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Space Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Do Some Irl Stargazing


Why replicate a sky full of stars when you can head outside and see the real thing? If your party starts at dusk, you can get in some good stargazing time. Work together to see how many constellations you can find, like Orion’s Belt or the Big Dipper. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get lucky and spot a planet!

Space Alien Birthday Party

From Moms and Munchkins via Spaceships and Laser Beams

For an out of this world theme that captures the imaginations of little boys everywhere, be sure to check out the wonderful decorations ideas in this post. Some of my favorite details from this party include the glow in the dark alien backdrop behind the food table, the space themed table settings, the sky high cloud cupcakes, and the glow in the dark party favors!

Blast Off Party Supplies

We chose the supplies pictured above for my son’s birthday celebration. Again, my son loves planets, and this partyware had the most planets in its design. Plus, the colors were so vibrant and fun!

The party supplies that were available with this design included cups, napkins, plates, and party invitations. Unfortunately, this party design is no longer available, but many similar products remain on the market.

This is how we decorated the table for my son’s party.

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Ideas For First Birthday Party Time Capsule

Create a time capsule for your child. Leave a sheet of paper at all of your guests seats. On the paper, write Time Capsule! Leave our son or daughter a letter filled with your love and predictions. He or she will open this on their 20th birthday dont forget to sign your name!

Stuff all of the letters inside of a box or container. Add photographs, toys, and any items that are reminiscent of your childs life so far. Then, seal up the capsule and give it to your child on their 20th birthday.

Galaxy Slime Bulk Pack

Outer Space Theme Party Decoration Solar System Star ...

This bulk pack of 15 pre-made galaxy slime containers is multi-colored, soft, gooey, non-scented and completely safe for kids to play. Features a great consistency so that you’ll pull, squeeze, stretch, fold, roll and fidget with this galaxy slime for hours of outstanding fun

We like to suggest products that can be helpful to you. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these affiliate links.

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Take Home A Piece Of The Galaxy

Mom Dot Com

Before you return back to Earth, make your very own galaxy jar to take a little bit of space home with you. I know what you’re thinking: How exactly do you bottle up the galaxy? It’s all thanks to loads of cotton balls. The cotton balls mix with glitter, water, and acrylic paint to form a nebula-like effect in the jar, letting you take a piece of the galaxy with you wherever you go.

Intergalactic Games And Activities

Spaceship Launchpad

Set out a table with different colored sheets of paper allowing the kids to build their own spaceship launchpad. Provide markers or crayons as well so they can design the space shuttle however they like.

Don’t Drop The Asteroid

In this game, players must keep all the asteroids up in the air while the music is playing. When the music stops the space explorers must grab an asteroid. The adult will call out a color. Whoever has that colored asteroid must pop the balloon and complete the challenge inside to get a prize! Continue a game until all explorers have received a prize.

Youll need balloons of all different colors, and challenges to put inside them before you blow them up. Challenges could be: doing the moon walk, singing a song, saying the abc’s backwards, etc.

Ring Saturn

Set up a beach ball as the planet Saturn and challenge the kids to toss a hula hoop onto the beach ball to “ring Saturn.” Increase the difficulty by letting them to to toss the hula hoop from different distances!

Solar System Bingo

For space bingo, you can either make your own bingo cards or of space bingo online.

Rocket Shuttle Landing

Hang a hula hoop from the ceiling and provide the party guests with paper to make their own paper shuttles. They can then try to fly their shuttle through the hula hoop. Again start close and increase the distance at which they can through.

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Outer Space Theme Foil Balloons

This Package includes two peices of 37 inch astronaut balloon two peices of 30 inch rocket balloons. These are reusable High quality foil balloons. These have refillable valve making them reusable for your next party. Additionally, this space theme balloon party is very suitable for outer space themed party.

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Astronaut Space Explorer Party Ideas

  • An awesome blue, three-tier birthday cake with planets, stars, and a rocket cake topper ready to blast off
  • Silver organic and metallic balloon garland
  • Silver Tiffany chairs
  • Space-themed backdrop illustrated with planets, space shuttles, and astronauts
  • Cosmic cupcakes with galaxy frosting, cookies, lollies, and other snacks
  • Moon and planet cake pops
  • Rocket ship favor bags or party bags, metallic mission control boxes, and rocket name tags for the party favors
  • Galaxy print party plates, cups, and napkins
  • Silver Orbz balloons as centerpieces for the party tables
  • Custom made mission control astronaut academy birthday banner
  • Galaxy print table cloth for the dessert table and futuristic silver metallic table cloth for the party table
  • LED star lights as table decor

From Carl of the Bubbles Crew: This fun take on a themed Space Adventure Party was created for birthday boy Ivan, celebrating his 5th birthday, and was a blast to create.

An astronomical Space Adventure we styled and designed a silver and blue themed mission control feature table with complementing silver organic balloon garland and silver Orbz Balloons to match. Personal touches included cutlery wraps with themed treats and desserts accompanied by the out of this world themed space cake!

Which of these spectacular food ideas and party decorations did you love the most? Do you have suggestions for space-themed party games and activities? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Watch Your Space Party Blast Off In 3 2 1

With these spaceship party ideas, you will be sure to throw a party that will reach the stars. While you can decide which aspects of the ideas listed above that you want to include, no matter what you choose your child will have a blast and know that you love them to the moon and back. Now that you have your details planned out, you can get started on creating your childâs intergalactic birthday invitation. Browse our creative collection of kidsâ birthday invitations and find a space themed design thatâs perfect for your theme.

Looking for more fun kids birthday party themes? Check out our Frozen theme birthday party ideas and more on the blog!

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Alien & Space Themed Birthday Party Ideas

  • Plus, don’t miss A Monsters, Aliens and Robots Boy’s 2nd Birthday Party…
  • Whether your little guy wants to blast off to explore outerspace with astronauts or save the earth from space aliens, youre sure to find theme ideas to spark imaginations in our round-up.

    From simply styled in quiet colors to busy zaps of brights, its all here. Zoom around the neighborhood before taking off for your own celebration to see some of the best dessert tables and party ideas!

    Moon Walk Into A Milky Way Photo Booth

    Outer space


    If you didn’t take a few photos when you went into outer space, did you actually go into orbit at all? Show off your trip around the Milky Way with a party photo booth. Fill the photo booth with space props, like an astronaut suit and helmet, moon rocks, or aliens. Decorate the background with glow-in-the-dark paint to replicate the night sky or paint the solar system to make it look like you are soaring through the galaxy.

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    Try An Astronaut Taste Test

    Astronaut Foods

    I hate to break it to you, but the food in space isn’t exactly five-star dining. To survive the trip into space and conditions in orbit, astronaut food is freeze-dried and tastes a little dry . Prep your tastebuds for some interesting textures and set up a station where you and your guests can do a taste test of the latest and greatest in space cuisine. Try out something sweet and go for an ice cream sandwich or stick with a healthier option and snack on some fruit. No matter which option you choose, your tastebuds will be in for a surprise.

    Cosmic Activities And Games To Keep The Little Ones Busy

    When a group of children spends the whole afternoon together, you have to find a way to keep them occupied. And because the editorial staff of, we are big children, we offer you some creative ideas for activities to borrow. The galactic birthday theme is the perfect opportunity to set out to conquer the Moon or a distant planet by creating various missions for your little cosmonauts to accomplish. But just before taking action, you need to determine the number of children as well as the place of entertainment. If you find galactic costumes for young and old, it will be even more fun!

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    Outer Space Party Printable Set

    Party printables are always a great start when planning any party. These outer space printables are perfect for the decoration of a space birthday party. In the set you are provided with water bottle, food tent labels, cupcake toppers and candy bar wrappers.

    Everything is here that you need to instantly create the feeling that you are in outer space.

    Every party needs a good party backdrop, and this space backdrop s pretty awesome. Especially when those planets were made by a Mr 6!

    If he can do it, then so can you!

    Out Of This World Party Favors

    6 Space Themed Party Games (GALAXY Games for Kid Parties)

    The best way to thank all of your guests for helping to make your childâs birthday extra special is to send them off with an exciting party favor. To wrap up the party, you will want to be sure to stick with the overall outer space theme. Two exciting options for some out of this world goodie bags are astronaut ice cream or âmoon rocks.â

    Astronaut ice cream is essentially freeze-dried ice cream that real-life astronauts enjoy while up in space. This is a fun, out of the ordinary treat for kids that aligns perfectly with the outer space theme. Not only will the kids be excited to try something new and exciting, but they will also feel like astronauts themselves.

    Similarly, âmoon rocks,â or rock candy crystals, are another fun option as well. You can either make rock candy yourself, or you can purchase it from a local candy store or online in advance. No matter how you decide to go about gathering these âmoon rocks,â you can count on them being a hit with the kids.

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    How To Have A Galactically Cool Space

    You’ll be having way too much fun to come back down to Earth.

    Thanks for checking out our product recommendations! Just a heads-up, Camp may make some money if you shop from any of the external links on this page. Pricing and availability may have changed since this page was published.


    Can’t get enough cool cosmic space stuff? Love everything NASA? Dream of intergalactic adventures? Crazy idea here just spitballin’ but maybe you should consider having a space-themed birthday party to bring together two of the very best things in the universe: Birthday presents, and outer space. We’re here to help you get started planning a galactically fun birthday bash!

    Outer Space Themed Food

    No party is complete without food and snacks. Take your theme into your food by labeling each treat with a space-themed name.

    Get creative with alliteration and space puns. You could have meatball meteorites, chocolate Krispy treats can be asteroid space rocks, martian-mallows, fruity cereal circles are Saturn rings, and juice is rocket fuel.

    Galaxy Popcorn

    Kids always enjoy snacking on popcorn, and this version, complete with moon rocks and stardust looks amazing. Make it sweet, or combine the sugary toppings with a salted option for a taste-bud tickling treat.

    Get the recipe at

    Star Shaped Sandwiches

    Make simple sandwiches into fun stars using cookie cutters!

    This is a really easy way to get creative with your party snacks. It works best with soft fillings like jelly and peanut butter.

    Find out more at

    Rocket Kabobs

    If you want to be a little healthier, but still stick to the space theme for your party food, then making rocket ship snacks is easy to do. Plus everyone likes eating food from a stick!

    Find out how at

    Alien Pizza

    Pizza is a great party food, and this adorable option is inspired by the aliens from Disneys Toy Story. Theres a veggie option too. Who knew pizza could look so cool!

    More info at

    Galaxy Color-Changing Lemonade

    Make a magical drink with this color changing lemonade. Swirling from indigo to pink, this special drink will excite your astronauts no end!

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    Retro Rocket Birthday Party

    From GreyGrey Designs

    Enter this retro rocket second birthday party and you will be greeted by a rocket blasting right up the stairs to lead you to the party space. Blue, red, and yellow make a brilliantly vibrant color scheme, and these three colors can be found everywhere! From brightly decorated cupcakes to chocolate dipped marshmallow pops, this party has it all.

    Star Wars Birthday Party

    Throw a Space Themed Birthday Party that

    From Tradewind Tiaras via Karas Party Ideas

    Do you have any little Star Wars fans in your life? If you answered yes then you have to check out this amazing Star Wars themed birthday party that looks straight out of Pottery Barn. Rock candy meteorites, lightsaber pretzel rods, and chocolate peanut butter planet pops were among the delicious treats served. The dessert table was also set in front of an amazing light-up backdrop that looks just like outer space!

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    Space Party Food And Drink

    Space theme birthday party food:

    Here are some great Space theme birthday party food ideas

    • Flying Saucer Pizza
    • English muffin moon pizza planets
    • Flying Saucer Sandwiches mini Pita Bread filled with a variety of items from chicken spread, ham spread, PB & J, cheese spread, lettuce, tomato and lunch meat
    • Falafel moon balls
    • Cosmic fruit salad
    • Little dippers
    • Round corn tortillas

    Space theme birthday party drinks:

    • Alien juice from Mars

    Tip: In ice cube trays put green food coloring for green ice cubes.

    Space theme birthday party treats:

    • Moon Rocks
    • Starburst Candy
    • Sugar cookies shaped like stars and moons, sprinkled with yellow sugar
    • Cupcake saucers
    • Alien sugar cookies
    • Jell-O Planets (Make blue Jell-O for the sky with floating planets inside using green and purple grapes. Be sure to put the grapes in when the Jell-O is half set, so they dont sink to the bottom.
    • Glowing Jell-O Jigglers Make Jello Jigglers cut into cubes Margarita flavored jello turns out to be a cloudy solid-ish mint green very unique looking from other flavors. Serve them in a bowl or platter that contains saran-wrapped glowsticks. It produces an eerie alien glow!

    Alien Birthday Table On A Budget

    From Project: Party Perfect via Spaceships and Laser Beams

    A brunch-time alien invasion is the perfect way to celebrate a little ones special day. This breakfast party menu included kid-friendly favorites like muffins, pancakes, yogurt parfaits, and more. The food tables are perfectly decorated with star print fabric tablecloths and bright blue spaceships made from dollar store plastic bowls. I also love the green alien cups complete with pipe cleaner antennae.

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    Space Themed Birthday Party Invitation

    Once you decided how many guests youre expecting and who you are inviting, you can get started on the party invitations. The simplest way to connect with other guests is through online invites. Communicate the space party theme to all the guests using your invitation. You can do it through the birthday invitation wordings or designs. Your guests will know that youre throwing a galaxy party that is going to be out of this world. Or you can let the UFOs and planet designs speak for themselves in your party invites.

    Through A Planet Balloon Archway

    Outer Space Themed Birthday Decorations Ideas!

    Launch guests from Earth to space in a matter of seconds and welcome them into a whole new galaxy with a balloon archway. Balloons are great for an outer space birthday party because they actually look like the planets plus, they’e pretty easy to set up. Use a premade kit to build your archway or choose galaxy balloons to begin an adventure around the cosmos.

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