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Escape Room Kids Birthday Party

Escape Room Parties : A Trend

DIY Birthday Escape Room! (Best Birthday Party Games for Kids and Teens!)

More and more popular, the escape room or escape game is still a recent phenomenon. However, many people have already tried this new type of game. These adventure games are for many a very nice way to combine fun, reflection and action. Indeed, for a few years in France, this escape room fashion has become unavoidable. But then, what does an escape room game consist of, and why does this concept appeal so much?

Send Out Some Invitations

Once your escape room is in order and ready, you can start to invite the players. Remember that because your invitations are the first detail, you want them to jump out at anyone who receives one. When someone opens an invitation for this birthday party escape room, it should be irresistible to them. They should feel like they cannot miss your escape room already sensing the effort that has gone into it.

If you choose to create digital invitations, then you can send them out through social media. You may also opt for a post office, to give them an old-time feel. Either way, include all the information: where it is, when it is, and of course, what costumes everyone should be wearing.

Pull this off, and escape or not, your birthday party guests will never forget your birthday boys or birthday girls big day.

Dont Have The Time To Plan A Diy Escape Room Buy A Ready

While making your own DIY escape room is fun, it does require a lot of setup . There is a great solution if youre short on time, materials, or your own inspiration: purchase a ready-made boxed version! One that we love is Blimey Box . Not just for an escape room birthday party, these are educational games for busy-minded children any day of the year. Escape boredom and unlock learning Blimey Boxes are escape rooms in a box, with different themed bundles that include the tools you need plus 45 printable PDF games each! Super sleuths will enjoy math, reading, and logic puzzles that will keep them entertained for hours. With new activities readily available to print and build-upon completed challenges, the fun never ends. Blimey Box games encourage kids to: problem-solve, unlock learning, build confidence, escape boredom, and have fun learning!

How it works:

  • Choose your Game Kit Bundle.
  • Parents print a downloadable PDF, then set up the lockbox and game in 5 minutes .
  • Children solve math and reading puzzles, find secret codes, and unlock a surprise .
  • Each task builds on previous skills so your childs knowledge grows with each new game.

Learn more and shop Blimey Boxes here.

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Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room

Can you help Mr. Turkey escape from being eaten on Thanksgiving? Solve the puzzles and get the clues to help Mr. Turkey return to his farm safely in this free Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room. Ages: elementary school+

This escape room was created by my daughter. Please take a moment to leave her feedback and hit submit at the end. She loves hearing from people enjoying her project.

Visit the Thanksgiving virtual escape room.

Hide The Keys In Plain Sight

Kids Escape Room

Where you hide the keys will define the type of puzzle you create and the solution.

For instance, if you hide the key inside the closet, the solution must lead to the puzzle.

Since most DIY escape room games are hosted at home, the solutions include objects that are commonly found lying around the house.

For instance, vacuum cleaners, book cases, TV stands, fridges, fish tanks, window sills, flower vases, shoe racks, and fruit bowls are excellent props.

For birthday-specific escape games, try leaving hints around birthday banners, cupcakes, treats, pinatas, goodie bags, and other related items and decorations.

Disclaimer – Since the participants are young, make sure the hiding spots are easy to reach.

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Create Your Own Magic Wand

What would a magician be without his magic wand ? Its a must have and be sure, children will love this idea ! Theres nothing better than bringing a little touch of magic and fun to a birthday party.

You like to go for a walk or take your little ones for a walk in the park ?

Take the time to look for some wooden sticks, and then TA-DA ! The wands of the sorcerers apprentices are ready, all they have to do is pronounce the magic formula.

Little tip : add a touch of originality with a bit of paint on the sticks. Pssst, children will love the idea of a personalised stick !

How To Host A Diy Escape Room Birthday Party For Kids At Home

DIY escape room puzzles are fun. Try them yourself!

Escape rooms are the perfect venue for celebrating a birthday as they present unique challenges for the entire group.

You must work together as a team to solve the puzzles before time runs out.

But in an event like a pandemic when social distancing is the norm, DIY escape room games are the next best thing.

DIY escape room puzzles are the perfect blend of adventure and madness.

So, its hardly surprising that kids love them!

Weve compiled a list of exciting puzzles and a step-by-step guide to help you host an elaborate escape room birthday party for kids at home!

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Pick Out Your Theme And Then Create Your Riddles And Puzzles Accordingly

The first step is to decide what your escape room is going to be. During this step, you are devising some riddles and puzzles, keeping them in line with the theme that you have selected. Try to pick a theme that will speak to your birthday girl or birthday boy specifically. If you know that the escape room is for someone who loves dinosaurs, then build dinosaurs into the puzzles in some way. For someone who cant get enough scary movies, why not go for jump scares? Just dont make it so scary that people cant get through it without bursting into tears!

It will take you time to come up with puzzles. You want to put some thought into this, but dont beat yourself up over the minutiae. Let some riddles come to you, and if they sound good enough, save them. You could invest days and even weeks trying to match your riddles to your puzzles perfectly. Instead, focus your attention on interactivity and fun. Once you have found some ideas that are interesting, you can move on to the next step. The last thing you want to do, of course, is burn yourself out on the first step.

At this point, you should also decide how extensive your escape room is going to be. You are asking yourself how much time you want the escape room to take and how challenging it is going to be for the birthday party guests. You may decide, alternatively, that you are going to download a pre-made escape room kit, to save yourself time for the other steps. Whatever works for you, go with it.

An Example: How To Make An Escape Room For Kids

Time to Escape – Escape Room Birthday Parties for Kids!

Now that youve made a lock, keys, chosen the end goal and hid the keys, its time to creates puzzles and games that will lead the kids from puzzle to puzzle!

Weve created a step-by-step example to show you how to link puzzles together so your diy escape room will flow together smoothly. After the example, there will be a list of puzzles and games for you to choose from. This way youll be able to craft an escape room thats perfect for your house and kids!

For the first example, weve hidden the keys in three locations: a cupcake, the freezer, and a piñata. Our goal is to lead the kids from one of these locations to the next. This example will show you one configuration of puzzles that would work!

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Come Up With Some Fun Ideas For Snacks And Party Foods

It may seem a little less obvious, but there are foods that match your theme. Say that your escape room is scary: you can add a spider somewhere on the birthday cake or invite your guests to fish some eyeballs out of a bowl.

The cups, the plates, and anything else you use to serve should match the theme. This may seem like a minor detail, but if you pay attention to minor details like this one, it is going to pay off, by keeping your birthday party guests immersed in the experience of your escape room.

Sandwiches, cupcakes, and cookies are all easy to customize, if you speak with your caterer or your baker. When you add custom snacks and party foods to your escape room, the guests will pick up on it, even if it doesnt stand out to them quite as much as the rest of your escape room. That is a paradox of great details: they work best when they feel invisible to us. That is, we see them, even if we are not making any comments about them.

Children Kids And Teens Escape Room

Looking for an escape room for Children, Kids or Teens as well as for birthday parties and special celebrations, then we have the answer for you.. innovative, exciting and creative way for your Children, Kids and Teens to have fun together in an escape room. Whether its for a birthday party, special celebration or just a group get together, then try our child friendly escape rooms for something totally different.

What is an Escape Room for Children, Kids and Teens

Real-life room escape games are a type of game where everyone is together in a room and they have to work together to find clues or objects to solve a series of puzzles and escape the room within a 60 minute time frame. Prison Break and Bunker are great rooms for a younger audience. When we have a booking for Children, Kids or Teens we add extra hints and clues, suitable for their age, to the puzzles in the rooms. Additionally, each room has a dedicated Game Master who is watching and listening to what is happening. We encourage the children to explore, work out the clues and work together as a team to crack the mission but the Games Master can give multiple hints as and when required to make sure the game keeps progressing.

Each of our rooms can take from 2 to 6 people however because we have 2 identical prisons you can also book Prison Break Head to Head and we can have 12 people all competing to see who can escape first.

Birthdays or Celebrations


Age Suggestions

Party Invites


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Games: Create Your Own Escape Room

Lock Paper Scissors takes you through a well thought-out tutorial on how to create your own DIY escape room, right in your own home. It takes you through the steps of coming up with the story, how to add puzzles, and how to create the game using common household items. There are plenty of examples provided.

There’s also a lot of escape room kits for purchase here, which are printable files that have printable puzzle sheets, instruction guides, invitations, and posters. They can even be customized so you can make changes for your group.

Birthday Party At Escape The Room

Birthday Party Escape Room for Kids

Your birthday is coming up, and you might be wondering what to do for one of the most important occasions of the year. Of course, there are house parties, restaurants, and bars, but if you want a really exciting experience where every single one of your guests, including yourself, is guaranteed to have fun, Escape The Room is the perfect birthday choice!

Birthday parties at Escape The Room are more of an experience than anything else. When you choose your date and are ready to book a room, a fun addition is to dress a birthday group in a theme. Your friends and family can choose anything from pirate themes to flappers, its truly up to you!

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Escape Room Birthday Party

Make The Space Look Fun And Realistic By Adding Decorations

Whatever your theme is, that is going to determine the decorations that you use for your escape room. Think back to the dinosaur example: in that escape room, you would include all sorts of dinosaurs toys, perhaps a replica dinosaur egg or a replica dinosaur claw. A futuristic escape room, on the other hand, would look better if you included a plasma globe and some laboratory equipment.

This is your escape room, and you get to decorate it. You get to decide what will look best and what will bring out the mood in the room. Lighting is pivotal: add some ambient lights, like a candle or a covered lamp, to make the escape room a little more unsettling. For something otherworldly, you can get colored lightbulbs or filters for your lamps.

Music will make a difference as well. Put on something slow if your escape room is more mysterious, or put on something fast if your escape room is more thrilling. The theme, as always, will tell you everything that you need to know about these decisions.

As a side note, and in preparation for the next step, make sure that you leave some space in your escape room for snacks, cake, and drinks.

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Book An Escape Room Birthday Party

Looking for a fun party idea that will get everyones minds working? Why not try an escape room birthday party? Clue Chase is the perfect place to host the party for that Doctor Who, Rick and Morty or science fiction fan in your life. With eight unique and exciting rooms to choose from and staff that is experienced at running child friendly escape rooms, Clue Chase is sure to be a fun and involving activity for your party day! Book your escape room birthday party now!

Escape Kit: The Perfect Escape Room For A Birthday Party

DIY Escape Room Party at Home

Are you looking for an original idea to make your children or teenagers happy on their birthday? We have what you need. Invite all your family and friends to do an Escape Room at home!

Do your children like challenges, puzzles, group games and imaginary worlds? Do you like DIY, things well done at home?

Escape Kit is made for you.

With Escape Kit, we have created the first Escape Room to be played at home, for children and teenagers. These Escape Rooms are a cross between a treasure hunt and a murder party. Adults love it too!

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Escape Game Pizza Ice Cream & Mocktail Only 23 Per Person

Recommended for children aged 11 and above, you and your team of little escapers will journey deep into the chambers of our escape rooms to solve the mysteries. With an hour on the clock, let them discover their inner explorer and make the most of their fun-filled adventure.

Luckily, you wont have to continue your adventure travelling from place to place across the city. With an on-site bar & kitchen in our Sheffield venue, as well as a lobby area packed with entertainment, most families end up staying for hours of fun all under one roof. Play Mario Kart 64 with Mario and his friends, or flick between over 200 games on our multiplayer arcade machines. All of that, along with plenty of card games and a huge selection of classic tabletop games, means you wont be short of choice for the entire day.

Exclusive to Sheffield, you can also get delicious handmade pizzas to bring back to the table. With soft-drinks and drinks for grown-ups always on offer, you can ensure everyone is fuelled up and ready to go before the trip home.

Diy Escape Room Kids Birthday Party


We always make a big deal out of our kids birthday parties, but this year we were challenged to make birthdays just as special without a big party . For Graysons 11th birthday in December, we decided to set up a fun day of interactive activities with a DIY escape room at home! I am thrilled to say that this escape room birthday party was a huge success! Even without a big party with lots of friends and gifts, Grayson said that it was his best birthday ever! As a lot of plotting and planning went into coming up with escape room games for home and other escape room birthday party ideas, we decided to share all our tips and the entire plan with you to make it a little easier if youre wanting to plan an escape room kids birthday party. Im sharing a supply list, some pre-planning notes, and several escape room puzzle ideas geared for kids. If youre looking for escape room birthday party ideas, save and print this post, as it has everything you need for the most memorable birthday, whether its an intimate day with immediate family or a bigger spy-themed birthday party.

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