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Birthday Party Ideas For A 14 Year Old Teenage Girl

Spa Themed Birthday Party

How to make 13th birthday or 13 year old boy girl teen or teenagers cake designs ideas decorating

Location: Home

What You Need: Face Masks, Face Steamer*, Nail Polish, Head Bands, Cucumbers

Everyone needs some pampering once in a while. Most 15-year-olds are receiving an abundance of homework and stress on an everyday basis. Self-care and relaxation may not be their number one priority, this can help kick start a regular self-care routine as well. Creating a serene oasis for your teen may be exactly what they need! Play some quiet spa music and layout a variety of face masks for a truly relaxing experience.

Mamma Mia Themed Party

Give your teens the time of their life with a fun Mamma Mia themed Sweet Sixteen party. If your teen girl is anything like my daughter, she will love all things Mamma Mia! Opt for a pretty blue and white-themed Grecian style party and Mamma Mia themed facny dress. Take inspiration from the movie, blast out the best Abba soundtracks, and let your teens be Dancing Queens!

Ice Breaker Games For Teens

Toss & Talk: This is such a fun ice breaker game! All you need is an inflated ball or beach ball and a permanent marker. Write silly and interesting questions all around the ball. Then all you have to do is throw the ball to each person and whoever catches it has to answer the question that their right index finger lands on.

Would You Rather: If you really want to get to know someone ask them if they would rather have fingers for toes or toes for finger, am I right? Here is a list of some super funny would you rather questions!

Shoe Icebreaker: Have everyone leave one shoe by the door. Redistribute the shoes so everyone has one shoe that doesnt belong to them. Then tell everyone to find the shoes owner and then strike up a 2-minute conversation, preferably about a subject other than shoes.

Desert Island: Youve been exiled to a deserted island for a year. In addition to the essentials, you may take one piece of music, one book and one luxury item you can carry with you. What would you take and why? Each person will go around and share their answers.

Currently: This is a super simple game. You just go through a list of currently like What are you currently thinking about? or What are you currently reading?

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Is Alcohol Necessary For A Teenagers Birthday

This is an extremely delicate problem, and it has no standard solution for everyone. On the one hand, adolescents are certainly too early to drink alcohol.

However, the forbidden fruit is especially attractive to them. Therefore a birthday man and guests can easily get drunk a cheap port somewhere around the corner, thus marking his growing up, and you can hardly prevent this.

Therefore, each parent will have to decide for himself, given the attitudes and traditions of his family.

In any case, if you nevertheless decide to serve alcohol to the table on the birthday of a teenager 15-16 years old, you will be sure at least how much it was drunk and what quality it was, and the birthday boy will have no feeling, that you dont trust him. But the choice of alcohol should be taken as responsibly as possible.

Of course, there should not be strong drinks on the table. Carbonated alcoholic cocktails are generally not an option. Firstly, they are usually extremely harmful.

Secondly, adolescents subjectively do not feel intoxication from such cocktails , and therefore try to drink as much as possible. Perhaps a small amount of good wine can help.

Fun Teenage Birthday Party Ideas In Winter

10 Famous Cool Birthday Party Ideas For 14 Year Olds 2020

WhatToGetMy Instructional Article

  • Winter birthday parties can be as fun as summer birthday parties with the right winter birthday party themes. In this article, we give you 21 Fun Teenage Birthday Party Ideas In Winter including how to go about planning your teens winter birthday party.

Summertime is understandably a preferred time for any birthday party, including a teenage birthday party. But even winter birthday parties can be fun too, with the right winter birthday party themes. This article will help you with fresh, exciting, and fun teenage birthday party ideas in winter, for an unforgettable teenage party that will even forget the concept of a summer teen birthday party.

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Bricks 4 Kidz Lego Themed Party

Bricks 4 Kidz® Albany Creativity Centre, 325 Albany Highway, Albany, North

Celebrate your childs birthday with a fun and novel Bricks 4 Kidz® party experience! The timeless fun LEGO® Bricks is sure to be a crowd pleaser for boys and girls from pre-school to tween. Bricks 4 Kidz® will customise and theme the Birthday Party with LEGO® so it is perfect for your special birthday boy or girl.

Take the stress out of hosting your childs birthday party by letting the Master Builders come and build up a storm with your budding LEGO fans.

How To Celebrate A Teenager’s Birthday

Stephanie has four teenagers and has hosted many teenager birthday parties!

How to Celebrate and Plan Your Teenager’s Birthday

If the teenager in your life is anything like mine, you won’t get a straight answer to the question, “How do you want to celebrate your birthday?”

Teens are often concerned about appearances, and the last thing they want is an event drawing a lot of attention to them. At the same time, most do desire that their special day is acknowledged.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to plan a birthday celebration that will not subject your teenager to embarrassment… if that is possible . Keep in mind that a teen’s interests can change as quickly as a mercurial mood. So, factor in some flexibility and definitely do not forget your sense of humor when it comes to planning a party!

Here’s what you can expect to learn about in this article:

  • Initial considerations to make when planning
  • Birthday party ideas
  • A reminder to have your teen help and prepare for the birthday

Read on to learn more!

How to celebrate a teenager’s birthday — don’t forget the sweets!

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Listen To The Birthday Girl/guy

As its your teens birthday party, its only fair to see what they would like the party to be like. Most of the time they know exactly what they want, where they want it and how they want everything to be. Talking to them and discussing ideas is a great way for them to be involved and for you to have less work to do. Just make sure you have a limit for ideas. Sometimes teens can get a little carried away and you dont want anything at the party that could put the kids in danger or involve them in something inappropriate. By working together, you can compromise so that they get the party they want and you can breathe easy!

Birthday Party Ideas For Teen Girls

GIFTS FOR GIRLS | What I Got My 14 Year Old for Christmas! | Teen Gift Ideas!

Celebrating a birthday is an exciting time for anyone, even teens! Though they may have outgrown themes of childhood or may not always want to hang with their parents, teenagers still want to have fun as they did as kids! But birthday party ideas for teen girls can be tricky! If you have a young lady in your life looking to celebrate her birthday, then keep reading! Here are some birthday party ideas for teen girls including some fun Sweet 16 options. Plus if you are looking for gift ideas for your teenage girl, check these out!

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Modern Gadgets And Computer Technology

The age of 13 years is a period when, among themselves, teenagers using gadgets find out who is cooler and more fashionable, who has a better phone or other technical means. The latest model is the best gift idea.

However, it is worth starting from financial opportunities and your own plans for the presentation. If the purpose of the gift is to always stay in touch with friends, you can purchase a simple phone model. The options for a two-way camera, wireless Internet, access to social networks will become optimal.

If you want to surprise the girl with the latest innovations in technical progress, then, by the way, you will have a laptop, computer, or a modern game console.

If you are lost in the achievements of technology and do not follow its market, the best solution would be to go to the experts for advice. They will tell you what is more relevant and in great demand at the moment. It is worth considering that for a girl, it will be important that the donated gadget is better than that of a close girlfriend.

Where To Celebrate A Teenagers Birthday

In recent years, new, unexpected options have appeared that make it enjoyable to celebrate an important date for any teenager. When planning to celebrate a birthday, remember: the most important thing is that this event is remembered for its positive emotions.

It is worth listening to the opinion of the daughter, the son, and not depriving your beloved children of the opportunity to hold it the way you want.

Young people prefer to relax actively therefore, the priority is the format in which the adult pastime and childrens pranks are organically combined: bowling, scooter, karaoke, water parks, laser paintball, entertainment centers, clubs, discos.

Do not forget that for a teenager, the criterion for a successful event, as a rule, is rave reviews from invited friends.

When planning to arrange a colorful holiday for a girl or boy, you can, of course, turn to event-industry professionals for help, but most parents are looking for more budget-friendly ways.

Inexpensive Ideas

A good option for everyone whose holiday falls on the warm season a picnic in the country or nature. His entertainment program can be extremely diverse.

In addition to outdoor games, competitions, relay races, the program can include walking, songs with a guitar, gatherings around a fire. No one will be bored!

As a treat in marching conditions, with a bang! Shish kebabs will go, any food cooked on the grill.

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Year Old Birthday Party Ideas That Are Actually Cool

Teenagers are notoriously hard to please, but we think we have come up with some teenage birthday party ideas that will be cool enough for even this tough audience.

So get them away from Netflix and for a while with these teen party ideas !

Please note: While you’re looking for teenage party ideas, please check whether leisure activities will be open post-lockdown, as this will vary from business to business.

Unique Birthday Gifts For Teenage Girls


Surprise your teen girl on her birthday with a special present that she really wants. Browse through our gift guide approved by teens below and discover whats cool enough for them. Featuring twenty age-appropriate gifts for 14-year-old to 19-year-old girls. Waste no time, read now and get some pointers to buying what she will appreciate. We bet she will have a big smile on her birthday this year.

1. Not My Mamas The Natural Deodorant Collection

At this age, teens start exploring different beauty products. Its good if you could help her to choose a non-toxic, good quality beauty product. Not My Mamas The Natural Deodorant Collection makes one of the best birthday gifts for teens. These cute-looking deodorants are made from natural ingredients, they are safe and effective at helping your teenager stay fresh all day. Whats more? It comes in a set of four lovely scents to match her mood of the day.

For the teen girls birthday, you can also get this mini crossbody bag by Vera Bradley. We love its slim design, roomy interior, and the vibrant pattern.

Suitable for girls aged 14 to 19.

12. PopSockets PopGrip

Popsockets is a popular phone accessory for teens. It is stylish and useful for teens who are addicted to the phone. Attach it to the back of your phone for a more secure grip. You can also use it as a stand for hands-free viewing or an earbud cord storage. A cheap birthday present that shell appreciate.

13. Good Books for Teens

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Nail Polish Spin The Bottle

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, this is a game for girls.

Have your guests sit in a circle, and place several different nail polishes around the inside. The birthday girl starts by spinning a soft drink bottle in the middle of the circle, and then painting one fingernail with whichever polish it ends up pointing at. The guests then take turns spinning the bottle, and painting one finger nail in the chosen colour. The game continues until everybody has all 10 nails painted in different polish.

Things And Accessories For A Fashionista

The dilemma of giving a girl 13 years old for a birthday will not seem too complicated if your birthday girl is a real fashionista. You can surprise her with cool fashionable things or accessories in her style.

This primarily includes clothing, cosmetics, shoes, and jewelry. To simplify your task, you can give a certificate for independent purchases or go on a joint shopping.

Although the gift will not be a surprise, it will surely please the young lady. When choosing cosmetics for a girl, its better to tell her that its not worth saving on personal care items. The quality of cosmetics will favorably affect the appearance.

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Why Is Celebrating A Teenagers Birthday Always So Difficult

It is challenging to convince a teenager to choose a scenario for celebrating his birthday. Usually, preparation for an event looks like a continuous chain of puzzling problems that require immediate resolution.

Teenagers tend to grow up quickly, become older, so entertainment programs with clowns and pirates often seem to them baby talk. However, the adult holiday program is also not unusual for them, because, in some respects, they are still children.

Also, in adolescence, it is especially crucial for the child what his friends think about him, so often, the teenagers pleasure from the holiday is measured in the number of admired guest reviews.

Important! When deciding how to celebrate a teenagers birthday, you can be sure of only one thing: he wants this day to be something fundamentally different from what he already had in his life. For him, this is not just a holiday, but the beginning of some new stage in life, the expansion of his capabilities.

Making Winter Party Food

DIY Tumblr Birthday Party for Teen Girls!!!
  • 1Serve warm drinks. A winter party is the ideal time to have warm comfort foods and drinks. Hot chocolate can be a great winter party beverage that most people enjoy.
  • To make it more festive, have a hot chocolate bar.XResearch source On a table, set up hot chocolate with plenty of toppings for your guests to choose from. You can have whipped cream, chocolate chips, sprinkles, crushed cookies, and peppermint stirring sticks.
  • In addition to hot chocolate, you can also serve warm apple cider. Set your drinks out with an assortment of mugs for your guests to choose from.
  • 2Make finger foods.XResearch source Whether or not your party falls around a meal time, its good to have snack types foods.
  • Pizza is a great finger food that can be a meal or a snack. You can also serve breadsticks or pizza dough pretzels in addition.
  • Serve different kinds of dips, like onion dip or hummus, with chips and pretzels.
  • For a healthier snack, set out cut fruit and vegetables on a platter.
  • If you’re trying to socially distance, offer individual food servings or hand out pre-packaged food.XExpert Source
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    Question: 14th Birthday Party Ideas

    I’m turning 14 soon and I am stuck for party ideas. I’d only be inviting girls and I’d like to invite a lot of my friends. I don’t think a disco would be good seeing as there are no boys. Any ideas?

    Best Answer

    I think you could go with disco – girls all like to dance. At 14, you would have trouble getting the boys to dance anyway. If that is what you would like, go for it!

    Best Answer

    Apples to Apples was played at our friends party and was really fun. Then, just have pizza and cake. Murder Mystery is another fun one.

    Best Answer

    High tea? You could have it at your house or out somewhere. Or you could o ice-skating, this is especially good if you go on one of those days when they have ice-skating discos.

    I am turning 14 on August 21st and I have “no clue” on what to do. I am inviting 7 girls so, including me that’s 8 people. I don’t want to spend over $200 because during this time I have to go school shopping and that’s a lot of money. I am not the type of girl that likes to have makeover parties or anything like that. So can you please help me?

    Best Answer

    The word clue in your post made me think you should do some sort of mystery party.I believe they still sell mystery parties in a box. Everyone gets a role and is given ideas on how to dress. Most people get lines to read.

    *Queeny*Red* Best Answer

    Watch Out For Alcohol And Drugs

    The older your teen, the more likely that drugs and alcohol will make their way into the party. Its hard to know at the start if itll happen and by the time you do notice its usually too late. Keep your eye on your own liquor cabinet so they arent dipping in and getting dangerously drunk. Also keep an eye out for alcohol poisoning. Help take care of anyone throwing up and if its black call 911 or take them to an emergency room. Drugs are also hard to spot but certain things like weed have a distinct smell which you can notice easily. If your teen does let these things in make sure not to punish them until the next day when they are sober. Punishing a drunk kid does not usually go over well and chances are they wont even remember it later.

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