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Birthday Party Ideas For 8 Year Girl

Mad Hatter Birthday Party

Gift Ideas For Little Girls | 8 Year Old

Its a simple theme and yet anybody can be a part of it. Imagine different guests arriving in different hat designs. Its something that almost anybody has, and its inexpensive. Print a silhouette of an over-the top hat design for the invitations, and you can ask kids to talk about their choice of hat and a few questions like is it something they see themselves doing in the near future? just like show and tell. You can also hire your very own Mad Hatter from Fly By Fun, Australias leading company when it comes to entertainers for different events. Now thats one kids party entertainment idea off your list.

Cable Wakeboarding Birthday Parties

RixenNZ CableWake Park is the perfect place for kids to learn to wakeboard with their friends and celebrate their birthday. The two tower system with speed control is easy to take off and pickup young riders that may struggle to learn behind a boat. Most kids are up and riding and making the corners by the end of the birthday party. All safety and riding gear is supplied along with expert tuition. Paddle boards are also available to cruise the safe shallow lagoon. Gazebos, BBQs and a fridge are available on site for you to bring your own party food.

The Amazing Race Birthday

All you have to do is establish different stations where you can drop clues for your guests. In each station, you can give them riddles to solve, ranging from easy to the more difficult. In each station, you can leave a clue so that at the end of the race your teams can put together a message or piece them all together for a bigger puzzle. There are free printables all over Pinterest where you can pick up ideas and retrofit them for the birthday party you are organising. As for party food ideas, you can go around the world.

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Coolest Magic Theme Party Ideas

My son Joshua wanted a magic show for his 8th birthday. He really loves magic. All of the theme party ideas needed to have a magic part to them, including the games, the cake, the party goods and the decorations. I purchased the magic party goods from Birthday Express, which were perfect since they were Read more

Diva Dance Or Disco Party

Rock and pink party. Girl 8 years old. You can also do a ...

Throw your own diva dance party at home or find a local dance studio that offers birthday parties for kids. The kids are transformed into dance divas and rock stars by doing their hair with brightly colored hair pieces, glitter and braids and then adding some cool make-up like sparkly glitter eyes, blush and lip gloss. Depending on the party music theme, you can have the party girls singing and dancing to your birthday girl’s favorite music or dances like the electric slide, freeze dance, etc. If you are having it at a studio, normally they will have karaoke microphones, lots of music to choose from and props for the kids. Be sure to videotape their performances!

Another dance theme to consider is a 70’s disco themed party. Use retro invitations and decorations for the party such as disco balls and glittery streamers. Ask the party-goers to dress in 70’s attire like platform shoes, bell bottom pants and leisure suits. Be sure to have lots of 70’s music on hand like the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

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Delicious Food Ideas For Kids 8th Birthday Party

Great food can make or break a party, so here are some ideas to keep their taste buds lit.

  • Mystery Dinner: The guests are shown a menu with a list of items, so they know what to expect, but they can never know what will get until it arrives.
  • Spaghetti: Offer a selection of pasta and noodles with different sauces, cheese, and breadsticks.
  • Pizza: The ultimate filling food, you can even have the children make their own as well. Offer them a list of toppings and even give them a chefs hat.
  • Salads: The parents would appreciate this! Set out bowls with two or three types of lettuce, shredded carrots, sunflower seeds, black olives, raisins, and more.
  • Chocolate Fountain: Its needless to say how awesome these things are. Your 8-year-old girl would love to have one at her party.
  • Festival Foods: You can have some nachos, funnel cakes, fried dough, cotton candy, and corndogs throughout the party.
  • Hot Dogs: Kids would love to fix up their own hot dog. Have some onions, mustard, melted cheese alongside some chips at the stand.
  • Themes Cold Cuts: Give the option for guests to make their own sandwiches with cheese and cold cuts you made with a theme-based cookie cutter.
  • Hamburgers: Hamburgers with customizable toppings set out on the table is also a great idea. Cut the cheese slices with a cookie cutter that goes with your theme.
  • Candy Buffet: Who wouldnt love a candy buffet! Throw in plenty of sugar treats to complement your theme.

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Coolest Movie Theme Party Ideas

A Movie themed party lets kids become actors in their very own film. The birthday child chooses which script to produce then casts their birthday guests in their roles. They arrive in costume, have make-up applied, collect the props, then the Director calls Quiet on the Set! Next using the movie script they shoot the Read more

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Let Your Child Decide

What does your son or daughter want to do for their birthday? Just ask. They may surprise you and say they would just like to spend the day playing with you. If your kid is stumped, help make a list and talk about the many fun things you can do together to celebrate the birthday. In the end, let your child make the decision.

Fun For The Whole Family

Birthday Gift Ideas for 8 years Old Girls | NAMIBIAN YOUTUBER

We dontjust cater to kids. We also carry milestone birthday party supplies and noveltythemes for adults-only celebrations, plus party supplies for other occasions,like Christmas, Mardi Gras, Halloween and even Hawaiian luaus. We even carry costumesfor when you want to kick a themed party up a notch!

No matter what kind of party youre throwing, from a birthday bash to a Halloween haunt, BirthdayExpress is your one-stop shop for all of the party supplies and decorationsthat you need.

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Make Your Child’s Birthday Party As Unique As They Are

We make it easy to make your childs birthday party unique. We recommend mixing and matching solidcolors and patterns, like stripes and polka-dots, with your favorite themes party supplies. For example,red, blue and yellow polka dots look great with our Superhero Party theme,which looks like an old-school, pop-art comic book. Or, match aqua and graystripes with our Spa Party theme for a zen-like look.

Put the perfectly personalized finishing touches on yourcelebration with personalized party supplies. Create a banner with a specialmessage and a photo of the birthday boy or girl, or personalize any of ourother party supplies, like placemats, stickers and cupcake toppers.

We also carry all of the decorations you need to make your partyspace festive, like birthday balloons in a variety of colors, streamers,cardboard stand-ups, centerpieces and photo booth props. Set your table withmatching tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups and tableware, and set up a candy buffetwith all of your childsfavorite treats. We recommend filling glass apothecary jars with gumballs,sixlets and other sweets theyllbe the perfect complement to a table full of cupcakes .

Snap Circuits Stem Building Kits

The mashup of Snap Circuits and building bricks was a Serious STEM Awards grand prize winner , so we know its a truly amazing gift for kids 8 and up at an amazing price some kits start at just $20. And they each include a jam-packed book of ideas to help get kids building projects that blink, buzz, and move.

Whether they are competitive, goal-driven, or even couch potatoes, kids will get a lot out of this activity watch without paying Apple Watch prices. So many amazing styles and designs! Its even waterproof .

Our kids love the original paint your own rocks kit, which inspires random acts of kindness throughwell, painted rocks. And the glow-in-the-dark version makes it even more fun, which is why its been a best seller since it launched a few years ago. Kids can make them, write positive messages, rainbows, stars, or emojis then leave them around the neighborhood for others to find. Even in the dark.

Their every changing roster of kids Chucks are covered with hearts, flames, rainbows, dinosaurs, you name it but still amazing for flying over the pavement and shooting hoops.

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Kids’ Birthday Party Logistics

Timing is everything. Plan your party from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., says Danielle Walker, author of Against All Grain: Celebrations. After lunch and before dinner is the best time to party, when guests don’t expect a full meal.

If your kids birthday falls close to a buddys, consider a dual party. You and the other childs parents will split the cost and responsibilities. Just make sure each kid gets her own cake and presents!

Opt out altogether for younger children. When kids are still little, consider skipping a traditional birthday party altogether, suggests Simple Matters author Erin Boyle. My husband and I celebrated our daughters first birthday with a picnic.

Price out kids’ birthday party venues. Not up for hosting at your casa? It may be more cost- and time-effective to let a venue do the work. Check out our top kids’ birthday party places here.

Monterey Lounge Cinema Takapuna

Pin by Brandy Lindquist on 2019 dinners

Hold your next Birthday Party at Monterey Lounge Cinema. Come watch one of the latest blockbusters or your own media, invite your guests to an intimate and memorable movie experience with bar and refreshment services tailored to your needs!

Cinemas can be hired for sing-alongs, gaming on the big screen, glow in the dark dance parties and so much more! Inquire today to get your party started.

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What Are Some Good Birthday Party Themes

Themes Ive seen that have worked well for girls birthday parties are ones with a broad range of appeal. A wild animal-themed party is always a big hit with the preschool and early elementary school-aged set. You can either have a party somewhere with animals or hire a company to bring the animals to your house.

Art is a party theme that can transcend age groups whether its painting on canvases, making clay sculptures, or painting a mug or other sort of dishware its a fun time for everyone. Art can be further broken down into different themes, too, like a unicorn party, Disney party, Garden Party, etc.

A theme can be as simple as pink have everything coordinated into your favorite color and get creative from there. These color themes would work for any age too.

Slumber parties work well for the tween and teen set as long as the parents are aware that very little slumber happens at these parties! A home spa party can be a lot of fun as well with face masks and nail painting for all of the guests you wont need party favors!

A tea party can be a great theme and it incorporates the food as well. You dont need to serve real tea if youre worried about the caffeine iced tea or caffeine-free fruit / herbal tea will be just as popular.

Of course, theres always the princess theme with some fun activities like dressing up as their favorite princesses or even hiring a princess look-alike to make an appearance!

Kids Rafting Adventure Party

Vector Wero Whitewater Park, 770 Great South Road, Manukau, South

Enjoy a birthday party like no other at Vector Wero Whitewater Park with an epic birthday package deal!

The Kids Party Package is a recreational rafting activity and food combo that is sure to be bucket loads of fun. Your child and the whole gang will be in safe hands with friendly and experienced rafting guides while you sit back and relax.

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Need A Fun Kids Birthday Gift

It is always a bit difficult to buy birthday gifts for girls in the 8 to 12 age group. That said, some fun ideas might be a cosmetic or spa themed gift basket, a birthday candy bouquet like the one shown in the photo to the right, or even a kid birthday gift basket that includes things like books, craft activities, or snacks appropriate for the child’s age.

If you are invited to a party with a certain theme, it is always fun to tie the gift into the party theme itself. For instance, you could bring a bouquet of birthday cookies for kids that includes lipstick, purse, and shoe shaped cookies to a sleepover or dance diva party.

For a beach or luau party, you could buy a personalized beach towel that the child can use for years to come. The possibilities are truly endless!

Cheap First Birthday Party Ideas

Happy Birthday | 8 Years old | At Home Birthday Party | Scavenger Hunt

Keep your kiddo’s 1st birthday decor super simple and super sweet with a framed photo collage of all their firsts. Not only is it adorable decor for the party, it’s a beautiful keepsake you’ll always cherish.

To buy! Tilted Heart Collage Art Print, $14.99

Want to keep the budget to a minimum for your child’s 1st birthday, and still have a stylish bash? No problem! You can make all the decor out of crepe paper . Napkin rings, lanterns, party favors you name it! can all be done with cheap, paper streamers, even this stunning centerpiece-worthy pinata.

To buy! Lia Griffith Heavy Crepe Paper, $19.49

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Coolest Slumber Party Ideas

Slumber party ideas and photos by: Amy from Blair, NE Our invitations were mini pillows stuffed with the information of the party! For activities we made a foam craft picture frame that said Slumber Party Fun and I took a digital picture, copied it off and sent it home with each girl. I also got Read more

Do You Only Offer Birthday Party Games Activities

The Fun Empire is Singapore #1 one-stop solution for all your birthday party needs and requirements! Besides fun and unique birthday party activities, we offer event management services and birthday party invites. We also offer manpower, food catering, photography and more. Contact us for more information!

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Most Popular Girl Birthday Party Themes For 2022

If you are stuck on a theme for a party you’ll be throwing at some point this year, check out all the 30 popular girl birthday party themes for 2022 that we’ve rounded up for you!

We’ve new entrants, such as sleepovers and Pop It parties that look like they’ll be big in the coming year.

We hope these on-trend ideas get you inspired!

Many of these birthday party themes for girls are long-time favorites while others are new and trendy.


Beading Or Craft Party

Donuts party ideas

Local craft studios or businesses sometimes provide art-themed parties for childrens birthday celebrations. A group of people will lead the kids through various craft projects, such as constructing picture frames, beaded crafts, friendship bracelets, and rhinestone purses, among other things. Along with group activities and refreshments, they frequently have a group project to build a surprise banner for the birthday lady.

You may host a craft session in your own house if you wish. Pick up some tiny craft projects for the girls from Oriental Trading Firm.

Make sure you have enough scissors, paper, glue, wire cutters, and other craft supplies on hand. Brightly colored balloons& crepe paper can be used to decorate. For a fun birthday get-together, make your own food & cake in the childs preferred color scheme.

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Tropical Beach Or Pool Party

Add a splash of fun to your daughter’s birthday by throwing a summer beach or pool party. Even if you don’t happen to have a backyard pool, there are still possibilities. For example, some local pools or neighborhood associations will allow groups to reserve the entire swimming pool area for a short period of time. They provide a lifeguard and staff who keep an eye on the kids and run games such as water ring tosses. In addition, they may have a party room that is adjacent to the changing areas/restrooms where you can set-up decorations, snacks and cake.

Whether you throw the party in your backyard or in another pool location, find some fun summer-themed invitations shaped like flip-flops, beach balls, or tropical flowers . Add a clever saying about how you’ll be diving right in for a fun party.

For birthday party favors, how about beach ball shaped , beach towels, cheap flip flops or a goodie basket or bag filled with sunscreen, SPF lip balm and candies.

Make Planning A Birthday Party Easy For Kids And Adult Parties

Birthday in a Box is exactly as our name states we give you a complete birthday party, shipped in a box directly to your door, as quickly as overnight. No order is too big or too small and every party theme is fun to plan when you check out our many party idea guides. There are approximately 250 party theme idea guides that will give you tips for planning the perfect party.

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