On Iphone

Bonus: How To Gift Your Video

How to send birthday messages on iPhone!
  • Upload to youtube or video as a private video + email the link
  • Send the video file via Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Gift a video album. This looks like a photo album that you can keep on your coffee table or bookshelf, but it auto-plays your video when it opens. A video album is an amazing way to share videos with your loved one because you can wrap it. So, they actually get something to physically open. Learn more.

How To Play Happy Birthday On Your Iphone

If you are like most people, you call your friends on their birthdays to wish them a happy day. Some people replace that phone call with a Facebook message or a tweet, but either way, its nice to reach out to the special people in our lives on their special day. If you get voicemail, instead singing happy birthday, I have another option for you. How about play happy birthday on your iPhone?

Making sounds on a phone keypad is such a retro, old school way to communicate a message, which makes it even more fun. It reminds me of the old days, before smartphones, when we used to text using the keys on our cell phones. We used to hit the 2 key twice for the letter B and so on. Remember that? This is similar, except it uses the keys as sounds instead of letters.

Now you can call up that special someone and play happy birthday to him or her by just typing in the numbers you see on the chart below. If you want to get fancy, you could download a piano app for a real piano sound, but I think this analog way is much better.

Top 2 Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker, known as Windows Live Movie Maker, is a small and light happy birthday video making software, which initially comes with Windows 20 years ago. In Windows 10, Microsoft has offered you a free built-in video app – Photos.

This freeware enables you to edit the birthday videos basically, like splitting and trimming, and it is best for those who want to turn photos into a great happy birthday video with music. If you want to make your video more attractive and professional, you can opt for other programs in this post.

Key features:

  • It supports various basic features
  • It allows you to organize and edit your photos and generate them to a movie with one click

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Best Birthday Video Makers For Computer Desktop

We recommend the following birthday video makers for computer desktop because they are powerful and have beautiful effects. However, if you are new to video editing, please don’t try them at all, they sometimes can be tricky. Also, they don’t provide background music.

1. iMovie

iMovie is a professional birthday video maker with beautiful effects for all iOS & Mac users. However, Windows users also have access to it after paying. It allows you to crop, trim, arrange video clips in timeline. Cool transition effects bring your birthday video to the next level! Even though iMovie can be hard to catch up for beginners, it is worth trying.

Birthday Video Maker – iMovie

2. Photos

Birthday Video Maker – Windows Photo

3. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is made to produce some professional-looking birthday video. Except for all video editing features that all its competitors have, advanced video effects, including color correction and object transformation as well as audio effects are all available. What’s better, VSDC is truly free! No watermark added!

Birthday Video Maker – VSDC

Turn Audio And Video Clips Into Impressive Happy

Birthday Cakes With Name Like Real

If youre looking to create something a little more exciting than a paper birthday card or birthday eCard, send your happy-birthday greetings with a custom video. Whether its just a simple birthday slideshow video or a more cinematic edit with moving clips and multiple soundtracks, put together professional-quality videos easily with Adobe Premiere Rush.

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It Will Look Like This

Balloons everywhere! But just for a few seconds. It’s long enough to be cut,e and short enough not to keep the recipient from whatever else they were doing on their phone.

Now, if you want to send balloons without a birthday message, say, to your roommate who finally finished all of her farmer’s market produce before it became rotten mush on the fridge floor, you can do this:

Amazing Birthday Greeting Videos

Make the best birthday wishes video with a birthday video maker. No matter what, birthdays are always special. Right from your first birthday, parents are excited and want to share the joy with their loved ones. Inform your friends and relatives via an animated birthday wishes video. Birthday party invites are usually sent over WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and more. To convey the theme and emotions for one of the best birthday parties ever.

Birthday video invites are the perfect way to let your loved ones know about the grand celebration at your place. But how to put into the right words? PhotoADKing comes with a complete range of birthday party video invitation templates that are free to edit so that you can shape it like a pro. Mold the Birthday video template design in an inventive manner to make it sound more fun yet engaging with the birthday video maker. Here are some Birthday video ideas that you can play around with to attract more visitors.

To dig a new trend funny birthday videos are something you can swear by to create interest among them. Create a birthday video that includes all the pictures with that person. If you are a brand, share ways to celebrate the birthday. Make a standard one with a happy birthday song with just a party theme. If everything youve tried, then manage to have a birthday quote video for the rescue.

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Animate Messages On Iphone

In the Messages app , you can animate a single message with a bubble effect or fill the entire message screen with a full-screen effect . You can even send a personal message with invisible ink that remains blurred until the recipient swipes to reveal it.

You need iMessage to send and receive message effects. See the Apple Support article About iMessage and SMS/MMS.

Make A Video For A Party Slide Show

How to Make a Video for Someone’s Birthday (Free Templates)

People will like to see the photos from a birthday party afterward. The majority of the time, people would rather watch a video than scroll through hundreds of pictures. Make a slideshow video out of all of the images. This video can also be shared on different social media sites. Making a blooper video allows you to reflect on the day while still having fun recalling it.

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Top 5 Best Free Happy Birthday Video Maker Apps

You don’t have to be a skilled video editor to create happy birthday videos with any of the apps featured in this article, because each video maker app offers simple and creative tools that enable you to create a video in a few simple steps. Let’s have a look at some of the best options on the market.

Animate Effects Over The Full Screen

You can send messages with full-screen effectssuch as lively lasers, a moving spotlight, or echoing bubblesthat play when your recipient gets your message.

  • In a new or existing conversation, type a message or insert a photo or Memoji.

  • Swipe left to preview different screen effects.

  • Tap to send the message or to cancel the effect and return to your message.

  • Messages automatically uses the following screen effects for specific text strings:

    • Balloons for Happy birthday

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    The Best Birthday Video Maker

    Premiere Rush provides high-quality results on your phone or computer, with a more lightweight interface than Adobe Premiere Pro. Combine video clips, adjust their speed and length, add and refine multiple sound tracks, add sleek transitions and titles, and much more.

    Everything you need and more.

    Balance high-powered editing tools with an easy-to-use interface. Edit on your iPhone, Android, or Desktop, and switch over to Adobe Premiere Pro anytime to achieve more nuanced edits.

    Access your clips from anywhere.

    Get from 100GB to 10TB of Adobe Creative Cloud storage space so all your projects are synced across devices. Easily jump from your phone to your laptop to stitch together clips from multiple sources, and never lose track of a clip or an edit.

    Customize your titles.

    Add text over your videos and easily adjust the size and color. Choose from thousands of amazing typefaces through Adobe Fonts. And find unique title templates from Adobe Stock, right in the app.

    Balance sound like a pro.

    Add up to three audio tracks on your video and adjust their volumes individually. Use the Auto Duck feature to automatically reduce music while someone is talking.

    Speed up, slow down, and pan and zoom.

    Control the speed of different audio and video tracks individually. Plus, you can use the Pan and Zoom feature to zoom in and out of images you include in your happy-birthday video.

    Select The Rational And Proper Music

    iPhone cake

    When you plan to create a birthday video, you may want to make a dreamy mood, light-hearted one, or give off party energy. But, on the other hand, perhaps you will want to choose music with significant meaning in your relationship. Vimory can help you because it has a vast music library that has everything you need and more.

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    Birthday Video Editing Tips

    Ok, once you have all the video birthday messages from family + friends, what next? The easiest way to edit them together is to just string them together, clipping off the dead space from the beginning + end of each video message.

    What I like to do when I edit is to clip apart each persons message + then group peoples messages into an overall storytelling arc. Maybe we would start with all the Happy birthdays, share funny stories next, and finally wrap up with kind words. Usually after watching a few birthday message submissions, you can see some themes emerge. When I was editing an 80th birthday message, several grandkids mentioned cooking with their grandma as one of their favorite things. So, I grouped all those messages together in the video. Personally, birthday messages with an overall story arch or where the different messages are woven together are much more interesting to watch.

    If youd like to work with me on putting something together for a friend or family members socially distant birthday celebrations or are looking for a way to make their virtual birthday party more special, contact me or learn more about gifting a video here.

    Birthday Video Maker With Song

    Before making a video from images, it is important to edit the picture. Even before posting any video on social media, it is also best to add some spice in it. Therefore, this birthday video maker with song app provides you a lot of editing tools along with birthday special items. Firstly, you have to make your sharing content as beautiful as you can and later put the decorating things including cakes, wishes, songs, themes, frames, collages and effects on it. For showing more love for your friend, this app also allows you to enter your loves name and picture on the sweet cakes. Although the app gives you amazing music collection, but you can also add your own songs.

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    How To Make A Birthday Video Message

    Looking for the best way to put together an awesome birthday video message for a friend? Today, Im covering my entire strategy for sending virtual birthday greetings including what to say in your birthday wishes video, how to record a birthday message video + even my happy birthday video editing tips.

    Im an Aries + had to have all my 2020 birthday celebrations canceled due to the restrictions in my city. I know Im not alone in having had to delay celebrations or have virtual birthday parties instead. So, heres how to record + put together an awesome birthday message video to send to your loved one!

    Happy Birthday Video Maker

    How to Make a Happy Birthday Video – Kids Party Filmed on iPhone

    Happy Birthday Video Maker is an app developed by Suneel Gupta. It is designed to help users create birthday greetings in a video form with a background music. It features various Happy Birthday frames to choose from.

    • reviewed on March 14, 2019

      This is just a simple app but it’s good enough for creating just birthday greetings videos. Im kinda old for this stuff and not really the techy type but I was able to learn to use this withhout a hassle..

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    How To Record Your Birthday Message Video

    I send a PDF guide to all my clients that they can send out to friends + family. These are some of the tips + tricks I cover in that guide:

    • If possible, use a tripod or lean your phone somewhere stable, like a pile of books or a chair.
    • Film horizontally
    • Center yourself in the shot + try not to cut off the top of your head
    • Choose a simple background + make sure youre well lit. Standing by a window helps!
    • Make sure your camera or iPhone is set to record in HD

    Need tips for recording better audio? I cover recording audio with your smartphone in another blog post which you can read in full here!

    Top 13 Birthday Video Makers With Music And Effects Free

    • Top 13 Birthday Video Makers with Music and Effects Free

    Be it a birthday wishes video to express your sincere wishes, birthday party invitation video to have more people gathered together, or birthday party video recap to cherish the best moments, the birthday person will always be delighted to see all you’ve made. Here are some interesting birthday video templates for your reference.

    Birthday Wishes Video Templates

    Birthday Party Invitation Video Templates

    Many of you might have flinched even at the first thought of making a video, not to mention making a birthday wishes video. Frankly, many free online birthday video makers with music and effects are available. In this post, we will show you the top birthday video makers online/offline. Check them out and decide which birthday video maker is the best for you.

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    Celebrate A Birthday With Vimory Birthday Video Maker

    Whether youre celebrating your birthday or a birthday for a friend, loved one, or coworker, Vimory Birthday Video Maker is ready to help you make the perfect video for this special day. Start by making a birthday photo video slideshow with Vimory. Top it off with unique fonts and your desired music. Then, explore this professional editing application with no video editing or making experience required. It is as easy as pie add, edit, organize your content, adding a personal touch, and sharing your birthday video for all to enjoy.

    Best Birthday Video Makers Online Flexclip

    How To Play Happy Birthday When The Birthday Boy Or Girl Answers The ...

    FlexClip is the only online birthday video maker you will need to make excellent birthday videos. It is a birthday video maker with beautiful effects, royalty-free music, photos free to use and elaborate birthday video templates to get started easily! Besides that, this birthday video maker is equipped with easy to use but powerful video editing tools, allowing you to realize all ideas. Last but not least, you can export your video in any aspect ratio and dimension. Sharing your work to any social websites is easy and simple.

    Birthday Video Maker – FlexClip

    2. Animoto

    Animoto combines photos, video clips, text and music to make beautiful birthday videos! Pick any template or start from scratch, then upload your photos and video clips to the storyboard, then personalize, you can get a birthday video in minutes! Animoto is similar to FlexClip, however, it will add a tedious watermark to the birthday video if you stick on the free version. Besides that, the free version only provides basic editing features, like adding texts, music, changing color. No transitions, filters, changing speed. It does provide rich music and effects, but they are for subscribed users.

    Birthday Video Maker – Animoto

    3. Renderforest

    Birthday Video Maker – Renderforest

    4. Animaker

    Birthday Video Maker – Animaker

    5. Magisto

    Birthday Video Maker – Magisto

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    Top 11 Birthday Video Maker

    You can easily get this happy birthday video app from Google Play, and its operating steps are also straightforward and convenient.

    You can import the photos you want to process from your phone into this video maker and then choose your favorite birthday song as the background music. After a few clicks, you can get a perfect birthday video to convey the blessing to your friend. Its neat and simple UI interface and the built-in template make it possible for even beginners to create a birthday video independently.

    Key Features:

    • Very neat and clean UI
    • Create a birthday video from multiple images from your Gallery
    • The built-in Photo Editor is available

    Make Happy Birthday Slideshow Video With Filter/effect/element In Filmora

    To make your birthday video with more effect, emojis, elements, filters and titles, I highly recommend you to try Wondershare Fimora9 video editor.

    Besides the video effects pre-programmed in Filmora, you can find more results in the effect store Filmstock. One of the best parts is that the free birthday template includes titles & elements, overlays, and transitions specially designed for birthday.

    Price: Free

    Compatibility: Android, iOS

    Video clips and photos captured with your iPhone or any Android phone can be turned into magnificent videos effortlessly with FilmoraGO. You just have to import the materials you want to use in your project and arrange them in a way you like. The app offers a number of themes that give your happy birthday video a cheerful atmosphere, as well as a rich collection of fonts that will help you express your wishes more directly.

    FilmoraGO features a library of royalty-free music so you can enrich your videos with some of the tracks this powerful video editing app offers. The voiceover feature can come in handy if you want to add a personalized message to a happy birthday video, while you can also crop the footage or select the aspect ratio. The app lets you export videos directly to Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms, but if you want you can save the video to your camera roll, as well.

    Price: Free

    Compatibility: iOS

    Price: Free

    Compatibility: Android, iOS

    Compatibility: iOS, Android

    Price: Free

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