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Birthday Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

Insanely Beautiful Whiskey Glassware Set

10 Gift Ideas for a Whiskey Lover (Gift Guide 2022)

Whiskey tasting and refined glassware are two things hes a big fan of. This set of whiskey tasting accessories is a phenomenal gift for him or anyone who loves drinking whiskey out of only the finest of glassware. These crystal Glencairn glasses will let him taste all the richness of different whiskeys, and the decanter will do an excellent job of ensuring that his whiskey stays fresh and delicious before its consumed. Hell be absolutely stunned by the beautiful craftsmanship of this gift set.

Gift For The Classy Whiskey Drinker

Whiskey drinkers often like to enjoy their whiskey in a simple manner with solely a round glass and whiskey stones. When hes given this whiskey gift set, hell immediately be extremely happy for an opportunity to enjoy whiskey in its proper way. Hell never feel classier than when hes using the items in this phenomenal whiskey gift set.

Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter

You have just broken the seal of one of your favorite spirit blends and while the bottle it came in looks pleasant with its colorful branding, a classic crystal whiskey decanter is what emits elegance and sophistication as it perches pristinely on a polished countertop. The Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter is a prime example of how whiskey should be kept in a decanter of weighted brilliance! Boasting a classic Irish design of sparkling wedges and diamond cuts, you will be pleased to know that the Dublin decanter has been crafted from 24 percent lead crystal, and together with an airtight seal, the flavor of the whiskey will be locked in as it matures and retains its taste.

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Most Unique: Barrel Aged In A Bottle Oak Infusion Spiral

Courtesy of

Any true bourbon lover knows that the defining characteristic of this classic American spirit is the mandate that it be aged in charred new oak barrels, which results in a bold and unique flavor profile that distinguishes it from other whiskies. If your friend is a bourbon lover, that probably means they love that rich, oak-heavy tasteso why not give them the gift of do-it-yourself oak flavor, all in a small and convenient package? The infusion spirals from Barrel Aged in a Bottle, which are made from American oak and charred to a robust level of #3, fit conveniently through the neck of any 750 ml. bottle. Use them to barrel age whiskey cocktails to perfection, or experiment with adding them to younger, cheaper bottles of bourbon to see how close you can get to replicating the brawny lushness of your favorite 10-year expression.

Uncrate Supply Whiskey Vault

Midland Custom Whiskey Box Set

A lovely splurge for any serious collector you might be feeling generous toward, this whiskey vault will bring both joy and an enhanced sense of security. Its constructed from a solid steel plate and a door secured with three 25-millimeter locking bolts. It features a bulletproof front window, so one can gaze at the collection even while its still safely stored under the electronic lock system powered by a pin code. Certainly a conversation piece, the vault is big enough to accommodate 21 precious bottles, making it perfect for protecting even a substantial collection of high-end whiskies.

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Best Book: The Complete Whiskey Course

In his flagship tome, renowned whiskey expert Robin Robinson dives into the “water of life,” covering everything you need to know about the world of whiskey. In 10 “classes” , Robinson walks readers through whiskey history, how to define different local whiskeys, how to understand different styles , and how aging and finishing can define a dram. Along the way, Robinson recommends his favorite bottles, including bargain options and splurge-worthy spirits.

“This book is a one-stop-shop for aficionados, says Natalia Cardenas, brand ambassador of Woodford Reserve. “It covers history and the roots of distillation in ancient times to modern production, profiles of over 170 whiskeys, and there’s even a chapter on ‘How to Taste Whiskey.'”

“No bourbon backbar would be complete without the proper tools and glassware, says Cardenas. Whether it’s for the Kentucky Derby or weekend get-together, julep cups are timeless.”

The major difference between a julep cup and a regular mug is temperature control: julep cups are made with 100% copper and have a food-safe lacquer finish that protects them from tarnishing and keeps drinks ice-cold. Though copper can be costly, this iteration is made with 100% nickel for a weighted, expensive feel. That said, the metal keeps drinks chilled for at least half an hour.

This 12-ounce Cocktail Kingdom julep cup is designed to hold up through tough bar services. Tip: make this a gift set by adding a Lewis bag and a mallet.

Ounce Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

If you know someone who likes to stir things up on the odd occasion and has a knack for getting adventurous with their whiskey, then 24 Ounce Cocktail Shaker Bar Set would make a perfect addition to their drinks cabinet or bar. From an Old Fashioned to a Whiskey Smash, theres nothing wrong with mixing your favorite spirit up just a tad! Made from superior grade stainless steel and BPA-free materials, the set includes everything you will need to make the finest tasting cocktails. Pretty to look at and superbly easy to use, this gift is perfect for entertaining or simply to rustle up a single flavourful nightcap.

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Pappy & Company Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Nib Brittle

Few things go better with each other than chocolate and bourbon, and that knowledge didnt escape the legendary Pappy & Co. when they used bourbon-aged chocolate from Olive & Sinclair to make this delicious confectionary offering. Each bite of this delectable brittle is a harmonization of rich flavors that can only be produced when you combine the taste of slow-roasted, stone-ground cocoa beans and aged bourbon.

Whiskey Math Cocktail Recipe Screen Print

Whisky Gift Guide – What to buy for Whisky Lovers Bottle Buying Guide

This print is a great interior design addition for every whiskey cocktail lover. Its handmade, and the materials used are oak wood, recycled paper, acid-free ink, and magnets. Speaking of magnets, you can purchase a magnetic oak frame which arrives with hanging hardware.

Price: $30.00

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Mack Daddy Whiskey Gift Set

When a set has everything a guy needs to bring the muscle to his man cave, it can be seen as nothing other than Mack Daddy of whiskey gift sets. The big shot of brotherhood, the pinnacle of pals, when you put the highest end of drinking essentials in a box and hand it to you man, it’s more than just saying thank you. It’s passing a torch, it’s handing over your light saber, in other words, it’s meaningful. If you want to treat your guy in a way that matters, the Mack Daddy won’t disappoint.

Flaviar Whiskey Subscription Box

Instead of a single bottle, you can give your whiskey-loving friend the gift of variety with a Flaviar Whiskey Subscription Box. Four times a year, they’ll get a box containing a premium bottle of whiskey, as well as a themed “Tasting Box,” which includes three samples of premium and/or craft spirits. Plus, members get access to the brand’s collection of rare, exclusive, and private bottlingsa great gift in and of itself!

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West Elm Marble Moon Coasters

Courtesy of West Elm

A glass of the good stuff calls for some good coasters. A fun set can add a touch of panache to any coffee table. This marble moon design from West Elm is both elegant and sleek, plus it does its job and prevents unwanted rings on furniture. Hand-cut and polished, the 4-inch diameter is ample enough to base all but the largest vessels and look greats even when not in use.

Use the force to treat your whiskey fans inner nerd. Even for those who prefer their whiskey neat, sometimes ice is nice and a big, 2.4-inch cube in the shape of the Star Wars battle station is better still, adding a bit of whimsy to any glass. The two-piece, food-safe silicone mold is easy to fill. It’s also effortless to extract the ice once its gone from liquid to solid, ensuring these frozen, killer Command Centers wont explode but melt slowly into a drink.

Best Personalized: Bourbon Barrel Flight With Glasses

23 Best Bourbon Glasses to Enhance Your American Whiskey

uncommon goods

Explore the various flavors and noses of bourbon via a comparative tasting. This set of four Glencairn glasses show off the subtle aromas and tastes of bourbon. Fill up each one with different aged bourbons, different cask finishes, or similar whiskeys from different distilleries, and compare the nuances of each dram . Each dishwasher-safe glass also sits on a stave carved from a reclaimed bourbon barrel.

Best of all, you can personalize the stave with the recipients name, location and year of choiceconsider memorializing a birthday, wedding date or another special year. Each set is handmade by woodworkers in Arkansas.

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Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

When all else fails, sometimes a classic is all thats needed. Picking up a bottle of whiskey from the store for someone isnt easy when you live on the other side of the country. So luckily, Drizly delivery allows you to send a bottle directly to the recipients door.

Price: $24.99 45.99

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap

These handy and deliciously scented soaps would make an excellent stocking stuffer at Christmas time! Packaged in quite a hipster-looking yellow box, this body wash will make a perfect gift for those who enjoy a good bourbon, have an appreciation for amazing aromas, and who like to indulge in artisan soaps. The scent of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap has been derived from whiskey itself and can be described as smelling rich, peppery, and oaky a perfectly masculine scent! Youll be happy to know that this block of luxury boasts all-natural ingredients and is 100% cruelty-free which is always a bonus!

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Whiskey Stones In Custom Box

No one likes a watered down drink, its right up there with a fly on your burger or stale chips. Gift your favorite whiskey lover these stainless steel stones that won’t melt and will keep his glass just as chill as he is. This awesome set comes in a bamboo box with nine stainless steel stones, a pair of tongs and a black velvet storage bag. The ultimate set for the ultimate whiskey lover.

Tovolo Sphere Ice Moulds

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

While some might frown at the idea of adding ice to whiskey, many do prefer the warm malt to be slightly chilled. With Tovolos large ice spheres, you can keep your drink cool without compromising or diluting the pure taste of the spirit. The bulky balls of ice are rock solid and take quite some time to melt, which is great if you want to keep your drink cool without having a watered-down glass of fine whiskey. The Tovolo mould is easy to use and is made from strong and durable plastic to ensure that it offers more than a lifetimes use. Thanks to these features, it makes a perfect Christmas gift. What we also love about these spherical ice pieces is that they dont only keep a drink cooler for longer, but they look super dignified and decorative in a glass too!

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A Gift To Make His Whiskey Better

You want to buy him the coolest gift for a whiskey drinker that will knock his socks off. Look no further than this advanced smoker system! His whiskey will taste more delicious than ever before after he uses this smoker box, infused with flavors like cedar or thyme. His whiskey will taste so good that he wont be able to stop talking about this phenomenal whiskey gift. Hell never want to drink non-smoky whiskey ever again.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set With Stand

This Luxury Whisky Stones Gift Set is ideal for bourbon, scotch, whiskey or a stiff drink. This mens whiskey set comes with two crystal glasses, 8 granite stones for chilling his drink, tongs for serving up the rocks, and a beautiful wooden display stand. It has an old-fashioned design with modern convenience, these whiskey glasses make it easy to relax, serve up a fresh shot of scotch, and share in a cool, delicious drink with friends and colleagues.

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Hopefully Our List Helped You Find Gift The For Whiskey Lovers You Were Looking For

Were confident weve given you a diverse list of gifts that cover all the bases. From whiskey stones to whiskey displays, theres plenty for you to choose from. And if nothing else, hopefully we at least pointed you in the right direction!

Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! People who take whiskey seriously often take themselves just as seriously . Its best to not make this purchase lightlytheyre not known for being particularly judicious.

Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

Classic Groomsman Personalized Whiskey Set

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Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey

Those looking for gifts for bourbon lovers should check out this Makers Mark Bourbon Whisky. With no rye, it has a less spicy flavor. It has a scent of honey, cut fruit, and citrus along with a taste of vanilla bean, butterscotch, a finish of caramel, and a hint of dry oak spice.

Price: $29.99$55.04

Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky

Oban 14-Year Single Malt Scotch

Any whiskey drinker you know is likely to enjoy a good glass of scotch, and this one feels particularly appropriate for cold weather, thanks to its orangey flavors and undercurrent of warm spice and smoke. It’s tasty stuff, ideal for sipping alongside a cheese plate after dinner.

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Best Bottle: Michters Us*1

Courtesy of Drizly

An ideal bottle for your favorite bourbon lover might just be one that’s elegant enough for sipping, but also sturdy enough to mix into a delicious cocktailall at a price that won’t break the bank. With its rich mouthfeel and its complex notes of vanilla, sweet corn, and peach, the flagship US*1 bourbon from the Kentucky-based Michter’s distillery is a robust and attractive sipper, while its brawny ABV of 45.7 percent makes it a natural for stirring into an Old Fashioned or a Boulevardier.

An Ice Wedge Glass To Keep Their Drink Perfectly Chilled While They Slowly Sip And Take In All Of The Wonderful Aromatics

TOP 5 Gifts for Whisky Lovers 2021

It comes with the glass and the top mold for making the ice wedge.

Promising review: “Purchased this as a gift and it was a huge hit. The packaging was really well designed and looked awesome. The product actually works too! It kept my whiskey drinks cold for the whole night without swapping out the cube. Surprisingly, the glass was actually really nice quality as well. Tip: Plan ahead of a party by freezing multiples! Freeze your ice and then pop it out, bag it, throw it in the freezer, and then freeze another! Works great for keeping your drinks cold for as long as the party lasts.” Loladex

Get it from Amazon for $17.95.

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Personal Whiskey & Water Decanter

Looking for a gift for a whiskey drinker? This dual-chambered globe is perfect. Its a water and whiskey decanter that lets you hold both in separate chambers. Adding water to whiskey helps awaken some of the more subtle flavors. When youre ready to pour, add some whiskey and some drops of water.

Price: $25.00

Home Bar Sign For Whiskey Drinkers

Whiskey drinkers like to show off their love of whiskey, which is why this custom sign is the perfect whiskey gift. They can hang this sign in their home bar or office, proudly displaying their love of whiskey. Its extremely rustic and attractive, adding an awesome vintage feel to any room. They will absolutely love enjoying their favorite whiskey while gazing at this stunning sign. You cant think of any better gifts for whiskey drinkers!

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Classy Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

When less is more with your guy this is his decanter set. This high quality set was designed to highlight your guys favorite spirit while subtly showing off itself. Designed with lead-free glass the Class Act Decanter Set comes with 4 equally attractive whiskey glasses. When you hand this over to your whiskey lover, your guy will know you went out of your way to find the perfect whiskey gift set for him.

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