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Birthday Gifts For Relief Society Sisters

Cutting Out The Printables:


I love Fiskars! Nice sharp scissors or paper cutters will get you the best-looking edges! Almost 90% of the time use my Paper Trimmer to get nice straight cuts! It just looks so much more professional!

I also have a bit of an obsession with this punch that rounds the corners. It makes everything looks nice!

Gifts For A Large Group That Wont Break The Bank

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I was asked to make a birthday gift for 144 women. Gifts for a large group can be really hard, the biggest hurdle being the bottom line. The price adds up fast and making it something that is useful and cost effective seems impossible. Well, Challenge Accepted! Using my mad Amazon skills I found these cute little notebooks and pens, and knew I had stumbled onto something great. I was able to make all 144 for about $224, which made these cute little gifts $1.56 each. That is including the stickers used to decorate the notebook and the bakers twine.

Relief Society Around The World

We had one sister who had served her mission in Japan come and talk about how Relief Society was run in Japan. It was really interesting, and it showed that we arent all that different. She also dressed up in a Japanese outfit , which I thought was pretty cool.

We had a recent convert give a little talk about her favorite General Conference talk, and she also talked a little bit about her conversion story, which I loved. I think that you can easily involve different sisters by asking them to do things like this.

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Membership In Relief Society

Relief Society is a lifelong sisterhood. All adult sisters 18 and older are members of Relief Society. They are members even if they cannot attend Relief Society meetings.

A young woman may begin attending Relief Society when she turns 18. She counsels with her parents and bishop about the timing. By age 19 or when moving from home, such as to attend a university or serve a mission, she should participate in Relief Society.

For information about unwed parents under age 18, see 38.1.5.


Relief Society Birthday Visit Gifts

Super cute and practical Relief Society Birthday gift idea

When I was called to be Relief Society president in our ward, I felt very strongly that we should visit every sister on our ward lists on their birthday. Two plus years into it, weve had great success in getting to know the ladies of our ward with these simple front door drop bys. My presidency and and I rotate months, so we each do visits once a quarter. We always bring a little gift with us. Im going on my third year, so here are the three gifts weve done so far, all under a dollar and all using coupons from Joanns, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby for all purchases. We have a bout 150 ladies on our roster, so at the beginning of the year, we just make all 150 and then they are all ready to go each month.

The first year we did these love blocks. They are the most labor intensive, but also the cheapest . The wood is 2x4s cut into blocks painted various colors with a Silouette or Cricut paper cut out love modge podged on . On the back is a little note with a signature from each of us. Finish with a tulle bow, and youve got a gift of love. The next year we did these little flower vases. We got the bottles from a local bottle distributer, filled with sand and got various flowers from the craft store.

All wrapped up:Clip up close:Weve also given out the adorible note pads that JB Designs has on her site for a little over a dollar. We gave them out at our Christmas program, but they would work for birthday visits for sure.

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Relief Society Birthday Gift Ideas

What kind of birthday party would it be without gifts?! Here are a few different ideas:

  • Printable quote in a frame
  • Etsy has SO many great ideas! I recommend perusing what they have to offer.
  • And here is what we did:

    The other committee leader, Linda, had a great idea to get a bookmark that had the Relief Society declaration on it. We were able to find these great bookmarks from Deseret Book one side said Charity Never Faileth, which is the Relief Society motto, and the other side has the Relief Society Declaration.

    We also placed a basket of extra candies on the side for people to grab on their way out:

    I hope that this was helpful! Be sure to leave a comment and let me now what you did for your Relief Society Celebration!

    Easy Relief Society Birthday Party Ideas For Sisters

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    Are you planning a Relief Society Birthday celebration for the sisters in your ward or stake? In this post, well share some of our favorite ideas for making this a fun and memorable event.

    Celebrating the Relief Society birthday party is often the most looked to even for the sisters in many wards around the world.

    During my time as the Relief Society Activity committee leader, I helped plan a couple of these events. It was always well-attended and so much fun.

    The great thing about this event is that there are so many ways to pull it off and you can do it on every budget!

    If you are planning the Relief Society birthday celebration from your ward, I hope that these ideas will help you to make it the event youve been hoping for! I have shared thoughts on our specific party in this post, but there are many different ideas, so feel free to pick and choose what feels right for your group of women!

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    Relief Society Birthday Dinner Ideas

    Here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • It doesnt have to be fancy! We did a picnic style theme for the dinner one year, and it was a huge hit and super easy to put together
    • Overestimate for food I know this might sound like the best idea, but its much better to have more than not enough. There are always people in the ward and community that would be more than willing and in need of the leftovers.
    • Get volunteers to help make the food! Some wards may h ave a budget to cater, but if you do not, always try and get volunteers to help. You dont need to do it all!

    Here are a few other ideas to give you some inspiration:

    • Dinner from the 1840s I thought this would have been fun make a bunch of food that the sisters may have made back when the RS was organized.
    • Dinner around the world a big part of the RS celebration is about celebrating our sisterhood and unity. I think it would be fun to make dishes from around the world!
    • Pasta dinner We did this one year, and it was a HUGE hit.
    • Ham, potatoes, salad, and rolls this is always pretty popular!
    • Potluck dinner have everyone bring an item! You may want to provide the main dish, or just have everyone bring something they enjoy and see what shows up!

    Here is the menu from our picnic themed party:

    Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches

    We bought a chicken salad from Costco and put them on the delicious, buttery croissants from Costco as well. We also put a piece of lettuce on each one to make it feel a little fancier.

    Icipating In The Work Of Salvation And Exaltation

    LDS Relief Society Christmas Gift Ideas with Scriptures for Women’s Religious Presents

    God invites all to come unto Christ and participate in the work of salvation and exaltation by:

    • Living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    • Caring for those in need.

    • Inviting all to receive the gospel.

    • Uniting families for eternity.

    Relief Society leaders plan Sunday meetings, activities, ministering, service, and other interactions to help women participate in the work of salvation and exaltation. Members of the Relief Society and elders quorum work in unity to accomplish this work.

    For more information about the work of salvation and exaltation, study chapter 1.


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    Custom Relief Society Birthday Card

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    Are you looking for an easy and lovely way to wish your friends and sisters in Relief Society a happy birthday?

    These 5×7 custom cards are perfect!

    All you have to do is let me know the name of your ward. I will make your card for you and email you the digital copy. Then all you have to do is print off enough for all the sisters in your ward! To make it super easy, print off as many as you will need for the whole year.

    Put them in a cute envelope and it couldnt get any easier to send some love and well-wishes!

    Then just mail them off when its time to celebrate someones birthday!

    I hope these custom Relief Society birthday cards will help make your life a bit easier, without sacrificing any of the cuteness!

    Relief Society Birthday Celebration Ideas

    On March 17 the Relief Society celebrates its 173rd birthday, making it one of the worlds oldest womens organizations. It is also the worlds largest womens organization, with over six million sisters in 170 countries. As part of your annual celebration in your ward or branch, try some of these ideas to help strengthen bonds between Relief Society sisters.

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    Caring For Those In Need

    As followers of Jesus Christ, sisters have a responsibility to reach out in love to those in need. Individually and as a Relief Society, they seek ways to serve others in the ward and community. Where it is available, JustServe.org suggests community service opportunities.

    For more information about how members of the Relief Society and elders quorum care for those in need, see 22.6.2.


    Ministering is caring for others as the Savior would. Sisters receive ministering assignments from the Relief Society presidency. For more information, see chapter 21.

    Short-Term Needs

    Ministering sisters seek to understand and respond to the needs of those they serve. Members may need short-term assistance at times of illness, births, deaths, job loss, and other circumstances.

    When needed, ministering sisters ask the Relief Society presidency for help. The presidency may recommend calling a service coordinator to organize these efforts .

    The Relief Society and elders quorum coordinate efforts to address short-term needs . The bishop may provide fast-offering assistance if needed.

    For more information, see 22.6.2 and âWelfare Resourcesâ in Leader and Clerk Resources.

    Long-Term Needs and Self-Reliance

    If a person or family needs assistance, the Relief Society and elders quorum presidents counsel together, as coordinated by the bishop, about how to help .

    When a Ward Member Dies


    Relief Society Birthday Decorations

    Relief Society Birthday Gifts LDS Relief Society Gift Relief

    There are so many decorations you could do, and it would all depend on your theme!

    Here are some fun ideas:

    • Birthday hats for the tables
    • Candy is a great an inexpensive table decoration
    • Color coordinated balloons and streamers
    • Confetti in the middle of the tables
    • A birthday banner that has the Relief Society crest
    • Color coordinated plates, cups, utensils, and napkins

    Below are some pictures from our event. We got them from a company called Shindigz unfortunately, they are not longer operating. However, companies like Party City or Zurchers are great options, too!

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    Themed Birthday Parties And Programs

    The Relief Society Birthday celebration can also be just that: a party! But include in your celebration more than birthday cakes create a theme that inspires discussion and reflection. Here are some thoughts:

    Months of the Year

    Celebrate the birthdays of your sisters. Decorate each table with a centerpiece that represents a certain month of the year. Ask sisters to sit at their birthday-month table. Serve dinner and have a speaker deliver a message on how to remember the Relief Society mission all year long by serving the sisters around us. This gives sisters a great opportunity to learn more about sisters with whom they dont normally spend much time it can also be a good occasion to discuss the blessings of visiting teaching.

    Of Royal Birth

    Emphasize the value of each Relief Society sister by organizing a program that reminds them of their royal heritage as daughters of God. Remind them of their divine purpose as members of Relief Society, as women, and as individuals. As a leader or sister to speak on divine purpose, or organize a skit that highlights milestones of life and the guidance Heavenly Father promises. You might even include daughters as part of the program.

    Femininity and Nurturing

    A Worldwide Sisterhood

    Birthday Gifts For Relief Society Sister

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    Relief Society Sisters Christmas Gift

    Lds Gifts For Relief Society

    55 Best Birthday Gifts for Girls | awesome Gift for her sister wife girlfriend

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    Adaptation Icon Adapting To Local Needs

    Some wards have a very large number of active adult women. For these wards, the bishop and stake president may authorize having more than one ward Relief Society. Each Relief Society has its own presidency. If possible, each Relief Society should have members with a variety of ages and experience.

    A Night Of Relief Society History

    Relief Society Jeopardy

    Teach your sisters more about the mission of Relief Society by reviewing its roots. A fun way to teach the sisters the history of the organization is to play Relief Society Jeopardy. Depending on how competitive your sisters are, divide the group into teams, or allow sister to yell out their answers freely. Create questions that bear some significance to Relief Societyquestions concerning scriptures that are significant to Relief Society, hymns that have significant Relief Society history, trivia about Relief Society leaders, or other general trivia. Use this game in conjunction with a dinner and message about the growing mission of Relief Society through time.

    Video of the General Relief Society Meeting of 2005

    Another way to highlight Relief Society history is to share the video that was shown during the General Relief Society Meeting of 2005. This video beautifully explains the reason for organizing the Relief Society and the power behind the organization. After watching the video, invite a priesthood leader to share some statements Joseph Smith made about the purpose and potential of the Relief Socirty. Gather some statements from the brethren in the ward on how the Relief Society contributes to the purpose of the gospel. Share them and lead a discussion exploring what the sisters can do to help the Relief Society live up to this great potential.

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    You Are Kneaded Relief Society Birthday

    As most of you know I love bread. In just about any form. My favorite is warm from the oven slathered with butter. It is my crack. Seriously. You can only imagine how excited I was when our Relief Society decided on the theme You are Kneaded for the birthday celebration. Because it involves bread!

    As a committee we thought it would be such a nice treat if every sister had a little treat to take home so we decided on mini loaves of bread. How cute is that? Now we estimated about 100 sisters would be attending this birthday celebration. Yes 100 so we had our work cut out for us! So about 5 of us set out to bake those 100 mini loaves.

    We used Rhodes Frozen Bread Dough to make it easy for us. One loaf will make 2 mini loaves. Now there is a secret I learned when using Rhodes dough. It will rise a lot when you bake it. The key is to not let the dough over proof. We used disposable baking pans and they were perfect. If you let the dough rise just to the top of the baking pan it rises beautifully and makes a fantastic mini loaf.

    I was asked to make tags for the mini loaves too and I used my Cricut Maker to print and cut out the tags. You can find the project here if you want to make your own. I think they turned out really cute and the message was clear.

    Thank you to Rhodes for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own and I only share products I genuinely love.

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