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Old Mcmicky’s Farm Birthday Party

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There are a variety of kids birthday party places that residents in Tampa can choose from, and we are very grateful many have chosen Old McMickys Farm. We are delighted for the kids who have celebrated getting older at the Farm.

Whether you want to get dirty or stay shower-fresh clean on your birthday, Old McMickys Farm offers the perfect place for kids to be kids at birthday celebration time. With the popularity of disconnecting from electronics on the rise, youll be sure to have a great time connecting with each other and our year-round furry residents. Our Barn, which sits adjacent to Crescent Lake, provides a wonderful shelter full of amenities for parties rain or shine.

What Is There To Do

It’s not Old McDonalds farm anymore…it’s Old McMicky’s!

Old McMicky’s Farm in Florida is great farm fun that the family can enjoy out in that Florida fresh air! The whole family can enjoy hands-on experiences that all revolve around those farm activities!

Have you ever milked a cow, or ridden a pony? Maybe you want to spend some time catching chickens, or looking at the baby pigs!

If you fancy going on a little ride, the barn maze hay ride is right there waiting for you! It’s on an authentic 1949 Ford Tractor so it’s just that little more exciting!

Families can walk in anytime, no need to reserve! But you do need to take the guided tours. No free roaming. But Old McMicky’s Farm have guided tours which start at 9am, with the last tour at 1pm. They leave every 15 minutes, and it’s a great way to take in the farm and see how it all works!

These are perfect for individuals and families too, not just groups! Kids love the hands-on animal interactions. There is even an Anima Baby Barn with all the cute baby animals to enjoy!

It’s a great chance to experience one of the educational farms in the area – one of the country’s oldest traditions!

Old McMicky’s Farm is also a popular destination for those children’s birthday parties, so if you want to celebrate somewhere special, surrounded by animals and family activities, then this could be the place for you!

With an amazing lake that you can eat your lunch in front of too, it’s a great way to fill the whole day with the family.

Awesome & Memorable Kids Birthday Parties That Children Love & Parents Rave About

Fun Atmosphere

Give your child the birthday party everyone will be talking about!

We had our sons 4th birthday party at Old McMickys Farm and it was amazing! The staff was so pleasant and knowledgeable and made our party a true success! They provide everything except for the cake and decorations, which made it so easy for me! Would definitely recommend Old McMickys Farm for a kids birthday party any day!


Pets, Pony Rides, & More

Our Guided Tours give children an amazing time while you get to enjoy your childs special day

Thank you so much for helping to make Leisls 3rd birthday party so special! She loved the farm and all it had to offer! The other children in our party loved it too! The other parents raved about the ease, convenience, and how much fun the party was! Thank you to all the staff that helped to make this event happen for us!


Bring The Cake We Do The Rest

We Supply everything you need for a great Birthday Party including the invitations, plates, silverware & napkins you just bring the cake and we handle the rest!


Professional & Personal

Your personal Tour Guide will help you set up your party and clean up after so you can have fun with your child and your guests.Had a great time! Our 4 year old was so excited to catch his first chicken and milk a cow for the first time. Our tour guide was great!!!!


Let Your Child Shine


Experience It All At The Farm


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