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8 Yr Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

How To Throw Kids Birthday Parties At Home


Would your child love to celebrate his or her birthday by having a home party with all of their friends? Which leaves you wondering how to plan the activities, the food, the guest list, and how to sift through tons of birthday party themes in order to make this special day happen? This post will show you exactly how to throw amazing kids birthday parties in your own home that are magical for your kids, fun for you, and inexpensive!

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Coolest Dinosaur Party For Grandkids Of All Ages

Each year I host a week long Grandma Camp for my grandchildren. A recent theme was Its About Time A time travel adventure. One of the stops along the time line was in Prehistoric times. Dino and Cavemen Activities We were met by a Mama Cave Woman who along with her adopted dinosaur baby Read more

Gifts To Feel Old Boy

Many everyday objects can become the ideal birthday gift for an eight-year-Old Boy child. His first set of house keys on a crucial original ring, a wallet like his fathers, his first DIY toolbox. They are simple Birthday gifts, not overly expensive, but that can be something extraordinary for a child of this age.

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Nature Themed Birthday Party

If you want to design your childs party themed around an environmental cause, incorporate the nature theme smartly. Create photo-ops with fun but thoughtful messages on conservation. Include activities such as planting saplings, arranging flowers, and making nature-themed paintings. You could also give away little planters as a return gift.

The Best Birthday Party Ideas For A 10

Fun in the Sun themed pool birthday party for 8 year old ...

Today you will learn the best Themes for a 10-year-old boy party:

  • Dragon Ball Z childrens party,
  • Fortnite themed birthday for the boy,
  • football themed childrens party,
  • Baseball Party for a boy,
  • Pokemon birthday for the boy,
  • Teen Titans Party For Kids,
  • Emoji Birthday For Kids,
  • Free Fire Party For Kids,
  • Roblox For A Boy Birthday, Pirate Party For Kids,
  • Mine Craft Birthday For Kids,
  • Superhero Parties For Kids.
  • Plants vs. Zombies Kids Birthday,
  • Detective Pikachu Party for Boys,
  • Angry Birds Birthday for Kids.

The time has come to talk about the best birthday party ideas for a 10-year-old boy that today is a trend to celebrate the anniversary of a child who has already grown up. In other of our articles, we have talked about the coolest themes to celebrate a birthday for a child, but today, we will go into to present you the best ideas to celebrate a party for children of 10 years that are undoubtedly the best.

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More Birthday Party Tips & Ideas

Virtual Birthday Party If you cant see your friends kids can still celebrate with these fun Virtual Birthday Party ideas.

Minute to Win It Games Keep the party going with fun Minute to Win it games theyll find hilarious to play.

15 Fun Balloon Party Games Cheap and fun games with balloons that will fit all these different party themes.

-Tie a bag of M& Ms or Skittles to a helium balloon to use as a weight. These can act as decorations and then give them to the kids on the way out as part of their goody bag. Perfect with the mask for the Super Hero theme parties.

Goody Bag Idea Give the kids a gift card to the dollar store or 5 and Below. They will love picking something out themselves and its an easy giveaway for you.

Save money on Birthday Party Decorations and Supplies at Dollar Tree. Find out which party supplies you should be buying at Dollar Tree

Make birthdays feel special with Meaningful Birthday Traditions kids will cherish & remember more than a big birthday party.

Birthday Cake Buy a plain frosted cake from Costco or your local grocery store and add little figures on top of the cake to go with your theme.

Example If they love Star Wars, add some little Star Wars lego figures that you have already in your house on top. Dont forget to clean them first.

Heres a picture of a cake that I added plastic army figures to for a Fortnite Birthday Party.

Set The Party Date And Time

The biggest challenge when it comes to picking a date for your party- is working around the sports and activities that kids enjoy in your town. You obviously don’t want to plan a 2 pm party if most of the kids are at soccer or dance class at that time.

That being said- you’ll never find a date and time that works for everyone!

I suggest you consult with the Moms of 1 or 2 of your child’s best friends to make sure that you are selecting a timeframe that works for them, and then set your plans.

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Year Old Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Birthday parties are a whole lot of fun with a theme. Here are some ideas for both boys and girls.

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

1. Mad Scientist Party Theme

This is one of the coolest 8-year-old boy birthday party theme ideas around because who wouldnt love mad science! Let the dress code involve an apron, safety glasses and hand gloves. Gather up a bunch of science experiments that can be safely done at home and let them have a blast! Match the decoration to go with the theme such as hanging rubber gloves from the wall and metallic curtains made out of crepe paper. The cake can be an exploding volcano with lots of flavours and colours.

2. Backyard Amusement Park Theme

If you have a spacious backyard all you need to do is rent a trampoline, an inflatable castle and an inflatable pool to create your own amusement park in the backyard. Theres nothing that boys like more than to involve in physical play bouncing and flipping on trampolines or taking a splash in the pool. Ensure you give them plenty of sugary treats to keep the energy levels up! Safety is also a concern therefore inform parents the finer details of your party.

3. HandCraft Party Theme

4. Tree House Party Theme

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

1. Princess Party Theme

2. Ice Skating Theme

3. Train Ride Theme

4. Harry Potter Theme

Super Hero/marvel Birthday Party Theme

8 Year Old Birthday Boy Gift Ideas | What I Got My Son For His Eighth Birthday

Do you have a child who loves Super Heroes? The great part about this Super Hero theme is there are so many different characters you can pick from or just make it a general theme.

All the kids coming will probably have a favorite Marvel character of their own, too.

Super Hero Birthday Party Idea

Super Hero Masks& Capes

Buy Super Hero masks and Super Hero capes for all the kids to wear. You can also add the superhero masks to a balloon for decorations .

Heros Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course in your house or backyard for the heroes to climb through. Add something to the end they need to rescue like a treasure box. Make them feel like a real hero! The treasure box could be filled with candy as part of the goody bag gift.

Super Hero Costumes

Ask the kids to dress up for the party by wearing their own superhero costumes.

Super Hero Desserts

On your dessert table or where the kids will eat, use your childs superhero figures to decorate the table and cake.

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Lego Birthday Party Theme

What kid doesnt like to build with Legos? This party can be pretty easy to throw because there is so much to buy with this theme, you dont have to create as much yourself.

This is a pretty universal theme that should be fun for both girls and boys.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas

Party Decorations

Decorate with Primary colors in your balloons, table cloth, and streamers. You will also find tons of themed plates, napkins, and goody bags with Lego pictures on and at Dollar Tree.

Lego Cake Toppers

Add little Lego Men to the top of your cake as a quick decoration for Costco cakes or a cake you make yourself at home. If you add cupcakes use these cute stick Lego figure toppers.

Lego Game

For a fun Lego game, buy a bin of classic Lego pieces and give the kids a 10-minute challenge to build something. Then let them show it off to everyone. You could give prizes for the best creation or let them destroy it and build again. Bonus: Your child has more Legos to play with after the party.

Lego Goody Bag

Depending on your budget, you could also buy small Lego sets or mini Lego party sets like animals or vehicles. If you buy a bigger set have the kids build it at the party for an activity. If you get the mini Lego party sets add it to your goody bags.

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Dragon Ball Z Childrens Party

And this is how we started with the best 10-year-old boy birthday party ideas where a Dragon Ball Z Party is positioned as a favorite.

Gokus magic comes to represent an incredibly magical idea to celebrate a 10-year birthday for children. So do not hesitate to get inspired to decorate an event with this idea where the colors that highlight orange and blue are undoubtedly the favorites.

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Water Balloons And Other Fun Games

If birthdays fall during warmer weather months, look at birthday parties that involve water balloons or water slides.

There are lots of fun minute-to-win-it type birthday party games you can do in your yard. Im a huge fan of Bunch o Balloons. Fill them over a plastic tub with some water in the bottom so they dont fall and pop on the grass.

This post from the Happy Mom Hacks blog has some great minute to win it games for tweens and teens and suggestions on how to set up and play the games.

Reuse Old Decorations Or Buy Cheap Ones

10 Fabulous Birthday Party Ideas For 8 Year Old Boy 2020

Whether your child wants a dinosaur-themed party or a princess party, a little creativity can go a long way when it comes to decorating on a budget. If you have decorations from old parties, use them to create a fun space, no matter where the party is. The important thing is to be creative and think outside the box. If you are lacking any good decorations, then you can still buy some affordable ones easily.

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How Long Should A Kids Birthday Party Last

One of the biggest mistakes I think people make when planning a party is that they make it last too long! I think its better to have a shorter party- pack it with fun activities and then wrap it up while everyone is still having a good time.

You dont want to glance at your watch in the middle of your childs party and think, Holy Moly- we still have an hour and a half to go what are we going to DO?

A good general guideline is 90 minutes or less for pre-schoolers, and 2 hours long for kids in elementary school.

Find Everything Birthday From Birthday Express

Grab your party hats and noisemakers! Birthday Express has nearly25 years in the birthday business, and we know how to throw the party to endall parties. Our birthday party experts know their stuff, and theyre here to help you plan thebiggest bash yet, from choosing a theme to passing out party favors as yourchilds guests head home.Start to finish, we have you covered.

At, we carry hundreds of party themes thatkids love. Little girls love our unicorn and mermaid party supplies, and boysgo crazy for dinosaurs and Despicable Me. But we dont stop there. In addition to officiallylicensed party supplies like Moana, Minecraft, PJ Masks and Pokemon, BirthdayExpress carries exclusive birthday party supplies that you wont find anywhere else. Our talented teamunderstands what kids love, and has created one-of-a-kind themes like ParisParty, Spa Party and Superhero Party .

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Coolest Magic Theme Party Ideas

My son Joshua wanted a magic show for his 8th birthday. He really loves magic. All of the theme party ideas needed to have a magic part to them, including the games, the cake, the party goods and the decorations. I purchased the magic party goods from Birthday Express, which were perfect since they were Read more

Fun Games And Activities For 8th Birthday Party


Here are some birthday party activities for 8-year-olds that are sure to keep the fun going:

1. Flour Cake Lolly

Make a flour cake by tightly packing a shallow bowl with flour. Invert the bowl to release the flour cake and place a lolly at its centre. Get the players to sit around the cake and explain to them that they need to take turns to cut slices out of the cake without letting the lolly fall. Whoever gets the lolly to fall has to eat it with only their teeth. Whoever wins will still get a face full of flour! To make it tougher blindfold the players.

2. Mystery Fishing Game

For this game, youd need some toys, gifts and candy and a bamboo stick to act as the fishing pole. The pole needs to have a long string tied to one end to act as the fishing line. A volunteer fish hides behind a blue veil across the room or behind a large decorated appliance box. On the other side, the players take turns to throw the fishing line across and wait for the fish to attach something to it and pull it out. They get to keep whatever they fish out.

3. Sweet Sucker

To play this game you will need some bowls and straws and lots of sweets such as pebbles and M& Ms. Each child gets two bowls and straw with one bowl filled with some sweets. The game is to suck the sweet to get it to stick to one end of the straw and transfer it to the other bowl. All the children get to keep their lollies but whoever transfers them the fastest is the winner.

4. Rattlesnake Tag

5. The Memory Game

7. Who Am I?

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Baking Birthday Party Places In Orange County

Duff’s Cake Mix | Irvine – Located in the Irvine Spectrum Center. Decorate your own cupcakes or cake. All supplies are included. There are team members ready to help you inside the studio.

Sensitive Sweets | Fountian Valley – : Price starts at $12 per guest . Includes: Each guest gets 2 cupcakes, one to eat and one to take home, sprinkles, toppings, and a cupcake box. 60 minute session. // Fountain Valley

Wonderland Bakery | Laguna Niguel – Price starts at $30 per guest. Includes: 60 minute party, fully staffed, printable invitations, cookie decorating: 2 themed sugar cookies per guest, fun game or craft, enchanting cupcakes, wonderlicious water, Present Courier, Wonderland gift bag with sweet favor for all guests, Wonderland T-shirt for Guest of Honor. // Laguna Niguel

Tspoons Cooking Party | San Juan Capistrano – Price starts at $49 per person. Includes: Party Set-up / Clean-up, 3 course customized menu Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert, 1½ hours hands-on culinary instruction and food preparation, 1 hour dining party, All food items, materials, refreshments, and take home recipe cards.

Make Your Own Pizza Party

Around this age, you will notice if your child is taking an interest in culinary arts. I know my niece is going to be one of the best cooks in our family, and she isnt even 9! She always wants to help in the kitchen.

Having a build your own pizza party allows all of the kids a chance to learn some skills in the food department. Crafting foods is a beautiful experience that breaks kids away from technology and gives them something to work on while they build social skills. Chengu 6 Pieces Kids Chef Hat Apron Set, Boys Girls Aprons for Kids Adjustable Cotton Aprons Kitchen Bib Aprons with 2 Pockets for Kitchen Cooking Baking Wear

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Shopping Trip With Friends

If your child just wants a few friends to celebrate their birthday with you could take them on a shopping trip and out for their lunch. To add to the excitement you could travel with your group to another town on the train or bus and give each child a small allowance for the trip.

Take them out for a treat lunch and if they are old enough, you could let them sit at a table on their own.

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The Logistics For A 7

Rainbow M& M

Planning the Details: Your 7-year-old might have definite opinions about the partys theme, venue, and food choicesand not all of her fantasies will be realistic. Try to compromise as best you can. If shes determined to have a real-life unicorn at her backyard party, for example, opt for a unicorn piñata and stuffed animals instead.

Guest List. Boys and girls start splitting up around seven years old. Its completely fine to throw an all-boys or all-girls bash, but make sure to avoid hurt feelings. For example, you probably shouldnt have your child distribute invitations at school.

Timeline: Follow this 7-year-old birthday party timeline to avoid scrambling at the last minute,

One month before party day: Make guest list, plan menu, send invitations.

Two weeks before party day: Shop for party favors, paper goods, and items needed for the game. Ask a friend or relative who has RSVP’d to act as your assistant on party day.

One week before party day: Shop for menu items.

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