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Movie Night Birthday Party Invitations

Movie Party Games & Activities

3 DIY Movie Night Party Ideas

Keep your little moviegoers entertained with plenty of games and activities. While everyone will be looking forward to the main event, dont put the movie on right away. Its best to wear out little ones with some fun games and crafts first. Then serve the snacks when you start the movie for a relaxed movie screening without too much squirming.

Food Fun

Did someone say popcorn taste test? To set up a tasting station, place a variety of popcorn flavors in small bowls or paper cones and ask your guests to rate their favorites. Or provide plain popcorn and plenty of seasonings to inspire creativity. Checkout these flavored popcorn ideas for inspiration. Older kids will love helping you make popcorn and choosing their own spices.

Movie Party Games

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Break the ice with some fun games that include everyone at the party. Little ones will love movie bingo or charades. Include their favorite animated movies and characters and let them use their imaginations. For the older kids, challenge them with movie night trivia. Make up your own or grab this movie quiz pack from Quizzology.


Move the fun outdoors with an outdoor movie projector. Hang a screen from your garage or house and transform your backyard into a magical show under the stars. More outdoor movie night ideas include plenty of comfy blankets and pillows, as well as plenty of snacks. Ask your guests to bring their sleeping bags and a favorite stuffed animal for a little piece of home.

Print Your Free Movie Night Birthday Party Invitation

Everyone loves a birthday party, especially a birthday party movie night. Heres a fill-in-the-blank birthday invitation to give to all your guests for the festivities. Check it out.

For my sons 12th birthday, he just wanted to go to a movie with some of his friends. I couldnt have been happier. Then I didnt have to plan an elaborate 2-hour birthday party full of games and entertainment for 10 crazy boys. So I made a simple invitation that he could give his friends. Now you can print your own as well.

Movie Night Birthday Invitations

Finding the perfect birthday invitations and cards at a good price can be overwhelming. I was recently introduced to Basic Invite which offers custom cards, invitations, and stationery. I was truly blown away by all the options for birthday invitations. I found five different designs that specifically fit my theme of a movie night in the birthday party category. I had my pick of several easy-to-edit invites that I could customize and order within minutes. I was even able to edit the invitations on my phone with minimal effort, which can often be hard to do with other graphic and design apps.

Basic Invite allows you to completely customize all the colors on your invitation. There is a themed color palette built-in, but you can change anything you want! There are tons of colors available. This can really save you a lot of time by allowing you to make your invitation exactly how you want it instead of searching and searching for the perfect design on other websites as you have to scroll past all the options that arent quite right.

The customization options dont end there. Basic Invite even has different colors of envelopes you can choose from, and an address capturing service you can use to collect and print on the envelopes for free. I have personally used other card companies that charge quite a bit extra for address printing, so this is a huge value-added for me.

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Host The Ultimate Party With These Fun Movie Night Invites And Ideas

Movie nights are the perfect way to celebrate a variety of occasions from baby showers and bridal showers to birthday parties for adults and kids alike. Theyre also a sweet way to throw an engagement party especially if the celebration includes watching a romantic film.

To help you plan and host an unforgettable movie night, weve brought together our best tips and ideas. Youll find inspiration on themes and activities, plus some perfectly themed movie night invites to help you spread the word.

Grab Your Popcorn Here’s A List Of Movie Birthday Party Ideas Fit For A Star

Printable Backyard Movie Night Birthday Invitation Movie

The thought of hosting the perfect birthday party is daunting for any parent. Why not go easy on yourself with a movie night? All you need is a great film and popcorn to make the night special. Up the fun factor by moving the show outdoors for a movie night under the stars.

Weve gathered some of our favorite movie birthday party ideas to keep all the fun without the added stress. From personalized ticket invitations to DIY snack caddies, youll have everything you need for a star-studded event.

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Movie Night Birthday Diy Cake

The last highlight of our movie theater birthday party was cake, of course! My son wanted his cake to look like a movie theater camera. I was a little pressed for time so I wasnt able to add much detail, so I kept it fairly simple. All I did for this was bake a cake in a 9×13 pan, and cut out two circles and a trapezoid shape, and reassemble the pieces to look like a camera, and frost it. It can be difficult to get the frosting to be a very deep color like black, but what helps is using AmeriColor Gel Food Coloring to get richer colors while using fewer drops of food coloring. Luckily my kids are young enough that almost anything makes them happy regardless of how messy it is!

Adding these few simple touches to my sons movie night birthday party made him feel like he was extra special. I would gladly throw this type of party again in a heartbeat because although it took a little creativity and prep work, once the party started it was smooth sailing. Dont forget to add these DIY birthday decorations and bday party invites to your next birthday party planning list if you really want to level up the fun for your kids.

Whatever your next special occasion may be, I highly recommend checking out Basic Invite. Whether you are looking for thank you notes, surprise 50th birthday party invitations for your parents, friends, or family, you can find it all on Basic Invite.

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Set Up A Diy Popcorn Bar

Its not a true movie night without popcorn, and this is a super fun way to honor the classic movie snack. Everyone likes their popcorn their own way, and this idea ensures you cater to everyones tastes.

Set up a DIY popcorn bar at your party venue, whether its store-bought popcorn or freshly popped kernels. Lay out plenty of toppings and flavorings so guests can experiment. You could even turn this into a game by hosting a popcorn taste test with some unusual flavor combinations.

What Happens After My Order Has Been Placed

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Next, you will receive a second email notification informing you that the order has been dispatched. The email contains information on the postage methods and any tracking details.

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Make The Event Special

With the basics sorted and your movie night invites on their way, its time to plan all the different elements of your party. Decide how to decorate your space and make your theme come alive, and think about which party supplies youll need to make it happen.

Consider things like food, drink, games, and activities well ahead of your party date. Give yourself plenty of time to prep your printable cinema tickets or party games, or to head to the store for supplies for your DIY popcorn bar. You could also use to transform your space into a movie theater.

How To Print Your Free Movie Night Invitations

  • and open them in Acrobat Reader or similar program.
  • Place some card stock in your printer, and hit print to print out your tickets.
  • Each ticket sheet has six tickets on it, so make sure to print out enough tickets for everyone in your family!
  • After all the tickets are printed, cut them out around the outer border and pass them out to all your family members.

    Assign a ticket taker for your event, and let them stand at the living room door to collect everyoneâs tickets.

    We also have specific Halloween Movie Tickets and Christmas Invitations you can use too!

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    Select A Movie To Watch

    Just as you need to select a movie when you go to the theater, the same goes for planning your ultimate movie night. It might help to pick a theme for your event before you choose a movie. That way, you can narrow it down to a genre like romance, horror, sci-fi, comedy, or classic cinema. For a birthday party, choose the guest of honors most-loved movie as a special treat. If youre having a tough time deciding, make it a group effort and poll your guests for their suggestions when you send out your online invitations.

    Host A Hollywood Themed Event

    Movie Night Invitation, Movie Birthday Party Invite, Cinema Editable M

    Treat your party guests to an evening of Hollywood glamor with a vintage style movie night themed around the history of cinema and the star-studded world around it. This is a fun theme thats great for a milestone birthday or family celebration.

    Lay out a red carpet for your guests as they arrive, and have someone on hand to take their photographs much like a paparazzi would. Style up your party venue with plenty of reds and golds, and invite people to join you in their best dresses and suits to watch a big movie together.

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    Picking A Movie For Family Movie Night

    Now that you have your tickets ready and some movie night food ideas, itâs time to pick the most important part â the movie!

    Since you want everyone in your family to come together, itâs important to pick a movie everyone in the family will love. That means youâre going to have to decide upon a great movie that appeals to everyone.

    Coming up with the perfect movie for your family movie night doesnât have to be difficult!

    Make Use Of A Good Font And Font Size

    You want to make sure that your invitees are actually able to read the information youve placed within the invitations the best way to do that is by making use of the right kind of font and font size. If you dont, then it can lead to a ton of problems. For example, youre going with an Acrylic Invitation Design to make your invitation look more artistic, yet the font youve chosen is too difficult for anyone to read. This can lead to problems such as your invitees not knowing the exact time and date because its too hard for them to tell, or it can lead to them not even knowing what the invitation is for. So use a good font and font size to prevent these from happening.

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    Movie Night Birthday Party Invitations And Diy Decor

    This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links which means items purchased through these links return a small monetary percentage back to this blog. Read our full disclosure policy here.

    Celebrating kids birthdays since Covid has been challenging. We havent had the same type of large parties we have had in the past, so I have tried to make birthdays extra special by doing other things to give my kids that same feeling of being special on their birthday. For my sons most recent birthday he wanted to watch the new Paw Patrol movie at home, so we threw a movie night birthday and made lots of DIY movie night birthday decorations, props, and invitations to make his party feel like a movie theater.

    Review The Information On The Invitation

    DIY Movie Ticket Party Invitations

    You want the people youve invited to get everything that they need right? Then you also want to ensure that all the information theyve received is a 100% accurate. The only way for you to do that is if you go through your invitations and check for any possible errors that you may have missed. You may also see Bridesmaid Invitations

    This is common as there are a lot of people that tend to not notice mistakes until its too late. So what you can do is go through your invitations at least once or twice, fix any mistakes immediately after the moment you spot them, and create copies and send them to your invitees once its all said and done. Because you dont want to embarrass yourself or risk your invitees in missing movie night just because you couldnt bother to go through your invitations. You may also see Beach Wedding Invitations

    If you would like to learn how to make other types of , then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that have what you need and use them however you see fit.

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    Host A Super Fun Movie Night For Your Loved Ones

    Movie nights are the perfect way to bring people together. You can all relax and chill out while you catch a classic rom-com, or huddle together scared as you peek out from behind the covers while watching a horror movie.

    Once you select your date and venue, you can start having fun designing your movie night invites, and plan your party activities, decor, and food. With some of these tips and ideas, youll soon be on your way to planning and hosting an unmissable movie night party.

    Free Movie Night Invitations Printable Template

    • Pin

    One of our favorite ways to hang out as a family to host a fun movie night together! Weve created fun and easy to use printable Movie Night Invitations! You can download and print for free below!

    You always need tickets to get into a movie, so family movie night tickets are essential! As you get ready to host your family movie night, make sure to print out these family movie night tickets.

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    Movie Night Birthday Party Invitation

    Here Are A Few Ideas To Help You Narrow Down Your Search:

    Movie Night Party Invitation â Sunshine Parties
    • Adventure movies. Everyone loves a good adventure! Look for a family-friendly adventure film to show during your family movie night to get everyone in on the action.
    • Animated features. Cartoons arenât just for kids! There are several animated features that the adults in the family will enjoy, too. Movies by Disney or Pixar are always a good choice when it comes to family-friendly films.
    • Comedies. Everyone loves a good laugh, which means you canât go wrong with a family-friendly comedy. Just make sure to check the rating to ensure the comedy is appropriate for family members of any age.
    • Themes. Pick a theme for your movie night, then show films that fit into that theme. Use an upcoming holiday, like Halloween or Christmas, as your theme, or pick a different theme for your event, like superheroes or romantic comedies.

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    Movie Night Birthday Party

    A movie night birthday party is really quite simple to do, and it is something kids get really excited about. At young ages, they dont often get to stay up late with friends watching a movie. Both Brayden and Kaitlyn chose to do a movie night birthday party this year. Here is how to throw your own movie night party. This post contains affiliate links.


    One of the first things to do is to make the guest list and create invitations. Give your child the limit on number of friends he can invite. Make sure you have enough seating for your movie with your guests. Kids dont mind squishing and dont seem to need to be super comfortable, but they still need space. One note, over the years, I have found kids love parties. They rarely, rarely miss a party. One of my friends once doubled the number of children she hoped to end up with, which is perfectly wise because that is what you do for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, etc. You are told to invite twice as many as you want. Not so with birthday parties. Children will come.

    I have been loving using for invitations. You can find invitations for free. Some cost a little money. Kaitlyns cost me $1 and Braydens was free. They have several movie layouts, so definitely check them out!



    With a birthday party, we do cake and ice cream, so we usually only do the popcorn and dont worry about the sweet. We eat the cake and ice cream just before the movie starts. I figure that is enough sugar!

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