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Alice In Onederland Birthday Theme

Alice In Wonderland 1st Birthday Ideas

FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY | Laney in ONEderland | Alice in Wonderland Themed Party
  • Beautiful Onederland Circular Dessert Table Backdrop With Gold Glittery Onederland Sign
  • Amazing Blue, Pink and Purple Balloon Garland Decoration
  • Awesome Pink Alice In Wonderland Birthday Cake With Tea Cup Topper
  • Beautiful Flower Decorations and Table Centerpieces
  • Butterfly, Mushroom, Clock, Tea Cup, and Key Decorations, Along With the Plush Cheshire Cat
  • Alice In Wonderland Inspired Cookies, Cupcakes, Macaroons, and Dessert Toppers
  • Gorgeous Gold and Pink Table Place Settings For Each Guest With Pretty Thank You Stationery
  • Light Blue Alice In Wonderland Favor Bags
  • Pink Favor Boxes With Gold Glitter 1 Favor Tag

Alice In Wonderland Water Bottles

I always like to have water bottles at my parties. Its easy to customize with I make, and having water available is a great break from the sweets too. Plus, you need more to drink than those tiny drink me bottles haha!

These are super easy. on regular water, cut them out, remove the water bottle labels, and then tape these on! Simple!

Begin With An Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party Backdrop

Youre going to want lots of pictures to remember a first birthday, so we started with a showstopper of a background. Our custom balloons were adorned with oversized red roses and playing cards, along with flamingos, clocks, and of course, the Mad Hatters flamboyant topper. Everything was beautifully arranged atop our favorite marquee letters from Alpha-Lit spelling out One.

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How To Throw An Alice In Onederland Birthday Party

Food, decor, and more for an awesome Alice in ONEderland Birthday Party!

I absolutely adore throwing birthday parties for my kiddos! It is a thrill for me to throw an awesome party without spending much money. My daughters 1st birthday party was a blast! Read on for the DIYs and $$ saving tricks that I used to throw this Alice in ONEderland Un-Birthday Tea Party!

How To Throw An Amazing Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party

Alice in ONEderland Birthday Party

Every good over-the-top party has some things in common:

  • Good themed food.
  • Themed party favors.
  • Incredible themed decor.

For this Alice in the Wonderland birthday party, decor, cake, and food was easy! We took a lot of things from the movie and incorporated them into the party and then as our activity we ade the party itself a tea party and encouraged guests to dress as such!

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Suits Of Card Brownies

How about brownies cut into suits of cards! Unless you are super awesome cutting shapes with a knife you may want to get suits of cards cookie cutters.

If you wonder what did the suits of cards did in Alice In Wonderland:

  • hearts members of the royal family
  • clubs soldiers
  • diamonds courtiers
  • spades gardeners

Also notice the DIY 3-tier cake stand. You might have everything you need at home to make these!

  • tea cups
  • saucers
  • hot glue gun

I know not everyone has time to run around shopping for cheap plates and cups. Good news is you dont have to! Buy your stunning cake stand here. Youll love them!

Fun Party Printables Your Kids Will Love

“Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party” Printable Theme Section


This section will have nothing but Alice In Wonderland related materials to print for your birthday party. All printables are free and we will be adding more to this section as time goes on.

Some characters for you to incorporate into your Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party Theme would be:


Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

The Cheshire Cat

Small Plastic Alice In Wonderland Figures

Jumbo Playing Cards

Large Clocks


Just find some clipart online and make your own!

Just find some cute clipart online and make one like this!

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Enchanting Alice In Wonderland Party Ideas

Alice In Wonderland entices the young and the old. This tea party offers magical time with Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, and many other unforgettable characters.

Whether you are hosting a kids party or a bridal shower youll find wonderful ideas here.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase via one of these links I might get a commission at no extra cost to you.

If Youre Looking For Ideas For An Alice In Wonderland Party Youre In For A Total Treat With This First Birthday

Alice in Onederland Themed Easter Kids’ Birthday Party | Crazy Seeds’ Cousin’s Easter BDay Party

This gorgeous Alice In Wonderland 1st Birthday styled by ADAL Kreation from New York, New York is simply magical! Everything from the dessert table backdrop and balloon decorations to the amazing birthday cake and desserts were jaw-dropping! We adore the color palette and the chic furniture used for the dessert display. What a fabulous Alice In Wonderland Themed Party for a very special 1-year-old.

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Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum

First, let me please introduce the two guests of honor, Jamie and Brooklyn, my God Daughters!!! Jenny dressed them in yellow t-shirts, white suspenders, and red tutus representing Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. How adorable are they???

When you first enter the backyard area, Jenny hung a WONDERLAND banner she made from scrapbook paper mixing both solid and patterned paper. She made the letters and teapots on a Silhouette machine.

Alice In Onederland Party Food

ONEderland mushrooms! Marshmallows with sliced apples on top and a toothpick to hold them together..boom! Mushrooms.

This yummy cake and the cupcakes were make by a wonderful local lady who makes cakes out of her home. It was perfect! $25 for all of it!!!! Make use of your local & home based businesses, ladies!

It was a tea party so of course we had to make finger foods! We just made ham and cheese sandwiches, cut the crust off, and cut them into little triangles.

Add some chips and drinks and the food was taken care of!

I made these drink labels in the same way that I made the this way, that way signsMicrosoft Word and a printer

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Alice In Wonderland Party Decorations

Below are tips and recommendations for general decorations to go with these Alice in Wonderland party ideas:

I always think its a good idea to start with a some sort of decorations outside, to set the tone as guests arrive. It could just be as simple as chalking the pavement or lining the path with balloons. For an Alice in Wonderland party, you could line the path with bunny paw prints from supplier 3 to represent the White Rabbit, using a personalized yard or door sign from supplier 4, or using these Wonderland themed cut outs, also from supplier 4.

Alternatively, you could use a personalized banner such as this one, below left, from supplier 3, or this Queen of Heart’s palace one from supplier 2.

You can also get some really cool life-size Alice in Wonderland stand ups from supplier 2, like these below, which can really help to bring a party theme to life.

Alternatively, supplier 4 has some great Disney-style foamboard props, such as the ones below .

Alternatively, you can have a life-size cut out of your child dressed as their favorite Alice in Wonderland character to put at the end of your drive or outside your front door. These particulary fun when paired with a motion-activated voice recorder for under $10. Simply pre-record your own 10 second welcome message and it automatically plays as guests walk past the cut out of your child. Select supplier 2 for more info on both these items.

Alternatively, Supplier 4 has some personalized ones.

Alice In Wonderland Themed Birthday

Alice in ONEderland Birthday Party

Birthday Parties, Birthday Party Favors, Event Services, kids birthday party ideas at home, Unique Homemade Gifts

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Join me for an adventure for an Alice in Wonderland Themed Birthday! Hot weather, a jump house, a water slide and lots of family, what more could you ask for? I scoured the Internet for all things Alice in Wonderland themed and we leaned into the ONEderland theme IT WAS ADORABLE!

the weather was beautiful to celebrate this little ones first year on this planet. We had food, cake, bouncy houses and family and fun, which is the most important and heartwarming

Here is a list of items I made/sourced for the party:

  • Balloon Arch blew up a million balloons and then you use this balloon tape
  • Laynie in Wonderland sign from Etsy
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    Party Highlights To Look Out For:

    • Beverage dispenser drinks that make you smaller or taller + sparkly Drink Me cups
    • Giant crepe paper rose number 7 with half of the roses painted red!
    • Down the Rabbit Hole kids slide + adorable fondant white rabbit cake topper
    • Queen of Hearts inspired sparkle wands, cake pops, and bright red heart shaped macarons
    • Wonderland fondant cupcake toppers by Blue Cupcake
    • Heart shaped playing cards frame for the cake + cute character-inspired party hats
    • Down the Rabbit Hole bar for the grown up guests with cool DIY striped fabric backdrop

    Party Details As Told By Juliet

    Our amazingly creative, cool and fun client Drea DeMatteo has done quite a few parties with us at the COOP but for her daughter Alabamas birthday she wanted to celebrate in her beautiful yard with all her friends and family.

    Drea is like super mom her house is SO much fun. She has created a magical Wonderland there for her little family and Alabama LOVES Alice in Wonderland so it was an absolute no brainer on the Wonderland Tea Party theme!

    We had a lot of ground to cover and quite a few activities (we did a tea cup painting station by the pool, an airbrush tattoo lady, a pinata and had the MOST AMAZING Mad Hatter come in and do a show for the kids in their gorgeous yellow living room!

    We wanted the treat area to be devoted to the Queen of Hearts/Red Queen as that is Alabamas favorite, so we went with a red , black and white color scheme. I SO love the playing card heart frame we made to showcase the gorgeous cake by the incomparable Julie of Blue Cupcakes. Also can you believe she made HEART SHAPED macaroons!! So gorgeous and so delicious!

    We made a number 7 out of painted roses which we hand made out of crepe paper and painted red for the front garden which served as the Red Queens garden area complete with her Card Soldiers and a Down the Rabbit Hole slide. We also has the Down the Rabbit Hole image at the adult bar area because how can you resist that at the cocktail area!!

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    Tea And Other Beverages

    Well, it is a tea party so tea should be on the menu but it does not necessarily need to be hot. I know some who prefer iced tea. And with small kids that would be the safer choice.

    Raspberry, lemon, and peach tea are super good cold.

    Label your water bottles, soda bottles, tea pitchers or whatever you serve with signs that say

    • drink me
    • this one makes you taller
    • this one makes you smaller

    Queen Of Hearts Royal Croquet Court


    Jenny had an area with A Royal Croquet Court that paid homage to the Queen of Hearts herself! She used the skirt I made for Halloween as a table skirt. She also painted large wooden playing card guards to watch over the game.

    This was such a GORGEOUS party full of inspiration!

    You may also like a this Vintage Inspired Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party!

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    Alice In Onederland Party Ideas

    For Rileys 1st Birthday, mom Katie created a magical tea party for all of her little friends! The partys theme, Riley in ONEderland was inspired by the childhood classic, Alice in Wonderland. Hosted at the adorable bakery, The Sweet Praxis, located in downtown Syracuse, NY, guests enjoyed an afternoon of delightful treats! Lets take a look at the decor and sweets to inspire your own Alice in Wonderland tea party!

    Alice In Onederland Birthday

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    Alice In Wonderland Party Invitations

    Below are some suggestions for invitations to go with these Alice in Wonderland party ideas:

    I think its important to create a big first impression, so I always try to incorporate some sort of object with the invitationsrather than just relying on a traditional printed card . This is a little trick thats often used by professional party planners to make invitations stand out. People just love to receive unusual invitations. It really captures their imagination and gets them excited about the party.

    For an Alice in Wonderland party, which is already a surreal theme, I think it’s entirely appropriate to be less traditional with the invitations. So you might want to reference the key that Alice finds when she falls down the rabbit hole that lets her into Wonderland.

    Below is a key invitation which I used for a Secret Garden theme party. You can easily create something similar for these Alice in Wonderland party ideas and send them out in these cute box mailers .

    To make these, pick up some ornate keys and attach a small tag with all the party details on .

    Hand write the details onto a decorative shipping tag, or you could have these personalized Alice in Wonderland tag-style invitations printed from supplier 4 then tie them onto the keys yourself.

    Alternatively, you can use these ready made keys and tags from supplier 3 although the tags are quite small so you’d have to keep the text concise. Or tie your own keys onto these cute tea party themed tags .

    This Is What Marriam Shared About The Party:

    Alice in Wonderland (Onederland) First Birthday

    I had always wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland themed party because its a story my mum told me as a little girl, and one that I have shared with my girls. And I love its whimsy, vintage feel and spring colors.

    Naturally, when I was approached by a client about her daughters first birthday who was as excited about the theme as I was, it was meant to be. So, together, we created a whimsical tea party in a garden setting. In order to make it all come together, we coordinated with friends and vendors to create a tablescape complete with balloons, macarons, props, a stunning cake, and florals.

    Also, our pastel color palette was inspired by the original book by Lewis Carroll and the Walt Disney movie classic. Most importantly, we wanted to create a scene that transported guests into a land of whimsy and magic! Therefore, we included flowers with faces and googly eyes, florals in teacups and a teapot pouring out flowers, keys and books, butterflies, fun signage, and moss. Plus, we definitely paid homage to the White Rabbit with bunnies spread throughout!


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    Alice In Wonderland Party Costumes

    Getting dressed up is a great way to add ‘human theming’ to your tea party. There are lots of great Alice in Wonderland party costumes available from supplier 8 and 1, for both children and adults, that will eally help to bring your tea party to life. So, get dad to dress up as the Mad Hatter and sit at the head of the table, a sibling can be the White Rabbit to great people as they arrive, and mum can be the Queen of Hearts. The birthday girl gets to be Alice of course.

    Supplier 3 also has some cute Wonderland themed dog costumes too, incase you can’t persaude anyone else to dress up!

    Food Styling & Presentation

    Below are some food styling and presentation tips to go with these Alice in Wonderland party ideas.

    Use these Alice in Wonderland themed food labels to identify everything on the buffet / dessert table . More designs available.

    Alternatively, you could just use these Eat Me and Drink Me tags, which can be personalized with the name of the event printed on them . These Alice in Wonderland food picks are also really cute and add a nice literary touch with the original book illustrations.

    Use Mad Hatter top hats as trays and present food on them to give some height to the display, or turn the hats upside down to use them as serving bowls for snacks. You can just buy cheap top hats from supplier 5 and spruce them up by adding a bit of ribbon and the 10/6 card.

    Present cakes, sandwiches, and scones on tiered cardboard stands, in true Afternoon Tea style. This Alice in Wonderland themed cupcake stand from supplier 3 is particularly cool. Alternatively, use these Alice in Wonderland cupcake stands .

    A fruit bouquet is suitably surreal too and would make a great centrepiece for an Alice in Wonderland party dessert table . Watch the video below for a demonstation of how to make one.

    Alternatively, try these simplified Fruit Flower Pops . Again, you could add some eyes and a mouth to make a face out of fruit strips and candy to make them even more surreal and in keeping with these Alice in Wonderland party ideas.

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