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Best Indoor Plants To Gift On Birthday

Buy Best Plants Online Only At Floweraura

Plant Gifting Ideas | Plants to Gift | Low Maintenance Indoor Plants ðð?ð¿

Choosing a plant for your home can be a challenge, but its benefits are endless. Whether they are displayed on a bookshelf, a window sill, or in the centre of a coffee table, plants never fail to weave life in any space. In addition, they are known to improve the air quality, and if you live in a big city, this can be a big reason to add them to your home or office decor shopping list. A large variety of live plants online are available at FlowerAura and are something that will surely surprise you. You will be amazed to see plants of different types and categories. From Succulents to Terrarium Plants to Money Plants to Personalised Plants, you will be able to find so much that you would never see in a local store. Plus, you will save a huge amount of money as we dont compromise in quality. So, whats the wait for? Buy plants online India from FlowerAura.com. The variety, the quality, the affordable price, that we offer across our online plants India collection is sure to leave you amazed. Check them out, right away!

Ideas For Creating Cute Plant Gifts

The beauty of gifting plants is that each one will be unique in itself, but so can the packaging. Plant wrapping paper can be simple, or you can use other fun materials to really spice things up.

Be sure to choose materials that match the holiday or occasion. Here are some ideas for what to use to decorate plants for presents

Supplies for wrapping gift plants

What Are The Best Plants To Get For A Birthday

The best plants to get for a birthday are ones that radiate joy and happiness. What better way to brighten up ones big day than with a vibrant sunflower bouquet? Or, choose an elegant hanging spider plant that is easy to take care of and will add a splash of green to any room. At ProFlowers, our birthday plant delivery is second to none. We have plenty of happy birthday flowers and happy birthday gift baskets that are suitable for any birthday guy or gal in your life. We even have a variety of same-day delivery options to choose from, so you dont show up to the party empty-handed!

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Plant Gift Delivery From Happy Houseplants

At Happy Houseplants, we are your partner for all kinds of indoor plant gifts. With an ever changing stock of some of the finest houseplants in the UK, weve got you covered for all your gift shopping needs.

Well ship your plant gifts around the UK, using Royal Mail for smaller plants, and hand delivering our larger ones. If you have something a little bit more special in mind, contact our team today.

Order Refreshing Indoor Plants In Singapore & Enjoy A Hassle

Why Houseplants Are This Years Best Birthday Gifts ...

Ferns N Petals is an established name in India. And now, it is available in Singapore. One of our best-selling product is indoor plants. This is a noble gift idea because these indoor plants be it air purifying plants, lucky plants, water plants, hanging plants, or tropical indoor plants all have a common goal to remove pollutants from the air and make it a better one for human survival. If you want to enhance good luck, then, you can get the lucky bamboo delivery in Singapore. We have two-layer, three layer, spiral shaped, and various other styles of lucky bamboo plants that will restore peace, love, and prosperity in life. We also have money plants which apart from checking the pollutants, also enhances positive energy at home. As an indoor plant, you can also order the bonsai plants which will elevate the beauty of your home. So, if you want a reliable delivery in Singapore, then, place an order with us soon!

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Best Plants To Gift On Birthday In India

There is always a great deal of fuss about what to gift your loved ones. Are you looking forward to gifting your loved ones something out of the box? How about something which lives on forever?

Plants are a thoughtful gift. The presence of indoor plants inside a room or a workplace helps to make the air fresher. The sight of greenery is also very soothing to the eyes. Therefore, when you are planning to gift someone a plant, go ahead with your plan because you are definitely giving them good health.

The Best Plants To Give As Gifts

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Choosing a gift that will stand the test of time is always a challenge, but giving plants is one way to try. Knowing your recipient is perhaps the most important part of choosing a houseplant as a gift. A water-sipping succulent might be most appropriate for a busy friend on the go, while a shade-tolerant fern could fit better in a shady apartment with an attentive owner. If the recipient is already a plant-lover, consider an unusual choice that will test their skills. In any case, including a ceramic pot and a bag of appropriate soil can be a helpful addition to your plant you choose.

Here are 10 houseplants sure to impress as a thoughtful gift.

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Gift Some Unique Plant Gifts And Spread Love Wishes

There are a plethora of good reasons to give plants as a gift. And to begin with, Bamboo ornamental plants are considered lucky, they are quite easy to care for and many people believe that the Bamboo plant in your home follows the typical Feng Shui rules of a happy home. Further, Aloe Vera plants help give you a healthy environment, you can even slice a piece of this plant and extract the juice for beauty treatments. These plants do not require high maintenance yet are extremely useful and serve as a lucky charm. So, what are your thoughts on giving these beautiful natural beauties as new year plants this time? Surprise your family and friends on special days by sending them live plants. Choose unique plant gifts online from FlowerAura and make them smile.

Keep Going! Keep Growing!

Buy Indoor Plants Online For Home Decor Purpose

Planty Gifts For Plant People Mini Plant Haul

The green plants enhance the beauty of the garden and provide us with fresh and pure air to breathe. Similarly, there are a variety of indoor plants that create a warm aura in the house and bring in the much-needed positivity. The indoor plants can be kept at several locations in the home as per their requirement of sunlight. They play a major role in enhancing the decor of the home and add a tinge of greenery to it. The indoor plants help fight against several illnesses, boost your mood and keep the mental issues like stress, anxiety, and depression at a bay. You can buy indoor plants online in India at our website to enhance the interior decor of your home or to gift your friends or family members at festivals and other special occasions. Giving green plants as a gift is the best way to promote the concept of green gifting. You can buy indoor plants for air purification in the house as they absorb the carbon dioxide and increase the oxygen level in the environment that is beneficial for the humans. You can order money plants online from our store, to grow inside the house that is also considered to bring wealth and prosperity to life. With the little bit of daily care, the indoor plants can prove to be quite beneficial from both health and decor point of view.

Artificial Gerbera, Rose, Palm, christmas tree etc..

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Send A Variety Of Indoor Plants Online

To eradicate harmful toxins from the atmosphere, to enhance the supply of oxygen, and to elevate the beauty of the surroundings- plants are always the best options. Given the current trend of environmental pollution, more and more plants should be planted. Apart from the pollution that you face outside on the street, there is also something called indoor air pollution. This indoor air pollution is caused due to your refrigerator, paints, carpets, clothes, and many such household objects. So, if you buy indoor plants for home, your surroundings would become healthier. On our website, you can have a look at lucky bamboo, syngonium, spider plant, snake plant, areca palm plant, zamia plant, or peace lily plant. These are some of the best air purifying indoor plants that you can either bring at your home or get them as gifts for your loved ones. These plants would absorb harmful carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene, etc. from your home and make it a better place to live. You can order these best indoor plants in Singapore to greet your loved ones on any special occasion. Apart from air-purifying plants, you can also browse our collection of succulent plants online, like Green Echeveria, Haworthia, Echinocactus Grusonii, Purple Echeveria, etc. You can order these plants online and send for your dear ones in Singapore as a gift of greenery. Have a look at some of the amazing indoor plants available on our website.

Pot Luck: Five Of The Best House Plants To Give As Gifts

From instantly gratifying, low-maintenance monsteras to a deep cut fig for the plant-obsessed, Plantopedia authors Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan share their favourites

Theres no denying that plants bring happiness. Their ability to imbue life into any space, deliver a sense of calm and aid in productivity make them precious, thoughtful gifts.

The lush beauty of indoor plants belies their important powers. The act of caring for our green friends is a hugely therapeutic endeavour. Patiently encouraging them to thrive, championing their imperfections and accepting their occasional demise is a lesson in the wonders of nature. This connection is not to be overlooked.

Cultivating an indoor garden or sharing the gift of one encourages a greater appreciation for the natural world and teaches us to respect and nurture the very things that keep us all alive.

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The Igp Delivery Network

The IGP all-India and global delivery network ensures that your gifts reach your loved ones on time. We are India’s preferred and only discovery-based platform. We ensure that our customers remain the main focus. Our algorithms help find the best suited gifts, based on the personality of the recipient. We possess an experience community of in-house curators who hand-picked, handcrafted and bundled gifts. Our global delivery options have been a success thanks in part to our tech-enabled warehouses and inventory holding centres. At IGP.com, we ensure a complete last mile hand delivery network. You can avail of Fix Time Delivery, Midnight delivery, same day delivery services.We cover 300 cities in India and 90+ countries globally, including the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and other global destinations.

Surprise You Dad By Sending An Indoor Plant For Him On Father’s Day

6 Plants that are Awesome Gifts

Just like a plant, the presence of a father makes our life refreshing, beautiful and happy. Father’s Day is celebrated to appreciate the efforts of a dad and pay gratitude to him for all that he does for the family. This Father’s Day, surprise your dad with a beautiful indoor plant and make him feel special. Ferns N Petals offers a variety of indoor plants that can make up for a perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad. You can send an indoor plant to your dad across India and international borders and wish him Father’s Day with a gift of green. Giving a plant is one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas as it is a healthy gift, eco-friendly option and will add value to your dad’s life. You can choose from a wide range of plants available online on our website and order a plant for your dad right away. Other than indoor plants, you can also explore a collection of Father’s Day hampers for different types of dad online on our website. So, visit our website and place your order now.

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Shop For Indoor Plants Online From Ferns N Petals

You dont have to be an expert to bring in the indoor plants to your room. Just use your creative skills to ramp up your home and make it look more beautiful. If you are in a rush, opt for our express delivery option which will ensure that you can get indoor plants on the same day. Alternately, you can even opt for our flexible delivery options which will give you an opportunity to get plants same day delivery, next day or even at fixed time slots to make it quite convenient for the customers.

Our gift experts have come up with an array of online indoor plants which has been well-maintained and can be delivered with ease to your loved ones. Adding plants to your home not only gives you an opportunity to breathe in fresh air but at the same time plays a decorative role too. All these indoor plants are available at an affordable price range at our portal and can be delivered with absolute ease too.

Explore & Order Indoor Plants Online For Your Loved Ones Via Ferns N Petals

Plants give us oxygen for the lung and the soul. Isn’t it true? A house with indoor plants has a different kind of serene vibes. Not only indoor plants are aesthetically pleasing, but they purify the air as well. Indoor plants make for a gorgeous gift for your loved ones. From birthdays to anniversaries, Indoor plants can be given on any occasion, and they will surely stand out.

Here are a few types of plants that are available on our website that you can order for your family and friends!

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Send Best Indoor Flowering House Plants Online

Living green plants bring a touch of environment and purify air. Small house plants are perfect as gifts for celebrating work promotions or a new job. Send our best selling plants for house decoration. You can present a succulent garden as gift to your love, that increases the charm of his/her indoor garden. Order plants online for delivery, youll have the opportunity to shop birthday flowers, birthday cake and birthday balloons.

Homalomenarubescens Maggie Queen Of Hearts

Life Lessons from Plants | Birthday Plant Gifts

Homalomena plants were recognised in the Nasa Clean Air Study for their purification abilities, so give the gift of fresh air with the Homolomena rubescens Maggie. A tropical aroid, their glossy, heart-shaped leaves burst forth from red tinged stems. Theyll look right at home on a table or low bench, perfect for appreciating their clumping, upright nature. They enjoy bright indirect light, a moderate watering schedule and medium-to-high humidity, so instruct your recipient to regularly mist their beautiful leaves.

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Buy Plants For Birthday

Your friends birthday may come only one day in a year, but our plants will last for years. Whether its lucky bamboo, fragrant gardenia or exotic orchids, be sure that any of these plants is going to make their day truly special. Buy plants for birthday through us and enjoy the customers satisfaction that we provide. Our services endeavor to bring out the best in every occasion.

We have numerous sections segmented for a lot of categories. Plants delivery online seems to be an impossible task. Hire us and see how we transform the impossible act into possible event and that to with great service.

  • Worldwide Delivery

    We deliver gifts to over 70 countries

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What Gifts Pair Well With Birthday Plants

If youre getting birthday plants delivered straight to the doorstep of your best friend or family member, you might as well tack on a second gift that pairs well with it! Flowers are a great way to show your love and appreciation for those closest to you in life. But if you want to make their birthday even more special, send along one of our birthday gift baskets filled with delectable chocolates, juicy fruits, and salty nuts to give their taste buds a party, too. Aside from flowering plants, you can send your birthday wishes with our mouth-watering cakes, classic chocolate chip cookies, and one-of-a-kind cake pops! With gifts like these, the party never has to end.

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Order Indoor Plants Online From Our Website

Whenever we have to attend a birthday party, the wedding function or an anniversary celebration, we start looking for the best presents to give to our loved ones. You can send indoor plants to your friends and family members on the festive occasions as a gift of freshness and greenery. The home plants accentuate the interiors of the house that can be kept in the bedroom, living room or balcony. You can have a look at the variety of plants available on our website to buy indoor plants online. There are several indoor plants that are considered to bring luck, wealth and prosperity in life, such as lucky bamboo plant, jade plant, and snake plant that can be kept at specific locations in the house to reap their benefits. You can opt for the same day delivery or next day delivery option to send plants to your loved ones as a token of love and greenery.

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Mini Monstera

Creative Succulent Plant Pots,Resin Plant Pots,Mini Indoor ...

One look at those petite, graphic leaves and you will see exactly why this guy is commonly referred to as the mini monstera. Other common names include the philodendron ginny or piccolo, but all are deceiving. While they are all members of the Araceae family, Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is neither a Monstera or a Philodendron. Sophia gifted one to her parents earlier this year and it has now taken over a corner of their living room, creating a strong indoor jungle vibe by climbing its way up the wall with the help of small hooks.

Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan are the authors of Plantopedia, out now from Smith Street Books.

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