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Casino Games For Birthday Party

Try Your Hand At Exciting Games

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As the hostess, you’ll want to provide multiple game options to your guests. Consider your party size: A mix of five or six casino games works great for a room of 200, but would be overkill for a group of 20. Blackjack is, by far, the most popular casino game. But there is also roulette, craps, mini baccarat, and poker. In roulette, players are given colored chips to place on a number or series of numbers of their choice the dealer then spins the wheel and if it lands on your number, or group of numbers, you win. Craps, alternatively, is one of the most energetic, fast-paced, and loudest games in the casinopick up the dice and roll. And despite its reputation to the contrary, baccarat is one of the easiest casino games to play in it, two hands are dealtthe “player” and the “banker”and the hand with the point total closest to 9, wins. Understand the rules of play, assemble the players, then start a round.

Virtual Family Zoom Party

Emily booked us for her parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Her dad loves Las Vegas and although the family couldnt meet in person, Emily wanted to bring the fun of Vegas to her parents living room by organising a Family Zoom Casino Party instead.

Ages 9 to 75 this was a true international event with Mum and Dad in Brooklyn, Sister in Israel, other Sister in California and friends dotted all around the USA

The funniest thing about this event was that before I joined the family Zoom call I heard Emily say to the group:

Now Im not sure how this is going to be, so sorry if its rubbish!

Hahaha I immediately jumped on the Zoom call and informed Emily it was going to be brilliant!

We all giggled so much! And I was right, it was the perfect entertainment for their family zoom call!

Key Features Of The Casino Party Package Hire:

  • Trained Fun Experts on hand to run the Casino Tables & Cash Grabber
  • Exciting props to use around your venue, or group them together in a Photo Opportunity Area
  • Flexible set up options

Have a gander at our gallery to see how we brought the Casino Party Package Hire to other events!

Equipment for the Casino Party Package can include:

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Virtual Birthday Casino Party

As you can see from the above photo of Beccys 40th Birthday Party, they loved it!

Beccys birthday was in the middle of lockdown She was supposed to be going to Las Vegas for her milestone birthdayBoo Hoo

Beccys husband booked the Zoom Blackjack Party and invited all her friends that were spread out across the UK. What a lovely surprise!

After a few Gin and Tonics they all got heavily involved and very competitive with lots of laughs!

Go Back To The Roaring Twenties

Casino Night

Transport your guests back to a time when gambling was prohibited making it all the more thrilling. Recreate an atmospheric casino or an underground speakeasy with classic cocktails and games like craps and roulette. Ask your guests to don their best 20s attire for an evening of flappers, fun, and dancing.

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Stage An Unforgettable Casino Theme Party

Its easy to throw a memorable casino theme party once you have the basic steps covered. Pick a party theme that matches your celebration and have fun with the decor. Select your favorite table games and party games, then create a menu to match with themed treats. Finish the experience with live music and entertainers and you have a casino theme party that truly hits the jackpot.

Gambling Games Youll Love

Chase the Ace: This is a fun card game that, whilst technically not played in a casino, still creates plenty of laughs and that edge-of-the-seat nervousness that really does make for the best party games.

The premise is simple, even if the name is something of a misnomer. Players are dealt one card only, and the idea is to not end up with the lowest value at the end of a rounds trading. You can stick if you have a high card, or trade with the person sitting to your left.

The game continues until the last person, who by now presumably has an A or another low-value card. At this point they can stick with what they have, or pick the top card of the deck. If they reveal an A they gain immunity, and any other value card becomes theirs for the round.

At this point, every player reveals their card and the lowest number is the loser. This individual could be forced to undertake a forfeit if you so wish, but all-in-all its a fun game for kids and adults alike.

Chilli Craps: Similar to Shot Roulette, a classic drinking game revolves around the roll of two dice, similar to a game of craps, with each combined score connected to a specific drink.

If you want to take things to the next level, there is a devilish way in which you can do just that

Most gamers know that snake eyes, i.e. rolling a double one, is the worst throw in craps. So why not punish the player in the most spine-tingling way possible by making them take a bite of a raw chilli ?

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Casino Party Menu A La Vegas

Even your food spread can be a play on the Las Vegas gambling world. You can opt to go fancy with one or two dishes, then offer popular finger foods, snacks, and dips just very wittily named!

If you choose the simpler approach, treat your guests to appetizers like your own concoction of casino snack mix and a fun dice-shaped cheese ball . For main dishes, have them serve themselves from a sandwich buffet with playing card food labels, plus trays of Black Jack Chicken and fruit skewers dressed up with playing cards.

If youre looking to simulate more fancy casino fare, serve up classic shrimp cocktails in martini glasses or a variation of shrimp, avocado, and tomatoes tossed with a tangy Sin City Dip . Prepare your favorite steak recipe to be presented as High Steaks on the food buffet, along with vol-au-vents with cream cheese and caviar in the color motif of red and black.

1 Make the Best of Everything / 2 Celebrate and Decorate / 3 via / 4 Grey Grey Designs / 5 via / 6 Casos e Coisas da Bonfa / 7 McCormick / 8 A Joyful Riot

Add Glitz And Glamor To The Decorations

Jackpot Party- The authentic slots machine app – Download for Free!

At the party, make sure you have enough space for game tables, mingling, and food setup. Casino party decorations and props such as giant playing cards, giant dice, and replicas of the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign can either be easily purchased online or, if you’re crafty, can be made yourself using party supplies. Some professional casino event companies offer décor and uplighting packages that will give your home or event space the feel of a real Las Vegas casino. Of course, some event spaces will require more in the way of casino décor than others.

Don’t forget energizing music: A playlist featuring some Las Vegas styled elements is great, but you don’t have to play tunes by Elvis or Sinatra the entire event .

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Exciting Casino Theme Party Ideas

Are you approaching that milestone in your life where you can finally legally do everything youve imagined? Your 21st birthday officially heralds your entry into adulthood and true independence. Celebrate your newfound freedom with a casino theme party of your dreams. It will remain the talk of the town for months after! But most importantly, dont forget to go heavy on the drinks.

Style Your Tables To The Nines

You can have a lot of fun with your casino party decorations. Use playing cards and giant dice to add interest to your tables or create themed centerpieces. Add a giant balloon arch to style your entryway and decorate with streamers in traditional casino-inspired colors. Style your tables to match with themed tableware, glassware, and beverage napkins. You can easily buy casino party supplies online or create your own like this playing card garland.

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Birthday Party Crashers Youll Love

It isnt a party without someone crashing in unexpectedly. This Birthday! online slot review is here to show you the silver lining in that. The Happy Spins feature is triggered precisely by such party crashers go to the party at the online casino of your choosing and expect the doorbell to announce any of the five unique Elk Studio characters.

Each comes bearing the gift of respins, some lasting until you hit a Big Win, while others only want to see you make it with their hand-picked symbol.

While the tradition of birthday gifts is centuries old, little Maggie doesnt fall short she comes bearing a 10-free-spins bonus round, with the chance to be retriggered.

You can always play the game in free play mode straight from this page. Otherwise, stay tuned for the Walking and Sticky Wild symbol features. And with the cake there to fill in the role of a substitute, the game delivers on its promises of a perpetual birthday, even if you go with the free slot gameplay option.

Serve A Ritzy Menu Buffet

Pin by Nichole Batts on Casino party

Tinling says that he’s found that guests really just want to keep playing at casino night parties. For that reason, he suggests offering passed hors d’oeuvres or a buffet-style meal, which allows your guests to eat at their leisure as opposed to adhering to the rigid timing that more formal dining, like a seated multi-course meal, offers. He says to serve foods that can be eaten quickly with minimal mess such as chicken skewers, sliders, or chicken and waffle bites. A bar cart outfitted with of a mixologist will allow guests to shake up their own cocktails.

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Turn The Night Into A Fundraiser

A casino night is a great option for a fundraiser. You may be questioning how to plan a casino night fundraiser but its actually quite simple. By partnering with a local charity you can help raise funds a few different ways. One way is by charging money for tickets to attend the casino event. When charging for tickets, generally you will include a certain number of gaming chips to get them started. Another option is offering free entry but requiring guests to buy in to get their chips.

At the end of the night, instead of having guests trade in their chips for cash the honor of being the big winner for the night is helping out a worthy cause. Alternatively, you can also offer some prizes for the top winners.

Choose Your Guests Wisely

While having the right games is important, having the right people matters even more. Fun, vibrant personalities dealing the various casino games are what’s going to make your party memorable. Consider hiring professionals, as Tinling says. While there are some easy do-it-yourself options for some casino games like blackjack and poker using chips, cards, table felt bought online, and volunteer dealers who’ve taken a quick online course, other games like roulette and craps aren’t as easy to do yourself these require specialized game tables and equipment designed specifically for those games, as well as a trained professional dealers to run them.

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Celebrate Life With Party & Gifts 4 U

Whether youre throwing a kids birthday party, graduation party, Halloween party, wedding reception or baby shower, Party & Gifts 4 U is the #1 source for all your party supplies with the biggest selection and the best prices. From luau party invitations to 1st birthday decorations and girls birthday balloons, Christmas party tableware, sports party favors and baby Halloween costumes, were your one-stop party planning and ideas store. Dont just throw a party throw a really GREAT party with Party & Gifts 4 U! Here are some ideas to get you going:

Virtual Casino For Old Friends

The Best Free Social Casino – Jackpot Party Casino Slots

Wendy and her friends regularly met up on Zoom calls. Theyd played 101 quizzes and were looking for something a bit different for their Friday night Zoom party.

Having all made the effort and dress up in 1920s Gatsby outfits this really did make the virtual event a bit more special than their regular Friday night quiz!

Some had never played Blackjack before so started off with a quick explanation of how to play Casino Blackjack

Quick learners, most of them ended up breaking the bank!

Lots of fun and laughter they all loved it!

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Create An Epic Casino Party With Casino Themed Games

Did you know that Casino Gaming is the fastest growing segment of the Hospitality Industry? Let me share with you some of the Casino Themed Game Ideas that I came up with and how to plan a Casino Themed Party.

In order to have a great party first start off with some amazing invitations focused on a casino theme. Cool casino themed decorations and accessories will add to the theme of the casino party. If you are going to a casino themed party the expectation is there that you will be a winner.

Before the games start, announce that prizes will be awarded to those who have the highest chip count or funny money. At the end of the evening everyone goes to the prize table with their winnings and choose their big prize.

Below are many fun casino themed games for your next party with some pretty crazy twists to some of them.

How To Manoeuvre Through The Slot

Before you really join the party, it is advisable to set bets. Win money with the steps below:

  • On the left corner that appears on the lower side there is a Coins Stack you should hit. This will lead you to a separate panel where you can either decrease or increase the bets.
  • The area to select the betting strategy is similar to where gamers regulate their bet. The total number of these is four.
  • To set the reels in motion, you will have to click on the spin button.
  • When not in the mood to do things manually, access the Auto button that is located in the upper right corner. It will automatically spin the reels for the number of times you wish.

As you play Birthday for real money, be sure to look out for guests who come bearing gifts. There are also various features that you will come across like:

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More Slots For Your Birthday Celebration

Other software providing companies have been just as inspired by the theme of birthdays as Elk Studios, coming up with their own real money slots solutions.

The Wild Birthday Blast slot by 2by2 Gaming hosts you and your guests with 5-reel action and 30 paylines to match. You also have Eyecon Gamings Happy Birthday slot, which is all about congratulating you on your big day, and with a 9,500x jackpot, it manages to do that just right.

Every Day Is Someones Birthday

Casino Theme Invitation for Birthday Party Casino/game ...

The Birthday! online slot release by the hard-working creative geniuses at Elk Studios is all about celebrations, so it is no wonder its scenery is set along a sleek, stylish bar. A skillful-looking bartender and some champagne cooling for the main event set the mood, working together with the reel symbols to stay true to the slot theme of birthday festivities.

Overall, they make up the basic necessities for a party in your honor, but its the characters that are yet to arrive which will put the exclamation mark in the end of the Birthday! slots game title.

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Go Wild With A James Bond Theme

Celebrate the ultimate spy with a Bond-themed casino night. This is especially popular for charity galas who could resist the air of mystery? Create the look with themed live music, a sophisticated dress code, and maybe even a cardboard cutout of the 007 agent himself. To invite your guests, customize this secret agent-inspired invitation.

Casino Birthday Party Ideas

What makes a perfect casino birthday party? Food, fun, friends and the right casino party supplies are the key ingredients. The good news is you dont have to spend a huge amount of money to have a great event. Just use these easy casino birthday party ideas!Casino Birthday Party Invitations

Here are a few fun casino birthday party ideas for invitation wording:

  • In the game of life, Sally is turning 40! Let us deal you in…
  • Oh “Craps”, Jim is turning 50! Roll on over for a night of games.
  • Bring your poker face and a lucky charm to Robert’s Texas Hold’em Birthday Party!
  • You have been “dealt” an invitation to Kathleen’s Surprise Birthday Party!
  • Ante up for a night if gambling at Greg’s Birthday Casino. Join us for night of food, friends and fun.

Casino Birthday Decorations and Party Supplies

  • Viva Las Vegas, Elvis Presley
  • Sin City, AC/DC
  • Here’s to Las Vegas, Barry Manilow
  • Luck Be a Lady, Frank Sinatra
  • Big in Vegas, Buck Owens
  • Blackjack, Ray Charles
  • Let’s Go To Vegas, Faith Hill
  • Leaving Las Vegas, Sheryl Crow
  • Waking up in Vegas, Katy Perry
  • Deuces Are Wild, Aerosmith

casino table decorations and menu

casino birthday party menu

  • Swedish meatballs
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Fruit/Cheese Tray

Casino Games and Entertainment

Casino Birthday Party Favors

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