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Places For 1 Year Old Birthday

What Do 1 Year Olds Like To Do

Decorating for Everly’s 1 Year Old Birthday Party

One year olds are on the hunt for fun! They are much more mobile now and have a thirst for knowledge.

They want to touch, smell, eat, and see everything! As their parent/guardian you are their teacher, so finding engaging activities to help them learn is essential.

No need to feel the pressure though!

At twelve months and older, toddlers can be amused with almost anything with a little creativity.A grocery store trip can be just as educational as a museum.

Read on for places to go with a 1 year old that are fun for the whole family.

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Discover Unique Birthday Party Places For Kids Around Maryland And Washington Dc

Have you been looking for unique birthday party places to celebrate a kids birthday in the Maryland or Washington DC area? At Pirate Adventures we provide a unique birthday party place to host an incredible pirate party. We talk to a lot of parents that are looking birthday party ideas that will wow their guests and make it easy to plan a party outside of the house. We know that not everyone is looking for a pirate themed party and thought we would lend a hand in the party planning process. Weve compiled a list of 10 unique birthday party places for kids that we have found in the Maryland and Washington DC area including Pirate Adventures of course!

Dinner Experiences In Orange County That Are Perfect For Birthday Parties

Medieval Times | Buena Park – Price starts at $36.95 per child and $63.95 per adult + $7 per person for birthday extras. Includes: dinner and show, birthday announcement during the show. Upgrades available.

Pirates Dinner Adventures | Buena Park – Price starts at $36.95 per child and $64.95 per adult . Includes: dinner, show, birthday announcement, fees and gratuity.

Chuck E. Cheese’s | Locations across Orange County – Price starts at $19.99 per guest. Includes: pizza, tokens, soda, paper goods and more. Upgrades available.

Goofy’s Kitchen | Anaheim – Prices range from $35 – $59.99 per guest. Includes: meal and character entertainment. Located at the Disneyland Hotel.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast | Anaheim – Price is $125 per guest. Dreams come true at Napa Rose restaurant inside Disneys Grand Californian Hotel. Youll be served a magical three-course breakfast. Disney Princesses are waiting to greet you, take a photo on a beautiful private patio, one-of-a-kind Princess-themed activities, storytime with Belle and learn warrior poses with Mulan. Special keepsake included!

Please Note:each of these facilities has different rules and regulations regarding food, drinks, decorations, etc. please read descriptions and contract carefully when planning your party.

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Should You Have Alcohol For A First Birthday Party

Alcohol is a tricky topic, and discretion is definitely advised when it comes to making the call. We doubt your guests will expect a fully stocked wine bar or a fridge full of beers, but a glass of prosecco or some non-alcoholic cocktails could be a nice way to toast the special occasion without overdoing it.

Michael says, Im always of the mindset that a childrens party should be for children. If youre doing alcohol then the grown-ups will no doubt really appreciate this although I really dont think they expect it.

Trampoline House Birthday Party Places In Orange County


Get Air Surf City | Huntington Beach – Price starts at for 10 guests. Includes: jumping for 1-¼ hours, 45 min. party room, pizza and soda, party host, paper goods, birthday shirt for birthday child.

Big Air | Buena Park – Price starts at $299 for 11 guests. Includes: Jumping for 1 hour, 1 hour party table, pizza and soda, party host, paper goods, birthday gift for birthday child.

Big Air | Laguna Hills – Price starts at $310 for 11 guests. Includes: Includes: Jumping for 1 hour, 1 hour party table, pizza and soda, party host, paper goods, birthday gift for birthday child.

Rockin’ Jump | Santa Ana – Price starts at $289 for 10 guests. Includes: 2 Pizzas, 2 Pitchers of soda, 60 Minutes of Jump Time, and 45 Minutes in Party Room.

Sky Zone | Anaheim Hills – Price starts at $28 per jumper. Includes: jumping for 1 hour, 2 pizzas and soda, party host, paper goods, birthday gift for birthday child. // Anaheim Hills

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Christmas Traditions To Try With Your Family This Year

He added, Kids like taking their time to enjoy things. Overloading the kids with too much in one short window often leads to them not enjoying anything at all, especially if there are too many things competing for the attention at once. Its far better to pick one or 2 things that they can enjoy separately so they can really soak it in and enjoy it.

Planning The Perfect Party

Most places meant for birthday celebrations have party packages and a private party room especially designed for hyped-up children. And most of them stick to a one- or two-hour party timeframe, keeping kids from experiencing boredom. Be sure to get all of the information upfront so you know whats included. Do you need to bring paper products? Is all the food part of the package? Will goody bags be provided?

Having the answers before you head to the party will help you stay organized and actually enjoy yourself. No matter where you have your childs party, there will be smiles all around, simply because you were prepared for the celebration.

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Ideas For Birthday Party Novices

In the toddler years, parties are mostly about gathering with family at your home and enjoying some food and drinks, while your birthday boy or girl tears into wrapping paper. But once your child gets to the school-age rangearound 5 years oldbirthday parties seem to take on a whole new level of importance.

So, how do you manage a class full of kindergarteners that has more energy than you know what to do with? Find a place that will provide supervised, age-appropriate entertainment, while making your kids birthday party the talk of the town.

5-year-old birthday party places

A gymnastics facility such as The Little Gym is the perfect option for this age group. The kids can run, jump, and tumble until its time for cake and ice cream. Finding a local petting zoo is another way to give party guests an opportunity to be hands-on with nature and animals.

You cant go wrong with a bounce house party, either. There are even facilities opening all around the country specifically for this purpose, so you dont have to rent one in your backyard. Finally, kids love to show off their latest stuffed animal. Heading home with their very own from a Build-a-Bear birthday party with have them snuggling for days.

Laser tag, rock climbing, mini-golf, painting or pottery class Kids are active, being creative, and building confidence

St Birthday Party Ideas: Costumes


A one-year-old wont really appreciate fancy dress, but they will look cute and provide some great photo opportunities you can look back on for years to come. If you want to get really into a fancy dress theme, you can buy all sorts of costumes for babies such as animals, superheroes, fairies to suit any theme. John Lewis and have great, affordable options.

If youre trying to keep costs down or just arent that keen on fancy dress, a few party hats will make for some nice pictures on the big day.

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Gymboree Play & Music Of Greenville

Gymboree offers a unique indoor play space perfect for even the youngest kids. In fact, they offer a special 1st birthday party in addition to their other parties for kids up to age 5! All packages include exclusive use of the play space and a trained Gymboree teacher.

980 Batesville Road864.288.1774

Do You Make Or Buy A Cake

An important part of the party is, of course, the cake. While your baby will probably get more on the floor than in their mouth, you will remember your babys first cake forever. Its likely that older guests will get more out of the cake than your little one, but its always nice to get a showstopper thats impossible to forget.

Its entirely up to you whether you make the cake yourself, or hire a professional or pick one up from the supermarket. But whatever you choose, theres plenty of options out there to make your babys first birthday a special one. Check out this roundup of the most amazing first birthday cakes weve ever seen. They wont be easy to replicate but theyre sure to impress if you can manage one!

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The Childrens Museum Of The Upstate

The Childrens Museum of the Upstate is one of the largest birthday party venues in Greenville. Birthday parties include private rooms, refreshments, fun-themed activities,a host, and all-day admission to the museum included for you and your guests. Dont miss our review. Prices start at $170 .

300 College Street864.233.7755

Cable Wakeboarding Birthday Parties

Where The Wild Things are table setup

RixenNZ CableWake Park is the perfect place for kids to learn to wakeboard with their friends and celebrate their birthday. The two tower system with speed control is easy to take off and pickup young riders that may struggle to learn behind a boat. Most kids are up and riding and making the corners by the end of the birthday party. All safety and riding gear is supplied along with expert tuition. Paddle boards are also available to cruise the safe shallow lagoon. Gazebos, BBQs and a fridge are available on site for you to bring your own party food.

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St Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations And Themes

A 1st birthday party is such a special time in any parents life, and youll no doubt want to commemorate this occasion by taking lots of pictures. There are lots of things you can do to get your party Instagram ready, so you can easily look back on your childs birthday.

Weve put together some helpful tips to help you prepare.

  • Clear a space in your living room or garden for the partys main setting, make sure its baby-proofed!
  • Put down a selection of mats, cushions or other soft furnishings for little ones to play on and ensure theyre safe and comfortable.
  • A themed buffet area with paper plates and other cute decorations will brighten up the space without you needing to spend too much time on it.
  • Cute pictures of your baby will go down well with friends and relatives and can complement the other decorations you decided to go for.
  • You can bulk out the decorations with balloons, bunting or paper chains especially if its popular cartoon characters or a familiar animal that your baby loves. But these should be placed out of reach, to prevent them from bursting and scaring your little one.

There are all sorts of popular themes for kids parties out there, with decorations to suit just about any taste. You might want to go for superheroes, princesses, pirates, dinosaurs the possibilities really are endless! Or, you could opt for a colourful theme, like bright and sparkly or spots and stripes.

Recap Of Simple First Birthday Ideas For A Girl Or Boy

  • Visit animals on your babys first birthday
  • Paint a picture for the first birthday
  • Celebrate at the park or beach
  • Have a special birthday meal
  • Go on a birthday vacation
  • Have a 1 year old birthday photo session
  • Have simple baby birthday decorations
  • Have a first birthday celebration at home
  • Go camping
  • Go to a local event
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Go to a childrens museum
  • Visit a farm
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    Places To Host A First Birthday Party Near Philadelphia

    The day is here: Your Philly baby is turning 1, and it’s time for a kids’ birthday party.

    Family and friends are excited to celebrate this child who has grown and developed so much over 12 months. Your baby might even be walking by now, and it’s a great time to get together, eat cake, and have fun. Celebrate this significant milestone for both parents and their little ones with these extra special kids’ birthday party spots in and near Philadelphia.

    For more birthday party ideas, be sure to browse through our Birthday Party Guide for Philly kids.

    If you are looking to celebrate this first birthday, you can always opt for a great family-friendly dining spot such as those mentioned in our recently updated kid-friendly outdoor dining post. But if you are looking for a traditional birthday experience, we’ve rounded up some great places in the area to host a first birthday party for your growing little bean.

    Ride the carousel during a kids’ party at Franklin Square. Photo by Jeff Fusco courtesy Visit Philly

    St Birthday Party Ideas: Invites


    Before you consider anything else, you need to think about who you want to invite to your childs birthday party. This will influence everything else, including what food and drink to buy and prepare, and what kind of entertainment or games youll want to organise. In this section, we take a look at how to write a guest list, invite ideas, and how to deal with any awkwardness if you need to limit the number of people coming to your childs birthday.

    When it comes to a 1st birthday celebration, its best to limit the number of people you invite. Your baby might get overwhelmed with the sheer number of strange faces and therell be even more for you to do on the big day. You might want to limit the party to close friends and family only, so the baby is familiar with everyone in the room and theres not too much going on. *Guests could obviously include grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and a few baby friends from any playgroups and NCT classes.

    Limiting numbers does come with the risk of upsetting people, and whilst its hard to avoid, a party planner recommends getting around this by inviting people face-to-face instead of online to keep things more low-key. Michael Rossini from Froggle Parties says, You can never fully avoid upsetting someone, but you do much more damage control by inviting people face to face.

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    Our Birthday Bash Time Slots Fill Up Fast Be Sure To Secure Your Reservation By Booking In Advance

    Birthday Bash FAQs

    If, on the day of the party, your child guests exceed the number included in the package you purchased, you will be charged an additional fee.

    Any child in attendance that is not held in a Baby Bjorn , a car seat or a stroller is counted as a party guest.

    Absolutely. Any child can attend a Romp n’ Roll party regardless of age providing s/he plays safely. Please note that we reserve the right to ask any child playing unsafely to discontinue play.

    Thirteen days prior to your scheduled birthday party, we will send you a survey in which you will confirm the details of your party, including the estimate of the number of children attending. If, in the last week before the party, you suspect that your party will exceed the number of children your package provides, please call as soon as possible so that we may provide an additional staff member if needed and/or adjust your charges accordingly. There is an additional charge for each additional child over the maximum that your party package provides. Please contact us to learn more.

    • Romp n’ Roll may be hosting a party before yours, so please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your party. In the event that you arrive late for your party, it will still end at the scheduled time.
    • Romp n’ Roll may be hosting a party after yours, so please ensure that your party departs from the facility within 15 minutes of the scheduled end time so that the staff may clean up and/or prepare for the next party.

    Tip: Dont Be Afraid Of Budget

    If you are on a budget and you dont want to have to drain your bank account for birthday partythen dont! Simply opt for budget-friendly options that run the gamut from a few dollars a head to completely free of charge.

    Budget friendly options dont have to be boring, either: there are plenty of fun and exciting budget friendly options that will leave guests talking about the party for ages to come.

    Remember: throwing the best kids birthday party in Las Vegas is about so much more than the venue or location of the party. Its all about having fun and making sure your kid has the time of their life!

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    Have A First Birthday Celebration At Home

    Staying at home to celebrate a first birthday can be simple and easy.

    How do you celebrate a first birthday at home?

    You could order some food in or cook a meal. Maybe even invite a few relatives so its not a party, but an informal get together where youre also celebrating your babys first birthday.

    Put on a playlist from your phone.

    You can get for your playlist. This gives you unlimited access to 50 million songs without ads. You can cancel it before the 30 days is up if you dont want to pay for the subscription.

    You could also set up a ball pit to make it a bit more special for your baby.

    This ball pit comes with a basketball net. Theres also a foldable storage bag.

    Youll have to buy the balls separately.

    If you have or are already planning on getting a baby swimming pool, you could also just fill it with balls.

    Escape Room Kids Parties At Escape Hq

    Managing Our Quiver: Andrew

    495 Lake Road, Takapuna, North Shore, North Auckland map

    Escape HQ offers an unforgettable escape room experience that kids talk about long after they escape! Escape HQ can do all the organising for you, including sorting teams, food , goodie bags, dress up photos and clean up. The birthday person plays FREE with party groups of 10 or more. Teams have 60 minutes working together to discover clues, solve puzzles and escape! Continue the party in your Private Party Room! 8 years +

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