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Cheesecake Factory Birthday Cake Order

Cheesecake Factory Cake Designs

Birthday Cake Cheesecake Bars (THE BEST!)

Most of the Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes come with a design already built into the cake. They are adorned with different cookies, chips, shavings, nuts, and so on. In short, they look rather sophisticated. They do not have the same decorations a typical bakery would.

Some Cheesecake Factory storefronts will write words like Happy Birthday on a cake if there is room to do so. However, in most cases, the design is left to stand alone, as the company has intended from the very beginning.

You can browse through the Cheesecake Factory menu to find the prices and designs that they offer. On their official website, you can also place an order.

I Tried Every Single Cheesecake At The Cheesecake Factory

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Fried Soft Shell Crab Cheese Sandwich – Ms Cook…
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From Joan’s Kitchen – Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

Best: Farm Fresh Eggs With English Muffin And Sliced Tomatoes

“Building your own breakfast is definitely the way to go at Cheesecake Factory,” says registered dietitian Jenn Fillenworth, MS, RD. Most brunch items will set you back well over 1,000 calories, she explains, so choosing fresh eggs, an English muffin, and sliced tomatoes is a great way to get protein, carbohydrates, and a serving of vegetables.

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The Whole Cheesecakes Are Served Deeply Chilled And Can Be Defrosted Asap Or Stashed In The Freezer To Save For Later

You know The Cheesecake Factory for their massive, exquisite menu that includes everything from salad and steak to 34 different flavors of cheesecake. However, there is one major problem with The Cheesecake Factorys menu, and I think weve all encountered it. How are we only supposed to eat only one slice of cheesecake?

Without question, cheesecake is my favorite dessert of all time. Its been a part of every family gathering that I can remember since I was born. You can understand my excitement when I found out that I could buy a WHOLE Cheesecake Factory cheesecake straight from the restaurant. Thats rightan entire cheesecake! I think I might faint.

How To Prevent Cheesecake From Cracking

10 surprising flavors you didn

Cracked cheesecake tops can seem impossible to prevent, but its actually super easy to get that smooth, crack-free top on your birthday cake cheesecake with just a few simple steps!

  • Dont overbeat the eggs: If you beat air into the eggs they can cause bubbles and cracks in your cheesecake. Our advice? Beat the cream cheese, sour cream, and sugar until its super creamy and then only mix in the eggs until just combined!
  • Bake the cheesecake at a low temperature with added water: Fill a 9 x 13 inch pan with water and place it on the bottom rack of the oven while the cheesecake bakes. This will create a steamy, humid environment for the cheesecake, which prevents any cracking!
  • Leave the cheesecake in the oven after baking: Big changes in temperature = cracks. After the cheesecake is done baking, turn off the oven and open the door. Leave the cheesecake in the oven for an hour to come to room temperature slowly!

This festive, fun and easy birthday cake cheesecake is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.

But who really needs a birthday to celebrate? Not me, thats who.

Make this easy birthday cheesecake recipe any day of the year for the ultimate everyday treat!

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Best For Hippies: High Society Cheesecake

High Society Cheesecake

  • Availability: Mondays

High Society has a number of delightful cheesecake flavors but their tie-dye cheesecake, an orange and honey colorful concoction is the ideal cheesecake for the hippie, deadhead or flower child.

  • Tie-dye cheesecake is visually stunning

  • Wide selection of flavors

  • Sampler cheesecakes and mini cheesecakes options

  • Not sold by the slice mini cake and whole cake only

  • Only ships on Mondays

  • Shipping is expensive

Founded in 2006, High Society Cheesecake came from founder Marcus Morris’ work spent perfecting his cheesecake recipe for nearly two years. With his Nebraska-based business, Morris’s efforts have since been rewarded with reliable customer reviews and distribution through many local markets.

High Society Cheesecake has a stunning selection, but its Tie Dye cheesecake is truly a work of art. Whether you want to remind the aging hippie in your life of their flower child days or wow your friends at your next croquet garden party, the Tie Dye cheesecake will be a beautiful addition. We just couldn’t leave this cheesecake off the list.

Like Chico’s Unicorn Birthday Cheesecake, we’ve never seen anything quite like it. Rainbow-colored and flavored with orange and honey, every bite is like frolicking through a Peter Max painting. If the Tie Dye cheesecake isn’t right for you, there are more standard flavors such as Turtle, Oreo, and Coconut Cream.

But Wait This Is Not Just Any Cheesecake Recipe

Its Birthday Cake Cheesecake which happens to be an exact rip off copy cat of the famous Cheesecake Factory Birthday Cake Cheesecake!

First of all when I saw this come through my feed I was like Awwwwe hell to the no! I am so making this right now!

Of course every stitch of it is veganized from the start to the sprinkles so naturally this is already better than the one at the Cheesecake Factory!

If you know anything about my vegan cheesecake recipes you already know this is going to be a hands down win!

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The Cheesecake Factory Bakery


    The Cheesecake Factory Bakery® is a global brand dedicated to creating premium, indulgent cheesecakes, layer cakes and specialty items for leading edge foodservice operators, as well as for retail and grocery. The Cheesecake Factory Bakery® is a place where delicate flavors, classic techniques and whimsical imagination come together to create some of the most innovative and irresistible desserts in the world.

    Every dessert creation in The Cheesecake Factory Bakery® line is made by the same creative talent behind the incomparably successful desserts that are sold in The Cheesecake Factory® restaurants worldwide.

    We have inherited a tradition of excellence that began in 1972 with our founders, Oscar and Evelyn Overton. Their values formed the cornerstone of our culture and continue to define the character and nature of our company today. We have established a reputation for quality and consistency that are ingrained in our culture, giving our guests an exceptional experience every time.

    Contact us to see how we can help you delight your customers!

  • The Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake Delivery

    The Cheesecake Factory || My Birthday Celebration || Fettuccine Alfredo || Banana Cream Cheesecake

    Shop The Cheesecake Factory® cheesecakes online at Harry & David and choose your favorite from among those available for The Cheesecake Factory® shipping. Both The Cheesecake Factory® and Harry& David are truly great American success stories, so it’s natural that we’ve teamed up to provide cheesecake delivery of their exquisite desserts as part of our gourmet food offerings for your cheesecake online order. A selection of The Cheesecake Factory® classic cheesecakes is now available online exclusively from Harry & David for delivery, because getting delicious cheesecake gifts delivered right to your door sounds wonderful to us.

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    The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant In Yorkdale Shopping Centre

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    I made a OFFICE SPACE quotes remix at Panera Bread -…
    Fried Soft Shell Crab Cheese Sandwich – Ms Cook…
    Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food | 2018
    From Joan’s Kitchen – Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

    Best For Birthdays: Chico’s Cheesecakes

    Chico’s Cheesecakes

    • $30 + additional fee for shipping
    • Est. Shipping Time: Up to 1 week
    • Availability: Monday through Wednesday

    Chicos Cheesecakes is automatically Instagram fodder with its unicorn birthday cake cheesecake, but its other options such as cheesecake jars, cheesecake cupcakes, and cheesecakes in pie tins are equally appealing.

    • Unicorn birthday cake cheesecake is whimsical and eye catching

    • Fun cheesecake in jar options

    • Lots of cheesecake flavors

    • Full sized cheesecakes are in pie tins not straight-sided

    • Cheesecakes look more homestyle baked

    • Orders placed after Wednesday will be processed the next week

    Chico’s Cheesecakes is a family business with a family recipe. In this family, it seems the love language is cheesecake.

    Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Chico’s Cheesecakes is named in honor of the founder’s grandfather, Maurice “Chico” Harrell. Chico’s jar cheesecakes are spectacular. Take a look at the Unicorn Birthday Cake Cheesecake, and you’ll understand why. Indeed, any person celebrating and receiving this cheesecake will feel loved, honored, and appreciated.

    Besides the Unicorn, Chico’s offers many flavors of jars, cheesecake cupcakes, and specialty cheesecakes. Chico’s more unique flavors include Caramel Pecan, Raspberry Oreo, and Apple Pie Crumble.

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    How To Order A Cheesecake

    You can order them online, right now, straight from Cheesecake Factorys website. Prices vary based on size and flavor, but you can snag a 6-inch Original Cheesecake for around $20. If youre more into chocolate, grab a 7-inch Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake for just under $32. Like I said, shuffle through the various options and pick the best dessert for you.

    Enjoy your delectable dessert and remember to stay safe this holiday season!

    My Vegan Cheesecake Recipe Is So Incredibly Easy Because All You Do Is Throw Everything Into A Food Processor And Whiz It Up

    Cheesecake Factory Cakes Prices, Models &  How to Order ...

    So in order to get right up in the grill of the ol Cheesecake Factory with some vegan smack talk

    We start with the three distinct layers of cheesecake along with my recent Truly White Vegan White Cake Recipe loaded up with confetti sprinkles baked right in!

    Vegan Cream Cheese Icing between the layers and for the icing and well,

    What more can I say?

    Singing: Anything you can do I can do vegan!

    Take that Cheesecake Factory!

    If you watch the YouTube video tutorial for how I made this cake you will see that it is all really easy to do!

    The only thing I would do differently the next time is assemble this cake in a ring mold.

    I usually do that for all of my super tall, multiple layered cakes

    But this time I thought I could just stack it up as usual

    However all the soft cheesecake layers and buttercream started to get a little bit slippery and sliding!

    As you will see if you watch the YouTube video tutorial ~ my chocolate cheesecake layer broke into a few pieces as I was building the cake!

    Yep, disaster all caught on video!

    With just three recipes and a day ahead of prep time, you will see it is really quite simple to do after all!

    The cake can be baked days in advance and either frozen or refrigerated until needed just wrap airtight so they dont dry out!

    *not sponsored

    Notes for Success:

    • For those who want extra stability for this cake I would recommend all buttercream as the icing and filling rather than all cream cheese icing as I used.

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    New York Cheesecake Birthday Pack

    Celebrate A Special Birthday for someone important! New York Cheescake Birthday Package, And you thought New York was only famous for Broadway. Ferraras New York cheesecake a dreamy, creamy combination of the buttery crumbly graham cracker crust, cream cheese, sour cream and natural flavors is certainly a show stopper. Its lush and velvety, with a subtle hint of tartness that cheesecake lovers expect.

    With secret recipes that span three centuries, this fifth generation family-owned bakery continues to handcraft Italian desserts from the same location in NYCs Little Italy since 1892.

    Best Cheesecake Sandwich: Grandma’s Cheesecake Sandwiches

    Grandma’s Cheesecake Sandwiches

    • Est. Shipping Time: 2 days
    • Availability: Monday through Wednesday

    Riffing on the idea of an ice cream sandwich, Grandmas Cheesecake Sandwiches come in a variety of creamy cheesecake flavors, all nestled between two soft-baked cookie wafers.

    • Can be eaten frozen or chilled

    • Multiple flavor options

    • Only available as a sandwich, not a traditional cheesecake

    • Individually handmade, so sandwiches can be inconsistent in size

    • Expensive

    Growing up, Lisa Cotoggio was inspired by her grandmother Raphaella’s signature cheesecakes. Years later, Lisa founded a business to share Raphaella’s legacy with the world and added her own unique twist. That’s how the cheesecake sandwich was born.

    Raphaella has since passed away, but her cheesecakes live on at Grandma’s Cheesecake Sandwiches.

    Grandma’s makes more than 20 flavors of Cheesecake Sandwiches, including blueberry, butterscotch, chocolate eclair, salted caramel, and rainbow cookie crumble. Each sandwich is handcrafted, so no two are exactly the same.

    You must order a minimum of eight sandwiches, and each one costs about $10. Grandma’s ships the sandwiches frozen and packed in dry ice via FedEx overnight, which is priceybut worth it when they arrive.

    Store them for up to a year in the freezer or seven to 10 days in the refrigerator.

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    Cheesecake Factory Wedding Cakes

    No wedding is complete without a cake. Some people might opt for a cheesecake as their wedding cake, and there are plenty of options to pick from at Cheesecake Factory. All of their cakes are high class and will look sophisticated at any wedding.

    They generally cannot be redesigned outside of their normal design templates, but placing a few of these cakes together on a tier system will make for an elegant look. All they need is a sophisticated cake topper to set the entire design off right. As explained, Cheesecake Factory cakes prices do not vary, so wedding designs are not a factor in cost. For a classic wedding look, go for the Original cheesecake design and flavor.

    Our Storys Humble Beginning

    Birthday cake cheesecake

    Our world-famous cheesecakes started from a newspaper recipe in a basement kitchen.

    The Cheesecake Factory story begins in Detroit, Michigan in the 1940s. Evelyn Overton found a recipe in the local newspaper that would inspire her Original Cheesecake. Everyone loved her recipe so much that she decided to open a small Cheesecake shop, but she eventually gave up her dream of owning her own business in order to raise her two small children, David and Renee. She moved her baking equipment to a kitchen in her basement and continued to supply cakes to several of the best restaurants in town while raising her family. Read More…

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    Cheesecake Factory Cakes Prices Designs And Ordering Process

    by | Sep 28, 2018 | A F Cake Manufacturers |

    The Cheesecake Factory has become world-renowned for their cheesecakes. They do offer decoration options for the cheesecakes, but not much can be done outside of the accents that are already included as part of the original design. Cheesecake Factory cake prices range anywhere from $7.95 a slice to $59.95 for a 10-inch cheesecake. In this article, we present the exact prices for Cheesecake Factory cakes, as well as talk about their designs and the ordering process.

    Worst: Skinnylicious Asian Chicken Salad

    “At first glance, this salad looks like a perfectly reasonable choice until your eyes hit the 2,720 milligrams of sodium,” Fillenworth says. According to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, its recommend that Americans consume less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, she advises. Talk about one of the worst “lighter fare” menu items.

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    Cheesecake Factory Birthday Cakes

    Almost any cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory will make for a great birthday present. Cheesecake Factory cakes prices are a little bit more affordable compared to other bakeries. The prices mentioned above are the basic prices given by Cheesecake Factory for their cakes, but an extra charge might be added onto the cakes price for writing on it.

    Some of their stores only sell their original designs, accepting no other additions. Special requests are not accepted in these stores. The cake can be shipped to a persons home if it is ordered online, but if one is ordered in a store, then it needs to be picked up from that store in person. Typical birthday cake designs include the Oreo cheesecake or the Dulce De Leche Caramel one.

    Tips For Making Birthday Cheesecake:

    Cheesecake Factory is releasing the only flavor you

    This birthday cheesecake recipe is made in one bowl with just 7 ingredients! In simple desserts, high quality ingredients are SO important. Which is why we use Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It makes a foolproof, velvety, rich cheesecake every single time. Its a no brainer!

    • Make sure ALL ingredients are at true room temperature: I cannot stress how important this is. The Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese, eggs, and sour cream must all be at room temperature in order to beat together into a creamy, clump-free cheesecake.
    • Blind bake the cookie dough crust: Baking the cookie dough before pouring the cheesecake batter over it will give you a crunchy cookie crust, and prevent the cookie dough and cheesecake from dissolving into one another.
    • Dont over bake the cheesecake: The last thing you want is an over baked cheesecake. It turns out rubbery and sad. Only bake the cheesecake until it is just set in the middleabout 55 minutes!

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    What Does Cheesecake Factory Do For Birthdays


    . Also asked, do you get anything free at Cheesecake Factory for your birthday?

    If you celebrate your birthday at The Cheesecake Factory they will give you a FREE Mini Hot Fudge Sundae. Or, if you didn’t save room for dessert, we offer a complimentary birthday sundae with a tiny scoopette of vanilla ice cream, fudge, and top it with a crown of whipped cream, confetti pieces and a candle.

    Likewise, what restaurants give you something for your birthday? If you want to make your special day/month even more special, check out these 24 chain restaurant that offer free food on your birthday.

    • Season’s 52. seasons52.
    • Baskin Robbins. Flickr/bargainmoose.
    • Baja Fresh.

    what do you get on your birthday at Cheesecake Factory?

    The Cheesecake Factory is the perfect place to celebrate your big day! Let the team know it’s your birthday and you‘ll receive a complimentary sundae with a tiny scoopette of vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream, confetti pieces and a candle.

    What places give you things for your birthday?

    Where To Get Free Things On Your Birthday Every Year

    • Free Ice Cream Cone From Ben & Jerry’s. Shutterstock.
    • Free Beauty Products From bareMinerals. Shutterstock.
    • Free Ice Cream Creations From Cold Stone Creamery. Shutterstock.
    • Free Donuts From Krispy Kreme. Shutterstock.
    • Free Movie Rentals From Redbox.
    • Free Lunch From Au Bon Pain.
    • A Free Appetizer Or Dessert From The Olive Garden.

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