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Save The Date Birthday Invitation

Save The Date Wording Q& a:

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Q: Do we need to include our last names on our Save the Dates?

A: No, not necessarily. But if there are guests on your list who may not know exactly who your save the date is for by glancing your first names only, add them. Last names also denote formality, so if youre wedding leans traditional or formal, be sure to write out your whole name.

Q: Should I list hotel and accommodation information on our Save the Dates?

A: No, its not necessary. Typically, information about accommodations is communicated on an information card that is sent with your wedding invitations.

Q: If our wedding has been postponed, should we send new Save the Dates?

A: Yes! You should definitely send a new Save the Date. Our sister-site also has an excellent collection of Change the Date cards.

Sample Save The Date Wording

By definition, a save the date tells people to mark their calendars for a special celebration. This could be for any kind of party, but the big ones are weddings, birthdays and showers.

Save the dates can be formal or fun, but they should always set the mood for your affair. Find your inspiration through casual save the date wording or get quirky through these fun, cute and traditional examples.

Save The Date For A Birthday Party

Birthday parties are sometimes thrown together at the last minute in a casual sort of way, with pizza or a barbecue and an informal invitation on social media. Other times, birthday parties are planned for months ahead of time and can be lavish, catered events. If youre putting this much work into your day, you want to make sure all your guests have plenty of notice so as many people as possible can attend. This is where save the date birthday invitations can come in handy.

Why send save the date party cards?

Save the dates are perfect if people are going to be travelling for your birthday party, since it allows them to schedule days off, book ahead and find accommodation. There are a lot of logistics to think about, and save the dates show that you understand that and want to help make it easy for them pto come along. They are also useful for busy people closer to home: it ensures you get first dibs on their calendar and they are more likely to be able to make it.

Save the dates also signal the importance of guests attendance at your party. They show that you have put a lot of time and thought into planning and therefore that it is important to you. This is also likely to suggest that youre spending good money on the event and that it will be something special. This will shoot you straight up the list over people relying on word of mouth, text messages or social media to invite their guests.

When to send my save the date party cards?

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Save The Date Invitation Templates & Ideas

Your wedding day is right on the edge, amidst all the small and big preparations you need to make sure that people remember your wedding day and arrive on your big day. It is safe to send out save the dates 3-4 months prior, also you can attach formal invitations with free customizable save the date templates.

Since your guests will have to take time off for a few days and arrange the tickets around the corner you should send off save the date online way before. If you are planning to have a destination wedding, add-on 1 month over the time span.

In order to avoid save-the-date mistakes, we have lined down a few save the date ideas with a creator that can be useful to you. Card trends that run these days are Teabag cards, finger ties , retro, envelope liners, etc. Alternate wording you can have is: âDont forgetâ.

We offer a wide range of save the date templates that would fit your vibe. Get the design process carried out in seconds. Pick a save the date invitation templates online, alter text or font styles, color, etc. You can share your couples pictures from your gallery. Download and share the design online.

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Easily customize any design and give your images a fresh new look at anymoment! NOdesign skills or technical knowledge required.

Overthinking The Design Of Your Birthday Save

Printable Save the Date Birthday Party Invitation DIY

Remember that even the sending of save-the-dates is not as necessary as sending an invitation. That is why, do not stress too much on how it would be extra visually appealing because reallyâit is not necessary.

Just grab this opportunity where you could unleash your creativity shine through especially if you are also a creative person. Even if you are not inclined to the arts, you can still use this opportunity to just design whatever you want to design or you could even make use of the save-the-date design examples that we have collected and compiled in this very article that you are reading now. You may also check out bridal shower invitation examples.

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How To Create A Save The Date Invitation

Here are the simple steps on how to create a save the date invitation:

1. Select a size: Selecting a size for your project should be the first step you must accomplish in creating a save the date invitation. This step is crucial since it can affect not just the printing process but it also affects the design process of your save the date invitation.

2. Determine a theme or a concept: Having a theme or a concept for your save the date invitation is helpful especially if you would like to easily come up with layouts, color palettes, and even image options. Make sure that your theme or concept choice will fit the occasion or event.

3. Add an image: Your save the date invitation will look less appealing without images and in fact, it will have no impact to its receivers at all. If you do not have photos that will tease the guests with the event yet, you may opt for copyright-free images that you can easily see in websites that provide royalty-free stock images.

4. Stylize text: Upon adding texts, you have the option not to stick to the same old fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri. Spice up the font styles of the text in your save the date invitation using the myriad of fonts that are readily available for you to download online. You can choose from bold, decorative, and script types of fonts.

What To Write On Your Party Invitations

Writing your party invitations should be relatively simple, as you just need to let people know where and when the party is happening and what you are celebrating. You can be as creative as you like when it comes to your party invitation wording, adapting your tone of wording to suit the theme or style of your party. As a basic guide, party invitations should include:

  • Your name
  • Type of party: Let your guests know what special occasion or milestone your party is in aid of, whether that be your 30th birthday or your engagement.
  • Date and time of the party
  • Party venue: be sure to include the full address if you think that your guests will be using their SatNav to find the party venue.
  • RSVP details if required
  • Dress code if applicable

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Unicorn Birthday Save The Date Design Example

Even if sending save-the-dates are not really necessary or mandatory, it would still be best if you are to send one aside from just sending an invitation card straight up. Do make sure to use these save-the-date designs in giving your friends a heads-up about your big day. You may also see birthday invitation designs & examples.

Save The Date Cards Vs Invitation Cards

Birthday Invitation Video | Save the date videos | Moving Pictures Invitations #06

Save The Date cards are often confused with regular invitation cards especially when these two stationery cards are used in weddings. This occurs because some couples may not yet have a formal wedding invitation card designed but they already want their wedding guests to clear their schedules for their upcoming wedding. In this case, couples will send out Save The Date wedding invitation cards as the preliminary announcement about their wedding date.

But this is not the only use of Save The Date cards. They can also be used for other occasions wherein the event host, organizer, or planner wants to invite a person or group of people and wants to encourage these guests to save the date and not miss out on the party or celebration. In this sense, Save The Date cards act as an invitation card.

People tend to confuse the use or function of a Save The Date postcard and a regular invitation card because people tend to readily associate Save The Date cards as something that is only used in weddings.

To simplify matters, just remember that Save The Date cards and invitation cards are the same thing. It is only on weddings where both a Save The Date card and a regular wedding invitation card is sent one after the other.

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Graphic Design Software Preference

As what was emphasized in the previous factor, ones graphic design software tool preference will also play an important part when choosing a printable save the date party invitation card template. This is important because you need to be comfortable when customizing any graphic design template that you choose.

To illustrate, if you already know how to use Adobe Photoshop and you already have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer, then why not choose a Photoshop template file to make your life easier. By keeping things like this in your mind, it will be easier to make a decision like what specific Save The Date party invitation card template to choose.

Sending The Birthday Save

The purpose of sending save-the-dates is to give a heads-up to the people you are inviting to your birthday party. However, if you would send these too late, it will be practically useless most especially if your guests are living in far places and that it will already be too late for them to make travel arrangements or save up money for travel in advance and on time for your birthday party. You may also see birthday invitation designs & examples.

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Examples For A Birthday Party

Whether someones turning four or forty, youll want your birthday save the date to reflect what people can expect at the party. If this is black tie affair, youll want to keep the wording formal. But, if youre having a fun family BBQ, get creative. If you can make it rhyme, that only adds to the fun!

  • Save the date. Join us to celebrate the 18th birthday of Miss Julia Robin.
  • Save the date. For a 60th birthday party to honor Jennifer Lee Dara.
  • Mark your calendars! Join us for food, family and fun. And of course, Jessies 21st birthday.
  • Lordy! Lordy! Julie turns 40. You wont want to miss this.
  • Dont miss the fun of Danny turning 1. Save the date!
  • Please save the date. Its Jennifers 30th birthday.
  • We know you have things to do. But, we dont want you to miss Danny turning two. Save the date.
  • Without you, it will be a bore. Help us celebrate Judy turning 24. Mark your calendar!
  • Save the date for Jessicas birthday celebration.
  • Because we know you are busy. Save the date for the 27th birthday for Lizzy.
  • We know its hard to wait. But Julias 43rd birthday has a date. Mark it down.
  • This birthday party will be a big surprise. On May 10th, we will be celebrating Julie being 30 years wise. Save the date.
  • Dont be late. Save the date. Jennifers 40th is coming up!
  • Be our guest. Save the date for Jessicas 50th birthday.
  • Please plan to join our family in celebrating Richards 20th birthday.

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How To Create An Excellent Save The Date Card

Shared below is a step by step guide on how to create a Save The Date invitation. These steps may be applied whether you are creating a simple birthday invitation or an elaborate Save The Date label invitation. Read on

1. Decide on a party or event theme: Choose a theme that will represent the party host and the event he or she is trying to pull off.

2. Choose matching invitation card theme and layout: All the decorative and stationery designs used for the event should match with the original theme. And since you are creating a Save The Date invitation, it should also sport the same design theme or motif.

3. Write down all the information you want to include on the invitation card: Before you sit down and actually create the Save The Date card, you need to know what specific information you want to reveal on the card and how you want to say it. You may consult with different online tools and books on the proper way to do this based on the event you are planning.

4: Decide if you want to make handmade Save The Date invitations or if you want to use pre-made printable invitation templates: The decision is yours to make. If you are only making a few invitation cards and you want to have as much creative control, then choose handmade cards. However, if you want time and cost efficiency, then using customizable Save The Date invitation templates is the way to go.

Who Are You Going To Send A Save

Send a save-the-date to anyone you would like to come to your birthday party. It could be your friends, workmates, and family membersâit really depends on you. However, if you want to make your birthday celebration intimate, you can just invite your immediate family members and your closest friends or workmates. Do not hesitate to not include those people that you are uncomfortable around withâits your birthday, you do not have to pressure yourself. You may also like lunch invitation designs & examples.

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Create Custom Adult Birthday Party Invitations

Celebrate your birthday with beautiful custom birthday invitations that match any age and any theme. If youre throwing a surprise birthday party for someone, your friends and family will love receiving a unique surprise birthday invitation in the mail. With Shutterfly, its easy to personalize birthday invites with fun designs and personal photos of the birthday guy or girl. Your adult birthday invitations will feel elegant, fun, cute, funny, and everything in between!

Save The Date Invitation Faqs

Birthday Invitation Video | Save the date videos | Moving Pictures Invitations #02

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked question surrounding save the date invitations.

What is a save the date invitation?

A save the date invitation is a pre-invitation sent to your guests that lets you inform them of the date and location of the event that you are inviting them to. This will also let your guests know that they are indeed and in fact invited to the celebration. Save the date invitations are usually sent right before invitations will be disseminated.

What is the difference between save the dates and invitations?

Do not get confused between save the dates and invitations. Sending out an invitation is a must while sending out save the dates is optional, although sending one is highly encouraged. While invitations contain more pertinent information such as the exact time, the final names of the venue, and even the dinner entrees, save the date is just an informal greeting that enables you to reveal the set date of the event.

What is the importance of a save the date?

Even if save the dates are optional, it has proven to be very helpful for guests so they can prepare ahead of time to schedule the eventâs date on their calendar, arrange travel arrangements, and file for leave. It gives guests to have a fun time during the event they were invited to since they have already prepared ahead of time.

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Which Save The Date Style Fits You

A save the date is a precursor to your formal wedding invitations so feel free to be a little more fun and creative. Photos add an element of fun and they let you show off just how cute you and your fiancé are.


A magnet save the date is a fun twist on the traditional card and the magnet makes it easy for your guests to put it on their fridge so they don’t forget. Each magnet is printed on a special magnet stock that allows for the same print and picture quality as a traditional card.


A postcard save the date has all the benefits of a traditional save the date but give you the benefit of using the back for a small message as well as being able to send the save the date via postcard postage rate which won’t save you a ton but every little helps.

No matter which style you choose you can completely personalize your card with our instant previews. Add your own text, photos, and choose from over a 100 different patterns and font styles to make your card as unique as you are. You will not find another website online that will allow you to customize as many elements of their cards. This allows you to create something that only you will only see for your wedding and nowhere else.

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