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Unique 70th Birthday Gifts For Mom

Chocolate Variety Pack Sampler No Added Sugar

Amazing 70th Birthday Gift Ideas (According to Boomer Women)

Who does not love chocolates? Well almost everyone does! What about those elderly women who are not encouraged to eat sweet stuff but simply crave chocolates? Then you must give her this chocolate variety pack sampler that have no added sugar!

So, what to buy seniors for Christmas? Your lovely ladies can have these chocolates without any worries about their health.

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Personalized Unique 70th Birthday Gift

Size: 8″ x 10″
Subject :1 Person

Painted for Katlyn

Painted for Lindsay

“This year, my brother, sister, and I wanted to do something special for my dad`s 60th birthday. He loves havin…”

Painted for

“This year, my brother, sister, and I wanted to do something special for my dad`s 60th birthday. He loves having pictures of us around his office but we thought making one of those pictures come to life would be an awesome surprise for him. We all were so excited for the painting to arrive and loved seeing his face when he saw the portrait! One of the best gifts we have ever given him.”

Painted for

Painted for Jackie

“This year, my brother, sister, and I wanted to do something special for my dad`s 60th birthday. He loves havin…”

Painted for

“This year, my brother, sister, and I wanted to do something special for my dad`s 60th birthday. He loves having pictures of us around his office but we thought making one of those pictures come to life would be an awesome surprise for him. We all were so excited for the painting to arrive and loved seeing his face when he saw the portrait! One of the best gifts we have ever given him.”

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Asian Lacquer Jewelry Box

Who the gift is for: Lady who wants to keep their precious jewelry in an elegant place.

Why we love this gift: If youre looking for beautiful, unique keepsake gifts, consider this Mother of Pearl Asian Drawer Box as her 70th birthday gift.

The harmony between the mother of pearl design and the Korean mulberry paper makes it one of the great gift ideas to celebrate her big day.

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Custom Engraving Medical Alert Bracelet

My Identity Doctor, Amazon

Who the gift is for: Elderly woman who needs a beautiful medical alert tag.

Why we love this gift: Medical emergencies can occur at any moment and in any location. This medical ID bracelet is uniquely engraved with all of the important medical and contact information, allowing first responders to take prompt action with care.

This beautiful bracelet with crucial medical information goes a long way toward expressing your love and concern for her at a reasonable price.

Luxurious Vanilla Spa Gift Basket

70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Every woman deserves a pampering session once a while, especially in the comfort of their home. Moreover, when women become old, they have less chance to do things that theyve always loved to do especially if they have mobility issue.

This is your chance to delight her with some luxury gifts for her. Giving this luxurious vanilla spa gift basket is a very nice gesture towards elderly woman as she can now pamper herself at home easily.

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Top 35 Creative 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom

This is another feature, reaching which the results of the years lived are summed up and an opportunity to get together as a friendly family. A mothers gift for 70 years should symbolize the family hearth, express love, delight, and surprise. This article will touch upon different options for presentations that will surely delight the birthday girl.

Womens 70th Birthday T

There are any number of womens 70th birthday T-shirts out there, but this one drips sass and positive attitude, reading Dont Be Jealous Because I Look This Good At 70.

Its something your glamorous mom can wear with pride, and help her to feel really good about how she looks in her old age. A great gift.

The best thing about this kind of gift is that it can be a quirky, humerus, and fun idea, and can also be personalized if you were to buy through a print on demand company.

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Top 10 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom

If youre not sure what to get your mom for her 70th birthday, youre in luck. Here are ten great ideas for your moms big day:

This set is perfect for your moms big birthday. It comes with a floral bouquet full of multi-colored chrysanthemums and sunflowers, and a box of fresh strawberries and pineapple slices covered in cake batter-flavored white chocolate and sprinkles.

Cost: $97.99

An assortment of pretzels, graham crackers, and sandwich cookies dipped in rich, decadent semisweet chocolate. Theyre topped off with strawberries and pineapple slices covered in cake batter-flavored white chocolate and sprinkles.

Cost: $45.99

This necklace comes with rings engraved with the names of all of moms children or grandchildren. It comes in your choice of metal, including sterling silver, 18-karat gold plating, 18-karat rose gold plating, or 18-karat gold vermeil.

Cost: $109.95

This basket includes everything shell need for an at-home spa day. It comes packed with a full-size soap bar, clay mask, shower steamer, body oil, bath bomb, lip balm, face towel, scented candle, and white loofah.

Cost: $64.00

Avid gardeners love to collect packets of seeds, but keeping them well organized can be tough. This 15-inch carryall will hold several planting tools, plus it has separated seed slots that hold as many as 80 seed packets.

Cost: $105.50

Cost: $68.25

Cost: $95.00

Cost: $50.00

Cost: $60.00

Cost: $70.00

Happy 70th Birthday Themed Bed Flannel Fleece Plush Blankets


InnoBeta, Amazon

Who the gift is for: For the woman who likes to curl up on the couch and watch a movie or just take a nap.

Why we love this gift: Celebrate her birthday with some super cute and warm gifts for an old woman who has everything in this comfy and warm bed flannel fleece plush blanket. It is designed with a very attractive heart pattern and the words Happy 70th Birthday in it. This is an ideal gift that she can cherish for many years to come and of course a nice addition to her bedroom and use as a bedspread.

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Metal Family Tree Picture

If any of your family members are soon going to celebrate his/her 70th birthday, then giving this metal tree is the best option ever. You can attach your family pictures from childhood to this age to let him remind you about all the happy moments that you have spent together. At this age, the most important thing that a man needs is a family, and a thing full of beautiful old memories is a blessing.

Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom

But this does not mean that such Creative 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom should certainly hint at old age. At the age of 70, the birthday girl does not cease to be a woman she still needs high-quality care products, cosmetics, beautiful clothes. For example, in honor of such an anniversary, mom can be given:

A decorative fountain is a great choice for a mom. Older adults like to relax in silence. The gentle murmur of water relieves stress and fatigue, soothes.

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  • Elegant Surgical Grade Steel Medical Alert Id Bracelet

    70th Birthday YouAreBeautifulBox. 70th Birthday Gift. Mom

    It is normal to feel concerned for your elderly loved one, especially if they suffer from a certain medical condition. You want to ensure that they receive the necessary care in case of any emergency.

    The best way to do so is to inform medical personnel of their condition through a medical ID bracelet. A thoughtful present for 70 year old woman, this one has been designed to be noticeable yet stylish to work like any other jewelry item.

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    Custom House Portrait Painting

    Whether theyve lived in the same house all their life, just bought their dream retirement home, or have a precious photograph of their childhood dwelling, this custom house portrait painting is literally the gift that keeps on giving:

    Every time they walk by the wall where its hung, theyll be reminded of all the sweet memories of home.

    Maybe shes always wanted to learn photography . Perhaps hes always wanted to get into aquaponics or homebrewing.

    Well, help them out with the perfect 70th birthday gift! Udemy is an amazing online learning center, with thousands of easy online courses for anything anyone might ever want to learn.

    Go here, find a course theyll love, then hit the gift this course button and youre done.

    Personalized The Day You Were Born Canvas

    Im sure Mom is interested in finding out what life was like when she was born and this personalized canvas provides loads of fun facts and information for her!

    The festive chronicle features her name and birthdate at the top.

    Its full of all the headline news from the day she was born, including the top movies and sports results.

    It also features a fun cost-of-living comparison between today and 70 years ago.

    If youre looking for a last-minute gift, this can ship in just 2 days Mom will never know you procrastinated!

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    Th Birthday Gift Customized Apron

    If she loves cooking more than anything else, a customized apron would add to the delight on her face. She would appreciate the apron and cherish it for years. Every time she is in the kitchen cooking something delicious for you, the apron would remind her of you.

    It could be one of the most excellent personalized birthday gift for her. The customized apron shows a message saying that it is made in 1947 with all original parts.

    The apron comes along with matching pot mitt and pot holder. Along with a quirky message, the apron is a handy gift for a 70-year-old woman who is eternally fond of cooking.

    Personalized Family Recipe Board

    Mom’s 70th Birthday Wishes

    Who the gift is for: Elderly woman who has everythingincluding a love of cooking.

    Why we love this gift: A 70-year-old woman is sure to appreciate a personalized gift that celebrates her passion for cooking. The beautifully crafted Recipe Board is perfect because it can be personalized with her favorite recipes and cooking tips. Shell love the rustic look and feel of the wood, and it can be displayed in her kitchen as a unique decor!

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    Personalized Music Box With Choice Of Box Design And Tunes

    This personalized music box is an excellent creative 70th birthday gift ideas for mom and other ladies so that they can listen to certain nostalgic songs that they have always loved.

    Furthermore, you can engrave anything meaningful on the box, making it more personalized and sentimental. Right from the design to music selection, there are many customizations allowed. If any woman you love is turning 70, then you must give her this special and unique music box and is definitely an excellent new grandma gift too.

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    Automatic Sensor Trash Can

    Who the gift is for: Elderly woman who wants to keep her hand clean

    Why we love this gift: This automatic motion sensor trash can is a practical gift for an elderly woman because she can use it without getting her hands dirty.

    With its premium stainless steel material and advanced sensing technology, it can ensure the touchless, fastest, and hassle-free operation to make trash-throwing efficient and easy.

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    Happy 70th Birthday Angel Figurine

    Pavilion Gift Company, Amazon

    Who the gift is for: Woman who wants nothing but something sentimental.

    Why we love this gift: If youre looking for gift ideas for 70-year-old women who have everything, search no more.

    This gorgeous and unique Happy 70th Birthday Elements Angel will make her smile. Also, it will bring beauty to her home.

    Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser And Essential Oil Set

    Personalized 70th Birthday Gift for Mom Love Knot Necklace

    With 7 decades years of life, she deserves some personal time to just relax. What better way to achieve this than with an aromatherapy set?

    Great as Christmas gift for a 70 year old woman, this comes with a diffuser and different essential oils, each of which provides unique benefits. For instance, we have tee tree oil which boosts immunity, and lavender which is good for relaxation.

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    Gifts For Book Lovers

    A perfect gift for book lovers, these paper flower bouquets made from the pages of classic books are fully customizable so you can send the birthday boy or girl a bouquet from their favorite book or sheet music. Much more personal than traditional flower bouquets. Check them out here.

    These beautiful and incredibly unique works of art will make you look at books in an entirely new light and would make really special 70th birthday gift for a book lover. There are two differentartists that create these, check out the first one here and the second one here.

    This folded book artâwhich is fully customizableâis another great way to give a unique gift to book lovers. Check them out here.

    These candles, inspired by classic works of literature are just so clever! My favorite is the Green Light candle, inspired by The Great Gatsby, with it’s smell of ocean air, musk, and earthy vanillaâyou can just imagine standing at the harbor’s edge staring longingly over the bay at the green light blinking on and off, day and night.

    There’s also the Moonlit Moors, inspired by Wuthering Heights, Wild Huckleberries & Sage, inspired by The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Pemberley, inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. Check out all the options here.

    Whether they love Shakespeare, Jane Austen, F.Scott Fitzgerald, or Edgar Allan Poe, there are lots of chic literary scarves to choose from that will allow them to get wrapped up in a classic storyâliterally. Check them out here.


    Miniature House Building Model Kit

    Retired and finally able to take up hobbies again, these miniature house building model kits are perfect for a handy 70 year old.

    With sturdy, well-built pieces and themes for every imaginable type of room, this creative gift for septuagenarians will provide hours of concentration and yet relaxation all at once.

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    Vintage Style Record Player

    Whats better than a vintage record player while choosing between plenty of 70th birthday gifts for my sister? This record player has a traditional style and wooden structure. It will remind her about her old days that both of you have spent together. It has built-in speakers and Bluetooth. Therefore, you can simply plug in the recorder and play the music of your choice along with a book or a coffee to enjoy your 70s.

    Personalized Glass Picture Frame With Poem

    6 Brothers 70th Birthday Surprise Mom

    This personalized frame with poem combines two gifts into one a poem that describes what Mom means to you and a favorite photo.

    Choose from 6 pre-written poems (or write your own to create a sentimental keepsake that any mother would treasure.

    Add your own greeting or title to the top, and end with your own loving sentiment the perfect place to add Happy 75th Birthday!

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    Wireless Item Locator Wide Range

    This amazing tracker can help her track just about anything from keys, bags, wallet, watch and more! It is pretty easy to use the main thing she will have to do is to attach the tracker tags to her regularly needed items.

    One of the top gifts for women over 70, with this bundle, she can quickly find her things via loud sound or LED light. Ideal for the elderly, your loved ones will now no longer have to worry about misplaced items again!

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    Th Birthday Gift For Mom

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