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How To Make A Birthday Story On Instagram

Which Is The Best Social Media App For Birthday

Happy Birthday Instagram Story – *UNIQUE 2020 IDEAS*

Instagram is the most useful social media app these days. So spend the next 24 hours on social media to let your friends celebrate their birthday today. There are also many ideas on the internet, the most beautiful and the most beautiful here, so that you can put together a fairy tale for your birthday boy.

Express Yourself With Even More Fonts

The standard Instagram Story fonts are just the tip of the typographic iceberg.

If the in-app typewriter or Comic Sans-knockoff lettering isnt doing it for you, find something more exciting to paste in.

How to do it:

  • Head to the website on desktop or mobile.
  • Type in your message and hit enter to see your font options.
  • Copy the message and paste into the Instagram Story text box.
  • Pro tip: If you have a branded font, add your text right to an image with Photoshop, Over, or another image editing app, and then upload to Stories from there.

    App Smash #: Instories Mojo Giphy And Inshot

    When the FTC released new guidelines for sponsored posts on Instagram, we wanted to share this news on stories in a fun and fresh way. We used a GIF of J.Lo to add some pop-culture relevance, and used InStories and Mojo to add attention-grabbing animated elements, Mel shares.

    To create these stories, Mel used a total of 4 different animation apps. In the first slide, she created the cute little text message style pop-up graphics using InStories. The animated title page was created in Mojo, and the Jennifer Lopez GIF is from the GIPHY app. To add music to this slide, Mel used InShot.

    For the final slide, Mel used Mojo to apply a bounce effect that mirrors the action of a swipe up.

    The App Smashing Combo:

  • Mojo for swipe up animation on the final slide

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    Create A Grid Of Photos

    Instagram Stories built-in layout tool feature is the perfect way to share multiple images in a variety of neatly organized grids, formatted to the specific dimensions of Stories. Because sometimes you just cant choose which picture of your sushi dinner is the cutest, we get it!

    How to do it:

  • On the left-hand side of the screen, scroll to find the Layout tool a square with disecting lines).
  • Your screen will now be divided into quadrants. Add a photo to the first square by swiping up to select one from your gallery, or use the camera to take a new picture.
  • Repeat for each quadrant.
  • Alternatively, switch up the layout by tapping the Change grid icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Use Stories When Theres A Time Crunch

    instagram story edits

    Instagram stories are incredibly versatile when it comes to time-sensitive promotions like sales and events. Use stories and story collections to promote your flavor of the month without having it take over your profile and dilute your brand messaging. Biteables quick and easy Instagram story templates can inject timeliness and fun onto your feed without draining your resources or overloading you.

    The interface has virtually no learning curve, the stock assets are professional, the music choices are solid, and the price point is spot-on.

    Jeff, Biteable member for life

    Really easy to use and high quality result elevates our marketing no end. Makes us look very professional indeed. Can’t get enough!

    Nick, video maker extraordinaire

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    Make Every Second Count

    You only have 15 seconds for each story and the viewer will give you even less time to stay their clicky finger and watch your whole story. Your stories have to grab the viewer quickly and hold them.

    Lucky for you, weve done some of the hard yards with Biteables Instagram story maker templates which weve designed to hold attention and structure content easily.

    Which Is The Best Instagram Story Maker For Free

    Fotors’ free Instagram story maker has everything you need to create professional looking IG stories. It comes with a huge selection of images, over 300 stylish fonts, hundreds of photo filters and frames, and tons of stickers to bring your IG stories to life. Use Fotor to update your story and make a visual impression today!

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    Turn Your Face Into A Custom Sticker

    Tap the stickers icon at the top of the screen. Next, tap the camera icon on the side of the second row that pops up from the bottom. Your face will appear at the center of the screen. If you tap your face, a white circular border will appear around the sticker. Tap again to get a white sqaure border and again to go borderless. Make a face and press the white circle beneath your face to take the photo. Then, size and position the sticker.

    How To Use Instagram Shoutouts

    7 Creative Birthday Stories For Instagram
  • Open your Instagram app, and tap the camera icon in the top left corner to create a new Story
  • In the bottom carousel, swipe to Create
  • Swipe to the heart icon – this is Shoutouts
  • Instagram will then display all of your previous Instagram Stories that mention that friend – you can tap through these by tapping the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen
  • You can personalise the Story using the tools at the top right of the screen, just as you would with basic Instagram Stories
  • Once youre happy with your masterpiece, tap next in the bottom right corner, and share you Instagram Story
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    How To Create An Instagram Story

    Instagram Stories let users post temporary updates to their profile that disappear after a day.

    Snap a pic at a cool restaurant? Add it to your Story. Hanging inside watching movies on a rainy day? Add it to your Story. Take a really shaky video at a concert with incomprehensible audio? Add it to your Story *forces a smile.* That’s the kind of content we love to see *forced smile intensifies.*

    Many people use Stories to post minor updates to their day or life that they don’t necessarily feel the need to commemorate with a permanent post. Followers can view the Story to check in, see what’s up, and then be on their way.

    There’s probably a million other reasons people use Insta Stories. We could try to list them all, but you probably just want to know how to make one, right? So without further ado…

    There are a bunch of different ways you can start. All will get you to the same place.

    1. From the home page , tap your profile picture in the top left where it says “Your Story” with a little plus sign next to it.

    2. From the home page, tap the “+” icon at the top .

    3. From your profile page, tap the “+” icon in the top right corner, then select “Story” in the menu that pops up.

    4. From the home page, simply swipe across your screen from left to right.

    Any of those options should get you to your camera feed. Just make sure “Story” is selected at the bottom.

    How To Create Instagram Stories

    Want to learn how to publish Instagram Stories?

    Wondering how engagement works for Stories on Instagram?

    Instagram Stories allow you to record live video or take photos with your smartphone and add them to a story that lasts for only 24 hours.

    In this post, youll discover how to make an Instagram Story and respond to people who engage with your Stories.

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    Answer Questions On A Live Story

    Answering your followers questions on an Instagram Live Story is like a fun interrogation youre doing to yourself.

    How to do it:

  • Prompt your audience for questions in advance of your Q& A with a Questions sticker.
  • Once youve gone live, tap the question-mark icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the question youd like to answer, and it will appear on your Live screen as you broadcast.
  • Questions will be greyed out once theyve been selected so that you dont pick the same one more than once.
  • How To Tell If Someone Has Blocked You From Their Instagram Stories


    You can only tell if someone has blocked you from their Instagram Stories if you have seen they have Highlight stories on their profile prior to them blocking you. When you block someone from your Instagram Stories, the Story Highlights section gets removed too so if you know they have Story Highlights and you can no longer see them, you better find out what you did.

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    Create Cool Effects With The Eraser Tool

    A few strategic swipes of the eraser can create the illusion of photo and other elements merging into one. Harmonious! Inspiring! Is this art?

    How to do it:

  • Open the photo youd like to use.
  • Use the marker tool to create a visual element that overlaps the central object of your photo.
  • Now, use the eraser tool to erase any marker bits that overlap with the main photo object. Itll look like the drawn bits are weaving around it. An optical illusion!
  • How To Add Multiple Stories On Instagram

    This article was written by Darlene Antonelli, MA. Darlene Antonelli is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. Darlene has experience teaching college courses, writing technology-related articles, and working hands-on in the technology field. She earned an MA in Writing from Rowan University in 2012 and wrote her thesis on online communities and the personalities curated in such communities. This article has been viewed 21,433 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to add multiple stories on Instagram. Unlike a normal post, an Instagram story will disappear after 24 hours, and shows up at the top of your feed. To add multiple stories, you can either add new photos or videos to an existing story or add Story Highlights to your profile page.

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    How To Make An Instagram Story In 4 Simple Steps

    • Open the Fotor website, click on the “Create a Design” button and choose “Instagram Story” to start with the perfect image dimension.
    • Pick a template you like from a library of Instagram Story templates crafted by designers.
    • Replace the text and photos in the template with your content. You can personalize it even further by using different fonts, stickers, backgrounds and more to create your own IG Story design.
    • When you finish designing, click the “Export” button to download your Instagram Story design with the format and size you need.

    How To Mention Someone In Your Instagram Story

    Happy Birthday Instagram Story Ideas – USING ONLY INSTAGRAM

    When you mention someone in your story, their username will appear in your story with an underline. Anyone who can see your story can tap it to go to their profile.

    People you mention will get a push notification telling them that you’ve mentioned them in your story. They’ll also get a DM from you that includes a preview of your story and gives them an option to quickly add it to their own story, if you haven’t toggled off the sharing ability. You can mention up to 10 people in each photo.

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    Instagram Birthday Story Ideas Are Always Been In Trend But If You Search It On The Web Then You Rarely Get The Birthday Instagram Story Ideas Here Is The Best Collection Of Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

    Here I will share with you various ways to make the perfect birthday Instagram story with Instagram birthday story ideas examples. Go through these images and stories which will give you an idea about the best Instagram birthday stories for you. Happy birthday Instagram story ideas are waiting for you.

    Brooklyn||Syameen Salehaldin

    Instagram birthday story ideas are always hard to find. Every time there are unique ways to make the birthday story special. Let me tell you how you can make these unique Instagram birthday story ideas. In the first one, you can see the one image and beautifully drawn happy birthday words with the creative designs around. You can achieve this in simple steps. Obviously, you have to go to your t and then select the add story option. After that select the photo of your choice for the birthday story. Then you have to click on the curved doodle icon on the top of the screen. And here your work starts.

    Doodle happy birthday wishes according to your handwriting, you can also copy the style above. Then select the different colors and cover the letters with that curved lines as shown above. Explore new designs according to your mind and you are done. Once you get satisfied with what you have done, you can publish the story. Don’t forget to tag the birthday person.

    Gabriéli Metzka

    Animated Instagram Stories App #: Add Animated Graphics To Your Stories With Over

    When it comes to designing Instagram Stories, Over is packed with tools, templates, and animated graphics to help you create high-quality stories content.

    Using is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your stories, and Over makes it easy to add a little movement to your perfectly on-brand content.

    Plus, Overs stock video library has tons of different animations to bring some life to your creation. No original footage or graphics required:

    Looking for animated inspiration? Overs loyal community has a #madewithover hashtag to help you find design inspo from other creators if youre ever feeling stuck.

    Want to make your Instagram Stories look better? Find out How to Design Instagram Stories That Captivate Your Audience in thisfree video workshopwith Over and Later!

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    What’s The Best Thing To Do On Instagram

    Instagram is the best place on the web to show how much you care about your loved ones, be it your husband, wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, sister, brother, father or your friends/colleagues. This is a platform that brings them together emotionally and appreciates the moments that disappear one day, but are remembered forever.

    Add Music To Your Story

    Instagram Story @tianaleonard18

    Add music to your story by playing it on your phone while you record a video. Alternatively, you can tap to add a sticker while viewing a photo or video on your story. Search for “Music” in the search bar and tap on the “Music” sticker at the top. You will immediately see a long list of popular music, though you can also search and sort by moods and genres.

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    Why Businesses Have Jumped On The Instagram Stories Train

    Perishable video content, like live streaming and Instagram stories, has become unexpectedly popular with a younger audience. Its taken a while but some of the ballsier businesses are getting on board with this new breed of video and Insta stories are the easiest entry point for it with big rewards.

    Instagram stories have 500 million daily users and one-third of the most-watched content comes from businesses. With a little help from Biteables Insta story templates, you can start posting beautiful stories and stake your claim as a frontrunner.

    Create A Solid Background Or Tap To Reveal

    To create a solid coloured background on your photo or video or create what is sometimes called a tap to reveal: Select the image you want to reveal > Press the squiggle line in the top right for the pencil icon > Choose your colour either from the options at the bottom or by tapping on the colour selector tool and selecting a colour from the image > Press and hold on your image or video with your finger for a few seconds until the colour covers your image.

    You can also use the eraser at the top of your screen to remove part of the solid background and reveal some of your original image.

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    Create Boomerangs From Your Live Photos

    Did you snap a moment with your iPhone that you want to relive again and then relive again backwards? And then forwards? And then backwards again?

    If youve taken the photo as a Live photo, its possible.

    How to do it:

  • Open Instagram Stories and swipe up to view your photo gallery.
  • Pick a live photo from your camera roll.
  • Hold down on the photo until the word Boomerang appears.
  • Review Messages From Your Stories

    Birthday story ideas using the Instagram app | how I make aesthetic story edits

    If you give viewers the option of sending you a message from your story, youll need to be vigilant about checking your inbox. Keep in mind, too, that when someone that you dont follow sends you a message, it will end up as a message request, and you wont get notified that the person sent you a message about your story.

    To check your messages, tap on the message box at the top right of your Instagram screen.

    There, youll see whether you have messages and message requests. Its somewhat similar to the filtered messages you have in your Facebook Messenger.

    When you tap on the Message Requests link, you may find some spam, but you may also find some messages in response to your story. Those will come complete with a snapshot of the portion of your story where the user sent you the message.

    If you encourage messages from your stories, be sure to reply to them, as the whole point to social media is to engage with your audience!

    Combine Portions of Your Story Into One Video File

    One of the great things that Snapchat allows you to do is download your entire story from the day into one video file. Unfortunately, Instagram does not have that option. Not yet at least. You can only .

    If you want to combine your Instagram story into one movie file to share on your Instagram profile as a post or on other social networks, youll need to find a third-party app to combine the photos and videos from your story.

    In Conclusion

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