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Unique 1st Birthday Gifts For Girl

What Can You Buy A 1

Babys First Birthday Gifts Ideas | Baby Girl Unique Etsy Finds

If the kids in your life are already swimming in learning toys, you can still treat them to childrens books, cute clothing and shoes, and playroom supplies like tiny furniture and blankets. Age-appropriate snacks also make great affordable gifts.

And while you really cant go wrong with something colorful and drool-friendly for the little tyke, youre also very much gifting the parents who are coping with early-stage toddlerhoodso hook them up with feeding supplies, car seats, and baby monitors.

Ahead, youll find educational toys that are ideal for learning, personalized baby gifts, not-too-kitschy Christmas stocking stuffers, and unique birthday finds that aren’t toyslike practical baby gear and a few new mom gifts that will make parents and caretakers lives easier. From trusted brands like Melissa & Doug to new favorites from Lovevery and Doona, shop our edit of the best gifts for one-year-olds.

Her Own Castle And Crown

Its not just a tent, its a whole kingdom just for her!

This Hide-N-Side Princess Play Tent includes a tunnel she can crawl through to help build her gross motor skills! It also comes with a tutu, tiara, and magic wand so shes ready to rule!

The stars are glow-in-the-dark too! Its easy to set up, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and built to last for years of sieges and tea parties!

Personalized Wooden Stacking Toy

This mom-and-pop Etsy shop offers up an update of the classic stacking toy which swaps out plastic for wood, while keeping all the vibrant color with quality non-toxic paint, then finished in beeswax polish. Its the ultimate developmental toy, allowing toddlers to try to and get all the rings on the base in order. The personalization makes this an extra-special birthday first birthday gift for under $40.

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Melissa And Doug Turtle Ball Pit

Imagine the sweet photo opportunities youll get with this totally awesome ball pit. Shaped like a friendly green turtle, baby can sit inside and play with 60 multi-colored balls that are easy to squeeze, grasp and roll. Once playtime is over, simply zip up the turtle for easy storage.

Buy it: $102,

Amy & Benton Kids Birthday Cake Toy For Baby & Toddlers

10 Unique First Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

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Babies and toddlers simply love playing with things that are not really suitable for playing, which reminds me of my kitten.

Whenever I give my kitten a toy that is made for cats, he refuses to play with it .

Just like my fluffball, little children prefer playing with random objects rather than toys that are specifically designed for them.

This includes a birthday cake as well!

Then I thought to myself, wouldnt it be amazing if there was a birthday cake designed for babies and toddlers? And what do you know, there is!

This cake is no regular cake. It comes with five candles, balloons, and a star.

When you press the star, one candle lights up and when you press the balloon, the Happy Birthday song starts playing!

And, yes, kids can even blow out the candles. This versatile birthday cake toy will teach your toddler the Happy Birthday song to prepare for the next birthday celebrations!

Your tot will feel proud about having her own cake, so chances are shell leave her real cake alone saving mommys nerves and time in the process.

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Hape Pound & Tap Bench

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All children love sounds! They love listening to them and more than that, they love creating them.

And this multifunctional musical toy has it all!

This interactive, child-safe wooden xylophone toy offers toddlers a wide variety of entertainment.

They can pound and fetch balls, or they can try themselves as musicians with the help of the keyboard or xylophone.

I always say that musical toys are one of the best inventions since sliced bread because they help kids develop pitch, differentiate sounds, create melodies, and boost fine motor skills.

Summarized, they help little ones discover their passion for music and nourish their talent. Many musicians have started their careers on musical toys.

Given that toddlers dont have the ability to discover their potential, it is up to parents and other grown-ups to help them nourish their curiosity and uncover their true capabilities.

This interactive xylophone is one of those brilliant investments.

Baby Gund My First Purse Playset

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If Ive learned one thing so far, it is the following: The most entertaining activity for any baby and little kid is emptying mommys purse, playing with mommys keys, and throwing away mommys phone .

For a long time, Ive been thinking about the solution to this particular problem. And here it is: Baby Gund My First Purse Playset!

This set comes with everything mommy has: a plush purse, a compact mirror, keys, a crinkle-touch cell phone, and even a credit card.

The only difference is that it is specially designed for little girls, which means they will finally leave their mommys and daddys stuff alone!

Over and above the super adorable embroidered inscriptions, this playset is great for tactile and sensory learning too, with stimulating sounds and textures from plush to crinkly a surefire winner to keep your little princess enthralled!

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Personalized Wooden Toy Crate

Each birthday means more stuff to store, and we love this gorgeous, handcrafted, personalized toy crate which remains one of our favorite handmade toys for back-to-basic gifts for kids. Grab a set of their beautifully made solid hardwood alphabet blocks , if you want something really special to go inside the crate.

St Birthday Gifts To Wear

Best and unique baby girl birthday idea for 1st birthday.

Our personalised pink 1st birthday bibis a great accessory to any little princess’s birthday outfit. The text on the bib is written in beautiful cursive writing and the delightful little pink spots are personalised to contain the recipient’s name!

Our personalised baby girls vest is another great 1st birthday gift idea. Decorated with a large pink-coloured number 1, this vest can be customised by you to include its recipient’s name and read the message ‘… is 1 today. Feel free to spoil me rotten’. Take a photograph of your little one wearing it on their birthday and then keep as a memento for years to come!

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Music Shake Dancing Ball Toy

Music Shake Dancing Ball is designed to engage babys senses and take advantage of their new skill.  This learning ball can turn 360 degrees, play music, make animal noises, and has sound effects playing different voices. It teaches babies to touch, play and move the learning ball. By enhancing the baby’s movements, this toy would be an excellent and funny toy for them.

Price: $17.79 Rating 4.4/5 based on 3336 reviews

Xjd Baby Balance Bikes

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Except for their first birthday, another important milestone of every toddler is their first bike!

Since babies are fighting with balance on a daily basis, its important to give them something that will help them develop balance skills at an early age.

Before switching to real bikes, toddlers do well practicing on baby balance bikes first. Taking baby steps is really important when it comes to these things.

Besides entertaining them, it will also make them feel more confident and improve their balance and coordination.

As a parent, I understand that every parents number one priority is their childrens safety, and this baby balance bike promises both safety and plenty of entertainment.

Its a 4-wheeler for sturdiness, its seat is comfy, and its safe turning limit helps prevent toddlers from tumbles.

Given that toddlers are always looking for some action, this bike will be their favorite companion on their little adventures, all the while making them stronger, more balanced, and confident!

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Le Papillon Pink Princess Tent

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I have this urge to compare little children with kittens again.

Both children and kittens enjoy this feeling of safety and comfort when hidden. That is the major reason why tents are kids best play spots.

They enjoy spending hours and hours in them, playing with their favorite toys, imagining they are the kings and princesses you name it.

This pink princess tent is perfect for making every girl feel just like a real princess. To add to the charm, its decorated with stars and hearts. Plus, it doubles as a ball pit.

Your little girl will be able to swim in a sea of colorful balls and when she gets bored of them, you can convert the ball pit back into a princess tent.

This tent can be used both indoors and outdoors think summer picnics and trips to the beach which is great when it comes to keeping toddlers entertained outside.

Now, the biggest concern regarding big toys is usually size.

Given that children get bored easily, big toys often end up standing in the middle of the room while no one plays with them.

In that case, it would be great if you could just fold it and store it compactly until the need arises again, right? Thats exactly what this pink princess tent offers.

Leggings Or Comfortable Pants

22 Memorable First Birthday Gift Ideas

While jeans and corduroy can look cute, its more of a pain for parents to navigate. This especially applies to overalls with all the buttons between the legs.

This type of material is also constricting. Babies are growing everyday and you dont want to restrict their movements and growth.

For all these reasons, I greatly appreciated when my 1 year old received leggings for her birthday.

She got them in size 2T and shes been able to wear them until well past 2 years old.

Thats whats great about leggings they have a long lifespan! You can fold or squish them up when theyre too long. Your 1 year old can also wear them when theyre too short as capris.

Theyre easy to put on. There are no buttons to navigate! Theyre comfortable for your 1 year old.

For boys, these ones from Carters look like theyre just as comfortable and easy to navigate.

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A Poem Or Letter From Grandma Or Grandpa

Growing up, I had a framed poem on the wall in my room that my grandmother wrote for me when I was 3 years old. To this day, I have every word of the poem memorized. Im incredibly lucky that my grandma is still around and is now the great-grandma to my children. Every year for each of their birthdays, I ask her to write a new poem for each of them. While they cant appreciate it now, I know that someday it will be a treasured keepsake.

A Magical Steed Of Her Own

Little kids love to bounce! This cute and colorful unicorn friend will help her strengthen her muscles and improve her balance in the most magical way!

The body is made from durable, eco-friendly rubber and covered with a removable plush cover that can be washed so the unicorn stays looking fabulous!

Her new unicorn friends legs are anti-slip and keep the bouncy toy from tipping over. Plus its easy to inflate and deflate!

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First Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

If your baby girl is turning one, its time to blink back the tears and find girls first birthday party ideas. How do you go about planning, finding a theme, and figuring out who will receive an invitation?

Before you get too carried away, be aware that your little one will love the attention but isnt going to remember the party later on in life. First birthdays are more for family, friends, and the lucky parents. You can also take some great pictures to commemorate the day, so your child will always know how treasured they were.

Today, weve gathered 50 ideas to celebrate your daughters first year on this planet and the impact shes had on everyone who loves her.

A Spinning Singing Alphabet Zoo

12 Best Birthday Gifts to Give a 1-Year-Old Baby Girl or Boy

Toddlers love exploring new things, and right now, shes soaking up information like a sponge!

This fun interactive toy will help her start learning her ABCs and her animals! Shell also develop her motor skills as she spins the ball, pushes buttons, and slides a switch!

Each spin creates a dazzling light show and plays fun music! Can be set to three learning modes: animal, letter, and music!

It even comes with a set of AAA batteries to make mom and dads job easier.

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Her Very First Flashlight

Perfect for helping her explore the world around her, even the dark corners of the closet and under the couch!

This flashlight has 5 different colored light beams that arent too bright so she wont hurt her eyes if she accidentally looks directly at it!

It plays 50 different songs she can sing along to when she presses the ladybug! The flashlight will also teach her about animals and how to count to 3.

The Coolest First Birthday Gifts: Toys And Keepsakes For 1

First birthday gifts can be particularly special for parents and grandparents who want to preserve the memory of the big milestone. Because admittedly, most one-year-olds would be perfectly satisfied with a slice of gooey cake in front of them as a first birthday gift and probably a few empty boxes to play with too. Whether its a keepsake gift a child will hold onto for years, decor that helps evolve their room from nursery to kids room or a beautifully made, developmentally appropriate toy that they can play with well into toddlerhood, weve rounded up some of the coolest first birthday gifts for any budget.

We think these are the best first birthday gifts for 1-year-olds and we hope you love them too!

Please note that weve included links to both big and small shops for convenience and price. But we always encourage you to shop your own local independent toy stores, book stores, and boutiques!

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Choose A Unique Wrapping Style

You could buy the most amazing gift in the world, but if you dont wrap it in a special paper and with special care, then the gift wont look so appealing.

Thats why its great to choose a unique wrapping style that will make the gift all the more special.

Thousands of times have I witnessed babies being mesmerized by the wrapping paper only. They would observe it, play with it, bite it, and then try to tear it apart.

Of course, since they dont have the required strength to do so, parents need to help them with opening the gift.

And often, babies would lose interest once they see whats hiding behind the wrapping paper.

Now, Im not saying the baby girl will be only interested in your unique wrapper and ignore the contents of the gift, but Im just trying to accentuate the importance of making the gift look eye-catching.

A Personalized Book Of Nursery Rhymes

Personalized Baby Book Fabric Quiet Book Cloth Book 1st

These classic rhymes have endured for generations. Now you can share them with your favorite little girl in an extra-special volume made just for her!

Not only will this personalized book display her first name on the cover, but you can also include a personalized message up to 80 characters and her name will be hidden in the illustrations throughout the book!

Choose from a softback, hardback, or classic green cover. You can also add a beautiful cream gift-ready box!

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Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector Lamp

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Before I say anything else, I have to say this first: This is one of the coolest gifts Ive ever seen.

And its not only cool, but totally practical we all know how difficult it is to convince a toddler to sleep!

You could spend the whole night singing them lullabies to no avail. But with this night light star lamp, its a whole other story!

This lamp will relax every toddler and gently entertain them with beautiful night sky scenery.

You can turn this multifunctional lamp into a night light or projector lamp.

There are five sets of films , three colors, and three brightness options.

You really cant go wrong with this as a first birthday gift.

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