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Funny 50th Birthday Party Invitations

Th Funny Birthday Wishes For Wife

CCC’s 50th birthday party invitation

I prayed to God to make you older and wiser. Only the first one came true. Happy birthday my love. Wishing God bless you with the second one as soon as possible.

I know its hard to enjoy being old when you are old. But, hey, its okay if you ask me. I had just passed the same line a few years ago. Happy 50th birthday!

From now on, you can enjoy all your senior citizen discounts, just like me. Happy 50th birthday and best wishes to you!

Designing Is Easy With Our Invitation Templates

Youve reached your 50-year milestone, and you deserve something easy at this stage of life. Our design tool takes away all the work and hassle of making birthday party invitations, leaving you with plenty of time to plan the rest of your special event.

Once you have narrowed down your choice of themes from our incredible selection, use our template to create the layout. Include all the essential details so your friends and family know when and where to go, then upload a few photos to show them just how good 50 looks on you. Its that simple!

Good 50th Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Turning the big 50 means you have successfully accomplished surviving more than half a century. A lot can be reflected upon during the last five decades. From technological and scientific advances made to the changing clothing and music style, this is the perfect time to celebrate the second phase of your life. Many plan large scale parties with lifelong friends, family, and neighbors. The below 50th birthday invitation wording ideas serve as perfect examples of the types of messages you can share.

is about to take a swing at 50. Join us as we follow through with the Birthday Boy.

is on a roll over the hill, that is. Help push him over the edge at a Surprise Birthday Bash.

50 years of good cheer. Im giving it a good shot this year. Itll be more fun if I see you there. To a party I want to share.

Friendships are one of the few things that improve with age. The family and friends of invite you to celebrate his 50th Birthday and a lifetime of good friendship.

Getting old isnt easy, lets at least make it fun. Join us for 50th birthday.

Im turning 50. I know Im a little oldie. But I am still ready. To jive and party. Come and party with me.

Its finally here, her 50th year though you could never tell, she wears it so well.

Like a fine wine, she just gets better with age. Our beloved is turning 50 years young.

Look whos 50. Please join us as we celebrate Joe Smiths 50 years of excellence.

Toot the horn. Bang the drum. Its a party. Can you come?

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Heres The Information Youll Need To Add On

  • Time

The biggest thing to remember about your birthday invitations is that you need to include as much information as possible, while making it as concise as possible, too. Confusing, right?

As mentioned above, there is a lot of information that you need to include by using dates and words but there are a few subtle hints that you can use on the invites without actually writing anything out.

If youre going for a certain theme like a color theme or fun and funky birthday theme do your best to incorporate that on the invitations as well. You can do this by adding in little pictures or certain colors on the invites so that everyone will get the tips and know-how to dress or attend in accordance.

Last, but not least, dont forget to send the birthday invitations out plenty in advance. Why work so hard on a birthday party celebration if youre going to wait until the last minute to try to get it planned?

Do you have any other 50th birthday invitation wording ideas that youve heard or are planning to use?

+ Cartoon Superman Birthday Invitation Templates Great For Toddlers

Printable Funny 50th birthday invitation card Half Century ...

You will also need to make some simple ice breaker game to make the party to create laugh and fun vibes. You have to add some excitement for everyone and energy. One of the most exciting game you can play is stand up comedy. Tell your friend to perform stand up comedy. The one who gain the most cheers will win the game.

Usually, on fifthies birthday, we do not want kids in our adult party. It is okay to tell your guest on your invitation card no children on the party by adding No kids allowed unless they think like fifty or anything funny on your birthday invitations.

You should also prepare some food and snack for the party. Consider the neutral food and simple snack, so the honoree and everyone at the party loved it and the food doesnt waste in vain. Dont forget prepare the little cake for the surprise. You can also add funny words for your birthday cake.

That is all for the ideas. Good luck preparing your party! Because it takes fifty years to look that great.

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Th Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Birthdays call for a special occasion to celebrate, but the 50th birthday is the major milestone. At the golden age, you are already halfway down the lane and at the peak of the biggest life changes.

If you have thought that its too late to take your birthday call, then dont worry at all. No second thoughts ever pass your mind when you walk down the road of the 30s and 40s, so why reconsider it in the ripe 50s? Maybe you are standing on a new verge, but its not the end of your happiness. But who said its the end? The verge is there for you to take a leap and jump on to the next stage of life where you can experience the best of it.

They say life changes after the 50s maybe they do, but they certainly do not end at the point. Your life takes a new turn from this point and opens the door for the newest experiences in life. Of course, everyone does not have the enthusiasm and courage to welcome the ripe age of their life, but you are certainly not one of them.

As youre now about to step into your 50s, there can be nothing better than throwing a birthday bash. It gives you a great opportunity to recall teenage fun and get together with the old buddies you have lost touch with. So, here we have a few 50th birthday invitation wording ideas to use for your occasion.

Editable 50th Birthday Invitations For Her Templates Free

The good thing about birthdays is that they are celebrated every year, invite us to celebrate with our family and friends, at you can make free printable 50th birthday invitations in adobe reader.

we offer many easy to use invitation templates for you to use. You can create your own personalized invitations. We have many styles of 50th birthday invitations which you can modify the texts.

Our free 50thBirthday birthday invitations templates are in pdf format, you just have to choose the design from our list to modify and print, to modify the party invitations you do not need experience just have the adobe reader program which is free which you have many simple options to modify the Birthday invitation.

All the 50thbirthday invitations you can print or share on your favorite social network. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. We have infinity models of the birthday invites theme for all ages, children and adults, The invitations are designed for all kinds of aesthetics and taste. You can choose a Birthday invitation that identifies you that transmits something to you and you just have to edit and personalize it.

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Funny 50th Birthday Party Invitations

Hip hip hooray! The golden years are yet to come but whos still feel awesome? Lets dance and get drunk till drop. You know you are fifty when you tell everyone you are sixty, just so everyone tell you that you look great for your age. Those are some funny words for fifty birthday invitations. You can use funny quotes for fifty birthday because life needs a lot of laugh.

What To Know About Milestone Birthday Templates

50th Red Adult Birthday Invitation Video | Anniversary Party Invite | Golden Jubilee Celebration

Few become aware of this, but on a lot of our cards, you can change the number to fit the age of the birthday girl/boy. So don’t be shy about customizing any of our distinct cards.


On the left side, Basic Invite has definite categories that may help you to browse through our templates easier. Situated directly underneath the Basic Invite imprint, you will notice topics, sections, + as well as sizes/folds of templates.


Do not forget to edit the back of your design. A simple procedure that is sometimes unnoticed, yet will adjoin such class to ones templates. At the time of personalizing, be sure to hit on the ‘NEXT’ button & edit all aspects of ones invite before adding to ones ‘Cart.’

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Funny 50th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

50 years old: You finally get your head together, and your body has other ideas. That is one of the funny invitations sentence. Fiftieth birthday is an important birthday. It is a mark that someone has reach the age when he/she has done it all. Celebrating fiftieth birthday is once in a lifetime chance and gift. You should try something new to celebrate your fiftieth birthday like test driving supercars around and event learn to drive helicopter.

Grab Their Attention With Flyer

New! Send text message invites with instant RSVP tracking.

Happy 50th birthday to you, quinquagenarian! Your 50th birthday is a significant milestone. Fifty rotations around the sun! Five decades of surviving and thriving! Its high time to treat yourself to a 50th birthday party with your nearest and dearest.

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Editable 50th Birthday Invitations For Him Templates Free

To edit the 50thbirthday invitations you only need to have on your computer or laptop with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it free from here if you dont have it: adobe reader

You can create an 50thbirthday party invitation that attracts attention with beautiful details, according to the theme of this special day. Create a fun, creative and original personalized invite, all cards are editable.

We have the best collection of digital printable 50thbirthday invitations images with different motives, creative and original to print or share online for free.

Create a beautiful 50th birthday invitations online without going out of your budget, as it is free at no cost.

Free 50thbirthday invitations to edit, personalize, print with excellent image resolution, you can create and assemble your own birthday invitation online with personalized text.

Funny 50th Birthday Quotes

Funny Retro 50th Birthday F

Celebrating 50 is like throwing a party when your odometer reaches 150,000 miles. Melanie White

Turning 50 means its only a matter of time before youre regaling your grandkids with tales of your first colonoscopy. Greg Tamblyn

50 years old means no more wearing speedos on the beach. This is a rule. Greg Tamblyn

Fifty is a powerful age for women. You can set off sprinkler systems with your hot flashes.

When I was young, people used to say to me: Wait until youre fifty, youll see. Well, Im fifty. I havent seen anything. Eric Satie

Fifty is a weird age. I can clearly remember my childhood, but I cant remember where I put my keys. Melanie White

Im aiming by the time Im fifty to stop being an adolescent. Wendy Cope

At 50, youve entered the stone age: gall, kidney, and bladder.

Maybe its true that life begins at fifty. But everything else starts to wear out, fall out, or spread out. Phyllis Diller

Who said there were no such things as miracles? You made it to 50, didnt you? Melanie White

The face you have at age twenty-five is the face God gave you, but the face you have after fifty is the face you earned. Cindy Crawford

Youve got four sizes of clothes in your closet, three of which will never be worn again by you.

After fifty, one ceases to digest. As someone once said, I just ferment my food now. Henry Green

Im 50, and the only thing getting thinner is my skin. Melanie White

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Coming Up With Witty 50th Birthday Sayings For Invitations

By | Submitted On October 11, 2007

With age comes wisdom, we say. What we don’t often hear is: With age also comes wit! You’ll notice that quite a few advanced adults have a full stock of witticisms, guaranteed to put the cheekiest of youngsters to shame! Making birthday invitations for such witty people is bound to be a daunting task, if you haven’t turned 50 yourself. You may feel at a loss for 50th birthday sayings for invitations.

Invitations for older people are known to be dull and rather plain, but you can break the mold if you include witty 50th birthday sayings for invitations. It’s not good to celebrate a date as special as the one which marks one half of a century on this Earth with somber words – don’t hesitate to be colorful! Find a lively, optimistic quote to mark the occasion. In fact, funny and uplifting words would be perfect.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to come up with something clever. Keep your birthday celebrant in mind when making the invitations. What is a witty phrase that this celebrant is likely to say? Does he or she have a catchphrase which friends and family have come to identify with him or her? Perhaps “Oy vey!” or “Great scott!” – a phrase that the celebrant uses often. With cheerful lettering and a bit of graphic design skill, you can turn that simple catchphrase into an invitation cover that would make all the recipients smile!

Choosing A 50th Birthday Invitations Template

Where to begin? Well, there are some decisions at hand and a few ensuing steps: figure out your party format, your guest list, and then pick a date, time, and venue. Arguably the most important step is to make sure everyone you love can join you. We can help with many of these tasks! When youre ready to start designing your online 50th birthday invitations, scroll through our selection of Card and Flyer invitations. Theres plenty of confetti, gold lettering, and cake to choose from. Of course there are also customizable photo cards, and you also have the option of uploading your own photos and media to your Flyer invite.

If it helps to think about designing your invitation this way: lots of people like to match their invitations to the party decor. There are many ways to celebrate how will you honor the occasion? Some like confetti and cake. Some like dancing, maybe in a banquet hall or outside in the park. How about tea time in the garden, or cocktails by the pool? For a more vocal crowd, you might try karaoke in the living room or out at your favorite bar. A drag show perhaps? Pick your favorite thing from every decade and incorporate them into your theme. Was there something extraordinary that happened the year you were born that you can showcase in the invitation? Maybe youre thinking about convening those near and far with a virtual birthday party featuring party games like charades and Pictionary. Our blog can also help spark some creativity.

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Reach Out In Style With Free 50th Birthday Invitations

The big 5-0, the golden year, fifty and fabulous – no matter what you call it, your 50th birthday is an important milestone. Make your celebration a party for the ages with these expertly crafted 50th birthday invitations. Choose from classic gold and black designs or other styles to match the theme of your party.

Th Birthday Party Ideas For Men

50th Birthday Invite | Gold Birthday invite

Whether youre trying to find a party idea for a husband, father, friend, or other, weve got you covered. Check out our ideas for the him in your life.

  • Silver Fox Party: Pick stunning silver decor and dress to the nines for this classy event. This is the perfect way to tell the guest of honor theyll never go out of style.
  • Fifty Years, Beers, and Cheers: Is the guest of honor a brewmaster or just a beer lover? Then theyll love a party centered around their favorite beverage. For a centerpiece meant to impress, consider stacking 50 beers in a pyramid.
  • The Man, the Myth, The Legend: This theme highlights the guest of honor as the legend you know he is. To carry out this idea, make sure to include banners or a chalkboard that reads The Man, The Myth, The Legend. And make sure to leave time for a toast.
  • Then to Now : Print out a timeline of the birthday boy with custom photos of him as a kid, a teen, and an adult. Enjoy the memories throughout the party and leave space for guests to leave kind notes.
  • Pops Party: Let Pops know hes loved with a popsicle and soda party. Not only will this bring out his inner kid, but its also perfect for a party in the warmer months.

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