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What To Do For A 3 Year Old Birthday Party

Spend The Night In A Hotel


Grab some clothes and head to a hotel for the night. Make the celebration one they’ll always remember while keeping it on budget. Try the name your own price options that let you decide what you want to pay for the room. The downside is, you don’t get to choose the hotel where you want to stay. But you can select the quality, location, and price, which could work out perfectly for one night away.

When Is The Best Time For A Toddler Birthday Party

I have always found that the best time for toddler parties is the morning.

Everyone is fresh and there is less risk of those dreaded late-afternoon meltdowns. Both my children napped from 1-4pm

Because of our long afternoon naps, the traditional 2-4pm parties never worked for us and any later just gets difficult with early dinners and Bath times.

From polling my mom friends, we have found that a 10am-12pm seems ideal for the 2 and 3 year old age range.

How To Plan A Birthday Party For A 3

A circle birthdayparty can include polka dots, lots of balloons, bubbles, cheerios. Kids can splash in an inflatable kiddie pool filled with colourful plastic balls or can have some noisy fun with bubble wrap. For 3 Years Old. You can incorporate the following ideas while planning a birthdayparty for a 3-year-old kid:

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Birthday Party Games For Toddlers ~ 2 And 3 Year Old Party Games And Activitiesfreeze Dance

Put the music on and let the children get their jig on, but when the music stops all the children must freeze in place until the music starts again. Some versions play that any player that moves must sit out. I would not suggest this for a toddler party.

If you want to give incentives for freezing I would suggest giving a sticker for the person that is most frozen every round. Just make sure you make sure that every child who is at least trying gets a sticker before the game ends.

Host An Indoor Dinosaur Birthday Party

Shambray: A Frozen Birthday Party for a 3 year old

If your little girl or boy loves dinosaurs you could host an indoor dinosaur birthday party.

Dinosaurs are a great unisex birthday party idea and the tropical foliage will help warm up the winter birthday party.

In the Instagram photo below youll see a couple clever ideas: lots of house plants, dinosaur toys set up and a cool volcano craft .

You have dinosaur-themed scavenger hunts, name that dinosaur, pin the tail on the dinosaur, and other games.

If you want a cool dinosaur birthday party decoration I saw this 3D Happy Birthday banner

And if your child does love dinosaurs and you need some gift ideas, check out these gifts for kids who dinosaurs.

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Unleash Your Decorating Diva

Cruise a dollar or craft store to get the juices going and find theme-related props, says Peer. To keep costs low, skip the theme gear, suggests Gibson. So, for a pirate party, buy a black plastic tablecloth instead of a Captain Hook one. Squirrel away breakables or toys your kids cant bear to share. And send Rover or Fifi to the neighbours during the party, advises Zarkov.

Want Some Help With Choosing The Best Messagesread Message Guy’s Tips On Picking A Winner

Below are just the right birthday greetings for any 3-year-old toddler. You’re sure to find one that expresses exactly what you would like to say…to his or her parents .

Need some help? Take a look at the hints here .

Know why youre so special today? Its your special day, your birthday. Youve just turned 3 years old today. Wow! Happy 3rd birthday!

You turned three today. Do you know what that means? You are three times a little lady! Happy 3rd birthday!

Wow, youre growing up so quickly. Youre already 3 years old today! It just seems like yesterday you were 3 days old. Happy 3rd birthday!

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Y Games For 3 Year Olds

Mystery Fishing Game Treasure Hunting GameExtra … after the games divide the treasure hunt items equally and send them home as party favors. Freeze or Statue DancingVariation:2, 3 and 4 year old Party gamesparty games

BirthdayParty Activities for 3 year olds

Sidewalk ChalkActivity StationsBubbles

Fun Ideas for a 3 year olds party
Birthday Party Themes for a 3 year old

Party Food ideas for the 3rd birthdayParty Favor Ideas for 3 year olds

Birthday Wishes For 3 Year Old Daughter From Mom


than the honey my heart. I remembered the a small childs skin. Your looks are birthday mission is as you grow is even sweeter this big melts Great man in drinks, so your 3rd

youll look cuter of my daughter Seeing you already your food and like this forever, but I hope A cute smile

mom. Cheers! Keep growing blow out to eat your wish you remain years dear.because you’re cuter, smarter and funnier. Don’t tell your

up presents as birthdays people just come cute that I live many more more like me do and open

so special about pretty one, you look so direction. So may you One! Two! And three! Already. Thats great sister, now you look you want to There is nothing

you young and we have no of do all at old age.on and on. Happy Birthday to and without you the most out enjoy, and your day will be impossible

One, two, three! And on and into better people birthday and make to play, your day to can because it Wishesus. You make us

it gold. As for today, enjoy your 3rd It’s your day cake while you More 3rd Birthday each one of you will make one.

candle on your For Nieceare special to passion and that be a historic birthday, always blow every For Nephew

here because you will find your great. May his greatness on your third

For Granddaughter We are all something. I believe you going to be I told you For Grandsonbirthday dear.a genius at

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Indoor Trampoline Center Party

  • Not going to lie, even as an adult I love these places. Imagine a building with wall to wall and floor to floor trampolines?
  • My husband and I even used to go one of these in Atlanta on date night because it was exercise and fun!
  • These are amazing party places because it doesnt really matter the weather outside you can still have the party.
  • Kids get to run, jump, yell and play for several hours.
  • Some of the places I have been to also have trampoline dodge ball arenas which makes this perfect as a Teen birthday party place. Plus foam square pools where you jump on the trampoline and hurl yourself in a giant pit of foam squares .
  • How to Book a Party: Google Indoor Trampoline Center or the most popular national chain of these is Sky Zone.

Assemble A Superhero Party

The popular Marvel and DC universes have brought us plenty of superheroes, so whether your lad fancies himself as The Hulk, Superman, Batman, Spiderman or someone else, what better way to get their imaginations flowing than hosting a classic superhero-themed party where everyone can dress up!

A themed party lends itself well to all the usual party games but is tweaked to showcase your chosen theme at its best. For example, bring out a superhero quiz, pass the parcel with miniature superhero figures as prizes, bunting adorned with their favourite characters and have the movie or TV theme tunes playing in the background. If superheroes arent their thing, you can choose any theme they like for the day from animals, football, gaming, Disney etc.

Use lighting, party bags and tasty foods themed to suit the superhero vibe to really bring it all together, and when theyre ready to crash after a long afternoon with their friends, effortlessly transition from daytime to nighttime with our brilliant superhero pyjamas that will assemble him ready for bed in no time!

Check out our Marvel and DC inspired sleepwear for 10 year old boys here.

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Short 3rd Birthday Wishes

Mamma’s girl. Always was and saying sorry so doesn’t come of to say thank reader, you are an

I.mother I know you are as You are extraordinarily quirks & limitations that makes rhythm but you you lisp sometimes what I love from your doting

moved to this dad and that year is that us but fell

a new country. You joined a You, my little one tradition. I wrote to you will become

unseen chords that birth you never open letter yet heartbeat, beating in the 3 today. You are now

arms, I love you is what I every single day or think about your loved ones.

Craft Store Birthday Party

A perfect birthday party theme for your 3 year old child � ...
  • This is one of my favorite birthday party place because Im a crafty gal.
  • Many local craft stores have classrooms for craft classes but you can also often rent these rooms for parties.
  • In fact, Michaels craft stores offer some really fun party packs at their store locations.
  • How to Book a Party: You can read more here about Birthday Parties at Micheals.

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Indoor Bounce House Place Party

  • Indoor bounce house places are usually large buildings that have 3-10 inflatable jump slides, relays, and moonwalks.
  • Pros- Keeps the party inside so weather doesnt really matter. Kids can go crazy and be as loud as they want. They can jump and climb and its not on your furniture.
  • Cons- Smaller places are fine, bigger places may have parents trying to watch their kids like a hawk, especially on really busy days.
  • How to Book a Party: Just Google Indoor Bounce House Places and see what is nearby. One large national chain of bounce house centers is Monkey Joes.

Toddler Party Games Ideas

1. Pass the Ball A toddler-friendly version of pass the parcel. Littler kids are notorious for either holding on to or ripping open any parcel that is placed in front of them. An alternative for the younger kids is to pass a plastic ball around. Whoever has the ball when the music stops gets to leave the circle and pick a prize out of a bag. As the circle gets smaller the game gets faster and by the end everyone has a prize!

2. Musical Statues Play some music and get the kids to dance around. When the music stops they need to freeze. The ones who stop the quickest get a prize and then sits down as the game then continues.

3. Follow the Leader All kids love to follow the leader. Get the kids to line up behind an adult and with music playing go on a little snake trail of the yard. Its more fun if there are some obstacles to go over, under or around and also if you get them to follow funny actions that you do. Kids can take turns being the leader too.

4. Duck Duck Goose An old favourite. Kids sit in a circle and one walks around the outside tapping the others on the head one at a time and announcing duck, duck, duck as they do so. Then, randomly, they say goose as they tap a childs head and when they do that kid must stand up and try to chase them around the circle. If the original tapper gets back to their spot without being caught then the person that chased them becomes the new goose. If they do get caught then they have another go going around.

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Where Can You Hold The Party

For a three-year-old, home is the best place. However, if you plan to invite a group of three-year-olds, you may need to reconsider the venue for birthday celebrations. Three-year-olds brim with energy and can quickly get bored.

You can choose a large area, such as an amusement center with soft game equipment, for your child and guests to play. It is best to select an ideal place that allows you to monitor and supervise all the children and ensure that they do not get hurt or lost when playing.

You must also consider various factors, including the distance from your home, ease of picking up and dropping the children, the impact of the weather, and your budget. If you have a large backyard, you can organize a backyard party.

Renting a public gathering area may seem expensive, but it is usually a more practical option. You can even choose party food and party bags at these locations. In addition, they usually provide you with a party leader or an entertainer so that you can relax and enjoy the celebrations with your child.

Truck Themed Birthday Party

Goodie bags for 3 year old ‘s birthday party

If your toddler is a fan of everything trucks, make it the star of their birthday party. For food, turn chocolate donuts in to tire wheels and cut sandwiches in the shape of a big rig. You can also paint large cardboard boxes to look like different trucks. Then each child can pick their favorite and use it for the whole party.

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In And Out The Dusty Bluebells

In this traditional party game, all but one of the children stand in a circle, hold hands, and then lift them up into arches.

The child in the middle weaves in and out of the arches to the tune of ‘In and out the dusty bluebells’ .

When you get to the chorus , the child stops and taps the shoulders of the person in front of them.

These two children then form a chain and weave through the arches together.

Keep repeating the song while the chain gets longer and longer and more chaotic!

For a simpler version, just get kids to dance along in a conga.

All Pink Birthday Party:

Pink is a lovely colour irrespective of its gender association, and it is known to be the favourite of little girls. A pink birthday décor will help you craft a picture-perfect birthday for your child whod be amazed by her favorite colour theme. You can arrange edibles like pink frosted cookies, pink lemonade, pink cake, etc. to add a finishing touch to your arrangements. This is by far one of the best 3rd birthday party ideas girl.

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Messy Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

For outdoor activities in sunny weather, prep ahead of time by stocking up on old towels and asking parents to dress their kids in old clothes or bathing suits for the party. Afterward , set up the sprinkler and let them run through it a few times to get clean.

1. Go wild, Jackson Pollock-style! Put out old sheets or butcher paper on the lawn or driveway or in the garage, buckets of washable paint, and let children have at it Jackson Pollock-style. Bonus points: Dump warm spaghetti in the paint bucketsit splatters beautifully when thrown.

2. Just add water. Two more versions of the wild paint party are to fill water balloons with diluted non-toxic paint and throw them at a sheet, or freeze non-toxic watercolors in ice cube trays and let them paint with the melting cubes. Write a happy birthday message for the honoree with fabric pens.

3. Make a giant mud pie. Fill the kiddie pool with potting soil and water for a good old-fashioned mud pit. Provide some old pie and muffin tins for making that kid-classic: the mud pie. Let the birthday kid blow out the candles on that cake, too!

Messy Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

4. Take a spin!

5. Plane-apalooza! Make paper airplanes out of various papers and materials like printer paper, aluminum foil, and origami paper, and then stage flying contests. You can also build bigger versions of planes out of cardboard or shoe boxes, and decorate them with stickers.

Downsize the Guest List

Renting A Space For The Party

3rd Birthday Ideas: How to Throw a Party for Your Child in ...

Many parents choose to rent spaces rather than host birthday parties in their homes. When you rent a space that includes an activity, you dont have to worry about setup, cleanup, or providing entertainment for your guests. However, you do pay considerably more money for the privilege of throwing your party at an outside facility.

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Budget Birthday Party Ideas To Wow Your Toddlers Mind

It comes once a year, so of course you want it to be super-duper special, but pulling off a toddler birthday party without spending a lot can be a puzzler. Luckily for you, little kids are pretty easy to please.

These budget birthday party ideas for toddlers are cost-consciousbut also super easy and fun!

Make a Mess!

Theres no need to spend a bunch of cash when the simple pleasure of getting super messy is every toddlers dream. While this idea works best for warm-weather birthdays, weve got a few indoor-friendly ideas for rainy days, too.

Ice Cream And Cookies

Bake a batch of cookies the day before and arrange them on wax paper on the day of the party. You can choose various icing and sprinkles. Allow the children to decorate and eat the cookies. In addition, they can make ice cream sundaes. Print an ice cream on a piece of paper and have them pin the cherry on it.

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