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Happy Birthday Text For Him

Birthday Wishes For Your Husband

Should You Text Your Ex BF a Happy Birthday

1. You are the most amazing person on earth. Happy birthday, love!

2. Sending you nothing but positive vibes on your birthday!

3. Cheers to another year. Happy birthday!

4. I hope you have the most magical birthday yet!

5. Happy birthday, sweetie! I love you.

6. Wishing a very happy birthday to the most perfect man in the world. Have a great day.

7. Today is all about you! Happy birthday!

8. Guess what? Today is your birthday!

9. Make a wish! Its your special day. Happy birthday!

10. Happy birthday to my favorite person! I hope you have the best day.

11. Another year older, and you just keep getting stronger, wiser, funnier and more amazing! Happy birthday!

12. Happy birthday to the best person I know!

13. Happy birthday, Handsome!

14. I hope your day is full of all the things that make you happy. Happy birthday!

15. You look too good to be this old. Happy birthday!

16. Happy birthday my love! Remember that the best is yet to come!

17. I cant believe its your birthday! Have the most amazing day.

18. Sending you a big birthday hug!

19. Todays my favorite day because its the day you were born. Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true.

21. Happy birthday! Dont let anything keep you from smiling today.

22. Its your day! Enjoy every minute of it. Happy birthday!

23. Wishing you a very special birthday and a wonderful year ahead!

24. May your heart be filled with joy and your life with happiness. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Happy Birthday To Love

My love, words are not enough to express how much I love you. My wish is for you to stay happy and healthy, best bday!

It is not being in love that gives me happiness, but it is being in love with YOU. Happy birthday!

Darling, I am enthralled by your beauty and captivated by your love. There is never a day that I will not think of you. I love you and may you have a wonderful birthday!

Loving you is truly a privilege, being loved by you is a blessing and being with you is a wish come true. Happy Birthday!

It will take only a few seconds to utter the words I love you. But it will take an entire lifetime for me to show you how much I love you. Best Bday!

Today might be your birthday, but for me, everyday is your day. Wonderful bday! I love you!

My love, if I could give you one thing in life, it would be the ability to see yourself in my eyes. That way, you will realize how much you mean to me. Best Birthday!

There is no need for a special day to remind me how special you are for the stars always shine whenever you are near me. Wonderful Birthday!

Dear love, only you will bring the spring for me. Only with you, will my summer be happy and only you can help me survive the winter. I love you and happy bday!

Sending you my love on this special day of yours and on every day of your life. Happy Bday!

Happy Birthday Message For Boyfriend Copy And Paste

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend Having a caring partner is a privilege every lover birds out will always appreciate. And as a girlfriend as important as your boyfriend is to you that is the same way his birthday should be. We often take birthdays for norms that is why we tend to overlook it importance.

When your boyfriend is celebrating his birthdays it is good you send out happy birthday wishes for your boyfriend to him coupled with some gifts and every other surprises..

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend To Make Him Cry

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Funny Happy Birthday Messages And Wishes

You are in luck if you hope to give the best and most fun congratulations, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman if it is your partner, a friend, a friend or a family member.

Surely thanks to our funniest dedications you will get to laugh or at least smile which is the purpose which you have reached here, so you just have to choose among all our congratulations, among the shortest and longest.

The one that is most suitable for today, do not wait and choose from our lists of images, wishes and funny birthday messages your favorite congratulations

Birthday Messages For Him:

Animated closeup Happy Birthday text on holiday background. Luxury and ...

Sending best wishes to him on his birthday will increase your love for each other. These special wishes can make his birthday remarkable for him. These meaningful wishes will motivate him a lot to work hard, celebrate hard, and love more. Send some sweet messages to him on his birthday so that he can feel blissful on his birthday. Send a beautiful text to him to make him happy. So, here are some birthday sayings, and happy birthday messages for her which you can send to him to make him feel blissful:

When two hearts are meant to be together, no distance can ever be big enough to separate them. I love you. Happy Birthday!

On your Birthday, I would like to tell you that you are not a good Boyfriend. Actually, you are the best. I couldnt have asked for more. Thank you for walking into my life and enriching it. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

I can never thank your mother enough for giving birth to my soul mate. Happy Birthday my love.

On your Birthday, I wish you all the health, wealth and happiness. A very Happy Birthday, baby.

May you get whatever you desire, may you succeed wherever you go, may we be always together no matter how many obstacles come our way. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend in the world. I wanted to plan you a surprise birthday party, but we all know that I cant keep a secret.

Youre the best boyfriend on some days. On most days, youre a lot to deal with. Have a happy birthday.

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Discover Funny Birthday Greetings

Blessings and lovable birthdays could become boring and thats why it makes sense to keep it funny. Choose the above funny wishes to make someone’s day funnier than ever.

Do you have any other funny and hilarious cake day greetings? Drop them in the comments to spread the cheer!

Check out these online greeting resources as well:

Happy Birthday To Boyfriend

Whether its ur birthday or not, I m always going to be right by your side through it all. Happy Birthday!

Dont enjoy too much of ur birthday cake. We all know that the older you get, the harder it is to lose those pounds.

Every year my luv for u grows stronger, especially when Im reminded that this is the day the world gave me u. Happy Birthday!

Happy bday dear!! I love you like anything and everything. God bless ya!!

If I could put my heart on paper and ink for u, I would have done it. Not because Im crazy but to show u how much I love u. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

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Funny Birthday Quotes Humer

  • Have a lot of fun on your birthday, lets remember that one day you were young and you were infinitely happy, but dont forget to enjoy that you were never so old. Happy birthday!
  • Do not be so pessimistic today do not think about the worst do not think that you will be one more year old. Try to be optimistic and be grateful that life offered you the opportunity to celebrate another birthday. Congratulations!
  • I do not know whether to celebrate and congratulate you on your birthday or feel sad, I know that it is an important and special day for you, but I know that you will take advantage of your age to forget my birthday or at least my gifts. Happy day!
  • My elders said that years are like snot. The more you have, the harder it is for you to breathe. Enjoy this very special and beautiful day. God bless you and your snot!
  • You think that turning years and getting older is something funny and pretty, right? Wait to look at yourself in the mirror, and you will see how you change your mind in a few seconds. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Text For Your Father

Happy 20th Birthday to the Text Message

Without the shadow of any doubt, it is clear that fathers are among the most important people in our lives. We were mentored by them and we owe them the whole world. So, when it comes to dads birthday, it becomes imperative to celebrate them and one of the ways is by sending him birthday text messages.

In the birthday messages to fathers, it is important to let them know you appreciate the lengths they went to provide and raise you as a child. Below are some messages you can send them.

1. Dear dad, on this day I just want to thank you all over again for all the silent sacrifices you made to raise us up. All the hard work day and night to give us a better life. I know these things and I appreciate you immensely sir. You are one of the most important persons in my life and I love you so much. Happy birthday, dad!

2. Dear dad. Its your special day and I never forget to celebrate it with you. I want to thank you for being the superman in my life since I knew left from right. You have always made me feel special with the attention and love you show me. God bless you, sir. Happy birthday to dad!

3. Every time I think of you, I feel a rush of gratitude in my heart for having you as a father. I am grateful, not only because you are an awesome dad, but also because you are a perfect human being. Its a blessing to be a part of you. Happy birthday, father! God bless you.

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Birthday Wishes For Uncle

  • Happy birthday to my dear uncle. May good health, happiness, love and prosperity always find the path that leads to your door. God bless you.
  • You have inspired me all my life. Your words have contributed significantly in turning me into the man/woman that I am today. I love you so much, uncle. I always will.
  • Happy birthday to an uncle who always there to support me in whatever positive thing I do. Thank you for your incessant love, guide, advice and inspiration. You are simply the best, uncle. My life has been wonderful because of a great uncle like you. Thank you so much.
  • Dear Uncle, thank you for being such an amazing uncle to me. As you celebrate this milestone in your life, may God look on you today and the rest of the days of your life with favor.

Birthday Quotes For Lovers

When it comes to love, youre the expert. You truly know how to make a woman feel special. May your Birthday be as amazing as you are!

Your incredible love fills me with awe. Thank you for being the best boyfriend Ive ever had. Happy Birthday to my special guy!

When I look into your eyes I fall more and more head over heels for you. I cant wait to show you on this special day just how much I love you!

Happy Birthday to the guy whos the first one on my mind in the morning and last one on my mind each night before I go to sleep. Im so crazy about you that I even dream about you!

Spending time with you is my favorite thing in the world. On your birthday and all the year through, may you always know just how much you mean to me. Love, your woman

How can I possibly hope to explain how much love I have for you? The whole world doesnt seem big enough to contain all my feelings for you. Happy Birthday to the one who holds my heart in his hands!

You and I are a perfect match. We complement each other in so many ways. May your birthday be a beautiful time to reflect on the incredible love we share.

Im so enraptured with your love. Thank you for being so free and willing to express your heart to me. Today on your birthday and all the year through, I want you to understand how thankful I am for you!

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Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Boyfriend

  • Youre like the bass to my music, full of groove and soul.
  • Happy Birthday, Handsome! You rock my world!
  • Sweet hugs and kisses are coming your way.
  • Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend in the world. I wanted to plan you a surprise birthday party but we all know that I cant keep a secret.
  • Happy Birthday to the man who makes my blood pressure rise. Love you always!
  • You may be a manly man, but you are as sweet as can be. Have a great birthday!

Happy Birthday, my love!

Happy Birthday, you handsome man.

  • You are crazy sexy and thats why I cant keep my hands off you.
  • I never knew it was possible to love life so much until I started living it with you.
  • My charming prince, I wish you a magical birthday and may our love last forever.
  • Im just a girl who loves a boy. Today is your birthday and celebrate well do. Life is an adventure and Im so glad were sailing these uncharted seas together. Together makes it so much brighter and better. I love you to the Milky Way and back.
  • Happy Birthday to my hero, who has stood by me in all times. I feel so blessed that you are mine and I am yours.
  • You are like pumpkin pie to me, always welcome and oh so sweet.
  • Happy birthday from your last and only girlfriend!
  • Happy birthday to the man with the craziest girlfriend. Im crazy about you!

You are my moon, my sun, my stars and my universe. Happy birthday to the best partner in the world.

Happy Birthday. Im crazy about you!

I love you, birthday boy!

Funny Birthday Wishes For A Friend

Birthday text part 1
  • With this of the funny birthday wishes, you are surely tired of answering them, I am one of the people who, if you do not answer mine, anything happens, I am one of those who do not care. I understand that you have a busy day. PS: Try to answer me before noon, do not do like you did last year, and if not, do not be angry when I stop talking to you.
  • The most desired day for you since the last 365 has finally arrived, I am sorry that I cannot go to your birthday, but you know that it is for something very important and this you will forgive me. Also, my dog will thank you for taking him out for a walk at that time. Have a nice day.
  • ¿ Who is greater than last year? Guess, not me, and whoever is reading this. Surely you do not guess. I think I have put a very difficult problem for you to solve. I do not call you a little smart. I just tell you that with this age, these things are difficult. With this I do not want to call you old, if not to give you a touch of attention so that you take a little more care of those gray hairs that cover all your hair and that you choose a cane to support you, I see how your legs fail you. Do not misunderstand me, all with affection, aahh, and congratulations on this day.
  • Today is a special day, expected, happy. Finally, today, you will have no excuse when it comes to inviting you, and it is that you have been a year of not paying anything, that anyone can bear you. Congratulations, my dear, dont make me sad.

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Funny Happy Birthday Messages Him

My sweet man, I think you need a lot of effort to blow this candle because you become fatty day by day!

Don’t focus on your good looks concentrate on the cooking. It’s your Birthday today, dear. Happy Birthday!

Don’t waste much time clicking the selfies. You have a lot of things to eat today. Happy Birthday, Honey!

Happy Birthday to the little more experienced boyfriend of mine. Have a blast birthday!

You always advise me to spend less money. Well, I have decided to take your advice and will not buy the birthday gift for you.

Happy Birthday, Baby! Congratulations on your 21,890th Birthday. Many more are still waiting for you.

Happy Birthday! I don’t want to give you overrated things. That’s why I give you kisses and hugs on your Birthday.

One more pimple is now on the way to you. Happy Birthday my Munchkin!

Happy 24th Birthday, my man! Don’t order the costly cakes. It contains more sugar, and for your age, it is harmful.

On this Birthday I want to give you a cheer up for your nonsense ideas and talks. Happy Birthday, dear!

Happy Birthday Wishes To A Man

  • Remember the crazy stuff we did together? And those totally awesome things? And the hilariously weird ones? All those became possible only because of this day. Wish you a very happy birthday.
  • This day reminds me of the moment when someone as weird as me came into this world. May the weirdness continue and the awesomeness grows while you celebrate many more birthdays. You and I will keep rocking till the end of the world. Happy birthday, bro.
  • Hey you! If this greeting sounds cheesy, let me accommodate with a cheese-filled pizza and some beer. Or anything else. You and I dont need props to throw a great party. Many happy returns of the day.
  • Not every relation requires blood some are made with friendship. We never needed any reason to celebrate, but your birthday is indeed special. To my brother-from-another-mother, Happy birthday. Let the party begin!
  • You have always been the man among the boys. This day reminds me of the day when someone as great as you came in this world. A very happy birthday to you.
  • You have been the shoulder upon which I can forget every stress of life. Your arms have always been there to pull me out of tough situations. Today, I only wish I could give you the same feeling, and more. Happy birthday to you.
  • You have been other men must look up to. You have been the perfect fusion of charm, fun and dignity. This birthday only reminds me how someone as special as you came into this world. Happy birthday, dude.

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