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Happy Birthday To You Guitar

Easy Guitar Sheet Music With Notes Chords & Tablature In C

Happy Birthday EASY Guitar Tutorial (How to play)

This is a simple transcription for guitar with recommended fingering. As much as the song is great for singing with kids, it is also an ideal piece for guitar beginners actually one can play it within the first week of guitar lessons! It is a pleasant tune to practice the notes on the 1st position and up to the 3rd fret with fingers 1, 2 and 3 of the left hand. The melody line is played on the first three strings .

The piece is also good for right hand mobility and control, as one can practice the apoyando technique with i-m.

If youd like to save this free guitar music sheet of Happy Birthday Song to your computer, right click and choose Save Image As.

Happy Birthday Guitar Chords And Melody

Looking to learn how to play happy birthday on the guitar? Well thankfully its super easy and lots of fun!

So if youre hoping to serenade someone at their birthday party or make playing it for them your big present then keep reading.

Well go through the chords for happy birthday, the strumming pattern and the melody.

It sounds great on both electric and acoustic guitar. So lets get into it.

Strumming Pattern And Chords

Do you want to play the happy birthday song for a special someone for their special day? Whether its for your grandma, parents or significant other, this tutorial will provide you with chords, chord progression and lyrics, strumming pattern and general type to play this wonderful song on your guitar.

If you are a completely new to the guitar, you dont have to worry. This in-depth step-by-step process will surely help you play the Happy Birthday song.

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How To Play Happy Birthday On Acoustic Guitar

Now lets put the chords together to play the song. Use whichever G chord sounds the best to you. The song is in 3/4 time. That means there are three beats per measure.

Here is the chord pattern. Each chord represents one measure :


In this version there was one strum per beat. You can also add a different strumming pattern to this song to make it more interesting. Check out 6:04 in the video to learn this version.

When youre ready to play the song all the way through with the melody and the strum, fast forward to 8:06 in the video!

What Is The Strumming Pattern For Happy Birthday


Learn how to strum a guitar in this beginning guitar lesson by clicking on the link. Throughout Happy Birthday, the strumming pattern is in 3/4 time. In the style of a Walts, the numbers 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3,

One song that all Guitarists will definitely learn to play will be Happy birthday. Be it a family or office gatherings or any live gigs I am sure there is always a birthday to celebrate. Playing in these kinds of events or laying live in front of people helps to get out of stage fear or playing in front of a crowd. Happy birthday, Guitar chords are one of the easiest songs to learn when you initially start learning guitar lessons. We will learn to play happy birthday guitar chords for beginners in the key of G Major. All you need is just three simple beginner chords. They are G major, C major and D major guitar chords.

G major chord

C major chord

D major chord

The strumming pattern of this song is also simple. You can do all down strokes or a simple combination of down and upstrokes. Our advice is to go with the flow of the song and try to strum the guitar holding the right chords firmly. You must be able to play the song. The trick is to maintain a simple strumming pattern and change the chord shapes at the right time.

3 simple steps to play Happy birthday guitar chords for beginners:
  • Good morning to you,

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Why You Need To Know How To Play Happy Birthday On Guitar

If your friends or family know that you own a guitar, at some point, someone is going to ask you if you can play Happy Birthday on guitar.

Such is the life of a musician!

So brush up on the chords you need to know and youll be comfortable playing Happy Birthday when the inevitable moment arrives.

How To Figure Out The First Note For Singing

If you wonder how you are supposed to figure out where to begin singing while playing Happy Birthday chords, you are not alone.

  • Matching the melody you sing, to the chords you are playing is a skill that takes a while to develop, and playing Happy Birthday on guitar is a classic test.
  • Never fear! You are about to be able to find your starting note for singing within the very first chord you play, the B7.

In the key of E major, the melody to Happy Birthday starts on a B, and when you play a B7, you are playing two Bs: on the A string second fret, and on the open B string.

To play Happy Birthday chords and sing as well, all you have to do is strum the B7 chord, match the pitch of your voice to one of those two Bs, and sing the word Happy on that pitch. Then youll be up and running.

  • Its a familiar melody, so once you have that initial pitch, the melody practically sings itself!
  • If you have taken the firm stance that you are not a vocalist under any circumstances, now is the time to reconsider. You can easily sing and play Happy Birthday on guitar with this tip, you will sound great, and your birthday person will be thrilled.

Top Tip: When you play the B7 chord, be sure to hit one of the Bs a few extra times so that you and the other singers know which note to begin on.

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Bonus Change The Key To Fit Your Voice

For many people the key of G works for their vocal range. But sometimes youll find that a key is either too low or too high for your voice.

If its too low were going to use something called a capo. A capo lets you raise the pitch of your guitar one fret at a time. You play the chord shapes the same but theyll sound higher in pitch.

If you have a capo, put it on the second fret and play the song. Youre still using the G, C, and D chord shapes. But the actual chords are different since youre a full step up .

But what if the song is too high for you without a capo? You cant make the capo lower than your standard tuning. What youd do is use the capo and sing an octave lower. Keep moving it up until you find a spot that works for your voice.

Try it on the second fret. If singing it an octave lower sounds too low, move it up a couple frets and try that. Keep doing this until you find a key that works for you.

Get The Download Here

Was it helpful to show you how to change the key of the song with a capo? Let me know in the comment field below, and let me know what key works best for your voice!

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What Are The Guitar Chords For Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday To You – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – (easy)

Do you want to know how to play happy birthday on guitar? Maybe youve been asked to play it at a birthday party? Or you want to surprise someone.

Whichever the reason, youre in the right place.

Ill show you the correct happy birthday chords, the progression, the strumming pattern, even the melody if you wish to play that too.

This song sounds best on an acoustic guitar, but hey, if you want to play it on an electric guitar, you go for it!

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Do You Know Barre Chords If So Try This

If you know how to make barre chords, it is even easier to play Happy Birthday on guitar. All you have to do is convert the chords we are using into numbers according to the chart above.

E major is the I chord and A major is the IV chord, so if you use the open E major shape chord as your I chord, then the A major-shaped barre chord located at the same fret is the IV chord. You dont even have to move your hand up the neck!

Wherever your IV chord is, move it up two frets, and youve found your V chord.

E major

A Major

Using those barre chords, follow the chord progression, and you will be able to play Happy Birthday on guitar in any key you like.

Here is the chord progression for Happy Birthday, expressed in numbers : I V V I I IV I

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    The chords in the video are

    3rd fret on high E Open high E

    1st fret on high E 1st fret on high E Open high E

    P.S. Im only a beginner so sorry if I use some incorrect terms

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    Guitar Chords For Happy Birthday

    Are you looking for an easy way to play happy birthday on guitar? If yes then you have landed in the best place. This is the only lesson you will need to learn to play happy birthday.

    The best part of this lesson is it is completely beginner-friendly. The only three chords you need is G-D-C to play the whole happy birthday song.

    Note: If everything seems confused to you then simply watch the video lesson I have mentioned at the end of this post.

    In This Free Guitar Lesson You Will Learn:

    • 3 quick and easy tips for playing Happy Birthday Guitar Chords
    • 5 great versions of this must-know song
    • 4 tips for making your A5 chords sound amazing

    Over 250,000 guitar-learners get our world-class guitar tips & tutorials sent straight to their inbox: Click here to join them

    If you want to be a better guitarist

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    Easy Guitar Sheet Music With Notes Chords & Tablature In G

    This is a simple transcription for guitar with recommended fingering. As much as the song is great for singing with kids, it is also an ideal piece for guitar beginners actually one can play it within the first week of guitar lessons! It is a pleasant tune to practice the notes on the 1st position and up to the 4th fret with all 4 fingers of the left hand. The melody line is played on the strings B, G and D. Dont forget the F sharp !

    Regarding the right hand, we suggest to play the whole piece apoyandoi-m.

    For saving this free guitar music sheet of Happy Birthday Song to your computer, right click and choose Save Image As.

    Happy Birthday Chords And Lyrics

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday dear

    Happy Birthday to you

    The strumming pattern is also very simple:

    Strumming Pattern: DD-UU-DU

    D Down Strum

    Also very easy to play, the melody goes like this:

    This video shows it in better detail:

    And thats all there is to it! Now you can show off your guitar skills on friends or family members birthdays.

    About Andy Fraser

    I’m Andy and I’ve been crazy about music, and specifically the guitar, for longer than I can remember. It’s this passion and enthusiasm about all things guitar that drove me to start this website. A place where I could talk about the gear, techniques and general awesomeness that is the best instrument. I began playing somewhat late compared to a lot of people. I was 15 years old as it had taken me a while to find the confidence to believe in myself and take that step to learn to play an instrument. It started my lifelong love of music and playing in general. Since then like so many before me I’ve become an addict and gone through more guitars, amps and gear than I care to remember.Guitar Inside Out is my way of sharing hat love and passion with the music community and hopefully inspiring and helping others to enjoy it as much as I do.

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    What Are The Notes For Happy Birthday On Guitar

    G, D, D7, and C are the four happy birthday guitar chords, and they are played in this order on the guitar. You just need to follow these steps. There is only one part that can challenge people, and that is the last chord switch, where you quickly move from the D7 to the G, but with enough practice, you can easily master that quick switch.

    Thoughts On Happy Birthday To You Guitar Tab

    How To Play Happy Birthday on Guitar
    • Woutinater

      Did you´ve copy this from an other website?If you did this, that been a great mistake!This is just an advice: Change this tab A.S.A.P. s.v.p.


  • THIS IS THE ONE I WAS LOOKING FOR.Thank you very very very much!


  • heres a better one:E -5-47-510-5-5-4-2-10-10-9-5-7-5-|B 5-5-7-5-5-5-7-5-5-5-|

  • This sounds not better than that other one, this sounds even worse than that other one

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    Learn How To Play Happy Birthday On Guitar

    The songs in 3/4 time, meaning we have to count up to three over and over. Our strumming pattern reflects that: We do a downstroke on beat 1, a down-up on beat 2, and a down-up on beat 3.

    The chord order is so simple, its just eight measures. We work through the song, bit by bit and then glue it all together. Then we do the exact same thing for the key of A and thats it!

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    How To Practice Happy Birthday Easy Guitar

    • Its a good idea to get used to using a practice diary right from the start. Record briefly what you have been working on in the lesson, making a note of any particular things you want them to remember.
    • Help kids to understand the importance of learning to practice properly. During the lesson, talk about the way that they should approach their practice. Stress the importance of setting aside a regular time, away from background distractions.
    • Encourage them to practice as soon as possible after each lesson to make sure that they dont forget the new things theyve learnt that week.
    • Explain that its better to concentrate on just a small section of the music, a couple of bars at a time, and learn to play it correctly rather than attempt the whole piece with lots of mistakes.
    • But also reassure the child that if they cant get something right at home, then thats not a problem, just make a note to ask for help at the next lesson thats what the lessons are for!
    • A whole new piece can often be a bit daunting, so break it down into short sections and make it clear that there is no pressure to attempt the whole piece straight away.
    • Children nearly always want to play things too fast. Try to explain that its better to start off very slowly, and only speed up once you can play it easily.

    More Practice Tips.

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    How To Read The Guitar Chord Charts

    To clarify how to read the chord charts, the top horizontal line represents the high E string and the bottom horizontal line represents the low E string. The vertical lines separate each fret. The numbers in the blue dots tell you which fingers to use on the fretting hand.

    For example, on the C Major chord, you use the:

    • 1st finger on the 2nd string, 1st fret
    • 2nd finger on the 4th string, 2nd fret
    • 3rd finger on the 5th string, 3rd fret
    • Circles represent open strings

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    Guitar Chords And Tabs In C

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU: Easy Guitar Tab

    Happy Birthday Song is an extremely easy 3-chord song in a major key. We suggest the key of C major . To play the tune in C one must be familiarised with the full barré technique. The remaining two C and G chords are essential for beginners.

    Besides that, the melody range that results when singing in the key of C is an octave from G4 to G5 . This range is well suited to most childrens voice pitch. Nevertheless, you could use a capo to transpose to C#, D, Eb, or Emajor by placing it respectively on fret I, II, III, or IV.

    To save this free image with the guitar chords of Happy Birthday Song to your computer, right click and choose Save Image As.

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