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Seven Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Cheap Girl Birthday Party Ideas

7 year old girl birthday party ideas?

Here are some cheap girl Birthday Party ideas that your kids will love but wont break the bank. Cake decorating parties are fun with many activities for kids that bring out their creativity and leave them with dessert to take home in the end. See how we threw this cupcake party and how much fun they had. #girl #birthdayparty #cake #cupcake #cheap

What Time Is It Mr Wolf

‘What time is it Mr Wolf’ is a fun game of tag. You can change the wolf to any other character to fit in with your party theme. At a Harry Potter party it might be Voldemort for example, or at a Disney party it could be one of the villains.

Chose one child to be Mr Wolf. They stand with their back to the room and the other kids line up at the other side of the room. The kids all say together, ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’.

If Mr Wolf answers with a time, like ‘three o’clock’, then the kids must take that many steps towards him. When the wolf chooses, they can say ‘dinnertime!’ instead, then turn around and chase the other kids.

They need to get back to the starting line without being caught. If the wolf tags someone, then they become the wolf.

Special Occasions: 7 Year Olds Birthday

I love a good party, but like decorating for one even more!! Todays special occasion features my own daughters birthday last year. The theme: Barbie Fashion Show. The outcome: completely adorable! The ceiling treatment is a bed canopy I bought years ago at an all you can shove in a bag for $10 sale . Black and white damask with girly pink touches sets the table. The girls were thrilled to drink from fancy glasses! The amazing cake was made by my fabulous friend, Anita of Maliha Creations. Big bows, sparkly flowers and of course, Barbie what more could a little girl ask for? It was divine tasted even better than it looks . The look on her face says it all what a happy, happy birthday! Is there a special occasion coming up youd like to make extra-special? Let me help you come up with a design plan or better yet, spiffy the space before the event!

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Under The Sea Birthday Party

Throw a mesmerizing birthday celebration for your daughter with this under the sea idea. If she is fond of sea creatures then decorate the entire venue with blue waves, sea horses, beautiful mermaids, adorable lobsters and many more. Bring beautiful sea vibes by adding shades of blue and white glitters.

Monster Mash Party Theme

Birthday Party Ideas for 7

Merge glimpses of Halloween to your celebration by throwing a monster mash birthday party. This theme can turn into being super scary or turn it entertaining depending on guest preferences. For a bit of entertainment, you can play some scary yet fun games such as wrapping mummies with toilet paper rolls. Maybe, get monster tattoos for everyone.

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Escape Room Kids Parties At Escape Hq

495 Lake Road, Takapuna, North Shore, North Auckland

Escape HQ offers an unforgettable escape room experience that kids talk about long after they escape! Escape HQ can do all the organising for you, including sorting teams, food , goodie bags, dress up photos and clean up. The birthday person plays FREE with party groups of 10 or more. Teams have 60 minutes working together to discover clues, solve puzzles and escape! Continue the party in your Private Party Room! 8 years +

Vintage Super Hero Party

Party supplies based on superhero comics, brings out the best part of any comic book- the action, art and fun. You can use this theme based on your childs favorite characters like Marvels Avengers or DC Comics Batman.

Children would love to be dressed as their favorite heroes, pose in front of a homemade backdrop, play games.

Send your guests home with superhero party favor bags filled with your childs favorite toys, trinkets, or sweets or give them a comic-book frame with their photo in it.

Add some superhero fighting forces like Bam, Pow, Wham to your party space decor.

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Birthday Cake For Seven

Cake cutting is the most important part of every birthday celebration. Here are four of the best cake designs for a 7-year-olds birthday.

  • Minion Cake

Since the release of the 3D comedy movie Despicable Me, the Minions have become a favourite with children and adults, alike. Get a Minion cake for your little girls 7th birthday and see her face light up.

  • Lego Cake

Every child loves to play with Lego and what better way to make them happy on their special day than getting a Lego cake! Take your pick from a Lego brick cake, a two-tier large Lego brick cake or any other Lego cake design that catches your fancy.

  • Super Hero Inspired Cake

Nothing can go wrong with your little brats favourite superhero-inspired birthday cake. Get him one and the memory will last with him for a lifetime.

  • Frozen Inspired Cake

Elsa and Anna are a favourite of every girl and to make them feel like a princess or a Queen, get them a Frozen-inspired cake that will get them all happy and excited.

Birthday Party Ideas For 5 6 And 7 Year Olds

Jacques INCREDIBLE 7 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas | BEST LASER TAG Party at Home

The key for a successful birthday party for young children is to keep it simple. You dont need to slave over every detail like you may think. Kids that are five, six, and seven years old are mostly interested in having fun and playing with their friends.

It wont matter if your house isnt perfectly decorated or if you dont have an all-out bash. There can be too much of a good thing sometimes!

Below you’ll find some great birthday party ideas for keeping your time fun and stress free.

The first few years of elementary school are special.

During this time, your child will begin to develop their first consistent friendships. He or she may want to invite everyone they have ever played with. However, think twice about inviting your childs entire class.

Everything is a trade-off.

Does your child want to have a bigger experience with fewer chances to spend time with each individual? Or do they want a close-knit experience with more time to spend with each guest? If you have many of parents available for supervision, a large party may be feasible. It can certainly be exciting to have a large party.

However, also consider a smaller gathering of special friends.

Kids aged five through seven can handle a little more time together before they wear out. Keep your party between 1 ½ 2 hours. If your party is small, you might away with extra play time after the official party activities end.

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Beach And Surf Kids Party

Te Arai Beach, and Mangawhai Heads, North

Give them a birthday party to remember forever riding the waves with Aotearoa Surf at Te Arai, Aucklands premier and stunning surf beach, where kids birthday parties include 2 action-packed hours learning to surf and having the time of their lives. All surfboards, wetsuits, sunscreen and coaching provided by Internationally qualified and experienced instructors, first aid certified and surf lifesaving awarded.

An awesome experience for kids aged 6 to 17 years old.

Vintage Cowboy 1st Birthday

From Ashley Lansford via Hostess With the Mostess

Travel back in time to the wild west with this rustic vintage cowboy first birthday party hosted at an amazing classic saloon! Rabbits, chickens, and miniature ponies were a hit in the petting zoo and some classic party games added to the fun. They brought in cut wood to accent each table and used vintage props to display the food items. The best part of this party? DIY Cowboy Tea stamped and custom sewn out of muslin and topped with a paper straw and tie of twine.

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Pin The Tail On The Donkey

It’s a party game classic. Draw a large picture of a donkey on a piece of card and pint it to the wall. Make a tail from another piece of card and place Blu Tack or tape on the back.

Blindfold each child in turn, spin them round and ask them to pin the tail where they think it should go. Write each child’s name where they placed the tail. The one who got closest is the winner.

You can change the picture to fit with your theme, so pin the tail on the unicorn or parrot on the pirate’s shoulder for example.

You can buy ready-made kits to make playing this game much easier.

Video Game Birthday Party

Most Popular 21+ 7 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas ...

Lots of seven-year-old boys and girls love to play video games. As it’s their birthday, what better treat is there than to let your little one spend the whole day playing their favourite video games with their pals!

This will depend on what your 7-year-old’s favourite game is, but there are so many video game items to choose from on and eBay.

Snacks: You could have potions, Minecraft cake, Super Mario mushrooms, and Pac-Man cupcakes, to name a few.

Games: The best games to play are your child’s favourite video games! Maybe introduce some of your favourite childhood classics too, like Pac-Man!

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Host A Zoom Birthday Party

Gather your friends and family on one of the video conferencing sites like Zoom, Google Hangout or Jitsi. Make sure everyone has a dessert of some sort a cake, cupcake, cookies, donuts, pie then everyone can sing to the birthday girl and eat their cake with her. You can even play games during video calls.

Tea Party Themed Birthday Party

My daughter turned 7. We celebrated her birthday with a Tea Party themed birthday party as per her wish. She wanted to do a Tea Party since she received this Princess Tea Party set and books as a gift in May. We have been baking cupcakes and making a granola bar from the recipe book that was included in the set. The birthday party I put together was simple and mostly outsourced. I did not cook or bake at all other than brewing apple and mixed fruit teas. I did not create or print out any decoration or supplies either. I purchased

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Indoor Activity #: Play Balloon Tennis

Prep Time: 5-10 minutes

  • Plastic spoons or popsicle sticks
  • Painters tape

A great way for a birthday partys worth of kids to unleash their inner Federer without wrecking your living room is with a nice and easy game of balloon tennis. This birthday activity requires minimal prep and is sure to bring on a lot of giggles. Kids can hit their tennis balloons over a strip of tape placed in the middle of the room , or play a game of who can keep their balloon in the air the longest or how high can you toss your balloon. Just be sure to have lots of balloons on hand, as these tennis balls tend to break easily.

Next Steps To The Perfect Party Bags And Party Favours


Whichever fun party theme you choose for your special childs 7 th birthday party, Fun Party Bags are here to help you save time and money. Now youre here on our website, all the great fun party bags and party supplies you need for a truly memorable party theme are just a click away. Browse a huge range of quality pre-filled party bags. Were sure to have the ideal girls party bags, boys party bags and party supplies, to add the perfect finishing touch to your party.

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Great Birthday Party Games For 5 6 And 7 Year Olds

Birthday party games are all about having fun, and these birthday party games for 5, 6 and 7 year olds are perfect for your next party.

As with birthday party games for pre-schoolers, its a good idea to keep the party games for this age group simple, and try not to put too much emphasis on winners and losers.

If you want to give away prizes, try to have something small for everyone, rather than one person taking the lot.

Kids at this age have developed the skills needed to take turns, or wait for a game to finish, but they still prefer to do it all at once if they have the choice.

Try to have games where everyone is involved, especially if you have younger friends or siblings at the party.

Bake Your Own Cake Party

Is baking something that tickles your little ones interest? Does he/she loves interfering in the kitchen? Why not boost his/her interest in baking by organizing a Bake Your Own Cake themed birthday party? Decorate your kitchen with a Happy Birthday banner, some balloons, and youre all set for the party. You can divide your guests into small teams and prepare a baking station for each. The station should include a printed cake recipe, pre-measured recipes, and decorating ingredients. You can lead the baking session while other adults can supervise each team. While the cake is in the oven, you can ask each team to clean their station. You can also prepare some fun activities and games to keep them entertained. If you have limited time, you can bake the cake before the guests arrive and just let them decorate it.

Coloring their placemats would be an ideal past time while waiting for the cake. Try these printable placemats from Partituki.

Good to Have You Here Placemat

Each of these printable placemats are available in 2 sizes and 2 formats for a price of one. All elements are created for quality prints with 300 dpi resolution. Grab yours now at

Your kids will also love coloring these free pages from Partituki as well as solving the maze and spotting the difference puzzles.

Free Game Pages

Get these freebies at

Here are some additional resources that you can consult to find more ideas on how to create a baking-themed party.

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Indoor Activity #: Compete In The Candy Olympics

Prep Time: 10 minutesHours of Entertainment: 20-40 minutesWhat Youll Need:

  • Chopsticks

The Candy Olympics do not require real athleticism, but they do pack entertainment value. Set up three candy-themed stations so kids can bob for marshmallows, do a relay race with a licorice baton, and do a Smarties Chopstick Challenge . Give each group of kids a set amount of time at each station and then have them switch. If you want to up the theme factor, you can give out candy necklace medals as awards.

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Classic Games Birthday Bash #monopoly #uno #chess #snakes& ladders

10 Unique 7 Year Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas 2021

What comes into your mind when the words classic and games come together? You bet its Monopoly!

You can also throw in some old-fashioned chess, snakes and ladders, and even Uno. Its a way of

bringing back these well-loved games pre-internet and Playstation times. Why not let your kids

experience these games today for slashing off the list on your kids party games? You can send

Community Chest Invitation Cards as shown below and prepare your drinks and food in the colors of

blue, yellow, green, red and brown. Whats a plus is that you can do it all at home, no sweat!

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Cowboy Bash On A Budget

From Sensationally Sweet Events via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Creativity can make any budget dessert table look like a million buck, and this cowboy themed table is no exception ringing in at less than fifty dollars! The donuts cut to resemble horseshoes are seriously what a kids birthday party on a budget is all about. This blogger also rounded up a ton of stuff you probably have lying around the house to create this dessert table, including rustic picture frames and an old baking tin!

Y Games For 7 Year Olds

Telephone GameHave the children sit in a circle for this birthday game. The birthday child goes first and whispers a sentence to the person on their right. That person then whispers what they heard to the next person and so on. When the message has gone around the circle, the person next to the birthday child tells the message out loud. Then the birthday child tells the original message. Very funny to see how things repeated change! Start game again with the next person.

Treasure Hunt GamesTreasure hunts can be played in many different ways. The main idea of the treasure hunt game is to have the kids hunt hidden treasure by using clues. Several variations of this birthday party game arelisted under ourtreasure hunt page.

Oversize Birthday Party GameThis big party game let’s the kids really get involved! On a patio or driveway draw a large game board with chalk. Make every square at least 18″. Make it in the shape of a circle or oval . Write “start” at the first square and then on each square write a command or action. Example: Square 2 = move ahead 3 spaces, Square 3 – jump up and down until your next turn, Square 4 = sing the national anthem until your next turn, Square 5 = go back 2 spaces … and so on until every square is filled.

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