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Fun Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Let Your Child Decide


What does your son or daughter want to do for their birthday? Just ask. They may surprise you and say they would just like to spend the day playing with you. If your kid is stumped, help make a list and talk about the many fun things you can do together to celebrate the birthday. In the end, let your child make the decision.

Diy Birthday Party Idea Options

  • The Cake you can make your own, obviously, but if you not blessed with baking skills a very cost effective option is usually Market Street or somewhere similar who do very good value, tasty and big cakes to feed your party guests
  • Catering you can either buy platters or put them together yourself at a low cost, or make finger sandwiches and have chips available.

Got A List Of Kids Birthday Party Places But Need Help Narrowing It Down

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the ideal location for your kids birthday party. Need a checklist to follow? Party Planning Solutions has you covered. Just keep in mind the following questions when looking at party venues:

Whats your budget?

Make sure to know everything thats included in the cost. Consider the costs of food, decorations, and favors along with the venue.

How many children and parents will be at the event?

Some venues are better suited for smaller crowds and others for larger ones. Some venues have a limit.

Will you need chaperones? How many?

For public places that dont have a closed off party space, you may need a few extra hands to watch the children so they dont go running off on their own. However, this might not be a concern if the kids are older.

Can you supply your own party gear, food and drinks? Will the venue have restrictions on any of these?

Bringing your own supplies and food can save you bundles if the venue doesnt have any rules against that. Just be sure to verify with the manager what youre allowed to bring and not to bring. Most venues will provide tables, chairs and other equipment with the reservation. They may even include catering for the event. Just make sure you know whats included and whats not.

Do they have a set-up crew to help prepare before and tear down after?
Does the venue have plenty of available parking?
Is the space AV compatible?
Do they have a damage or injury policy?
Sound the Party Horns!

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Make Your Child’s Birthday Party As Unique As They Are

We make it easy to make your childs birthday party unique. We recommend mixing and matching solidcolors and patterns, like stripes and polka-dots, with your favorite themes party supplies. For example,red, blue and yellow polka dots look great with our Superhero Party theme,which looks like an old-school, pop-art comic book. Or, match aqua and graystripes with our Spa Party theme for a zen-like look.

Put the perfectly personalized finishing touches on yourcelebration with personalized party supplies. Create a banner with a specialmessage and a photo of the birthday boy or girl, or personalize any of ourother party supplies, like placemats, stickers and cupcake toppers.

We also carry all of the decorations you need to make your partyspace festive, like birthday balloons in a variety of colors, streamers,cardboard stand-ups, centerpieces and photo booth props. Set your table withmatching tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups and tableware, and set up a candy buffetwith all of your childsfavorite treats. We recommend filling glass apothecary jars with gumballs,sixlets and other sweets theyllbe the perfect complement to a table full of cupcakes .

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for kids You can

This is a classic game that can be played by kids of different ages.

How to Play the Game

Put up a picture of a donkey without a tail. Ask the kids to line-up some distance away from the picture, and give each of them a tail with their names on it. Blindfold each kid, point them in the direction of the picture, and ask him/her to pin the tail as accurately as possible. Once each kid has had a turn, select the kid who pinned the tail closest to the donkey, as the winner.

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Host A Zoom Birthday Party

Gather your friends and family on one of the video conferencing sites like Zoom, Google Hangout or Jitsi. Make sure everyone has a dessert of some sort a cake, cupcake, cookies, donuts, pie then everyone can sing to the birthday girl and eat their cake with her. You can even play games during video calls.

Indoor Activity #: Treasure Hunt

Prep Time: 15 minutesHours of Entertainment: About 30 minutesWhat Youll Need:

  • A treasure chest filled with gold chocolate doubloons and other candy or prizes. A decorated cigar or shoebox works well.
  • A series of clues, which can be either actual objects that point to another part of the house or a piece of paper with a riddle, question, or other written message. They should be understandable to a child and small enough to be hidden.
  • Props like pirate hats, eye patches, and a treasure map.

What kid doesnt enjoy dressing up like a pirate and scavenging the house in search of hidden treasure? Treasure Hunt can either be a group effort, in which all the kids work together to answer a series of clues to find the hidden treasure chest or a competitive scavenger hunt that pits two teams against one another. Either way, work backward to hide your clues around the house before the party begins and start the game with an elaborate story that both hypes up whats in the treasure chest and gets them excited about the impending adventure. You can also call it Detective Game and dole out little Sherlock Holmes hats instead.

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Best Party Ideas For Boys

When youre planning a party for your birthday boy, there are tons of fun themes to choose from. From cars to dinosaurs to video games, no matter what your little man likes, decorating and finding fun activities is a no-brainer. Here are some great ideas for younger and older boys, though of course theres no age requirement!

Fun For The Whole Family

Fun Children’s Birthday Party Ideas – DIY Party Ideas For Children

We dontjust cater to kids. We also carry milestone birthday party supplies and noveltythemes for adults-only celebrations, plus party supplies for other occasions,like Christmas, Mardi Gras, Halloween and even Hawaiian luaus. We even carry costumesfor when you want to kick a themed party up a notch!

No matter what kind of party youre throwing, from a birthday bash to a Halloween haunt, BirthdayExpress is your one-stop shop for all of the party supplies and decorationsthat you need.

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Vr Voom Gaming Birthday Parties

393 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Central Auckland

VR Voom is one of Aucklands best and most family-friendly virtual reality experience centres. Catering for parties of all ages is no problem. Bring your party group to use a separate, dedicated party room which caters for up to 20 people. The dedicated staff will help and guide you all the way. They pride themselves on taking the stress off parents so you can enjoy your childs birthday party too at the VR Voom Virtual Reality Centre. Check out the party packages available for various group sizes at the website.

Birthday Party Games For Tweens

39. Balloon Dare: Pre-prepare a collection of inflated balloons, each with a small piece of paper with a dare written on it. Players take turns to choose a balloon, pop it and complete the dare. Some dare suggestions: Sing Im a Little Teapot with all the actions, bite into a lemon slice, peel a banana with your feet, do a crab walk across the room, cartwheel 3 times, try not to laugh for one whole minute , sing Humpty Dumpty with a mouth full of marshmallows, act out a scene from your favourite movie.

40. In or Out?: Divide party guests into teams of four or five. Each team will need a large hula hoop. All team members stand inside the hoop, holding the hoop at waist level without using their hands. On Go the teams must work out how to all team members outside of the hoop without it touching the ground, and without using their hands. Should the hoop touch the ground, the team must start again from the starting position. First team to successfully complete the challenge are the winners.

42. Bubblegum Bubble Blowing Competition: Give each participant a piece of your favourite bubblegum and award prizes for the biggest bubbles blown within a given time limit.

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Beach And Surf Kids Party

Te Arai Beach, and Mangawhai Heads, North

Give them a birthday party to remember forever riding the waves with Aotearoa Surf at Te Arai, Aucklands premier and stunning surf beach, where kids birthday parties include 2 action-packed hours learning to surf and having the time of their lives. All surfboards, wetsuits, sunscreen and coaching provided by Internationally qualified and experienced instructors, first aid certified and surf lifesaving awarded.

An awesome experience for kids aged 6 to 17 years old.

Tips For Holding A Backyard Birthday Party

10 Unique Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Since all of these party ideas take place outdoors, there is a few things you need to think about when planning a backyard party.

Weather: Because the party will take place entirely outdoors be sure to take into account the weather.

You should have a rain plan in place. Either a rain check date or a plan to move the party indoors if needed.

Space: Space is another thing you have to take into consideration. When planning your party, make sure you have enough space for the kind of party you wish to throw.

Most of these party ideas dont need a ton of space and can be created on as small a scale as you need.

And dont forget the front yard! We held our carnival party in the front because it has a larger open area!

Timeline: Plan a timeline for the party ahead of time. If your party requires a lot of set up, dont schedule the party for early in the morning. If it includes a meal, like the barbecue party, be sure to schedule it around lunch or dinner.

A good timeline or schedule will also help you keep the party flow going without any slow periods.

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Th Birthday Party Ideas

In short, a dinosaur theme party never gets old as children always tend to be drawn to these prehistoric creatures. Firstly, create a Jurassic jungle in your house with faux palm leaves or cut them out out of paper. Secondly, place dinosaur toys around your food and cake table and have your guests play pin the tale on the T-Rex. Lastly, if you have a sandbox, get the kids to go digging for dinosaur bones or paint their own dinosaur eggs. Either way, it will be a dino-mite party!

Indoor Activity #: Musical Hoops

Prep time: 0-5 minutesWhat youll need:

  • Multiple hula hoops

A spin on the ol Musical Chairs, Musical Hoops lets kids dance until theres one last child standing, without removing all the available seating from your living room. Place one hoop per child on the floor and hit play on their favorite music as they march around. When the music stops, they jump into a hoop. Each round, a hoop gets removed . In the end, the whole group has to squish into the last remaining hoop by any means necessary a toe, a foot, a hand. The player is safe as long as a body part is inside the hoop.

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Indoor Activity #1: Wax Paper Figure Skating

Prep Time: 5 minutesEntertainment Time: 30-60 minutesWhat You Need:

  • A roll of wax paper and tape or rubber bands. If you dont have any wax paper, thick socks, empty Kleenex boxes, old magazine pages, or even paper plates can make good figure skates.
  • A slick floor.
  • Music.
  • Paper and a pen to make score placards. Similarly, you can also make medals out of construction paper if you want to conduct a full ceremony at the end.
  • Optional: Hats, props, and accessories if you want to go full Johnny Weir with the outfits.

Why rent out the local ice skating rink for your party when you can turn the kitchen into one for free? Wax paper figure skating is a fun way for toddlers or kids too small to appreciate the ice to pretend skate, dance, and have a ton of laughs. Sheets of wax paper wrapped around each childs feet combined with a smooth slick floor will allow them to skate around for hours, although having each perform a full skating routine to music and then awarding the winners medals is a great way to take it up a notch.

Indoor Activity #: Ping

DIY Bluey themed party | Budget friendly kids birthday | Bluey party ideas *The Rashidies*

Prep Time:

  • Ping pong balls
  • Prizes. For the full carnival effect, roll with stuffed animals.

Anybody whos ever played beer pong knows the deal here , except in this county fair version of the game each cup is worth a certain point value. After labeling the inside of each cup with a random number from 1-5, set up 15 Solo cups on the floor in a 5-row pyramid . Put a piece of tape on the floor several feet away, behind which the shooter should stand, and have each kid throw five ping pong balls. Add up and record the total points for balls landing in the cups before moving on to the next child. After a set number of rounds, add up the total scores and declare a winner. Final thought: if you have the time, glue all the cups to a giant piece of cardboard before the party that way its ready to go and cups wont accidentally get knocked over.

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Pj Masks Birthday Party Theme

Pj Mask is a popular cartoon for little kids and is a favorite of many children. All the characters are superheroes so you can reuse all the great themes from the superhero party. If your child has a favorite character focus on their superpowers for games or use the general superhero ideas.

PJ Mask Birthday Party Ideas

The color theme should be Red, Blue, and Green based on the three main characters. Use this for balloons, table cloths, and goody bag colors. Once again you can add a mask to balloons as a fun decoration.

Craft Idea

Instead of purchasing masks made for PJ Masks, you could buy blank white masks and have the kids decorate them as an activity.

PJ Masks Game

Adjust the Cops and Robbers game from the Paw Patrol party to fit PJ Masks. The kids playing the cops can be Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko. While the robbers can be the shows villains Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja.

Nigh Ninja Obstacle Course

Have the kids be Night Ninja racing through an obstacle course you create in the yard.

Lola Cafe Kids Birthday Parties

517 Ellerslie Panmure Highway, Mount Wellington, AucklandLola is a light filled cafe that seats 100, with a special pink space designated for parties which is roomy enough to play games. Lola provides the venue, food and drinks for the kids and coffees for the parents. The food is made on site by Lolas famous baker and they can make the cake!

Lola does everything for your childs party, from setting up to cleaning up. Each child gets a house made marshmallow pop sealed in cellophone to take home too. All you need to do is walk in and enjoy! Call 09-218-5431 or to book.

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Kids Birthday Party Gift Ideas

Looking for that perfect gift for the little one on their special day? Having four kids means Ive had a LOT of experience in birthday gift giving as well as knowing what items my kids loved to receive too!

Ive put together several gift guides to help give gift ideas for that perfect birthday present at every age:

+ Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Ideas for Planning an Affordable Birthday Party for Your ...

Kids birthday parties are always a fun time, especially when your child requests a themed birthday party. Even if theyre too young to choose a theme, parents often have a great time choosing for them based on what their child shows an interest in. When it comes to kids birthday party ideas, the only limits are your or your childs imagination!

And planning your childs birthday party doesnt have to be stressful, either. There are so many amazing, easy, and fun DIY decor and party game ideas that you, your child, and their friends will enjoy.

So, to help you get started, Ive rounded up the best birthday party ideas for a kids birthday. And Ive also included birthday party themes that were a huge success for our own kids! Those will give you tons of ideas for themes and activities that weve already tested out for you to help make your childs special day extra special! ð

I love putting together birthday parties for my babies and love sharing all the details to help inspire others in their party planning too. Kids birthday parties dont have to be stressful. You can put as little or as much effort into planning the event as youd like, all that matters is that the birthday boy or birthday girl feel special on their day!

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