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Birthday Card For Wife From Husband

Birthday Message For Wife

Birthday card for Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend,Special gift, Handmade greeting card

1. My dear wife, you are the best thing has ever happened to me. I cant imagine my life being any better without you. Happy birthday dear. 2. Your birthday is also my birthday because I am celebrating the birth of joy into my life. Shine on my love. 3. Happy birthday to the most perfect woman in the world who chose to love an imperfect man like me. I want you to know that you make my life complete. I love you so much. 4. After all these years, I am still blinded by your love. I dont mind because you have made me see just how beautiful the world can be with you. Happy birthday my dear. 5. People read books to discover what love is. They indulge themselves in romantic prose and poetry just to grasp what love is. For me, all I have to do is look at the place you have filled in my life to know what true love is. Happy birthday woman of my life.

Trending Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband From Wife

In a world of irresponsible men, wife beaters and domestic violence prevalence, good men exist and thrive, even in their dwindling numbers.

You have been blessed with a great man, whos by no means perfect, but a loving and supportive husband, doting father to your children, consistently wearing himself out to provide for you and eke out a better future for you.

Its his birthday, and he deserves to be celebrated with encouraging words of love from you, the love of his life.

Are you at your wits end as to how to convey your feelings? Are you willing but incapable of putting your admiration into writing?

Hey, dont stress yourself further. I am at your service to find what suits you to precisely express your love to your husband, in a special way, on his special day.

Birthday Poems For Wife

Let your wife know just how much you love her with one of these romantic poems. They work well in a greeting card as romantic birthday wishes for wife.

If you are alone, I’ll be your shadow If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder If you’re not happy, I’ll be your smile. Whenever you need me I’ll be there. Happy Birthday, beautiful.

She sees in black and white.Thinks in grays.

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Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Wife

Happiest birthday to the only woman who scares the hell out of me. Otherwise, I am no less than Alexander the great in my own rights. May God bless you with more makeup products so that you can look a little more beautiful!

Hey wife, I want to give you so many books on how to sharpen memory and become smart but I guess its too late now. A chimpanzee can learn anything faster than you. Happy birthday and God bless you with unimaginable happiness!

I have heard that all you need is pure and unconditional love to keep your married life going seamlessly. In that way, I dont really have to buy exorbitant birthday gifts for you. My love would be more than sufficient and the most valuable gift. Happy birthday to my grumpy wife!

Hey, my lovely angel, you have become so old that no amount of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams can make you youthful. However, you can do the job of a scarecrow pretty well. Jokes apart, happy birthday to my beautiful and cute wife!

Dear wife, I really want to shower all the aesthetically fine things and luxuries of the world on you but you seem to be happy with little cashback and discounts on the general stores. Thats why I have changed my mind and bought discount coupons as your birthday gifts. I know you will love them. Happy birthday, wife!

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As time is passing you are getting old and it seems I have to remarry! Wishing you happy birthday my lovely wife!

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Birthday Texts For Wife

Lovely Wife Birthday Greeting Card

Life with you is like living in a wonderful dream, which becomes more and more beautiful every day!

Happy birthday to my wonderful wife! I feel blessed to have such a loving and caring person in my life. Love you so much, darling.

Here is a toast to one and only one, And may that one be YOU, Who loves the one and only one! And may that one be ME. Happy Birthday, honey!

As you are celebrating your special day, I want to tell you how wonderful wife you are. Without your love, sweetheart, my life would not be complete, happy birthday!

On our journey of life together my love for you is getting stronger and stronger. I am so thankful that you are next to me all the time, happy birthday to you!

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+ Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes For Wife

Happy Birthday wishes for wife with example messages and quotes to help you write the perfect greeting card message to your wife on her birthday.

Not sure what to write in your wife’s birthday card? Whether your looking for a sentimental message expressing the love you feel for your wife, or a funny birthday wish to make her laugh, we hope you are inspired by our collection.

Use the quick-links to jump to a particular section, or scroll down the page to see the entire collection of birthday wishes for wife.

How To Edit Wishes In Birthday Card For Wife

A good preparation should be made to create a good birthday card for you wife. With Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor, the best PDF editor to customise your birthday card for wife, you get it done simple and fast. Free download PDF templates and add your wishes in PDFelement. See the steps in detail as below.

Key Features:

  • Completely costless birthday card templates
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Special Birthday Wishes For Wife With Love

To express your heart-felt feelings on her birthday might be difficult, but we hope the following special birthday wishes give you the right amount of inspiration to do that. She might probably shed tears of joy after reading the message.

22. One universe, nine planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, and I had the privilege of meeting you. On your birthday, I want you to know how much you mean to me. Happy birthday.

23. You are my life. You are my breath. You are my inspiration. Happy birthday to you!

24. My goal is to keep a smile on your face. And when it starts to fade away, Ill do whatever it takes to brighten your day. Happy birthday.

25. Loving you is a privilege, knowing you is a blessing, being with you is a wish come true. Much love on your birthday.

26. As we grow old together, we will change. But one thing will stay the same and that is our love, the glue that holds us together. Happy birthday!

27. Most people read quotes to find the true meaning of life, but all I need to do is to look into your eyes. Happy birthday my dear wife!

28. The best part of our relationship is that the memories of bitter fights have been overshadowed by those of making up after. Happy birthday!

29. There may be hundreds of ways to wish you a happy birthday, but the best one is to give you a hug and whisper sweet nothings as we sway to loves tango. Happy birthday!

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Handmade Birthday Card for Husband
  • My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me. Winston Churchill
  • A real man loves his wife, and places his family as the most important thing in life. Nothing has brought me more peace and content in life than simply being a good husband and father. Frank Abagnale
  • The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends. B.R. Ambedkar
  • I love my wife, she deserves anything and everything. Aaron Spelling
  • Of all the home remedies, a good wife is best. Kin Hubar
  • Thats what a good wife does, keeps your dreams alive even when you dont believe anymore. Michael J. Sullivan
  • A wife is like a childrens movie always under-appreciated and without either, life would be incomplete. John Steinbeck
  • My spouse is my shield, my spouse is my strength. Amit Kalantri
  • My wife dresses to kill. She cooks the same way. Henny Youngman
  • A wife is a gift from God that grows with the love that she spills into a mans life.

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Birthday Quotes For Wife

16. My dear wife, you have made my life worth living. When I look back and see just how far I have come with you, I cant help but be filled with joy. We are going to have the best birthday party ever. Happy birthday. I would always love you. 17. Money can buy a lot of things like expensive cloths, cars and other luxuries. But all these are meaningless without the free gift of your love. Woman of my life, you have always been there for me. Happy birthday love. 18. You have not just been a wife to me, you have also been my best friend. Nobody understands me the way you do, and I count myself lucky to have you by my side. Happy birthday dear. 19. No amount of diamonds can give me as much joy as you do. Thank you for being the gem of my life. Happy birthday my precious woman. 20. Since the day I saw you, I have fallen for you and have still not gotten over it. You are the sweetest and prettiest woman I know. I wish you a happy birthday and more shared memories of joy. 21. When they write about the greatest romance of all time, I want them to write a chapter about us and it should begin with the day you were born. I love you so much, happy birthday. 22. Every single moment of my life with you makes me understand the true meaning of love. You have been the woman of my life and I am lucky to have you by my side. Happy birthday my sweetheart.

Birthday Congratulations For Wife

Congratulations on your special day, darling. Be happy, just like I am, while being with you!

Dear wife, you are the most important person in my life that makes me the happiest! I wish you all the best for your birthday and always! Your loving husband.

Your birthday is a perfect occasion to tell that I notice and appreciate all the special things that you do every day to make my life so beautiful and meaningful!

I am so glad that you came into my life and filled it with joy, love and endless happiness!

My life was measured, but your appearance in it was fateful. Now I realize that love is the most important thing in the life of every person. I can compare you with the cherry on the cake, which always makes everything more beautiful! Happy birthday, love!

I am not afraid to be with you either on a desert island or in the North among the glaciers. Your love will save me, like the best medicine for ailment. Happy birthday, wife!

My love for you, dear wife, is boundless, like the expanses of the universe. Happy birthday, my dear!

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Wife

Women do fall for funny guys. So, let her laugh out loud reading your funny birthday message.

94. Happy birthday wife! At least youre not as old as you will be next year.

95. I may not be Shakespeare and I might not look like Magic Mike but I am your husband and that suits me just right. I love you! Happy birthday, my sweet!

96. Happy birthday! Like fine wine we get better with age.or rather, we feel better about our age with lots of wine!

97. Sweetheart, today, were not blowing off the candles on your cake. Instead, were going to fan the flame, so that the fire of love in our marriage will be kindled more and more. Happy birthday, my very sweet baby.

98. Honey, I wish you a long life and prosperity. But of course, the long life is only on one condition, that you do not use any anti-aging creamthe only way to live long is to age. And, Im happy youre doing it gracefully.

99. Your birthday reminds me of the old Chinese scholar: Young No Mo. Happy birthday, wifey!

100. Happy birthday, wife, lets go wild.


102. As you get older, three things happen. You lose your memory and I cant remember the other two. But I do remember that today is your birthday. So, have a wonderful day, and I love you.

103. I planned a special get-away with you on this special day. But, that doesnt mean we are getting away forever. I still want us to come back to our home where we have sweet memories. Happy birthday!


More Birthday Wishes For Wife

Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Wife Funny Birthday Card

Still looking for the perfect birthday wishes for your wife? Maybe you want a message for a particular birthday year, or an extra funny message? Check out these other articles for more card message ideas:

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Husband

These funny birthday wishes for husbands are a relaxed and fun way of wishing your husband a great day on his birthday! But remember, only you know how he’ll react to being teased about growing older… you’ve been warned!

Most of the year you spoil me. Today, it’s payback time! Happy Birthday, Hon.

Hey Hubby, for your birthday, I wanted to wish you the very best possible. Then I remembered… you already have me. So no need. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the love of my life and the biggest pain in my ass! I love you.

For my husband! You ask me why I love you. Well, you’re handsome, brilliant, clean, fastidious. But most of all, you’re never home… Well, you know what they say, ‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder.’ Happy Birthday!

I’m so glad that we’ll grow old together. Especially since you’ll always have the head start. Happy Birthday, Love!

A yearly reminder, dear Husband, to be careful about laughing about my choices. After all, you’re one of them. Happy Birthday!

Sometimes, I wonder how you put up with me. Then, I remember that I put up with you too. That means we’re even! Happy Birthday to a husband, companion, and best friend!

Happy Birthday to a magical husband. You turned me to goo with your wizardly smile all those years ago, and I gotta say you still have that magic touch!

From our first drink together to our last, I’ll never regret sharing a table with you. Happy Birthday, Husband!

Short & Sweet Birthday Wishes For Husband

Short, sweet, & cute happy birthday messages for your husband that work well as a text message, short greeting card message, or best of all on a note accompanying a box of chocolates!

Happy Birthday my Handsome Man!

The best part of every day is sharing it with a husband I love. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my partner in crime. Let’s make some mischief today and every day!

Happy Birthday to my favorite adventurer. I never would have gone so many places without you. Now hurry up and let’s get planning for the next one!

There isn’t enough wrapping paper in the world to contain all the love I have for you. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Happy Birthday to the only person I ever want to grow old and cranky with! Let’s go shoo squirrels off the porch!

Cheers! It’s your birthday! Let’s party like when we first met.

If this were a book, you would be the Prince. If it were a movie, you would be the Hero. But, since this is our life, you are my everything. Happy Birthday Love.

I wish you a totally perfect day for a perfect husband. Happy Birthday, Honey.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. Thanks for brightening my days.

Riches? Money? I have everything I need, because I have a husband with a heart of gold! Happy Birthday, My Love.

Happy birthday to my super-awesome, wonderful, outrageously funny, handsome and charming husband!

You’re my husband, my daily companion, and my best friend. Happy Birthday! Let’s make every day this good.

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Birthday Quotes For Husband

A curated collection of famous quotes about husbands, about love, and about the friendship they bring to our lives. The love quotes would especially work well as part of a birthday wish for your husband.

If I know what love is, it is because of you.~ Herman Hesse

You are my today and all of my tomorrows.~ Leo Christopher

The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends.~ B. R. Ambedkar

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father! ~ Lydia M. Child

Everyone can be a father, but it takes a lot to be a dad. ~ Wade Boggs

Being a good husband and father. That’s the most important thing I’m going to do on this earth.~ Shawn MichaelsYou could add: You have both of those boxes checked, so sit back, relax, and let us spoil you for your birthday!

I have a best friend as a husband, and he is my number one supporter. He’s a family man, and he’s always giving back to God. That is what makes him a beautiful man. We’re not perfect by any means, but that makes us beautiful as well.~ Tamera Mowry

My husband and I are best of friends, first and foremost. We fight like cats and dogs, but never stay mad for long. I was lucky to find him. He is, in every way, my soulmate.~ Carnie Wilson

You never know what the future holds, so I am just enjoying being happy, healthy, and having my wonderful husband by my side.~ Olivia Newton-John

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