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Ninja Warrior Course Birthday Party

Element #: The Cliffhanger

Ninja Warrior Birthday Party!

This one was the element that took out almost every remaining competitor at our party! When we bought our house a large wooden half-pipe came with it- and while my kids have had fun sledding down the half-pipe hill in the winter, they don’t have strong enough skateboarding skills yet to board on it.

But then my husband came up with the idea that we can use this half pipe as a base to build a few American Ninja Warrior elements- starting with this cliffhanger wall. Inspired by the cliffhanger wall used on the show, Steve attached pieces of wood railing at different angles and intervals across the face of this plywood board. It takes a great deal of upper arm strength to make it from one end to the other!

You could achieve a similar obstacle by attaching climbing hand holdsThis is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. to a tree trunk and creating a short course up, down, and around a tree. Or you could mount a climbing pegboardThis is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. to a tree, and have kids climb from the bottom to the top using ninja climbing pegsThis is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you.!

What Qualifies As An Extra Participant In The Party Packages

Extra participant refers to any person enjoying the obstacles on the course. Anyone attending the party but not using the obstacles on the course may watch from the viewing area without charge but may not use the obstacles and equipment. If any guests in the group would like to participate once they arrive but were not initially included in the booking, please let your Party Host know and we can add the extra participant to the final cost

American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party Props

A birthday party is always more fun and festive with props! Fans of the show know that many competitors come up with Warrior Nicknames and often wear some outlandish get-ups while they compete. So it would be fun to give everyone a few minutes to think of a warrior nickname and choose from this set of capes and masksThis is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you., colorfully This is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you., add a little hair chalkThis is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you., or even an American Ninja Warrior hatThis is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you.!

And of course it would be fun if the birthday boy or birthday girl wore an official Ninja Warrior teeThis is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you.!

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The Newest Obsession: Ninja Warrior Parties

An Aviator Sports Ninja Warrior birthday party features a complex obstacle course that will be a fun challenge for kids as they use their strength, speed, and endurance to make their way through the course based on the hit television show American Ninja Warrior.

Party guests will try their best to overcome each individual obstacle with instructors providing guidance and support.

At a Ninja Warrior birthday party guests will tackle a Ninja Warrior course features slanted steps, cliffhangers, unstable bridges, cannonball alley, cargo net swing, rumbling dice, spider wall, TWO warped walls, and more.

Parties consist of a 1-hour activity and 30 minutes in the party area. The last half hour of your party includes catered food, singing happy birthday, and serving cake.

A huge hit with kids and parents, everyone will have their shot to be the next American Ninja Warrior.

A Ninja Warrior birthday party is recommended for children ages 9 and up.

Expand your next birthday party with a Gymnastics Combo Party, featuring the best of both Ninja Warrior and Gymnastics parties.

Private Ninja Gym Party

Ninja Warrior Birthday Party Obstacle Course Invitation
  • Includes birthday boy/girl and 9 ninja friends
  • 75 minutes of use of the Ninja Warrior Obstacles just for your group along with special instruction from a Conquer Ninja Gym Trainer*
  • Time to explore and play on the obstacles
  • Compete in a timed American Ninja Warrior style course
  • Minimum age of 5 years old.

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Ninja Led Party Packages 10 & 20

For the ninja led birthday party package youll have a Move Sport Ninja Coach dedicated specifically to your American Ninja Warrior party who will design a course based on the age of the birthday ninja!

When you arrive for your birthday party our staff will check you in at the front desk and lead you back to your pre-decorated birthday party room. Once you are settled your ninja coach will come introduce themselves and go over our gym rules.

As your guests are arriving and getting checked in all the ninja kids will be playing in the gym. Once all or most of your guests have arrived your ninja coach will call them all together and lead them in a stretching exercise. Once all birthday ninjas are warmed up your ninja coach will then explain the course and begin the ninja warrior experience. Ten minutes before food and cake your coach will chant beat that wall with other ninja friends to help the birthday ninja conquer the warped wall!!

Now it is time for your cake and food! Your ninja coach will alert the ninjas its time to eat!

If you do not use the full hour in the birthday party room your guests are allowed to go back into the gym for open play until your party time is over.

Element #: Toad Stools

These were five large logs pieces that we had in our woodpile that we arranged far enough apart to make them a challenge to jump from one to the next. Also- since they were not attached to the lawn in any way, they wobbled a bit when the kids landed on them- which made this element even harder.

You could achieve this same idea by using a set of 5-gallon bucketsThis is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. turned upside down!

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Our Outdoor Mobile Party Option That Brings The Party To You

Book our mobile ninja warrior equipment for an outdoor party in your backyard! Our Grit On The Go program includes tons of fun obstacles, like upper body challenges , quad steps, balance obstacles and agility courses! Each session will be packed with small group instruction, fun games and a course run for the birthday child! And did we mention our WARPED WALL is now available for your home party for an extra charge?

-75 minutes of activity and games

-Experienced coaches to lead activities

-12 party guests, each additional guest is $25/person

-Saturday and Sunday options available

-Warped Wall option, subject to availability

-Ages 5+

American Ninja Warrior Birthday Parties


Do you have an aspiring ninja warrior or warrior princess? Do your kids love American Ninja Warrior? If so, bring them to us for a very special American Ninja Warrior Birthday party!

Our Young Warrior birthday parties use our obstacle course to allow kids to become real ninjas! We have a warped wall, peg board, climbing wall, slackline, quintuple steps, rope climb, monkey bars, walls, and more!

If youre looking for a fun and unique birthday party for your aspiring ninja warrior, look no further. Because what could be more fun than a ninja warrior birthday party?

Families come from all over the Bay Area to host their parties with us. Weve had hundreds of boys and girls come to party with us from areas such as:


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What Is A Gymja Warrior Party

We have the perfect balance of free play, instruction, and obstacle course challenges for all skill levels!

All of our parties start off with a few minutes of free time for the kids to get out their initial burst of energy and a feel for the gym. We then move into fully instructed Ninja obstacle and/or Parkour skills, breaking the kids into groups depending on the size of the party.

Then they get to put their skills to the test running an age appropriate course!

All birthday parties at Gymja Warrior are fully customizable to meet all skill levels of the appropriate ages . Younger kids often benefit from more instruction while older kids appreciate a structured free time! Either way our coaches are there and ready to help all participants achieve their goal!

At booking, please let our party planner know if you have any particular techniques you would like them working on! The coaches will then prepare your perfect party. When you come in, youre welcome to any last minute changes and based on the age and energy level of the kids our head coach may make additional suggestions to you.

Parties are led by our passionate and fun coaches. These parties can either run like the weekday training parties or more casual and fun play parties. When you book your party please let us know if youd like more or less structure, and if you prefer it more or less challenging. Weekend parties are open to all kids turning 5 years old and up.

Element #: Army Crawl

Sadly I have no pictures of this element to show you- but it was a series of wooden garden stakesThis is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. stuck in the ground with vinyl tapeThis is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. stretched around the top of each stake in a zig-zag pattern.

The kids had to crawl beneath the vinyl tape without touching it to advance past this section of the course.

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Additional Wristbands Can Be Purchased For $10 Each


*A $100 deposit is due at the time of booking. Remaining balance can be paid on the day of the party.

**We require a one week notice for cancellations or party reschedules.

All birthday party guests must fill out a waiver to join in on the gym floor. Guests may pre-register here or and bring in on the day of the party.

You can turn any birthday party into a

NINJA NERF WARS Birthday Party for just $75 additional!

NNW Parties have limited booking–so contact us for more details and scheduling options!

What Our Customershave To Say About Us

Ninja Warrior Birthday Parties

We just threw my daughter’s 6th birthday party here and it was wonderful! They were very helpful and accommodating. Our guests had a great time and the staff assigned to help our party could not have been nicer. I would recommend this for a party venue to anyone!Hannah B.

I brought my 11YO son today for open gym and he absolutely loved it! It definitely became more crowded after 12:30, but the staff was great and offered assistance when requested. The obstacles were just like the show and are easy to try, but challenging to master. We will be back for sure!Amy J.

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Element #: Quintuple Steps

Most of the quarterfinal rounds on the TV show begin with the Quintuple Steps. To create our version, we started with leftover pallets that we had, covered them in plywood and then added legs to achieve the correct angle. Some of the legs were actually old table legs that we had in our garage! The key is to space them the proper distance apart so that the kids are challenged to reach them.

Here is a great tutorial from Instructables on how to create your own quintuple steps!

Can I Purchase Items From The Cafe Or Create A Cafe Tab

Alternately, a Moving Bodies Café tab can be provided for your party guests. This can include hot and cold drinks and would be as per your specification. Our friendly Café staff will be happy to assist you. Your Café tab must be settled at the conclusion of your party.As previously noted, when you spend over $100 on catering from our kitchen, we will waive the $50.00 room hire fee your cafe tab does not count towards the catering bill.

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What Is A Ninja Party

Your children and their friends will have supervised access to obstacle courses and fun skill stations. Our instructors provide a balance of free play and organized obstacle runs. Kids will have the option to run Ninja competitions or try their hand at our fun and challenging obstacles!

Ninja parties are 1.5 hours long. The first hour of the party is spent in the gym with a coach who will organize obstacle course challenges and some free play time. The last half hour is spent in the lobby at the party table area for refreshments and presents.

After the obstacle portion, youâll have reserved access to the party area for food and refreshments. Tables and chairs are set up in the party area of the lobby. You provide table cloths, decorations and refreshments. Feel free to decorate for themes.

Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

Party kid Corey Worthington takes on the Ninja Course | Australian Ninja Warrior 2018

Have your kids a Ninja Warrior birthday party at NinjaVille. The best Ninja Warrior Parties in town!!! 1 1/2 hours for up to fifteen children. One hour of Ninja Warrior Obstacle Training in our state of the arts facility featuring a 20 ft tumble trak trampoline, a fourteen foot Cargo Net, Six foot, Eight foot and fourteen foot Warped walls, 9 angled steps and a twelve foot salmon ladder with a number of hanging and swinging obstacles, fun and excitement for all. The last thirty minutes are reserved for food, cake and presents in our party room.Our Ninja Warrior Birthday Party room is 16x 21. It is equipped with four six foot tables and four six foot benches.

Our Ninja Warrior Birthday Party Schedule

Friday : 5:30 pm 7:00 pm

Saturday : 11 am 12:30 pm

1:00 pm 2:30 pm

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Do You Have Catering Options

offering healthy food options


The link below will provide you with our catering options where you can create your own unique menu. If you select the catering option, at the time of booking your party, we will contact you approximately 2 weeks prior to your party to send you a reminder along with the Party Catering Options. You can then place your order and pre pay for your catering. Orders and payment for your menu is required no less than 1 week prior to your party.

You may choose to mix and match your own food with some of our catering too no minimum spend required, however, if you spend over $100 on our catering, we will provide plates, cups, napkins and jugs of water, along with waiving the $50.00 party room hire fee.Additional FeesBYO/delivered pizzas are not permitted. Where these have brought into the party, a $95.00 fee will be charged. $120 cleaning fee for any party poppers, glitter, streamers, pinatas, confetti or balloons filled with confetti.

Can I Byo Food

room hire fee of $50.00

If you order over $60 for Option 1 and over $100 for Option 2, of catering from our kitchen, we will waive the $50.00 room hire fee.

When planning for your BYO menu, we do ask that there are NO take away or delivered pizzas. Please do not bring take away pizzas or have pizzas delivered to the Moving Bodies Centre. Whilst we do allow BYO, we kindly ask that you do not bring any food warmers, grills, small ovens or tea/coffee making facilities sorry no coffee or food vans are permitted.

Additional FeesBYO/delivered pizzas are not permitted. Where these have brought into the party, a $95.00 fee will be charged. $120 cleaning fee for any party poppers, glitter, streamers, pinatas, confetti or balloons filled with confetti.

As part of BYO, parents will be required to bring party food, drinks, plus plates, cups, napkins and tablecloth .

lease also remember to bring a KNIFE, LIGHTER and CAKE PLATES, plus spoons/forks if needed for your cake. We will provide a knife, lighter and cake plates if we are providing your cake otherwise fees apply when Moving Bodies are asked to provide these.

Party tables and chairs are available. A bin and bin liner will also be provided along with a recycling bin for plastic water bottles and cans. We encourage you and your guests to be mindful of rubbish and recycling.

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Ninja Warrior / Parkour Birthday Parties

Parties at the Maine Warrior Gym are sure to be one of the most memorable and exciting birthdays ever! Learn age-appropriate Parkour moves and take on obstacle challenges from the show American Ninja Warrior. Our trainers will make this event one to remember. If you are turning 5, 15 or 50, we have something to challenge and excite you!

  • The gym will be completely closed to everyone but the birthday party, so you will have your complete run of the place for 1-1/2 hours.
  • Well spend some time in the beginning orienting the group on the obstacles and gauging the age and ability so that our coaches can best help them on the obstacles.
  • Spend 30 minutes having cake or pizza in the reception area.
  • Upon request, finish the party with timed obstacle course running, similar to American Ninja Warrior. We are able to tailor the obstacle course to be age appropriate and challenging for all levels.
  • Pricing: $299 for up to 10 children. $18 per additional child.

NERF Battle Parties


A Parkour gym is probably the best place to have a nerf battle and weve got some insane games and challenges planned for everyone!

We have 24 Nerf Rival Kronos guns for use as well as plenty of ammo and eye protection which will be required because these babies pack a punch!

  • Deathmatch
  • Pricing: $299 for up to 10 children. $18 per additional child.

Corporate Events

We can accommodate your team outing in many ways! Contact us for more info!

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