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Stop And Shop Birthday Cake Order

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Custom Cakes- Life’s Moments


Stop & Shop At 385 Route 25A Miller Place, NY | Grocery …

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Order Cakes Online And Pick-up From Stop & Shop | 1385 …

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Cakes & Cake Prices 2022 | All Cake Prices

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Stop & Shop – Custom Cakes – Facebook Watch

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Stop And Shop Bakery Review: Prices, Quality, Timing And More

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Cookies & Cakes At Stop & Shop – Instacart

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Stop And Shop Bakery Cookies Muffins And Brownies

Anyone who needs a handheld dessert for their next gathering other than Stop and Shop bakery cupcakes should consider purchasing cookies or brownies from the bakery department. Available in all of your favorite flavors you can easily create a party platter that combines your favorite types of cookies and/or brownies. For morning meetings shake things up by offering freshly baked muffins along with coffee to give your coworkers or employees a reason to look forward to office gatherings.

Stop And Shop Bakery Cakes

Stop and Shop bakery cakes are affordable and delicious. Available in several different flavors including chocolate, vanilla, and marble each bakery locations has cakes that are ready to be purchased immediately and cakes that can be customized for special occasions. Stop and Shop cakes must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance if customization is required, and many locations also offer pull apart cakes that are made using Stop and Shop cupcakes.

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Our Pick: Duff Goldman

Claim To Fame: Jaw-dropping cakes by celebrity and fun-loving baker Duff Goldman from the hit show Ace of Cakes. His playful personality definitely shines through in his cake designs.

Image: Duff Goldman Cakes

About Duff Goldman Cakes:You wont be able to order Duffs dazzling custom cakes online

But you can still get a taste of his delicious creations with a selection of fun cakes available on Goldbelly.

Take a look at the classic birthday cake as well as the red and blue velvet cakes.

If youre feeling creative, you may also want to check out the DIY cake kits which would be super fun for kids birthdays or other special occasions.

You can order cakes by mail for nationwide shipping with Goldbelly.

Home of the legendary PieCaken: a delicious pie and cake mashup

Image: PieCaken

About PieCaken Cakes:The PieCaken is a sight to behold. It is a crazy 4-in-1 layer dessert that you can order on Goldbelly. Can you imagine getting this in the mail?!

It includes Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Spice Cake, and Apple Pie all layered together with cinnamon buttercream. This is the perfect birthday cake for the dessert lover in your life.

Besides the original PieCaken mentioned above, there are also seasonal, limited-edition desserts.

For example, in December the Christmas PieCaken is offered. This 6-pound show-stopper layer dessert includes pecan pie, eggnog cheesecake, red velvet cake and cherry pie.

The Timing At Stop And Shop


Overall, we have ranked the Stop and Shop a four on timing.

Of course, if you are ordering custom-made cakes, its best to know the amount of time for the turnaround thats required. Particularly if theres some cake-related emergency afoot, you want to make sure that you can get what you need when you need it.

Generally speaking, its best practice to put in your orders at least a week in advance at Stop and Shop bakery. While this is a lot less time than many higher-end bakeries require, it does require a little bit of forethought.

If this is too much for you, there are still options if total customization is no longer possible. If you pick out a ready-made option, buy it, and then pay for customization on the already-made cake. You may be able to get something turned around same-day, but this does depend on how busy is the bakery.

Again, one-week notice is best. If you can give them an entire week, there are rarely problems with timing and turnaround.

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Our Pick: Baked In Color

Claim To Fame:The original rainbow chocolate chip cookie and the Happiest Cookies on Earth

About Baked In Color Cookie Cakes:As their name suggests, COLOR is the name of the game at this fun bakery.

Made with super colorful dough, these huge rainbow cookie cakes are rolled and twisted to create a unique sweet treat. No two cookie cakes are the same!

In addition to the classic Rainbow Chocolate Chip, other flavors include Brownie Oreo, Funfetti Cookie and Cookies N Cream. There is even an option to choose your own colors.

Also Available from Baked In Color:Choose Your Own Color Cookie Gift Tins, College Colors Cookie Gifts, Giant Rainbow Oreo Brownies and Seasonal Treats

Claim To Fame:Cakes so good that they got a deal on Shark Tank!

The company is based in South Caroline. Their hand-crafted cakes are rich with southern family tradition and use recipes handed down through the generations.

About Daisy CakesHeads up to the chocolate lovers! Daisys classic chocolate cake has four layers of rich chocolate cake. Each layer has a semi-sweet chocolate ganache that is delicately spread by hand. The entire cake is finished with a thick coating of fudge icing.

Also AvailableA wide array of classic cake flavors plus minikins which are cakes in a jar. Birthday cake delivery is offered via Goldbelly.

Custom Cakes For Special Occasions

Special days call for a special cake! Our talented decorators take the time and care with each and every customer to design a decorated cake that will make any special day an extra special one. We use only the freshest quality ingredients and offer several sizes and flavors.

Cant decide what you want, or would like to ask a question about your custom design? Please inquire at the Bakery counter! We will be happy to assist you.

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Celebrate The Magic Of The New Year



The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers has been recognized as a 2021 Travelers’ Choice award winner. This achievement celebrates consistent delivery of fantastic experiences to diners from around the globe. This award is based on a full year of reviews and ratings from the people who matter the most, their guests. This award speaks to the great service and experience provided to their guests. This ranks The Cake Bake Shop among the top 10% of restaurants listed on Tripadvisor. That is something to be very proud of!

Experience The Magic Of Gwendolyn’s Shops


Gwendolyn’s Cake Bake Shop Tiaras Have Arrived

Featuring an intricate rhinestone design that forms two beautiful swans that adorn the top of each crown. The Cake Bake Shop logo is in the center with pink stones. Your King, Queen, little Prince or Princess will love and cherish this Cake Bake Shop keepsake. Perfect for celebrating birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, weddings and bachelorette parties.

Available in child and adult sizes.

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Our Overall Verdict On The Stop And Shop Bakery

Overall, we find the Stop and Shop bakery a very well-run and budget-minded bakery for every day or semi-special occasions. Again, for a wedding, wed go somewhere more high-end for our wedding cake. For a basic childs birthday cake, the Stop and Shop bakery can produce, get it personalized on a budget. For most occasions, this is more than enough.

Additionally, we find their fresh-baked bread to be good for the price, and the fresh baguettes are a steal. We like how they have a large selection of bread rolls that can be a substitute for traditional hamburger buns.

The Stop and Shop bakery gains a solid overall 4.5 from us.


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Custom Sheet Cake 1 Layer Sheet

These cakes serve 20-24 people. You can put any sort of personalized message on the cake that is less than 10 words.

You get to choose what kind of cake you want, the icing type and the color of the decorations/lettering color.

You will also need to allow 2 days notice for this item. It will cost you roughly 35 dollars depending on what filling and icing you use.

This is an item you can order online.

Top Results For Cake Stop And Shop

Graduation Cakes


Search PhotoCake Bakery Locations Near You | PhotoCake®

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All Stop & Shop Locations | Grocery, Pharmacy, Gas Station

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Cake Shop Near Me | Cake Store Near Me: Carvel Ice Cream Cakes

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Stop And Shop Bakery Review: Prices, Quality, Timing And More

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What Types Of Birthday Cakes Does Stop & Shop Offer?

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Stop & Shop – Custom Cakes – Facebook Watch

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Cupcakes Are Available As Well

If youre not much into pies, and cakes are too big for your liking, what about cupcakes? Cupcakes can be available ready-made or made-to-order from the Stop and Shop bakery. If you want super-small cupcakes, the Stop and Shop bakery offers two-bite cupcakes, which are perfect for little sweetness. Two-bite cupcakes tend to be around $4 for 12 of them, though they can be more expensive if the cupcakes are filled as opposed to topped with icing.

Bigger cupcakes tend to run about $5 for 4 of them, though it does depend on the kind of cupcakes youre purchasing. Specialty cupcakes can run as much for $10 for 4, though these tend to be very fancy cupcakes.

Cookies are also a delicious Stop and Shop specialty that can function well as treats for good pint-sized co-shoppers, or for Mom and Dad themselves. Not only can you buy individual cookies from most Stop and Shops, but you can also purchase party trays of them. The famous soft sugar cookies with bright, festive icing on them are also available here, and many times in seasonally-appropriate colors. So if its summer, look for patriotic-frosted cookies, and if its Halloween, look for the spooky orange and black. A box of the frosted sugar cookies generally runs about $5 for a dozen. The individual cookies are usually about $1 each , though some can be cheaper or more expensive depending on ingredients.

Stop And Shop Bakery Breads

Treating your family to fresh and delicious bread has never been easier or more affordable thanks to Stop and Shop. Each Stop and Shop bakery offers a wide variety of different bread items from every day buns and rolls to full loaves. Enjoy an affordably priced French bread loaf or spice up your morning with a slice of freshly toasted fruit studded bread that is flavored with your favorite spices.

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Brand New & Limited Edition

We’re always ahead of the crowd when it comes to the new trends or limited items, so if there’s something brand new, you’ll find it here! Choose a design, add a name, photo and personal message to make the perfect birthday cake! Ordering a cake online couldnt be easier and, we’ll even make sure your birthday cake’s delivered right to your door. Some cakes will even have cake toppers to make them into amazing centrepieces!

Whats more, with our cakes next day service and custom made cakes, order before 2pm on a weekday and we can deliver your children’s birthday cakes UK wide direct to your door the very next day*. Weekend and worldwide delivery options are also available meaning you can post a customised birthday cake personalised to almost anyone, anywhere, anytime… cakes by post its the future!

for a magical birthday

Custom Sheet Cakes With Filling


These are just generic sheet cakes that you can have completely customized to your specifications.

For the filling, you can choose between fruit, puddings, whipped white or chocolate frosting, real whipped cream, or traditional white or chocolate frosting.

You cant order this cake online as it so strongly depends on what it is you want as the customer.

Prices are not listed on the website. It is suggested you call your local store and allow two days before picking up this item.

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Find Great Deals From Special Stickers

Manager Special stickers can also help you get great deals on cookies and the like, particularly if youre snagging seasonally-themed items at the end of the season. So if you want wonderfully priced cookies, head in on the 15th of February and pick up all of the pink and red heart cookies.

Overall, Stop and Shop bakery is a reasonably, competitively-priced bakery. Its largely on par with Kroger, Meijer, Fred Meyer, and other big-box stores. It will be able to produce some different cakes for special occasions, though you may want to head to a more high-end bakery for your wedding.

But regarding just getting cookies for a treat or fresh bread for dinner, the Stop and Shop bakery will have an affordable plethora of items to choose from.

This Is A More Traditional Birthday Cake Depending On How You Customize It

It is round, and you have the choice between yellow cake, chocolate, or marble. You can get traditional ice cream, or you can also get whipped cream for a lighter option.

You can also choose the filling you want to be in between the two layers.

If you are ordering you need at least 2 days notice for the item to be baked and customized.

This is something you can order online. The cake costs roughly 17 dollars.

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Pricing At Stop And Shop

Generally speaking, the prices at Stop and Shop are comparable to other grocery stores in its price range. Its not as expensive as a Whole Foods or New Seasons, or independent bakery will be, but its also not quite as inexpensive as an Aldis. We have ranked it a 5 out of 5 on its fair pricing.

Looking for something a little more traditional, a generic Special Occasion Cake ? Its fairly affordable but not including customization and dependent on size.

A sheet cake with licensed characters would cost around the same and include choices like Thomas the Tank Engine, Trolls, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Batman and more.

Order Cake Online For Delivery

Top 20 Stop and Shop Birthday Cakes

Once you place your order, our expert bakers get to work to bake and decorate your cake, and our team of PAUL drivers will bring your order direct to your door. Our London cake delivery service covers most London postcodes. All you need to do is make sure you place your order by noon on the day before you want your delivery to arrive. Then just leave the hard work to us.

You can also request Click and Collect, to pick up your cake from your nearest PAUL bakery.

Whether youre celebrating a special occasion, sending a delicious surprise to someone you love, or you see cake as one of lifes little necessary, regular indulgences , we wish you a bon appétit.

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Can You Use Ebt For Stop And Shop Pickup

You can use EBT for Stop and Shop pickup. When you shop online, you will see labels on each item eligible for SNAP benefits. Then, you will add your SNAP EBT card as a payment method when checking out. You will need a secondary payment method for extra fees. Stop and Shop does not accept WIC benefits for pickup orders.

It is easy to add your EBT card as a payment method for your pickup order. To do this, go to the Payment Information section of your app or website when signed into your account.

Here, you will see an option to add the card information. When you go to Checkout, make sure to select Apply SNAP benefits and enter the amount of funds you want to be applied to your order. Any funds that are not used will be returned to the EBT card.

One benefit of using your EBT card is that you are not required to meet the order minimum for pickup. So as long as you have SNAP-eligible items in your cart, you will be able to use Stop and Shop Pickup no matter your order total.

However, if you want free pickup with the GO Pass, you will need to meet the order minimum. Otherwise, you will still be charged the standard $2.95 pickup fee.

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