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Employee Birthday Cards With Company Logo

Design Your Own Business Birthday Cards

Automated birthday wishes to friends or employees using Google Sheets

You can create your own business birthday cards by combining your personal details with our current business birthday card templates or by choosing our blankdesign your own business birthday card template. Our thorough, but easy to use customization tools, will ensure you craft the perfect corporate birthday cards for these events. When you make your customized birthday cards, you are creating one of a kind corporate birthday greetings to share with colleagues, coworkers, and customers. There are endless ways to design stunning and creative business birthday cards for this joyous occasion.

What Is The Best Message For Birthday

First, wish them a happy day. It is their day, and they should enjoy it. Next, why are you wishing them a happy birthday? Because you appreciate them and want them to be happy, so let them know! Tell them how glad you are to know them, and what their being in your life means to you. Hope that they indulge in their favorite things, and make sure to list some — shared experience helps to strengthen bonds and you let them know what you both like. If they’ve had a bad year, wish them a better one. If they’ve had a good one, hope their fortune continues. Tell them you’re looking forward to a fun year together.

Can Bulk Birthday Cards Be Personalized

Bulk birthday cards can definitely be personalized. Instead of writing a specific message, you will write a more generic custom message to be included. When an office birthday rolls around, simply grab one of your bulk cards and write out a more thoughtful and specific message to the birthday person inside.

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Employee Tip On Greeting Cards

Stock up on personalized greeting cards for employee birthdays and the holidays! Custom birthday cards with your business logo show you went the extra mile for staff, customers and vendors. The same holds true when you give out business Christmas cards and other holiday greetings. When coupled with a small gift, greeting card printing is that extra step to let your customers, staff and vendors know that you really care and want to sincerely thank them for helping you throughout the year. Look through our nice selection of beautiful holiday and special occasion cards, then put your logo on them for a great price!


What Our Customers Are Saying

Corporate Birthday eCards

“The process was so simple, and the results were amazing.”

“…the perfect solution.”

“Thanks again to the GREAT team at…”

“I would absolutely recommend to any company…”

“The process was smooth and they do a beautiful job of explaining what they needed from us…”

“The quality of the Holiday E-card that created was truly amazing…”

“They always present me with a clear goal, a clear plan, and a clear list of everything they need from me.”

“We are happy with the result, as many of our clients responded with good comments.”

“…we were so pleased with the result and the response from our clients, we came back for another project!”

“Our project manager was very thorough as well as quick to answer questions and produce and edit our card.”

“…nothing but supportive in assisting with the e-card process.”

“ exceeded our expectations, communicating swiftly and clearly.”

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Birthday Cards For Coworkers Done Right

You’ve seen it before. Your coworker’s birthday is just around the corner and someone starts to pass around a card in a manila folder for everyone to sign. There’s barely space on the card for team members to add a note . And five people are traveling for a conference while another one works remotely — so getting everyone to sign is basically impossible.

With Kudoboard, there’s a better way. Inviting team members to contribute, wherever they are, is a breeze. Simply send them the link to the board or use our system to email them an invitation. Then sit back, relax, and watch the birthday posts roll in for your coworker. And we’re not just talking about a short note + a signature. Team members can add photos, GIFs, & videos to make the board fun and personalized.

We used Kudoboard as a birthday eCard rather than passing a paper birthday card around the office. It was super convenient, everyone added hilarious GIFs to the board, and the recipient really enjoyed it.

Stacey H., Zillow

Best Employee Birthday Gift Ideas & Corporate Birthday Cards

Of all the holidays in the year, a birthday is one of the most special. After all, its one of the only days that a person gets true, individualized attention that makes them feel special and loved.

As an HR manager, one of your jobs is to help employees celebrate their special day. While an email is a simple way to share happy birthday wishes for employees, a gift – be it large or small – can be even more impactful. Whether its an old-fashioned greeting card or a gift basket brimming with treats, a special present can help transform a birthday from good to great and demonstrate your employee appreciation.

Depending on the budget or culture of your organization, you may choose to throw an office birthday party with balloons and decorations, and invite the whole staff to join in the celebration .

Alternately, you may choose to keep it small and leave a desk plant or a birthday card on the employees desk. If youve got remote employees who are celebrating a birthday, there are plenty of gifts that are easy to send in the mail. On this page, well discuss a few of the top office birthday ideas for employees in your organization.

Lets dive in.

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Automated Birthday Greetings & Ecards

The easier way to send birthday greetings to employees and customers.

Automatically send birthday cards and more to customers and employees with perfectly timed happy birthday greeting cards.

Birthday greetings show employees and customers you care.

Boost employee morale and keep customers engaged with our automated birthday greetings.

Birthday Greetings Show Your Employees & Customers That You Care

EVA Air – Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Company from Employees

Employees play a very important role in any business. They are the human capital of a company and every business works hard to ensure that their employees are happy and motivated.

Employees who believe in a business and motivated to perform better allow a company to outperform rivals and grow at a faster pace. According to experts, one of the best qualities for a good manager or leader is his or her ability to motivate people and get great performance out of them.

Motivating Employees

While it sounds easy to do in theory, motivating employees is actually quite tricky and difficult in practice. Each of us is unique and every one reacts differently to varying incentives and motivational tools.

Some people prefer monetary rewards and bonuses. Others are motivated by a better work-life balance. Some employee may want a greater challenge that allows them to push themselves harder.

However, one thing that always affects employee behavior positively is appreciation from the management and other colleagues. This could be done through a well-delivered complement, a pat on the back or a birthday greetings card that makes them feel remembered and appreciated during the occasion.

Birthday E-Cards for Employees

Moreover, surveys have also shown that recipients are more likely to associate and do business with a firm that has the culture of sending greeting cards to customers, employees and business associates.

Personalizing Your E-Cards

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Bulk Birthday Cards & Prices

While cheap birthday cards in bulk can sometimes lead to below-standard printing and durability, we offer discount birthday cards made with only the highest-quality materials and rich color printing. Our discount birthday cards and bulk birthday cards rival our top competitors in price without ever skimping on quality. The more personalized birthday cards you order, the lower our prices get. If you are looking for wholesale prices, we suggest increasing your quantity on all custom birthday card orders for the best discount.

Craft The Perfect Message

With your designs in hand, now you get to have some real fun creating the right message. Jump in to the Cardly template builder and write the perfect birthday message even include multiple messages with unique styles from different team members if it suits!

Our template builder is an amazing, flexible tool that will let you create a highly personalised design unique to your company and purpose. Select the right style, colour and size, add messages from different people in their own unique styles and pick how messy you want your handwriting to be. Sprinkle in a few doodles in – and maybe a custom signature – and youll have an amazing design thats yours and yours alone.

The true power in templates, however, comes from including variable fields to help truly personalise messages to individual recipients. Add variables for someones first name, department, years employed or anything else you might need. When we build individual cards well merge your recipients details into the right spots, using the same writing style as the rest of the text around it create the perfect, individual message.

From one template you can then send hundreds or thousands of cards and well handle all of the layout, data management and postage for you. Imagine the number of hours and hand cramps youll save!

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How Do You Say Happy Birthday Professionally

Let your co-workers know how happy you are to be working with them. Let employees know how the company benefits having them as a part of the team. Thank you boss for the opportunities they’ve given you and how glad you are working with them. Appreciate without laying it on thick and you’ll be appropriate.

Features Features And More Features

Corporate Birthday eCards
  • Preloaded with your selected birthday ecard1
  • Personalized with Contact’s Name
  • Use your own company email address
  • Different Sender Name and Email Address per greeting
  • Multiple Sender Names per greeting
  • Secure Online 24/7 List Management Tool
  • High Deliverability Rates to the inbox!
  • Secure Email Authentication Protocols
  • Animated graphics in the Greeting’s email
  • Custom Website links at end
  • Social media links
  • Integration with CRM and Web Tools2
  • Get 25% off this year’s holiday ecard order.3
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    Easy To Edit Card Templates

    Specially created by our in-house designers, our templates make it quick and simple to add your own personalisations within the defined areas of the design.

    Add Your Logo

    Create a branded card by uploading your company logo to the design, then resize and position so it fits just right.

    Add Text

    Add your own message to the card. You can then personalise the text style, such as the font type, text colour and size.

    Add An Image

    Upload your own image or company photo, or choose from one of ours. Use our design editor to resize and add style effects.

    For helpful tips and advice on how to use our design editor, see our How To Guide

    Find The Perfect Words

    The biggest roadblock youre probably going to encounter when thinking about business birthday cards is what to write inside. It usually is easy when you have a close relationship with the employee. It is a lot harder when youre writing a card to a casual acquaintance or a temp worker who you want to feel a sense of inclusion with the office. When youve ordered your cards in bulk, there is a bit of room for error. With practice and thought, youll easily find the right words to capture your feelings.

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    Watch The Ekarda Video

    ekarda is an eCard service designed specifically for businesses.

    Add your logo to one of our existing eCards for occasions like Easter, Birthdays, Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween or get a custom card made specially inclusive of your logo.

    ekarda helps you to build rapport and strengthen your business relationships by automatically sending the right greeting to the right person at the right time.

    Whether sending to 20 or 2,000 or people, ekarda allows you to reach everyone effortlessly with personalised eCards that make them feel appreciated, understood and affiliated with your brand.

    Get in Touch

    Whats The Best Thing To Write On A Birthday Card

    Automate Employees Birthday or Anniversary Emails using Power Automate (MS Flow)

    With birthday cards, there is no tried-and-true message that works for everyone. While you want to say happy birthday, the rest of the message should be personalized to reflect the relationship you share with the recipient. The more you think about the person, the easier it will be to find the perfect words.

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    What Can I Say Instead Of Happy Birthday

    HBD! Happy Blow Out the Candles Day! Another year done! Another circle round the Sun! Have your cake and eat it day! Party Hardy! Let’s Celebrate You! This is the day to give thanks for having you around. Thank you for being my friend.

    While it can be difficult to figure out the best way to acknowledge birthdays in the office, a card is always a good call. Take a look at the many exciting style options available at Cards for Causes and discover bulk cards that will help you send the perfect message throughout the year.

    Create Corporate Birthday Cards In Bulk

    For large bulk birthday cards for businesses, you may want to take advantage of ourPartnership Program. Using our company birthday templates or ourdesign your own template, you can create custom birthday card designs to feature right on our site. Anyone can access these customized birthday cards by simply visiting our website. If you have multiple branches of your company in more than one location, our Partnership Program makes it easy for your team to access your corporate birthday cards, business birthday cards for clients, and employee birthday cards, while maintaining universal brand standards. Simply design bulk birthday cards with your corporate colors and company logo and make them available to your entire organization.

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    Birthday Cards For Employees

    Build strong office relationships with business birthday cards. Giving birthday cards may seem like a small gesture, but remembering employee birthdays shows and generates respect. If you are an employer or ordering on behalf of your employer choose business birthday cards that are representative of your company culture then add your logo, a custom message, your digital signature, and even photographs to the card.

    Send The Right Message

    Corporate Birthday eCards

    Custom birthday cards can be very helpful when you need to give a lot of people cards. All you need to do is create a style and message that captures your exact feelings. You can design this all on your own or use templates to find a style that makes the most sense for your office. While the cards will all have the same look, you can write custom messages to each person on his or her birthday in order to create a more personal experience with your gift.

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    Upload Contacts & Automate Your Sends

    Finally, another powerful feature to help simplify management of your birthday card campaign is Cardlys contact lists. With contact lists you can create a centralised store of information to merge with your template and well use this to automatically send out birthday cards at the right time.

    Better yet, one contact list can help manage multiple different campaigns send birthday wishes and work anniversary notes with the same list! On top of this weve also designed contact lists to help simplify removing old contacts and adding new ones we get people move on and fresh faces join teams all the time. Simply upload your new contact data over the top of your old contact list and well take care of the rest!

    Finally, automation rules can help drive real power in your campaigns ensure no work anniversary gets the same card two years in a row by setting up different rules for different years. Send an amazing floral design for a first anniversary, then that awesome bear card for year two!

    Send Birthday Cards To Your Team

    Each day hundreds of people use Cardly to send birthday cards to their loved ones no matter where they might be around the world. We love helping people stay connected in a meaningful and personal way with our unique greeting cards and local printing for fast delivery. We’re also really excited to be able to help businesses celebrate their employees with customised birthday card campaigns, delivering personalised birthday messages to team members anywhere in the world.

    With more teams working remotely than ever before and companies looking to leverage a global recruitment pool, staying connected can be challenging even at the best of times. Utilising a contact database within your business portal, you can create and maintain a centralised list of your employees and their birthdays securely and have cards automatically built and sent at the right time throughout the year. Setting this up is a breeze and takes very little time, however the impact of receiving a personalised card on a birthday, work anniversary or to congratulate a team for a job well done can be enormous.

    If youre looking to help bring your team closer together, get started by requesting a free sample from our business page. Well guide you through the rest of the steps below!

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    What Is A Unique Way To Wish Someone A Happy Birthday

    Dress it up, get creative. Compare years lived to a great journey, or a race they are winning. List their achievements for the past year and wish them an even better run this year! Some people look on birthdays as sad milestones — let them know that a year older is a year better. If they know a foreign language, wish them a Happy Birthday in that language. Play around with the party aspect of the day — tell them to take it easy, or hope they cut loose! What is it about them that makes them unique? Find a way to tie that to their growing older, and better.

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