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Ice Cream Birthday Cake Ideas

A Few Key Ingredients

Birthday Cake Ideas: How to make cupcakes in ice cream cones

Melted Butter & Vegetable Oil- This cake used a combination of both for flavor and texture.

Sour Cream This keeps the cake moist and fluffy. A good substitute would be plain or Greek yogurt.

Buttermilk- The tanginess of the buttermilk give the Funfetti cake the best texture. If you dont have any on hand, you can use this easy substitute.

Sprinkles I recommend using jimmies instead of nonpareils. The colors tend not to run, whereas nonpareils bleed pretty quickly after coming into contact with the liquid batter.

Heavy Cream This recipe calls for a homemade whipped cream topping. If youd prefer, you can use Cool Whip.

Ice Cream Pick your favorite flavor! This is where you can get creative. I made this using Tillamook Birthday Cake ice cream. I used 3 cups for this cake, which is almost a full container, about 1.5quarts . You could go ahead and use the whole container.

Funfetti Ice Cream Cake

Image: Cupcakes and Kale Chips

Show me a kid who doesnt love a funfetti cake! And this ice cream version from Cupcakes and Kale Chips takes the love even further.

Create your own funfetti rainbow with this no-churn ice cream recipe, which is then covered in chocolate frosting its cake as youve never had it before!

Image: Fearless Homemaker

Watermelon just screams summer, so this dessert from Fearless Homemaker is a must!

Youll need three different types of ice cream/sorbet and chocolate chips, all arranged to look like watermelon. Check out the step-by-step photos to see how to create the layers while this one is very easy, it take some refreezing time between stages.

How To Cut An Ice Cream Cake

Once youve built a gorgeous ice cream cake, learn how to slice it into beautifully, crisp pieces. Heres a biggie tip: if youre serving your cake to guests, slice the cake ahead of time, leave it on the plate, and put it back into the freezer.

  • Remove it from the freezer 10 minutes before serving. You want the ice cream cake to soften every so slightly to make your job easier but not melt!

  • Dip the blade of a large metal chefs knife in a tall glass of warm water. You know how people dip ice cream scoops in warm water to help them glide through a pint of ice cream? Dipping a chefs knife will help it slice through your layer cake neatly. Just make sure to dry off the blade completely with paper towels.

  • Place the tip of the knife into the center of the cake first. Then press the back of the blade downwards to make an even slice.

  • Dip the blade in water and dry it. After every cut youll want to re-dip the blade in water and dry it off. Otherwise, you risk messy results.

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    How To Assemble An Ice Cream Cake

    If you have a springform pan that is the same size as your baking pan, thats my preferred method. However, you can absolutely do this without a springform pan.

    Step 1: Prepare the cake as instructed and cool completely and level it so the top is flat.

    Step 2: Remove the ice from the freezer and allow it to soften. Line the bottom and sides of the pan with plastic wrap, hanging out over the edges. Place a cake board in the bottom of the pan that is the same size as the pan itself.

    Step 3: Place the bottom layer of leveled cake in the pan.

    Step 4: Spread the ice cream over the layer of cake.

    Step 5: Place the next cake layer over the ice cream, inverted, so the top of the cake is nice and flat.

    Step 6: Wrap the entire pan in plastic wrap. Its helpful to place a piece of parchment paper or another cake board over top of the cake to help tightly wrap it without the cake sticking to the plastic.

    Step 7: Prepare the whipped cream frosting and decorate. Then refreeze before serving.

    Homemade Funfetti Ice Cream Cake

    Ice Cream Birthday Cake Recipe

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    Try this easy Homemade Ice Cream Cake with layers of fluffy Funfetti Cake, baked from scratch, cake batter ice cream and a whipped cream frosting. Its the perfect birthday cake!

    This post is sponsored by ADA MidEast. All opinions are my own.

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    What Kind Of Cake Should I Use

    There are two ways you can add vanilla cake with frosting to your ice cream

    You can actually bake a simple vanilla cake and frost it with a yummy buttercream or store bought frosting.

    The best and fastest way to do this is use a box mix, make it according to directions and pour it into a large baking sheet with sides. Make sure to grease it well with cooking spray. Bake it at 350 for about 10-12 minutes. Let it cool completely before frosting it.

    You wont need the entire cake for this ice cream recipe. Just about 2 cups worth of crumbled up goodness.

    The second way is buy two vanilla cupcakes from your local bakery or grocery store and crumble them up. They both work out really well.

    Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipes

    Sometimes you feel like trying, sometimes you dont. This collection of easy ice cream cake recipes is for those days when you want to be rewarded with the maximum amount of joy for doing the least amount of work.

    Ice cream cakes can be complicated, with homemade ice cream and scratch-made cake, but were not here for that today. Were here to toss a few pints of ice cream into our grocery carts, slap em into a pan with a few other ingredients and get on our merry way.

    A perfect example of an inventive cheat is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Slice Cake from food blogger Lovely Little Kitchen. Store-bought ice cream sandwiches are layered with a chocolate peanut butter ganache and chocolate ice cream, then coated in whipped cream and frozen in a loaf pan. Its easy but deceptively impressive-looking once its sliced up.

    Or check out this Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake from Brown Eyed Baker . Its also made with ice cream sandwiches and just five other ingredients caramel sauce, hot fudge, whipped topping, peanuts and maraschino cherries. Slap it together, freeze it and youre ready to party.

    Want a more traditional ice cream cake? Or something entirely different? Maybe you want an ice cream cake that resembles the legendary strawberry shortcake ice cream bars. Browse the recipes below and youll find what youre looking for.

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    Easy Ice Cream Birthday Cake

    Ice cream cakes were a staple in our house for birthdays growing up. Who doesnt love ice cream with their cake? This is the best of both worlds.

    For this Funfetti Ice Cream Cake, I am combining my moist and fluffy Funfetti Cake, made from scratch of course with some store brought ice cream. This means you can customize this cake to any flavor variation that you prefer.

    Im partnering with my ice cream-loving friends from American Dairy Association MidEast to bring you this recipe. Did you know it takes about 12 pounds of milk to make one pound of ice cream? That means About 9% of all the milk produced by U.S. dairy farmers is used to produce ice cream. Crazy right? I am obsessed with watching ice cream be packaged. You can check out this quick video showing you how ice cream is made.

    If you think you cant make something like this at home, I am here to how you just how easy it is. The average American eats about 20 quarts of ice cream a year, so lets get started.

    Birthday Breakfast Ideas For Husband

    3 Amazing Ice Cream Cakes for Your Next Birthday Dinner | Tastemade

    Husbands have a special place in the wifes heart and their life. They always want to do something special for them. Here are ten birthday breakfast ideas for husband:

    16. Blueberry cookies: Cookies are favorite to everyone. Berry cookies are delicious and healthy for breakfast.

    17. Cake pancake: Making a cake with pancakes is a really interesting item.

    18. Banana Waffle: Banana waffle is an easy and tasty item for breakfast.

    19. Egg loaf: Egg loaf is best for breakfast.

    20. Waffle Hearts: Heart-shaped waffles are good to show your husband love.

    21. Love Platter: Write love with your dishes. Like muffins, fruits, pancakes, doughnuts, etc.

    22. Lobster pie: If your husband is a lobster lover he will fall for this amazing dish.

    23. Steak and egg: Steak and egg are one of the favourite items that mens love.

    24. Sunnyside up: Normally, it makes with bread and poached egg breakfast.

    25. Egg and cheese wrap: It is one of the best breakfast items for eggs and cheese lovers.

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    Why Do I Need To Level My Cake Layers

    This cake can bake up with quite the dome on top, especially if you are not using bake-even stripes.

    You want to level the cake so theyre flat on top, ensuring that when theyre stacked, there are no gaps along the outside edge of the cake between the layers. Youll also find that if you dont level them, the centers of the cake could touch in the middle, and you wont have any room for ice cream.

    Use the leftover cake! Once you level the cake, youll have some scraps. Mix that into the softened ice cream as I did in this chocolate ice cream cake.

    Ice Cream Party Supplies

    Every birthday party needs some fun games and this Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Game is perfect!

    This sweet DIY Ice Cream Cone Decoration is perfect for your party! Hang them around the party venue for a fun ice cream social!

    These Banana Split Sundae Cake Pops are divine and perfect for an ice cream themed birthday party!

    Pair the cake pops with these delicious Banana Split Sundae Cupcakes!

    These fun Ice Cream Parlor Party Decorations are perfect! Look at the sundae bar and those DIY ice cream cone balloons PERFECTION!

    The kids will have a blast wearing this DIY Ice Cream Cone Party Hat!

    How adorable are these Mini Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones?! Serve them to your little guests and they will be a hit!

    We absolutely adore this Pink and Mint Ice Cream Party Dessert Table! Everything from the giant DIY balloon ice cream cone decoration to the sprinkle confetti on the floor is picture-perfect!

    This Kids Pastel Outdoor Ice Cream Party features an ice cream cart with homemade ice cream!

    This Free Printable Ice Cream Cone Garland is perfect to hang around your ice cream themed party!

    We love this Ice Cream Cone Party Sign thats perfect for any little ones party!

    How cute and clever are these Nutter Butter Ice Cream Cones?!

    DIY Ice Cream Cone Party Hat will be a hit with the kids!

    This DIY Mini Ice Cream Cone Garland is awesome! Hang it across your dessert table or gift table for a fun party decoration!

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    Stuffed Croissants Breakfast Boats

    Stuffed Croissant Breakfast Boats are the stuff dreams are made of! Youre going to love serving these 3-ingredient Smores treats for breakfast or dessert.

    These 3-ingredient stuffed croissants are easy enough for older kids to make on their own. Younger kids may need a bit of assistance but can still get in on the fun.

    Check one of the Birthday Breakfirst Ideas here.

    Curtis Stones Mango Caramel Ice Cream Cake

    Rainbow Buttercream Cake by Sugar Whipped Cakes

    I didnt even know mango caramel was a thing, until I saw this!

    See the full step-by-step of how to make the chocolate biscuit base, the creamy mango caramel and the macadamia ice cream layer. There is no part of this that doesnt look amazingincluding Curtis!

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    Have your say! There really is no such thing as too much ice cream I think I love them all! Did we find your favourite ice cream cake flavour? Leave a comment below and let us know wed love to hear from you!

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    Like this? Share it with your network!

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    Easy Birthday Cake Ideas

    These are our favorite easy birthday cake recipes that anyone can make even if you havent made a birthday cake before! With easy shortcuts and step-by-step instructions, anyone can make an awesome birthday cake for a special occasion.

    When we were growing up, my Mom always made our birthday such a big deal. It was certainly a special occasion!

    She would ALWAYS go out of her way to make our day special and one of the ways that she did this was by making us whatever kind of birthday cake that we wanted. Every kid has an assortment of favorite cakes, but my mom was a pro at making sheet cakes. Even though sheet cakes are simple, she always created the coolest cake design for each of the kids for our birthday parties.

    When I was old enough to have my own cake I knew it was going to be a special occasion. I chose a fun cake, but I also wanted a plain cake. My favorite was a white cake and my favorite princess was Cinderella. My mom made me a beautiful Cinderella princess cake. Although my cake was plain on the inside, my mom knew all of the secrets to layer cakes. She would add in sour cream and fresh fruit as an easy way to create the perfect treat.

    What better way to say happy birthday than giving my children the perfect cake for their special occasion. Although its sometimes hard to come up with a delicious birthday cake recipe, I decided to put together a list so you can create the perfect cake for your childs birthday.

    French Toast Pigtails : Pigs In A Blanket For Breakfast

    I still have this flash back from when I was a kid it was of a birthday party, where there was a tray of pigs in a blanket on the table. Thats all I remember about it. I must have been about 7 years old. And Im really not sure why this particular memory stuck with me, but hey, Im a foodie and therefore I have a zillion random and vague food memories burned into my psyche. See more kids birthday party snack recipes.

    be-k Recipes

    Make your kids birthdays extremely special the moment they open their eyes! A good way to do this is by surprising them with an amazing and creative breakfast meal that will immediately put a smile on their faces. It might be as simple as a delicious milkshake or as elaborate as a colorful spread of fruits and other delicacies. The better the presentation, the more enjoyable it will be!

    With that in mind, I have compiled a list of 15 fun birthday breakfast ideas your kids will surely love and enjoy! See also birthday party ideas for girls.


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    Bucket Of M& ms Kit Kat Cake

    I love this gorgeous cake, especially for a kids birthday party.

    It looks like something youd pay a massive amount of money for at an upscale bakery, but its actually surprisingly simple to make, and youll only need four ingredients.

    Simply make two round cakes with whatever cake mix you like then stack and frost them generously with chocolate frosting.

    Finally, add your broken Kit Kat bars around the cakes exterior, tie a ribbon around them , and top the cake with colorful M& Ms.

    Take a little time to check out the other pictures, as well. You can do a lot with this simple cake to make it suitable for any occasion.

    The number cake takes a bit more skill to make, but once you get it right, youll never want to stop making it.

    Its pure and total decadence, and I mean that in the best way.

    The great part about it is that you can use whatever toppings and decorations you like once you have the basic cake ready to go.

    Also, you may mess up the first couple of times, and thats excellent because it means youll get to eat more cake and feel no guilt about it.

    You cant waste it, after all!

    Peach Cobbler Ice Cream Crunch

    Only 3 ingredients OREO Ice Cream Birthday Cake / No machine

    Image: Life Made Sweeter

    This easy summery peach cobbler ice cream cake from Life Made Sweeter has layers of peach and vanilla ice cream over a no-bake cinnamon toast crunch cereal crust and topping.

    Just blend up the peaches and add into the easy homemade ice cream base to get summer in a bite you could do the same with other stone fruits, berries or bananas too.

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    Homemade Birthday Cake Ice Cream

    Homemade Birthday Cake Ice Cream is a super creamy celebratory frozen treat and it doesnt need to be anyones birthday to enjoy! Full of sprinkles and bits of vanilla cake.

    I love making desserts that most everyone loves. Classic treats like my White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies. Even if you are not a fan of white chocolate, I promise you will love these! If you are a fan of this Birthday Cake Ice Cream you are definitely going to want to make my Circus Animal Sprinkle Cookies. Buttery and sweet topped with a creamy frosting. Another popular frozen treat is for Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches. Make them and keep them on hand in the freezer.

    How To Frost An Ice Cream Cake

    This cake is frosted with a whipped cream frosting. The key to using whipped cream as a frosting is to ensure its whipped to stiff peaks. I use powdered sugar as a thickening agent to allow the whipped cream to stiffen. If you dont feel like making it from scratch, you can use Cool Whip.

    Step 1: Prepare the whipped cream. It helps to chill the bowl and beaters first to keep the cream nice and cold at its whipped. Add the powdered sugar after the cream reaches soft peaks. Then gently fold in the sprinkles after it reaches stiff peaks. Place the whipped cream in a large piping bag and cut off the tip.

    Step 2: Unwrap the ice cream cake. You may notice the ice cream freezes around the outside edge of the cake. I recommend actually using a hot knife to remove the excess ice cream on the outside of the cake, as its difficult for the whipped cream to stick there. Pipe the frosting along the outside edge of the cake working your way from the top to the bottom.

    Step 3: Using a bench knife or angled spatula very gently smooth out the edges. Whipped cream is not a frosting that you can handle very much, so try not to overdo it with the decorating.

    Step 4: Frost the top and then use any leftover whipped cream for decorating.

    Step 5: Immediately refreeze the cake for at least 60 minutes.

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