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How To Plan A Birthday Trip

Th Birthday Trip Ideas

Planning A Road TRIP For My Birthday

When approaching this milestone birthday it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, I say:

Party On!

and plan a huge celebration as you reach your 50 years of life! If you have a Bucket List, it is most likely filled with exotic places and far away destinations. Pick one of those for this 50th birthday trip idea. Will there ever be a better time to celebrate and go ALL OUT?!

Learn Some Basic Japanese Words And Phrases

Theres no better way to show respect to your host country than by greeting people in their native tongue. The language barrier between English speakers and Japanese is a concern I frequently see in online travel forums. Im telling you, theres no need to worry! Learning a little Japanese goes a long way and all you need to do is memorise a few words and some potential basic answers.

Its also immensely helpful if youre able to read a little Japanese when it comes to food so you know what youre ordering at restaurants or even buying a snack at a convenience store such as Family Mart, 7-Eleven and Lawson. Its not as hard as you think, I promise! I was intimidated for a long while but finally bit the bullet before I even started planning my first trip to Japan.

TIP: For your free downloadable cheat sheet and advice for learning the basics of the language quickly, take a look at my dedicated guide to Japanese for tourists. Ive also shared my favourite beautiful Japanese words and their meanings to help you learn more about culture in Japan through language!

City Break In Barcelona For My 30th Birthday

My first real birthday trip was a city break in Barcelona for my 30th birthday. I knew I wanted to celebrate my birthday somewhere special and Id seen loads of amazing pictures of the beautiful Gaudi buildings.

I travelled to Barcelona with my partner a couple of days before my birthday and we visited all the big Barcelona sights the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, the Olympic Stadium and Las Ramblas.

I spent my actual 30th birthday in the stunning surroundings of Park Güell. I got my camera stolen from my bag while we were there, but it didnt matter, I was just happy to be in such an amazing place to celebrate my 30th.

Barcelona is a brilliant place to travel to on your birthday because you can have whatever kind of birthday you want there. Want to celebrate over food and wine with friends? Spend your birthday on the beach? Take in some culture? Go to a funfair? See world-class football? For all of these and more, Barcelona has you covered.

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What Is Surf Season

A season is offered from October through April on the west coast. A regular season begins in Thailand in the spring and goes through the fall. In the southern hemisphere winter, there are several smaller waves to choose from. The beach at the Surf Beach Club is a great surf spot at any time of year for beginners.

Th Birthday Ideas: New York City

How To Plan a Surprise Trip

If you are looking for unique weekend getaways in NYC, Soho House New York is a private members club and hotel located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking. On the 3rd floor of the hotel is the Cowshed Spa which has treatment rooms, a steam room, a gym and a relaxation area. Open to members and hotel guests, the Cowshed spa offers treatments with names like: pampered cow, stressed cow, and pummelled cow.

This is a place where hotel guests can go to have the stress taken out of their tired bodies. You won’t find any of the usual treatment names. Instead, treatments are based on the cow themed name. So after a hard day in the city head to the spa and try a 60 minute “pampered cow” or a 1 hour and 20 minute “stoned cow” therapy. All of the products are Cowshed’s own blend of flower and plant oils.

There is also a small gym and steam room.Treatment rates range from $60 for a quick 30 minute “stressed cow” massage to $325 for a “day at the Cowshed.” Call 212-627-9800 to book your appointment. Enjoy the outdoor rooftop pool on your weekend getaway at this romantic NY hotel.

29 35 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10014, hone: 212-627-9800

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A 1st Birthday In Morocco

Travelling is something that has always been important to me and my husband, and as soon as the kids came along, we knew that nothing would change and we would keep on travelling. For one reason or another, we always seem to be overseas for our kids birthdays. What better way to celebrate?

Perhaps the best of these birthday trip was when our youngest turned one. As any parent will tell you, this is quite a milestone and had to be celebrated. We decided to visit Essaouira in Morocco.

Essaouira is a bustling port city, with a beautiful windswept beach on Moroccos Atlantic coast. There is so much to keep the kids entertained sandy beach with safe, shallow waters, camels to meet and ride, the medina, souqs, fishing port and ramparts to explore. Its a perfect destination if youre looking to visit Morocco with kids.

For Ezras first birthday, we rented a gorgeous Airbnb in the medina. We took balloons, banners and bubbles with us from the UK, and we found a little patisserie in the medina who made a personalised birthday cake for him. If memory serves me right, it was only £5. We also celebrated with a camel ride on the beach that day and a paddle in the Atlantic Ocean.

Celebrating Turning 50 On A Five

For my husbands 50th birthday, he wanted to do something special, but didnt want to have a big party. So he decided to do something as far from that as possible. Which is why we found ourselves sitting in a tiny wooden boat, bailing water like crazy as we rocked and tipped and rolled and dipped with water pouring into the boat from the churning rapids all around us, surrounded by the towering walls of the Grand Canyon.

The 5-day trip through the Grand Canyon starts at the beginning of the canyon and the walls slowly rise higher and higher as the river gets deeper and the canyon gets bigger. Soon, layers of rock that had been right beside were high above us.

Each night is spent camping on a sandy beach. In between rapids, there are opportunities to hike into side canyons, explore a mining tunnel, and climb up to an ancient granary. There is no other way to experience these things other than to ride the Colorado River rapids. It ends with a hike up the Bright Angel Trail to the south rim.

The best part? The guides baked a chocolate cake in a Dutch oven on an open fire for him on his birthday. So, he got his 50th birthday party after all!

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Creating The Surprise Birthday Masterplan

The first step is to start asking questions about 3-6 months in advance. “Hey, darling, what would you like for your birthday”. Start observing the things they are interested in and start dropping hints by asking more questions. Like, “have you ever wanted to see a music?” or “wouldn’t you love to finally have dinner in a Michelin star restaurant?”. Do it every now and then, so you don’t become suspicious. Probe until you get satisfactory answers that can shape up your master plan. For example, I started asking G what he wants and he’d tell me he really wants us to go back to Japan because he misses the food there. We both knew we couldn’t visit Japan until December because we already had several trips planned for work.

But, he gave me an interesting idea: a Japan-themed surprise birthday. And so, I started writing various ideas, from going to hot springs in the mountains, to potentially visiting Japanese gardens or eating out in a sexy Japanese restaurant. To probe and formulate the masterplan, might take 1-2 months in total. Give it time and stick with it. It will all come together. The moment you have an idea, make sure to write it down in your secret notebook. Again, a small thought can trigger something really extraordinary for their surprise birthday.

Dont Even Bother Driving In Japan

How to Plan a Trip to Thailand | Going on a Leap Day Birthday Asia Tour!

The best way to tour Japan is not in a hire car. Especially if its your first time in Japan, there isnt much need to drive. The public transport systems connecting major cities and even within the cities across the country are fantastic overall.

Driving in Japan may be challenging if you arent used to driving on the left-hand side of the road. Additionally, hire cars and insurance can become expensive compared to train travel, parking at popular attraction can be difficult and the number of tourist-related car accidents has increased recently due to a lack of understanding of road rules and conditions by tourists.

If you think youll be using taxis a lot in Japan, it might be a good idea to have the name of your hotel printed out in Japanese, or readily available on a map on your phone to show the taxi driver so theres no miscommunication or mistakes about where you need to go.

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Surprise Trip Planning: Find Out When They Have Time Off Secretly

This was probably the hardest part. Arturo is back in school at UBC Okanagan this fall and Im not so I wasnt sure when the long weekends were going to be for him. I ended up finding UBCOs academic calendar for this year online. Through this I was able to see that there would be a long weekend for Remembrance Day* .

How To Plan A Fun

Gather a group of close family and friends on the beach to celebrate another trip around the sun! We help plan birthdays getaways to fit your exact style and needs so you can party with your favorite people, day and night.

Enjoy nonstop fun for your birthday celebration and fill every hour of your time with exciting group activities like beach volleyball, mixology classes, dance lessons and more. If you love a good adventure, book an offsite excursion and marvel at ancient ruins or snorkel amongst wild marine life! Birthday travel has never been easier when you choose to work with us!

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Las Vegas Nevada: Hot Shows And Entertainment

What better way to start off the 50th birthday trip ideas than the neon lights in Las Vegas, Nevada! Celebrating a 50th birthday in Las Vegas is non-stop fun and entertainment. There are so many ideas to celebrate a milestone birthday on and around the Vegas strip. Top your activity list with a choice from the large variety of Vegas shows, from Cirque to elaborate production shows, to comedy to magic, and everything in between.

One of the shows that I chose to attend with all my girlfriends of all ages was Thunder from Down Under to see all the Australian men dance on stage! Vegas Girls Night Out is a great resource to help plan the perfect birthday vacation. The Shout Out and Shots package was fun for my whole group and I was delighted to be announced by the on-stage emcee.

Here is a tip: make sure to wear your Birthday Banner for extra attention!

Check out my LIST for more great ideas for celebrating your milestone birthday in Las Vegas:

Have A Plan For Splitting Group Expenses

How To Plan A Weekend Birthday Trip

When youre traveling with a group there are sure to be plenty of shared expenses. Have a plan ahead of time to save yourself stress when you get to the destination. Some suggestions include putting one person in charge of financials, settling up as you go using Venmo, or keeping track throughout using apps like Splitwise. Learn more about splitting shared expenses here.

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Give The Best Gift Ever Your Time

As a parent of adult children, I can tell you first hand, moments together mean more than anything anyone can buy for me. The same is true for my parents. When my mothers 75th birthday was approaching last year my brother and I planned a trip to San Francisco and its surrounding areas with our parents. Despite having traveled much of the country and most of Europe, my parents had never been to this part of Californiaand they wanted to explore it with us.

The trip was a huge success and described by our mother as the best gift ever, but it takes planning to create a successful multi-generational trip with aging parents. Travel provided some of the best memories possible. Give the gift of time with these travel planning tips for a milestone birthday celebration.

A Birthday Trip To Scottish Whisky Distilleries

My husband is a huge fan of Islay whisky, known for its heavily peated style and made on the island of Islay, off the West Coast of Scotland.

For his birthday in 2006, I conspired with the friends whod first introduced him to Islays whisky, by organising a long weekend there for his birthday. It was only after flights were booked that I discovered it was coincidentally when the island holds its annual festival of whisky and music, Feis Ile. This serendipity meant that we visited the distilleries during their hugely entertaining celebratory open days, each one taking it in turns to put on a real party of music, whisky tasting events and fun. Food and drink were available and much merriment was had by all.

So much fun did we have on that first birthday trip that Ive since organised 3 more visits to Islay during its festival week, which still coincides with my husbands birthday, taking more friends along with us to discover the islands charms.

Islay is a wonderful place to visit even if you dont love whisky, with some truly stunning natural scenery and beautiful historic sites such as Kilnave Chapel, the Kildarton Cross and the ancient seat of the Lordship of the Isles, on the shores of Loch Finlaggan. There are some lovely pubs and restaurants, and we also love cooking in the kitchens of our self-catering holiday homes.

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Important New Rules Regarding Oversized Luggage On Bullet Trains

Speaking of planning your journeys, you may need to reserve a seat on the bullet trains with an oversized baggage area, or have your luggage forwarded to your next destination rather than just showing up.

With the rise in popularity of tourists using the Japan Rail Pass on the Tokaido-Sanyo-Kyushu shinkansen, the trains became very overcrowded and there was not enough room for dozens of huge suitcases.

As of May 2020, JR Central announced new travel restrictions on luggage. If your suitcase has combined dimensions of over 160cm, youll need to reserve your seat on the train in advance. Tickets will not cost more if you reserve the oversized baggage area at the ends of each carriage. More info from JR Central.

TIP: Alternatively, you can forward your luggage to your next hotel using Yamato Transport for a fee . This can be done at your hotels reception and can be arranged for same-day delivery depending on the area.

Australia: Surfers Paradise On The Gold Coast

Going for a SURPISE Vacation | Birthday Trip planned by Husband

By Maureen Spencer from So Many Places! So Little Time!

My 50th birthday trip idea is Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia! There is an endless list of excellent venue options for a 50th birthday celebration and a choice of hundreds of things to do and places to go to keep you busy and happy over your birthday weekend! Yes! Were assuming you will celebrate your 50th birthday over an entire weekend. After all, this is a very special milestone in your life and deserves a whole weekend of celebrating.

If youre lucky you might find a great deal for a 5-star hotel in Surfers Paradise or Gold Coast. Its worth a look. Other recommendations in the 5-star area are Palazzo Versace for total luxury and grandeur, Pepper Soul- Surfers Paradise for beachfront location and uninterrupted sea views, Sheraton Grand Mirage for absolute beachfront luxury, Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa with its magnificent lagoon and Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel right in the center of Surfers Paradise. If a 5-star option is not in the budget, the QT Gold Coast and Q1 Resort and Spa are good alternatives. There are plenty of choices!

Take a side trip to visit Kangaroo Island in Southern Australia. For details and trip planning advice for this awesome 50th birthday trip idea, visit the Ultimate Guide to Kangaroo Island.

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When To Ditch The Pre

Overall, this was not a great trip but not a total bust.

The conditions changed and the pre-plan for this trip needed to be set aside.

The wind speed increased dramatically but I instead went ahead with my pre-plan.

A key takeaway is to prevent being stubborn and adjust your pre-plan to what is happening out on the water.

Additionally, dont go chasing fish if you have already found fish.

Stay patient and adjust your plan according to the conditions and you will locate where the fish are.

Buy Tickets In Advance To Popular Activities

In my timeline for planning a trip to Japan further down this page, I outline when is the best time to buy tickets in advance to popular activities and events. Below is a quick little list of tickets available to pre-purchase so you can ensure you dont miss out by leaving it to the last minute.

Japan has a unique cultural heritage and the Japanese are very proud to share this with visitors to their country. Embrace bar hopping with locals, a traditional tea ceremony, authentic cooking classes, theme parks and much more!

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